Saturday, May 30, 2015

Eyas Kindie Sport Day 2015

Just want to share important moment of my youngest son life  So, Am considering this year Kindie Sport Day among one since it's his last year year in kindie before entering primary school next year. 

The event ended earlier than scheduled due to the hot weather that caused the kids to start showing their tantrum. Unlike last year, lots of activities for the kids and parents cancelled. It's understandable tho. Terlampau panas, sampai some of the pupils cry, unable to bear the hot weather.

Eyas got sunburnt! Hmmm, next time must tell kiddos to apply sunscreen if they have outdoor activities. Some pics during and after the Sport Day:-
activities he participated. Can you guess what's its name?
His was placed 2nd
His last year and last Kindie Sport day
Aftermath pic of us :P

Friday, May 15, 2015

9to5 Run 2015: 10KM Finisher

A week after my 4th Half Marathon, I participated in 9to5 Run (Larian Pekerja Muda) organized by Ministry Of Youth, held at Putrajaya and started at 7.30am. What a late starting time for long distance run, grrrr!

Mister parked our car at the Tapak Pasar Tani (again) and I have to walk about 500m to the start point in front of the Ministry of Finance. I was a bit overwhelmed by the crowd of participant because there were thousands of them (I guess) and at the same time thinking that I might left far behind the pack this time, hahaha!

It was drizzling that morning yet Malaysia's prime minister, DS Najib still have his opening speech, so everybody nobody paying attention but booing him, lol! 

I considered this run as my recover run after Borneo International Marathon, so I was just jogging and walking to the finish line, taking my time to breathe in the morning view of Putrajaya. When I run alone, I rarely taking any pics of the scenery but I think I will make effort to take pic of nice view or building along the running route in future running events I am going to participate (*finger crossed). I also hope to catch up with my friends; Lin, Just & Lia but only met up with them at the finish line. Congrats to my dear friends especially Lia for her 1st 10KM! Horrah! Lets do it again okay!

This running event was okay with exception of their running tee, the starting time and also lack of toilet. Ya, the fee was consider cheap (RM30) and I shouldn't expect any goodie bag etc. but the running tee made from 100% cotton really not suitable for long distance run (to my opinion). Starting time could be earlier, around 6.30am maybe? I also don't remember seeing any portable toilet at the starting/finish area or along the 10KM route. Oh ya, I love the medal tho, lol!
Sharing some pics from that day of event:-

Pre-run Pic!
Post-run pic & medal Pic. Love the medal :)
4 of us, Bro-in-law & me , 3 of us
Screenshot of the official result. yay! my new PB!
Will have another running event in 2 weeks and this time yet I haven't done any jogging/training so far. Hopefully kerajinan untuk jogging resurrect in few days ahead, ngehehe! 

Till next post, Enjoy the rest of day and happy Weekend in advance!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Borneo International Marathon 2015

This year I participated in Borneo International Marathon 2015 on 3rd May 2015 at Stadium Likas, marking my 4th Half Marathon and my 1st event in Sabah, my homeland. It was also my 1st time running with diarrhea all along the 21km due to my naivety over carbo-loading subject, huh! Luckily I made it to finish line with time below 3 hours, fuhhh! Lesson learned, will be more careful with this matter in future because running with your stomach keep signaling you that you need to poo ASAP is no fun at all hokeh (*sigh). Stumbled upon with few friends; Chegu Carol (we were running together for a while before I excuses myself to do my 'pelaburan') and Wency who greeted me 1st at the grandstand of Stadium Likas. That was my 2nd time meeting them after our last blogger gathering 2 years ago.

The event was a smooth, well organized one except for 1-2 minimal flaw (to me) that can be improve in future. Really glad that they 2-3 labs/toilet all along the route or else I might 'tercirit' in my running pant (*bitter smile). The volunteers were really effective and the cheering teams were so merry and supportive. However, the organizer should let the finish line area more open than blocking it and ushering the runner who finished the run to the grandstand at caused a massive traffic at that area. Macam ikan sardin tu finish line punya area. Oh ya, I really like the red vibrant running tee. Gonna wear it during my jogging day (kalau rajin pi jog la, wakakaka!).

Mister did not accompany me this time because nobody taking care kiddos plus he was working half day that weekend, so my niece (my brother's daughter) was the one who become my driver to and fro of the event. Thank you Opok and thank you mister :).

