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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Eldest Son 14th Birthday


Alhamdulillah, my eldest son turned 14 today. Still unable to grasp the reality of how times flies. Not long ago, he have to look up to see my eyes or I have too squat down to meet his eye, but now he is taller and bigger than me that I am the one who need to look up to meet his eyes..

I misses those times when he was still a baby, a toddler and a boy where I am his only world; to whom he report everything he did. Yeah, even the silliest and nonsense stuff, LOL! I noticed that ever since he started secondary school, those report become less and less. He still talked about stuffs to me but not as detail as before, hurmm..

Oh crap, I always feel a bit emotional on my kids birthday because it remind me that soon they no longer dependent on me, that they soon will stand they own ground. 

Dear my beloved eldest son, never once I regret my decision to keep you and gave birth of you. Having you taught me to be strong in any ordeal and to keep my head up when people looked down at me. Happy birthday dear son! Mama will always by your side and will always pray for your happiness here and hereafter.

My son :D
Family pic 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy 12th Birthday, Daniel!


Alhamdulillah, my 2nd son is 12 years today. I can't believe that he is in his early teenager and no longer my baby boy. I still remember the incident during his birth at Hospital Kajang where he was almost exchanged with other parent's baby. Luckily I noticed that he looked strange and unfamiliar when the nurse passed him to me to be breastfeed. I checked the hospital tag to found out that the baby wasn't him! He was still warded inside the incubator at that time due to skin infection.

Even his placenta was given to other parent and later I found out that those parent has handle the placenta accordingly together with their baby's placenta. They said they couldn't distinguished which one was theirs so they buried both in 1 place. I was grateful to them for that.

When he was almost a year old, I have to send him back to my parent in Sabah because I needed to stay back late in UKM to complete my final year project. Though it was only for a year, the guilt of leaving him behind still haunting me. I feel like I sacrificed him for our future. The misery of missing him leave a deep scar in my life.

Now at 12 years, he is my 2nd helper at home beside his elder brother. He have lots of flaw but those flaws were his strength that shaped his personality. He is my favorite gumuks yang kuat makan, lol!

Dear Daniel, 
Happy 12th birthday Nak! May you grow up to be a soleh son here and hereafter. Mama love you to the moon and back! Stay healthy!

My gumuk, the birthday boy!
Family pic with birthday boy!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Youngest Son 7th Birthday


Today is my youngest son (Ilyas) 7th birthday. Like past year, we only have a mini family celebration for him. This year,  Ilyas asked me to have pizzas party and granted, since it was within my budget. Cake was bought from our favorite Japanese cake house, RT pastry. We never get bored with their super yummy cakes!

Among my kids, Ilyas is a bit too attached to me and to his papa as well. He annoyed me most of time with his mischief and naughtiness but I couldn't bring myself to get mad at him because in the end, all of those mischief and naughtiness make us laugh. Biasa la budak-budak kan, hehe!

Dear Ilyas, 
Happy 7th birthday baby! May you grow up to become a soleh son here and hereafter. May Allah will always guide and bless you with happiness. I love you to the moon and back!

My Kiddos!
Family pic on Ilyas 7th Birthday

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Eyas!

Today mark the 3rd years since I gave birth of my youngest son. Yup, he is 3 years old already! Watching him grew up right to my eyes bring such joy and happiness to me.

As always we never held big birthday celebration like other people. I think celebrating it with just 6 of us is meaningful enough. We bought pudding cake for him from our favorite cake house, RT Pastry House and let him blew his birthday candle last night.. Yep, it's a day earlier but hubby said it's okay since we will be too busy on working days and might have no time to buy him cake after all..

Birthday present? Well, just now we went to IOI Mall, so we let him choose his own present from the toys department and as I expected he choose trucks and cars from all. He is fan of cars, trucks and lorries (*winking).

As most mother, me too wishing all the best for him and praying that my son will grow up to be fine and successful person, that Allah will always bless and guide him..

