Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Kaamatan Day 2013

Hello peoples!

At the moment I m on vacation with my kids. They are super-excited with this vacation because it's been a while since they go for cuti2 Malaysia. Where?? Hehe, wait for my updates hokey (*smile).

Actually I just wanna wish 'Happy Kaamatan Day' to all Sabahan especially my families and friends and 'Happy Gawai Day' to all Sarawakians. Friendly reminder from me; Safety first, please don't drink and drive. Kalau mau minum sampai kalapik pun, minumlah tapi biarlah kalapik di rumah, jangan kalapik di tempat yang tidak diingini kio...

Until next post, good day and peace no war(^^) v

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Medan Trip 23/5-26/5 : Part 1 (Medan - Parapat - Samosir Island)

Remember when I announced about my 1st oversea trip/travel in my previous post? The destination was Medan and once again I want to thank my friend Just for inviting me to join her tour group and anticipating more invite from you just (*wink2). This is part one of 2 parts, so don't wonder if I leave you all with cliff-hanger..wakaka!

Our flight to Medan was on 23rd May at 9.25pm (suppose to). I arrived at the LCCT,  1 and half hour before the departure time and met Just and the other there. Just introduced me to 4 of her colleagues and that included Lin (Ratu Hatiku), another blogger that I met personally for the 1st time. Nice to meet you Lin! Just said the other 4 (not her colleagues but friend of her colleague) already fly to Medan and we gonna met them at the hotel.
Snap2 at LCCT and inside the plane
We arrived at Polonia International Airport (Medan) around 10pm Medan time and already waiting for us there was Pak Adam with his "Ibu Just' sign . Haishh, tidak sempat snap tu kadbod sebab kami rushing ba.. We dropped by for dinner at Rumah Makan and Buffet Famili,  that cost us IDR 50k each for rice with chicken curry, eggs, fried chicken and plain water (*pingsan)

Our tour bus
After that we went straight to our Hotel Soechi International where we gonna stay for that night. Also bought local number (Simpati) to prevent from the costly roaming if using our Malaysian number. Our tour guide said, most shop closed at 10.30pm but entertainment such as disco, bar or even karaoke place still open up to 2.00am..
The hotel, the ladies and the palm tree?? :P
Saya mau try bawa ba tu beca kunu (LOL)
On 24th May, we continued our journey to Parapat at 7.30am after a filling buffet breakfast - complimentary by our Soechi Hotel and there we met up with the other 4 members of our tour group. I was fascinated by the colorful buildings all the way to Parapat and my amateur hand keep snapping the building and architecture building (*mostly blurred pic yang akhirnya terpaksa deleted - kesian). The journey to Parapat took about  5 - 7 and if you ask me whether I enjoyed the journey, I will answer I enjoyed every single minutes minus the bumpy ride okay!.. Banyak gila bumper wei!.. Sakit bontot/pantat terhentak-hentak.. I was not 7 hours straight awake because in between time I tried to get some sleep too but the bumpy ride make it possible to stay asleep even for 30min (*sigh).

Buffet brekky at Asoka Resturant
I m scared with Kuala Lumpur traffic but I was terrified by the traffic in Medan! Jarak kereta kiri kanan macam 1 depa seja ni..bikin takut!
I guess this is their little India like ours in Brickfield..hehe
Colorful and artistic building - saya suka..saya suka!
On our way to Parapat, our tour guide dropped us at Gedung Batik and Telekung to do some shopping but at that time the mood of shopping not yet kicking in because we were excited to reached Parapat and see the famous, magnificent Lake Toba. So we just  have a look and asked the price for comparison. We also dropped by at the famous shop called PATEN that selling peanut candy that have unique name such as teng-teng, tang-tang, tong-tong etc.. I bought 10pack of this candy peanut as I know my kids love it (*Wink).
Tengok-tengok seja ya bu..
Pajak peanut candy di sini
We reached at Parapat around 2.00pm and from our tour bus we witnessed the truth about this beautiful and magnificent Lake Toba. I was so amazed with the beauty of this lake.. Macam jakun pula saya rasa..haha! No wonder people categorized this lake as one of must see/visit in Medan.
1st glimpse of Lake Toba from inside our tour bus
We had our lunch at one of the local restaurant that clean and hygienically guaranteed by our tour guide. This time our tour guide explained to us about the cost so we will not surprises anymore but to me the price is expensive and not worth of what choice we have (*I m lucky since I m not fussy with foods), so I tried to eat as much as I can to even out the price..Ketara godoot! wakaka! But don't blame me because the lunch cost me IDR45k (around RM14) and in Puchong I can have big full plate of nasi campur plus tea O ice (-_-).. *Tsk..tsk..makan juga la kau nombor 1 Tunung...
ini seja pic yg sempat disnap time lunch di Parapat.. See, our choice was limited (-_-)
Cruised from the Parapat port/jetty to Samosir Island around 3.00pm and before that I managed to shopping kecil-kecilan (LOL) at one of the souvenirs/shirts shop nearby the Parapat jetty. 
souvenirs shop at Parapat - bought 1 tee here
The port/jetty

