Tuesday, May 12, 2020

3W Clinic Sunblock Cream


After years of using Biore UV block perfect Milk as my sunscreen/sunblock, I decided to try 3W Clinic Sublock Cream which originated from Korea.

The price is within my budget; between RM13-RM25 with SPF 50 (PA+++). I really love the soft & watery texture (like moisturizer) which absorb quickly without leaving any white cast on my face. The smell also very soft unlike the Biore UV perfect milk that have strong smell of alcohol. 

Beware of fake 3W clinic sunblock sell widely via online platform. I was duped once during my 1st purchase. I only realized after I received the item. The difference between the fake and original are so obvious yet I fell into the seller trick due to false advertisement picture. 

I been using this sunscreen for almost 1 month and so far it suit my skin; no irritation and no serious skin breakout.. Alhamdulillah...

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