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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Another Year Wiser


Alhamdulillah, it's a blessing being alive on my 34th birthday and I am profoundly grateful that Allah bestow me good health to live and continue my journey to become a better being.

I honestly don't want much in life. Having a simple and moderate life together with my beloved family without worrying about financial problem is enough for me. But I think there nothing wrong to keep all of those childhood dreams of mine as a motivation to myself for a better life :p

Family potrait

Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday Daughter


My only daughter turned 9 yesterday. She is no longer the only grand daughter (hubby's side) because this year 2 more grand daughter added to the family tree. 

Nothing much change in her habit and character since last year story . She is still my shy and soft tomboyish princess who like to play in her own kingdom. However I noticed that she is stubborner than her brothers, a trait that I guess she inherit from me, LOL

Happy birthday sumandak mama! Mama will always pray for your success and happiness. May Allah blesses you abundantly and may your grow up to be a solehah daughter here and hereafter..(Aaminn!)
my 9 years old sumandak
family pic

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Eldest Son 14th Birthday


Alhamdulillah, my eldest son turned 14 today. Still unable to grasp the reality of how times flies. Not long ago, he have to look up to see my eyes or I have too squat down to meet his eye, but now he is taller and bigger than me that I am the one who need to look up to meet his eyes..

I misses those times when he was still a baby, a toddler and a boy where I am his only world; to whom he report everything he did. Yeah, even the silliest and nonsense stuff, LOL! I noticed that ever since he started secondary school, those report become less and less. He still talked about stuffs to me but not as detail as before, hurmm..

Oh crap, I always feel a bit emotional on my kids birthday because it remind me that soon they no longer dependent on me, that they soon will stand they own ground. 

Dear my beloved eldest son, never once I regret my decision to keep you and gave birth of you. Having you taught me to be strong in any ordeal and to keep my head up when people looked down at me. Happy birthday dear son! Mama will always by your side and will always pray for your happiness here and hereafter.

My son :D
Family pic 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy 12th Birthday, Daniel!


Alhamdulillah, my 2nd son is 12 years today. I can't believe that he is in his early teenager and no longer my baby boy. I still remember the incident during his birth at Hospital Kajang where he was almost exchanged with other parent's baby. Luckily I noticed that he looked strange and unfamiliar when the nurse passed him to me to be breastfeed. I checked the hospital tag to found out that the baby wasn't him! He was still warded inside the incubator at that time due to skin infection.

Even his placenta was given to other parent and later I found out that those parent has handle the placenta accordingly together with their baby's placenta. They said they couldn't distinguished which one was theirs so they buried both in 1 place. I was grateful to them for that.

When he was almost a year old, I have to send him back to my parent in Sabah because I needed to stay back late in UKM to complete my final year project. Though it was only for a year, the guilt of leaving him behind still haunting me. I feel like I sacrificed him for our future. The misery of missing him leave a deep scar in my life.

Now at 12 years, he is my 2nd helper at home beside his elder brother. He have lots of flaw but those flaws were his strength that shaped his personality. He is my favorite gumuks yang kuat makan, lol!

Dear Daniel, 
Happy 12th birthday Nak! May you grow up to be a soleh son here and hereafter. Mama love you to the moon and back! Stay healthy!

My gumuk, the birthday boy!
Family pic with birthday boy!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Youngest Son 7th Birthday


Today is my youngest son (Ilyas) 7th birthday. Like past year, we only have a mini family celebration for him. This year,  Ilyas asked me to have pizzas party and granted, since it was within my budget. Cake was bought from our favorite Japanese cake house, RT pastry. We never get bored with their super yummy cakes!

Among my kids, Ilyas is a bit too attached to me and to his papa as well. He annoyed me most of time with his mischief and naughtiness but I couldn't bring myself to get mad at him because in the end, all of those mischief and naughtiness make us laugh. Biasa la budak-budak kan, hehe!

Dear Ilyas, 
Happy 7th birthday baby! May you grow up to become a soleh son here and hereafter. May Allah will always guide and bless you with happiness. I love you to the moon and back!

My Kiddos!
Family pic on Ilyas 7th Birthday

Saturday, August 29, 2015

My sumandak 8th Birthday

Memories of giving birth of her 8 years ago today still fresh in my mind. She came to the world without fuss, the easiest labor among 4 of my pregnancy. Initially want to name her Elysha Qistina but in the end change the name to Elysha Shaqina to honor her grandma (my MIL) request.

Being the only daughter and grandaughter (mister's side) she always playing by herself in her kingdom of fantasy. Sometime when she is bore, she will mix and getting tough with her male cousins, LOL! Hopefully she will have girl companion soon..

