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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Turning Point & Resolutions

It's 1st day and night of year 2013 already and tomorrow school session will start and my routine of waking up early in the morning to prepare the kids to school and daycare center will starting over again. No more waking up at 7.30am except weekends..LOL! Thank God, despite of few problem, kids school preparation went smoothly..

I have few resolution and goals that I set up for year 2013 but I am not going to reveal it because you know me...LOL.. But I really hope that I can achieve one or two of it by the end of the year (*finger crossed).

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People said, at some point, when you have enough of those suffering life you been through because of others, you will find the strength to raise above and stand up for yourself. At this point, you won't care about what people think about you because for such a long time you been holding up yourself for their benefit, sacrificing your own feeling and happiness.

I believe everyone have or will undergo a turning point in their life and that also include me.. I am not sure where this turning point will lead me but I know that I have to do it sooner if I want to live happily without regret.. I am still in early stage of my new direction and lots of people may look down at me or worst may labelled me as selfish and stupid but someone had told me that nobody can judge us unless they have live and walked our journey. People may said that it's too late for me but I have faith that nothing is too late and it's better now or never.

Somebody talking riddles here huh(*rolled eyes)! Actually, what I am trying to say here is I am going to fulfill some of my dream i.e traveling to other country (*finger crossed). Most people trying to fulfilling their dream before get married and have kids whilst me doing it afterward..weird huh? Actually, I was too busy to enlarge my 'rakyat' before this beside that fact that I was financially can't afford to do it before. Well, still in tight budget but traveling once or twice a year won't do me harm, hopefully.. After working hard, we deserve to pamper/reward ourselves right?

Year 2013 will be more challenging for me because some aspect of my life will be change in near future. I pray that everything will be fine and I can keep my head up without regret or bitterness (*smile).

Well, may all of us have a happy and joyous life ahead in year 2013..Until next entry, good night everyone!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Summin' Up 2012 - Happy New Year 2013

In less than 4 hours, year 2012 will be ended and New Year 2013 begin and as I 'stealing' time to write this down, I re-play & reflected all the happy, sad, sweet and bitter memories along year 2012 in my mind with a smile and grateful heart because against odds, I managed to fulfill some of my goal that I been set - getting my driving license, settling few debts, bringing all my kids to my village, rewarding myself with smartphone & driving here and there by myself.. Yay!

I even managed to have my own car which I planned to buy next year (*smile ear to ear..LO).. Yes, many other things happened unexpectedly but still I am thankful because all of those things taught me to be stronger and wiser woman..

As a conclusion, year 2012 had been good and fruitful for me despite of the few unhappy things. Well, life isn't a life without bit of obstacles here and there to color and spice it up, right?? 

Yeah, as many years before, since I was in secondary school, I will set up another resolutions/goals for me, hoping that the next 365 days will be nice to me and I will able to achieve 1 or two of my goal (*God willing)..

So, I wish all my families, relatives, friends and to all people all over the world a very Happy New Year 2013. May the New Year 2013 will bring us happiness, joy, prosperity and peacefulness all over the world.

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That all for this last entry in year 2012... Until next entry in New Year 2013, Happy New Year everyone! Wherever you people going to celebrate this New Year, remember to drive safely, Don't drink & drive..


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