Thursday, April 19, 2012

"I Am Coming Home"

Image credited to Mr. Google
Listening to Skylar Grey "I am coming home" and singing along while doing my last minute packing (*winking)..Yeah, I am going back to my hometown with my hubby and kiddos! 

I can't describe how happy I am to see my mother again.. I miss her so much! The kiddos also ecstatic! But I can't say that about my hubby. He is so nervous not only because this is his 1st time to see my mother but also because he is an acrophobia! I don't think I need to elaborate more about acrophobia because you all knew about it already and you knew what does boarding on plane mean to a person with acrophobia (*smiling). But I think he will be fine as long as he is not looking out of the plane window (*chuckle)..

I didn't plan anything yet since my main purpose to go back this time is to introduce hubby and my kids to our relative and also to let them have a glimpse of my beloved village where I grow up. Not to forget  that I am going to help my mother mengomot! Hopefully I am still as skillful as before since last time I help my mother with the harvesting was 13 years ago (*laughing). After that maybe we could visit a few interesting place in Ranau later if the weather is good enough, Isyaallah..

Okay- dokey people, need to get back to my packing task! Goodnight, Good day and have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 2, 2012

New-Founded Activity!

Before this I don't really know anything regarding wedding/events souvenirs, wedding/events decorations etc. I mean I do know about this stuff but I never know that we can make it ourselves! I thought only specific/expert people can make all of those cute souvenirs and awesome decoration especially those enchanting flowers arrangement. Pity me, macam kura2 bawah tempurung (-_-)..

On Saturday, I went to my MIL house after berpoya-poya with my hubby and the kids at Sg. Congkak and my SIL show her DIY weddings souvenirs and decorative. Yep, she gonna get marry on this coming May and she make all the wedding invitation cards, weddings souvenirs, hantaran and even some of the decoration like bunga manggar etc by herself! She taught me how to make the wedding souvenirs and decorative flowers and believe me when I say that I am addicted to it! Creating and making the stuff is so fun that I hardly notice the time..

The wedding souvenirs created by my SIL were so cute and unique! Even the bunga manggar is different! I wish I could attach the pics of this DIY stuff here but I couldn't, not until after the wedding. My SIL and I discussed and want to try making a side income with this new hobby of us after her wedding ceremony because we know lot of people out there love this kind of stuff especially during special events such as wedding or other celebration. Well, it's just a plan for now though (*smiling).

That's what I did this weekend. I guess all of you must have your own fun time, aren't you? Well, gotta go and keep googling about this DIY stuff before go to bed.

Good Night and Happy Working in advance! 

P/S: pics taken at Sg. Congkak, Ulu Langat yesterday. No people but us, so we are having such a GOOD time especially the kids!

A Glimpse Of Sg. Congkak, Ulu Langat
Shasa, Eyas And Of Me!
The Kids And Hubby - Shasa juga la
Main Air!
Not but not the least, me posing on the rock! (^_^)V


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