She is my dear shy and soft princess. Despite her flaw and menace, I love her to the moon and back. It's such a joyful journey to watch her grow up and develop yet I am scared for her at the same time. People nowadays are unpredictable that I couldn't say NO to those negative thinking creeping to my mind. A neighbor, a friend, a relative and even a family can harm our children especially a girl nowadays. How scaryt is that... May she will be always in Allah protection, Amin!

Happy birthday Shasa! Mama will always be with you and mama will always pray for your happiness, safety and success here and hereafter.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Elan!

Today is my eldest son 10th birthday (*smiling) and as always we only  held a small family celebration. Yeah, it's just hubby, the kids and me at our residence in Puchong..I planned to invited his friend to celebrate his birthday but since I have no time to plan it properly, at last I opted to make our usual family celebration instead. God willing, maybe in future will give him big bash party celebration (*finger crossed).. Toun kawagu la kio Elan..

Nope, we did not cook this year and just ordered the food from Pizza Hut (*wink2) and the cake was from our favorite cake and pastry house RT Pastry House.. I want to write it in words but, you know, being me it will turn out into a story-book, so better you people check out some of the pics below:-

Elan and his simple Birthday cake


Pizzaa & Meatball Bolognaise..Yummy
The climax of this family celebration is handing out Elan birthday present. Can you imagine his surprised and awed expression?? It's priceless.. For a ordinary mother with limited income, the feeling of being able granted his son wish is blissful.. Elan have always wanted to have a bicycle of his own.. The present is my way of showing him how much I appreciated his help with all the house task and also for looking after his siblings especially my youngest son (Eyas).. 

Elan and his Birthday present
To my dear son, as always, mama pray all the best in your life. May you grow up to be a kind and useful gentleman. Please keep in your heart despite of my strictness and harshness in teaching and guiding you, mama love you so much. You and your siblings are the source of mama's strength to face any ordeal.. Happy Birthday My Dear Son..Sorry, a bit emotional with my special speech to my son (*sob2).. 

Okay, I am done with my showing off.. Catch up with you all again in next post...
Good Night and Happy Friday in advance.. (^^) v

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Eyas!

Today mark the 3rd years since I gave birth of my youngest son. Yup, he is 3 years old already! Watching him grew up right to my eyes bring such joy and happiness to me.

As always we never held big birthday celebration like other people. I think celebrating it with just 6 of us is meaningful enough. We bought pudding cake for him from our favorite cake house, RT Pastry House and let him blew his birthday candle last night.. Yep, it's a day earlier but hubby said it's okay since we will be too busy on working days and might have no time to buy him cake after all..

Birthday present? Well, just now we went to IOI Mall, so we let him choose his own present from the toys department and as I expected he choose trucks and cars from all. He is fan of cars, trucks and lorries (*winking).

As most mother, me too wishing all the best for him and praying that my son will grow up to be fine and successful person, that Allah will always bless and guide him..

Got to stop now... Belum mandi la ba ini.. Happy Monday, Happy Working and Smile always..

P/S: Enjoy the amateur snaps below =P

Birthday Cake from Rt Pastry House

Eyas, excited with his birthday cake

Eyas, his big bros, his big sis and me!

Eyas with his birthday present choose by himself

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy 31th Birthday Hubby!

Image By Mr. Google
Yep, today is hubby birthday and as mine he doesn't want to have any special celebration. Keep praying for me so that I can be a better man, he said that. I don't buy anything special for hubby so I decided to write a special post about him so that people will understand why I stay by his side.

He is come from a very different kind of background than mine. His parent divorced since he was just a toddler and remarried again. Hubby been through a very harsh and sad childhood. His siblings and him was raised by his father and stepmother because his mother (MIL) couldn't afford to support them back then. He said they were treated kindly at first but everything changed after their stepmother have her own kids. He said he became spiteful and headstrong because of his childhood experience.

When I got to know him 10 years ago, he was still in devastated state because being dumped by his Filipino girlfriend. He was jobless and have to quit from continuing his study at FIT (Federal Institute Of Technology). If I think back, his life story also one of the reason why become closer to him. I feel sorry for him because he have that kind of background. 

I knew he was not ready to marry anyone when he said he will took the responsibility of me 10 years ago but still he did marry me. He can just leave me because I doubt that we were really in love back then yet he stayed. His family especially his father said that he can never be a good person and for that I feel so bad for him. He adore my father more than his own father though he only talked with him via phone call and never meet him in person. When I asked why? He said, I long for a father who can advise me through my good and bad time, who still proud of me though I made a mistake and who will never look down at me. I envy you because you have one..

Being a mere human being, he has many flaw but he is a very good father to my children and a good husband as well. Our marriage is not based on fairytale love story but we learned to love each other and as time passed by, our love grew stronger and stronger. Too many obstacle crossed our relationship but we managed to overcome it and here we are still together despite of some people prediction.. Life is so unpredictable..