Got to stop now... Belum mandi la ba ini.. Happy Monday, Happy Working and Smile always..

P/S: Enjoy the amateur snaps below =P

Birthday Cake from Rt Pastry House

Eyas, excited with his birthday cake

Eyas, his big bros, his big sis and me!

Eyas with his birthday present choose by himself

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Super Silent !!!!

My heroes who keep our home alive with NOISE!
I woke up at 9am, yes 9am with a weird feeling today. I am wondering why can't I hear any television noise or any voices at the living hall.. It's kinda creepy because my house really are quiet! Than I remember that 2 of my hero was staying with their grandma at Semenyih (*slapping my forehead)

I always scold them for making lots of noise especially during weekend morning because I want to sleep a bit longer on that day but now I kinda miss their noise already =(.. The truth is I miss them already (*sniffing). To make it worst, my daughter is asking for her older brother right after she woke up! Even the my youngest son ask for his big brothers (*sobbing). Sorry for being such an emo today. It just that I rarely being apart from my kids...

My kids are close with each other though sometimes they fight like cat and dog. It's really funny to watch them picking with each other (*smiling). Last night my daughter refuse to go back home and she cried till she exhausted because she didn't want her brother to stay at their grandma house. Hubby have to trick her saying that her brother will ride with their grandma later to our home at Puchong. Guess what she said when she woke up this morning??? "LIAR" Yes, serve us right for tricking her (*sighing). I don't know whether I can stand the silence of my house for a week but hopefully I can because I promised to my heroes that they can stay there for a week, unless they miss us and want to come back earlier (*winking). 

OMG, this entry is so boring that I swear I can see you all yawning and said BORING (*Laughing) Okay, I hope all you had a enjoyable weekend and don't forget tomorrow is Monday, so Happy Sunday and Happy Monday in advance!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

9th Ramadhan In My Life

Fuhhh.. Seriously, I am so tired because hubby and I keep going out non-stop from morning till dusk searching for tailor shop that still accepting order and thanks God that we manage to get one via my hubby friend.. Only  now, I have a time to post an entry before I go to bed since you know, tomorrow we are starting to fast for 30 days and I need to wake up early to prepare 'sahur' for my family.

As I told before in last year entry about My 8th Ramadhan, I like 'Bulan Ramadhan' and every year since I learn to fast I anticipate this month like a little kid anticipate a candy. But every Muslim and Muslimah all over the world are anticipating this sacred month, aren't they?
Image by Mr. Google
This year, my second son said he want to fast for the whole month without skipping a day. As a mother, I am proud to hear that though I know that he is not yet fully understand the significant of fasting month and hoping that he can achieve what his goal. To tell the truth, hubby and I don't really have a proper religious education especially me who is just a naive 'Mualaf" and we are glad that the religious school that our kiddos attend able to teach them about anything related to Islam, especially things that we don't know. 

Okay, I got to stop now since it's almost 12 midnight. To all Muslim all over the world:- 

Walk humbly
Talk politely
Dress neatly
Treat kindly
Pray attentively
Donate generously
May ALLAH bless & protect us! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Party : Elan's Birthday Celebration !

Yep, today is my eldest son birthday. As I said in my previous entry, hubby and I still held small party exclusively attend by the six of us at our flat. Everything is cooked by hubby and me except for the cakes and some other food and beverage.. It's not even qualify to be called "party" at all..Moreover it is not even planned properly since we prepare everything after we come back  from office.. Haiya, it doesn't matter whether the celebration is grand or not as long as we have a great time together ba kan..

He might be just 9 years old but believe me if I say that he is mature than his age. Most people might say 9 years old kid is too young to understand the adult difficulties but not my eldest son. I still remember how hard he tried including fasting to save his pocket money during our hard time 2 years ago just to make sure that he will not burden hubby and me. Those memory really wretched my heart nowadays.. That's why I feel like I owe him big time..

