Friday, October 17, 2014

Larian Hijau SJ 2014

Wanna to post  about this before it become too stale. Ngehehehe! Kamu heran ka, teda angin teda ribut tiba-tiba seja buang tabiat joined aktiviti lari-lari ni..

Actually joining a run or marathon is in my to do list this year so I registered myself for this run as a training beside to familiar myself with long distance run before I join a marathon (half/full - *finger crossed).

Last time I joined a long distance run was like 12 years ago and it was 5km or 7km distance so 10Km Larian Hijau SJ 2014 on 28th September considered my 1st 10Km run.

With not much training beside the occasionally jog for 20-30 min around my apartment area, I managed to finish the 10km distance  in 1 hour 5 min! Yeah yeah, I  am very proud of myself! Later it was confirmed that the actual distance is 11.9km. No wonder saya rasa macam tidak pandai sampai-sampai. Rupa-rupanya lebih daripada 10km @_@

Actually I almost gave up and thought of quitting due to IBTS (Iliotibial band syndrome) on my left leg but I told myself that I can do it, that I can make it to the finish line and I did it, though I merely walking after  7km distance. Kaki rasa mau tercabut tapi puas hati sebab sampai juga garis penamat lol! 

Before you start wondering, yep teda gambar gigit medal sebab finisher medal only for top 20 seja. It's okay since I have 2 more upcoming running event this year and of course end of this 2 event I will definitely snap pic of me biting the finisher medal hokey (LOL). But seriously, I never really aim for the medal or the prize. My intention of joining this kind of event is merely because I want to do something that I never think I can do, beside completing my 1001 things to-do list(*winking).

Okay, I am done with this stale story. Thanks for reading!

Pre-running pic (^_^)v
Big smile because I was just 200 meter from the finish line
satisfaction smile
Tired smile..LOL!


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