Talking about him and us gonna take me forever so let me just concluded it here. I stay by his side because now I love him, because he is a great father to my kids and also because of his courage/responsibility in life.. What more can I ask when I have this kind of man in my life?

To my dearest hubby, on this special day of you, I wanna wish you a very happy birthday. May everything you dream of will come true..I love you!

To all my blogger friend, Happy Friday and Happy Weekend in advance!

P/S: Once in a while jadi jiwang, buli ba kan...(*wink2)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Forgotten Birthday

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim,

Yep, I totally forgot about my own birthday.. Not only I forgot my own birthday but I forgot to update my blog as well..huhuhuhuhu... T_T

Frankly, I am totally busy with my last minute Raya preparation and Hari Raya celebration as well that I totally forgot about my blog though I did feel like something missing.. I thought I might post my entry this morning but my brother and his family want to come at my place, so I am pretty busy helping my hubby to prepare lunch since big bro said want to have lunch at our place. Only now I have this free time so I am taking this 20min to bluff about what happen for the past 5 day.. Opss, not in detail only a bit here and there okay..

As always I celebrate my Hari Raya with MIL. 1st Raya till 3rd Raya we are go around KL, Klang, Kajang & Semenyih visiting friends and families. 4th Raya (on Friday), we go back to Puchong because I have to work. Then yesterday we went to Rawang to attend my SIL house warming as well as Hari Raya celebration. Fuhhh.. That all happened for the past 4 days.

As for today, as I promised I will reveal my early bird Birthday Present from hubby.. Well, it's not as expensive as YOUR gold necklace or diamond ring but I really appreciate it. It's not even as advanced as others but since I am not really a fan of gadgets, to me it's still advanced enough. okay.. okay.. enough with the riddle and let me show you what is my present from my hubby.. 

It's Samsung Galaxy Mini

Hahahaha.. It's really funny because until now I still feel awkward using this touch screen type of phone.. Haiya, I m used to keypad type of hand-phone so it does feel weird when I change to this kind of phone. Well, so far I found that this phone is okay despite of my clumsiness of the touch screen thing.. Hmm, I guess that all I have for this entry..What?Celebration? No..No.. No celebration, No flower and No cakes. I spend quite a lot during Hari Raya celebration recently that I have no budget for my own birthday celebration.. As long as my love one remember me in their prayer is good enough for me.
Wishes? I hope that as I grew older I will become a wiser and better mother/wife/daughter/sister/friend/person..Amin..(pray for me ya) 

I am grateful to Allah S.W.T for giving me a chance to live up to this point and watch my kids grow up and may Allah S.W.T give me long live to see more.. I am thankful to Allah S.W.T for giving me strength to overcome any obstacle with His blessing and keep my head up.. I am thankful for having such a good Family and Friends who always there supporting me through my good and bad time too.. In fact I am really thankful and grateful for everything I have in my life..

I gotta go.. My sink full with dirty plates and cups need attention.. For those who is planning to have a late journey back to home, drive safely and for those who heading to KL, get ready for a very heavy jam.. Hahahaha.. 

Au revoir..

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fever attack On Her Birthday!

I supposed to post this entry yesterday but  I spend most of my time doing my last minute Raya shopping then went straight to my MIL house at Semenyih to celebrate my daughter and MIL birthday and only manage to come back home at 1.00 am. It's just a small celebration actually and Yeah, my daughter (Shasa) got fever on her birthday! But thanks God that it just a normal fever.. Orang cakap demam nak besar.=P

My daughter born on 28th August 2007 while my MIL born on 29th August, so we decide to celebrate it together. The day before my daughter birthday, she already demand that she will choose her own birthday cake and she want my hubby to buy her make-up set for her birthday present.(Hubby said she couldn't decide which one cake she want because there are lots of selection at the cake house)  Hahahaha, she asked my hubby because she know that her papa will grant her everything if he can. Princess kesayangan hubby la dikatakan.. But of course hubby didn't buy the real one. She was sulking when she know hubby bought make-up mainan but being a kid, she is fine right after hubby treated her with GULA-GULA.. Candy definitely is the best bribe for my daughter because she just loves it! Well, she did said this to me, " nanti mama beli make-up yang betul2 bila shasa besar ye.."
To my daughter, may you grow up into fine lady and may you achieve every single dream you have.     You are my perfect daughter and mama love you very much. Mama will always pray the best in you life. Happy 4th year my darling daughter...

Right from the first time we held you in our arms,
You made us fall in love with you, with your irresistible charm.
You were the most beautiful thing that we had ever seen,
Dearest baby you made us happier than we had ever been.
Today on your birthday, looking at you grow up so fine,
Makes us love every tiny bit of this time.
Happy Birthday to our angelic daughter.
- poem by
And to my MIL:- They may say a thing or two about Mother-In-Laws
They may make some nasty jokes
But these are definitely not about you
Cause you’re not like most
You’re so much fun to be with
I enjoy our time with you
Happy Birthday Mother-In-Law
May all your dreams come true! 