This event going to be in my list every year from now on (*finger crossed) and hopefully kalau tiada aral mister will able to join too in future. Ba, sharing few shots from the day of event :-

Compulsory pre-run pic :)
Yay, made it to finish line! Heart the medal :D
This area was crowded and this is my best shot. Kasi tebal  muka minta tolong orang snap pic :)
Screenshot of the official result
Okay, that all I can share about Borneo International marathon 2015. I have one more running story drafted and need to be publish soon (for my own record) before it became another stale draft/story. Enjoy reading & Have a nice day ahead people!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day 2015

It's Mother's Day today and as always I will call my mom to have my weekly 20min chit-chat and at the same time to wish her Happy Mother's Day. That's all I can do to persuade my longing heart to my beloved mom beside giving her some allowance every month. Kalau dekat seja Sabah dengan Malaya, confirm saya balik every weekend to visit her (*teary eyes). 

Lately too many topic related to religion make me feel so upset and confused! Though I been embraced Islam for almost 14 years yet I am still in process of learning. Frankly, too much 'Haram' is really suffocating! Apa pun (even benda baik) tak boleh. Katanya akan terpesong akidah! Wishing my Christian mom anything pun make me feel serba salah. Why everything has become so extreme nowadays? Where does moderation, understanding and tolerance has gone? Islam is beautiful, sacred and peaceful religion, why make it look violence, full with hatred and condemnation? I am sorry of this statement of mine might hurting those who think they are so pious and above all that they think they have the power to decide who's wrong who's right (*sigh).

Yes, despite of so many 'expert' saying that it is not right a.k.a HARAM to celebrate Mother's Day, we still bought cake and foods and brought it to mister's mum. Well, as long as it not going to memesongkan akidah, niat yang betul and our Iman tetap pada Allah yang satu then it's ok ba kan. Haihhh, okay case closed! 

To my beloved mother; Thank you for everything ama. Now I understand what you feel and been through all those year raising me up. To my beloved Mom In Law; Thank you mak for accepting me as part of your family and treating me like your own daughter. To my beloved sisters, nieces & cousins, my beloved hot mama friends, all mothers and soon to be mothers all over the world and also to ME; Happy Mother's Day! We are all superwoman!

Card make by my youngest for me. Thank you anak!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Youngest Son 6th Birthday

Alhamdullillah, yesterday my youngest son turned 6 years old. I can't believe my over manja, too attached finger sucking baby is going to primary school next year. Terasa diri makin tua, hahaha!
As always, we only have small family birthday party at our home. No fancy cake or foods. We bought blackforrest cake from our favorite cake/pastry house, RT Pastry House and take away foods from KFC since the birthday boy teringin makan KFC,lol! 

I don't really like to appease my kids demand/request over toys but he has been nagging me for years to have his own remote control car, so we decided to grant his wish and bought value deal remote control car for his birthday present. Heart those moment when he got his present with ear to ear smile.. 

Dearest Ilyas maliq, happy 6th birthday son! May you grow up to be a good, responsible and kind-heart gentleman and May Allah guide and blesses you along your life journey. Mama will always pray for you happiness and success. Love you son!
Family portrait
candid :P
He said, "mine"

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Visiting Mom & Trip To Kg Luanti, Ranau

Went back to my village, to visit my mom and also attending another running event last week, from 30/4/2015 till 3/5/2015. It was really a short visit because I only spent 2D1N at my village (Kg Tudangan) and the rest was at Kota Kinabalu, preparing for the Borneo International Marathon 2015. Padahal limpang2 di rumah anak buah membaca novel, LOL! 

Fly back to KK on Wednesday night (29/04/2015), stayed at my niece a.k.a childhood friend then drove back with her to our beloved Kg Tudangan the next day, hoping (me especially) that we able to stop and snap nice pic with Mt Kinabalu as the background. Nasib dapat juga few pics, ngehehe!

I also managed to visit the famous Tagal Sg. Moroli, Kg Luanti, Ranau and have my own dose of fish spa. Ya, finally dapat juga pigi..Been planning to visit this place for such a long time but circumstances always got on my way. The entrance fee is RM5 per adult and RM5 per group for usage of camera (any kind of camera including phone camera). Each group will given 15min to play and feed with the fishes and will be call off the time is over tapi kami kena kasi lagi ekstra 5min, yay! Next time, by crook or by hook will bring kiddos to this place (*finger crossed). For more info, check out their website.

Sharing some of pics from my phone camera:-

Next year want to climb Mt Kinabalu again :P
Heart the background :)
I was here!
Fishes that tickling my hands
Spot the crowd :D
Budget Korean tourist (> <)
I did not have the opportunity to capture Mt Kinabalu from the backyard of my home because I overslept after a long chit-chat, talking heart to heart with my mom the previous night. After a year, I definitely have lots of catching up with my mom (*smile). Importantly, mom is supporting my lifestyle and the improvement of relationship between mister and me, Alhamdullillah. Thank you for your 'restu' and prayer ma..

Oh well, I better stop ranting before this entry become a soppy one and ruin you cheerful life (*rolled eyes). Until next entry, smile and Happy Wednesday all!


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