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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Salam Aidilfitri 2016


Alhamdulillah, it's 1st Syawal! I am grateful because Allah gave me a chance to be alive and breathing on this beautiful days of Syawal and be together with my beloved small family to celebrate it.

The theme for this year is yellowish GREEN for male & banana leaf GREEN (eh, betul ka tu?) for female. My sons' and hubby's baju melayu was bought from KawanMU apparel shop, nearby our place and my daughter and mine bought from Gene Martino boutiqe in Subang Jaya. Daugther's and mine baju kurung I considered a bit expensive but total cost still within my budget. 

We are heading to my FIL place 1st before visiting hubby's grandma (his father side) grave. Then to my MIL place where hubby's sibling gathered before heading to Klang, visiting hubby's relatives and friends then nenek's grave. (InShaAllah, will share a bit here and there about it later in other post with pics)

I am taking this opportunity to wish all my muslim families, relatives & friends a blessed and meaningful Syawal. Let forgive and forget, be kind and be grateful for everything we have & don't have.


Family pic on Syawal's morning

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Spontaneous Raya Trip

Still going to rant about Raya 2015 :P

On 3rd Syawal, we spontaneously accepted SIL invitation to go to their place in Skudai although we have other plan but since we never been to her new home in Skudai/Johor Bahru, we thought that it was the right time to go. The journey took longer time than we expected due to traffic along the highway from Muar to Johor Bahru, we only managed to reach SIL place at 12pm after visiting few of her friends and relatives(from her husband side). I been to Johor Bahru before (with Just & Lin during our 1D trip to Singapore) but it was too during night time, so I feel a bit disappointed for not able venturing the city and its nearby attraction this time too (-_-). In Sha Allah, will arrange another trip in near future to appease those longing to venture and travel.

The next day, after kiddos spent some times with their cousins, we started our journey to go back to Puchong but before that we visited another SIL at Muar and have our shot of the delicious Muar Asam Pedas nearby her place. The place is so damn crowded with local and outsider feasting with the variety of food especially the Asam pedas. SIL's husband said that there is another good place for eatery experience with good price but time is not on our side since we have to go back to Puchong that day. Mister said Muar is not an interesting place but to me it is a place that worth venturing, well not only for it's simplicity but also for its foods people. So until next time Muar! Ngehehe!

SIL also went back with us that day, so we followed them to visit SIL's Husband relative who located at Kg Sg Rambai, Jasin, Melaka after stopping at the giant trishaw at the Muar border with Sg Rambai, Jasin. It quite fascinated the kids and well me too actually, hahaha! 

There are lots of Rambutan trees at the village of SIL's Husband relative that the 'monkey instinct' in me almost surface but I have to reign in myself from climbing the trees like I used to do back in my village. Kids were over-excited too and luckily the trees was inhibited by swarm of ants. That the only reason they didn't turned to ninja that day, lol!

After solat Maghrib, we resume our journey and Alhamdulillah managed to reach Puchong at 10pm after sending MIL to Semenyih (yep, MIL also tagged along with us to Johor). So overall, it was really a spontaneous, short and tiresome Raya trip ever but I don't mind because the kids a having good time, bonding with their relatives from their father side.

Kiddos and their cousins
landmark of Muar & sky high TV aerial that caught my attention
Candid shot of MIL & me while having/waiting our shot of Asam pedas
Rombongan raya..hehe
Rambutans are everywhere in Kg Sg Rambai, Jasin, melaka
compulsory 'mikirayou' pic with the giant trishaw :P
To be continued..hehehe!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Salam Aidilfitri 2015

Oh my, how time flies...It's already day 6th of Syawal, can you believe that?! Am supposed to post this on 1st of Syawal but you know banyak betul aral yang melintang and glad that today (although it just a boring story of my ordinary Syawal celebration) I have free time to finally publish this.

Based on last minute voting (macam pilihanraya la pula, hehehe) this year my small family choose blue as our theme for baju kurung & baju melayu despite of my sulking face because I don't really fancy the color especially it's seem so striking to me. This year teda tempah baju kurung because I have this RM50 Zalora discount voucher from digi, so decided to use the voucher to buy my baju kurung from Zalora. Mo jimat ba,tehehe! Bought Mister and sons baju melayu from our the apparel shop nearby and noticed that there is major price increase of the baju melayu (same design & material, different color). Terasa juga la the difference sebab puluh ringgit juga (-_-). Darn GST, grrrr! Le daughter baju kurung is the cheapest, so the total price of our baju kurung/baju melayu still within budget. Ayat bikin sejuk hati, Lol!

On the eve of Syawal, as always I go to my MIL house in Semenyih to help her with syawal preparation since as always everyone will gather at her house on 1st Syawal before berkonvoi visiting families, relatives and friends around Selangor. On 1st of Syawal, we went to kiddos Atok Li (FIL) house 1st then only we went to gather at kiddos grandma (MIL). This been a yearly routine of mine for the past 13 years (*smile).