Okay, don't have much time left since hubby and I need to go to pasar to buy chicken for tomorrow and some other stuff.  So enjoy the pics on my daughter & MIL birthday celebration..

The right cake is my daughter's cake, choose by herself & the other one is for MIL

Nenek & Cucu potong cake..

Make-up mainan & set masak2 after few hours given to my daughter.. hahaha!
 P/S: Not  much pics taken by me because I was busy controlling my youngest son from attacking the cakes..hahaha & will going to auto-publish my entry start from tomorrow till Thursday..

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Party : Elan's Birthday Celebration !

Yep, today is my eldest son birthday. As I said in my previous entry, hubby and I still held small party exclusively attend by the six of us at our flat. Everything is cooked by hubby and me except for the cakes and some other food and beverage.. It's not even qualify to be called "party" at all..Moreover it is not even planned properly since we prepare everything after we come back  from office.. Haiya, it doesn't matter whether the celebration is grand or not as long as we have a great time together ba kan..

He might be just 9 years old but believe me if I say that he is mature than his age. Most people might say 9 years old kid is too young to understand the adult difficulties but not my eldest son. I still remember how hard he tried including fasting to save his pocket money during our hard time 2 years ago just to make sure that he will not burden hubby and me. Those memory really wretched my heart nowadays.. That's why I feel like I owe him big time..

He is very shy and skinny just like me. He likes science yet he hates math.. Geez, remember my entry on helping him to excel in math during his exam week? I was truly a dictator but in the end Elan said he is grateful because my effort help him to get 3rd place in in his class.. He love playing football and futsal and computer games too.. He is the one who help me to wash the dishes, sweeping his room and washing daniel and his uniform. Gosh, I can write about him for hundred pages if you want me but I don't want to bore you with my boast-up about my son okay... So, feast yourself with pics taken during his birthday celebration.( komen2 dan  kutukan dialu-alukan..=P )

Where we buy the cake? It's a Japanese Cake House, introduced by hubby's boss

The cake's box fascinated me...

Tada!!! Small cake for small celebration but don't judge the cake by it's size because the taste really delicious! Walla!!

The birthday Boy..Ayoyo, where's your shirt Elan?

The super eager cake fan..They can't wait to have their way with the cake..

Birthday boy with siblings and mama dear..

Last but not the least, pic with papa dear..
To my dear son, mama and papa wish and pray all the best for you. May you grow up into a fine gentleman and remember no matter how many birthday come and go, you will always be mommy little precious boy. Love you Elan..

P/S: Wanna to save/spare some money to grant Elan's birthday wish; a bicycle!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Best Wishes From Mommy To You

The Birthday Boy - Ilyas Maliq
ATTENTION! Today is my youngest son birthday! OMG, he is 2 years old! Really? I can't believe it..
Yep, time really does passed by without waiting for us to realize that today become yesterday just in the blink of eyes.. It feel like just yesterday I gave birth of him..Even the trauma giving birth of him still fresh in my mind yet my son is officially 2 years old today..

Watching him grew up right to my eyes gave such joy and happiness and I will treasures and cherish every single moment.. Pardon me if you feel that I talked too much about him (my kids) repeatedly in my blog yet I will never ever feel ashamed to express my feeling and my loves about him (my kids) to the world because my kids is my world.. He might be not the cutest or even the brightest kid in the world but to me, in my heart and my eyes, he is just perfect the way he is and i think all parent should feel the same about their kid.. (It's always sadden me to know or to read about parent / mommy who dumped their baby because of her/his physically handicapped or even to save their own face). Oppss, crap..I shouldn't feel down on this special day of my son..
Add caption

Well, there is NO party for my youngest son (for now) since I decided to held it together with my 2nd son 7th birthday on 30th May..Hehehehe, I guess lots of people (tidak termasuk yang  kaya la) especially people with average income like me choose this way of celebration because it will save money & and time, am I right? It's gonna be a very small and simple party but to me the most important thing is I can fulfill my kids wish to have a birthday party this year since they didn't have any last year..

Eating with passion =P
However, my hubby and I did bought a small chess cake for my youngest son! He eats the cake like he never eat any before, so messy but it's really fun to watch him with the cream all over his cute face.. I even allowed him to have an ice cream treat afterward..Gosh, he creates such a mess that took my hubby an hour to clean up everything.. But at least he has such a good time (along with his brother and sister) with the cake on his birthday..
Ice Cream treat!

Okay, prince of smiling, best wishes from mommy and daddy to you..May you grow up to be the most handsome and gentle man ever..HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY SON! Cewah, macam dia faham kan..=P


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