Peace Yo!
We reached our 1st stop at Ambarita, one of village in Samosir Island around 3.45pm and walked for about 200 meters to the Huta Siallagan, an ancient court yard (with stone chairs and stone tables arranged in circle) where the judgement and punishment execution held.  You can see souvenir shops all the way to this place and don't surprised with the over 'friendly' shop owner/villager chasing after you, persuading you to buy from them. It was kind of freaky actually especially when they started to block your way and forcing you to buy from them. Actually we have a bad experience with the shop owner in Ambarita. You see,  Just and me bought some stuff from this lady shop after bargained with her, followed by our other group member and it caused envy to the other shop owner and they were mad/ not satisfied because we only focus at the lady shop. They were started 'attacking' just and me while we were waiting for the others that caused us to fled from the shops. ( Note: they even climbed to our boat to persuade us buying their stuff).

Entrance to Ambarita
Souvenir shops with their over friendly owner
Entrance to Huta Siallagan
Traditional house of Batak
Meeting table - ala2 macam round table dalam King Athur punya cerita kunu
Place where prisoner/enemies beheaded
Our tour guide showing/explaining about items that important in deciding the best time for execution
Sudah melawat, snap2 gambar, sila beri derma ikhlas ye.
Row of shops where we bought some stuff from the lady in red shirt then 'attacked' by the others shop-owner
Then we cruised to our 2nd pit stop; Tomok, a traditional village and gateway to the Samosir Island that famous with its royal cemetery/tomb around 5.30pm and go straight to visit the cemetery. We were suppose to wear a traditional attire provided by the cemetery caretaker but we were late and the caretaker already stored the attire, so we just listened to our tour guide explanation. No shopping at Tomok because we still traumatized with our shopping experience at Ambarita. Moreover, it was already dusk and we were rushing to cruise to our hotel since it was a bit windy that evening. Even pics were less snapped in Tomok.

Monument in front of the entrance to Tomok - unique!
Entrance to Tomok
Entrance to the Royal Cemetery
The tombs
Isolated tomb with beautiful craving
Donate for conservation of the historical site
When we leave Tomok, the sky was dull and it was drizzling all the way to our hotel;  Hotel Samosir Villa. We reached our hotel around 6.30pm and retreated to our room right after we got our room key... We spend most of the time inside our room because it was raining that night and we have Maggi in cup as dinner.. Maggi lagi sedap daripada makanan yang mahal tapi tidak kena selera kan..haha! 

Senja yg suram and berangin di Tasik Toba - cewahh, puitis kunu..wakaka!
That's all for part 1 of my trip to Medan and to be continued.... (*cliff-hanger!!!)

Last but not the least, gambar mikirayou yang wajip dalam semua post hokeh!
I come in peace people!
1) Every pictures were snapped by my Nikon coolpix compact camera - raw and no editing done (because I don't know how to edit it..hahaha!) except for resizing. Kalau tidak cantik, anggap ja cantik kio sebab sia  ni bukan professional photographer. Saya main snap ja..haha!

2) If you are reader from Indonesia and you feel offended with words or pics or even my opinion/perspective, please accept my sincere apology because I didn't mean to offend anyone with this post. This is merely my honest opinion (not a review), experienced while I travel to this area.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

KK Short Trip : A wedding, A Blogger Gathering & Mommies Fun Time

Hello everyone!