He is very shy and skinny just like me. He likes science yet he hates math.. Geez, remember my entry on helping him to excel in math during his exam week? I was truly a dictator but in the end Elan said he is grateful because my effort help him to get 3rd place in in his class.. He love playing football and futsal and computer games too.. He is the one who help me to wash the dishes, sweeping his room and washing daniel and his uniform. Gosh, I can write about him for hundred pages if you want me but I don't want to bore you with my boast-up about my son okay... So, feast yourself with pics taken during his birthday celebration.( komen2 dan  kutukan dialu-alukan..=P )

Where we buy the cake? It's a Japanese Cake House, introduced by hubby's boss

The cake's box fascinated me...

Tada!!! Small cake for small celebration but don't judge the cake by it's size because the taste really delicious! Walla!!

The birthday Boy..Ayoyo, where's your shirt Elan?

The super eager cake fan..They can't wait to have their way with the cake..

Birthday boy with siblings and mama dear..

Last but not the least, pic with papa dear..
To my dear son, mama and papa wish and pray all the best for you. May you grow up into a fine gentleman and remember no matter how many birthday come and go, you will always be mommy little precious boy. Love you Elan..

P/S: Wanna to save/spare some money to grant Elan's birthday wish; a bicycle!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3 Tiresome Day And 2 Letter With Love

For the past 2 days, I been lacking of enthusiasm because my youngest son is sick. He has this fever on and off again since last Friday and he also has this severe conjunctivitis that hasn't getting better till yesterday. I brought him along to my office (3 days in a row) because I couldn't let leave him  behind at the nanny house in that condition. But the truth is I don't trust the nanny to take care of him while he is sick because I know the nanny might  just leave him unattended.
Aren't my boss mind at all? Well, as I stated in my last entry I am lucky to have such a considerate boss because he don't mind at all since he and my other colleagues rarely at office, leaving me all by myself most of time. For 3 days in a row, my office become the safe haven for my youngest son and for 3 days my attention at office divided between my responsibility as a worker and responsibility as a mother. Phewww.. It's not easy but I am trying with all my best. 

Today, my son is getting better. No more fever and the conjunctivitis is less obvious. He start eating again and drink his milk. A little progress like this is enough to lit up my spirit and sobered up my worry. Every time one of my kids fell sick, I will lost appetite, I can't sleep well and most of all I can't function  very well.. Macam robot yang rosak la bila anak2 sakit..@_@ That's why I will avoid doing office task that involving number/money when I am in such condition because I know that I might do mistake. Tomorrow, I am going to leave him back at the nanny house. I feel kind of worry since he is not fully recover but I need to do the delayed accounting task and it's already overdue. 

Eyas at my office..He still have those conjunctivitis
Okay, that's what happened in the past 2 days but for today, beside feeling happier with the improvement with my son condition, a letter/parcel (or whatever you call it) from Mr. Postman also enlighten my mood =D 

Guess what is it? I smile from ear to ear when I got this stuff. Jeng..Jeng..Jeng..Jeng.. Yeppi! Finally I got my souvenir from GA that conducted by eB and Just  and I got both of it in the same day (today)! The souvenir from eB is different then the one I supposed won but I loike it! Hubby already booked it to put pic of his precious princess a.k.a my naughty daughter. As for the souvenir from Just, I am using it right after I opened the envelope. Haiya, to tell the truth I am super-duper excited because I have another addition to my 'countless" bookmark! Later i will hunt down all the bookmark from my books and snap a pic of it ( kalau sia rajin la kio).. hubby just shake his head when I showed him the bookmark.. 

This is photo frame + postcard from eB (^_^)v
This is bookmark from Just
I think that's all I can rants for now. I thought I might post a short entry only but it turn out to be a pretty long one la pula..hihihi, an habit of mine.. Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to eB and Just for those wonderful souvenir! I LIKE IT! Good night and sweet dream everyone!

P/S: Just, my hubby want to know where did you printed those name card of your..


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