One thing I really anticipated on Syawal is asking forgiveness from everyone of our wrong doing that can give me some kind of relief and feel the burden of guilty and remorse lift from my heart (*sighed). Of course the for food lover like me, variety of food juga amat ditunggu-tunggu, hahaha! 

So I am taking this opportunity to wish all my muslim families,relatives & friends a blessed and meaningful Syawal. Let us learn to forgive and forget, be kind and generous to each other and count everything as a blessing. Salam Aidilfitri!

Blue theme :)
Family pic at FIL house
SILs and me
Somewhere in Meru, Klang

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy Eid Al-Fitr 2014

Hello blogging world! 
During this month of Syawal, I would like to wish all Muslims all over the world, (especially to my Muslims families, friends & relatives) Happy Eid Mubarak 2014. Let forgive each other for every single wrong-doing and mistake :) May all of us will be blessed with the light of guidance and faith.

Hopefully this special post from me will mark the new beginning of frequent post from me after 8 months of silence (finger crossed). 
kiddos and me at Teluk Gadong, Klang, visiting relatives from MIL side :)


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hari Raya 2012 Theme: Maroon 6!

OMG! It's already 5th Syawal! So, how's your celebration this year? Grand? Simple? Average? Well, I guess no matter what it must be another memories to remember right..

Actually I just want to show off our family theme for this year.. Jeng3x, it's Maroon 5 + 1 (i.e hubby who took the pic)! lol! Last minute selection but I don't really mind except that I wish I could have something with more white color since I m fascinated by white color nowadays. But I did look nice in maroon didn't I?? Puji diri sendiri sebab tiada yg kasi compliment including my hubby (*ROLF)..

Maroon 5 + 1 (the one who took this

Ok, that's all for today.. See you all in next show off! Happy holiday for those who still on holiday and Happy Working for those who's start working today!

P/S: I m still in holiday mode (^^) v

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri !

Credited to
 Hello Everyone! 
On this Eve of Syawal, My family and I would like wish all of you especially My beloved families, relatives, friends, blogger friends and all Muslim, all over the world,


 Wherever you are or wherever you plan to go, please remember to put safety 1st to prevent any unwanted event to happen okay!

P/S: scheduled post since I might be unable to go online during my Hari Raya Holiday (^^) v

Friday, August 17, 2012

Another Random Posting!

Image credited to

Seriously, I don't really know what I am going to say or write because I have nothing interesting to share for now (*laughing).. Maybe this is what people said the famous blogging block .. Hmm betul kaitu?? (*scratching head).

Honestly, I don't have any interesting event or fact or personal stuff that I wanted to share so far. Hmmm, BUT, yeah I do have something I want to mention here but as always just a hint because I don't want people to accuse me of being show off. Furthermore, it's still in planning but will be execute after Raya (*finger crossed). 

I am planning to buy something for myself again, just to make my daily life easier without bothering other people. Yes, this thing is a bit costly and I need to make another 'buku hutang' for it since I could only afford the down payment. "Na'awi noh iso tutang, om megutang noh kawagu" said my mom.. If only I am wealthy person, I would just pay cash for it because I don't want to be burden by the long-term debt interest (* dream on Tunung!).. 'Hutang' is part of life said one of my relatives (*laughing)..That's all hint I can give for now and you can start guessing now, wakakaka!

Hari Raya Preparation?? Thanks God, I have done my Hari Raya shopping last week, yay!  As always we gonna have a simple celebration like the other years. Yes, I am celebrating it here in Malaya with my husband's family and relatives and MAYBE a short family vacation but it's still undecided. Yep, it's depend on our big ma'am (MIL).

So that's a bit here and there about what's going on and what's going to be in my life.. For those who is going through a long journey back to their village, be careful and wish you all a safe journey! Happy Holiday everyone!

P/S: I am writing this while working and taking care of my kids at office...Pingsan @@ v

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Salam Lebaran..

Image Credited To Mr. Google
Yes, this is auto-publish entry because right now I am at my MIL house at Semenyih, celebrating hari Raya with my family. Plus, I might too busy to update my blog..Hahaha, faham2 je la kio...

Okay, not much to say since I know all of you especially Muslim blogger are excited celebrating this Aidilfitri with you own family and even the No-Muslim are excited too right? Who is not? Cuti Panjang and can relax2 plus jalan2 visiting your muslim friends and family right?

As always, I don't prepare much for Hari Raya Aidilfitri but Kuih Raya and Kerepek (all bought since I don't know how to make them =P) must on stock since our friend might visit us at our flat (Puchong). I never really held any grand open house but only welcome any friend who want to give us a visit and chit-chat with us.. So, if you are reading this and live around KL or Puchong or PJ or you are pass by my area, you are welcome to my flat okay.. But remember only after 3rd Raya day we will be home so don't come and knock on our flat door before that..

So to all Muslim In Malaysia and all over the world, my family and me would like to wish you all a  very meaningful and Happy Hari Raya Celebration. To all my blogger friend and whoever read my entry all this time, please forgive me if I ever hurt your feeling with my entry or my words. We are 0-0 okay! SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI & MAAF ZAHIR  & BATIN..


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