How's life lately? I wish everyone a good and happy life. At the moment, I am 'mengular', taking this few hours of less work to finish the earlier draft of my short trip to KK with Just. Initially want to post each events separately but in the end I decided to combine all of it to save time and more delay or worst stale story (*LOL).

Yep, went to KK again on 11th of May  to accompany Just to attend her besties, Jue's wedding ceremony and reception and t we also attend the 'Ladies Blogger Gathering' beside executed our 'crazy' plan with sis Mouren (*wink2).

Since I am just tagging along, I let Just planned most of this trip (*I let kunun padahal ketara pemalas kan..hahaha!). When we purchased our ticket months ago, our plan merely to attend the wedding but once Just inform sis Mouren about it, knowing how 'active' she is, they planned another ladies blogger gathering and also our  3 mommies fun time project.

It's been a long time since I attended wedding ceremony such as Jue's wedding and I am really glad to accept Just offer to accompany her. Thanks moi! 

Some Pics at Jue's Wedding cermony
Later after the wedding ceremony, we fetched Sis Mouren at her workplace. That was the 1st time I met her face to face and my God, she was just like my imagination; active, friendly and full with spirit. Adore her from the 1st conversation we have and now I considered her as my big sister already (*Smile). 

After checked in to our hotel (part of our fun time project), we went to Full House, Suria Sabah where the Ladies Blogger Gathering with Pastel theme was held. There, already waiting for us were Stella and her hubby, Chegu Carol and Margaret. Later, MichelleSung and her Gaman (* really sorry Michelle, I forgot his name) arrived, followed by Flo Nara. Wency , husband and her cute baby were the last to arrive (some of the ladies already left) but that was okay since it's her support and spirit counted.
My Favorite Pic No.1 - Priceless Expression From Us ( Credited to Stella and hubby )

My Favorite Pic No. 2 - Our Gyomi Action (Credited to Stella and hubby)
The Ladies :P (Wency not yet arrived)

Wency arrived late but that was ok because it's the spirit/support counted :D

4 of us - lepaking lagi after the other ladies blogger left
4 of us in front of  Fullhouse - mo balik suda :'(
That was my 1st time joining such gathering and I m excited to attend more gathering in future because it was fun and a good way to meet and make a new friends (*wink2). Before this I only know them from their writing/blog and it's such a pleasure to finally meet them in person. Hope to see them again!

After the gathering, Just, Sis Mouren and me went back to our hotel to refresh ourselves and went out again. Some of our plan cancelled due to the rainy night but we still manage to have fun shopping at Wawasan and CP kan sis.. The next day (on Sunday), we woke up early and begin our journey to 'memancing om menyukat' the Gaya Street and Shop-hopping from Wisma Merdeka, Segama and KK Plaza. Did we manage to catch anything? Well yeah! Haha!

Tirip2 mcm Korean / Taiwanese kunu :P

At Gaya Street
At Noon after check out and sending Sis Mouren back home (*sob2 - sedih tau), Just and me went to Jue's wedding reception. 

At Jue's wedding reception
Before heading to airport, Just and me sempat lagi witnessed sunset from Tanjung Aru Beach while having our early dinner. At 8.25pm on 12th May, we flied back to KL and that the end of our short trip to KK. It was short but full with meaningful memories, plus the new friendship created among us.

I just love Sunset and beach! 
That's all the considered 'good' pics from my Note camera..haha! For more pictures and detailed story of the Ladies Blogger Gathering, you may visit my friends blog as below :

Ladies Blogger Gathering May 2013 - Stella 
More Pics Of Ladies Blogger Gathering - Stella
The Ladies Blogger Pastel Gathering - Just
Ladies Blogger Gathering In Fullhouse - Sis Mouren

For more pictures and the detailed story of Jue's wedding and our Mommies Fun Time, you may hop to below link :-

"Congrats Julie" by Just
"On Mothers Day" 2013 by Just

Last but not the least, my personal 'mikirayou' pic - wajib ada bah itu :P (*silakan ambil plastik dan muntah...wakaka!)

Me in pastel dress with my car..wakaka!

 Done at last..Yay! Lets do the break dance! Haha! Ok people, thanks for reading! Happy Wednesday!

P/S: Traveling oversea for the 1st time soon! Excited tahap gaban..Lalala!


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