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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Eldest Son 14th Birthday


Alhamdulillah, my eldest son turned 14 today. Still unable to grasp the reality of how times flies. Not long ago, he have to look up to see my eyes or I have too squat down to meet his eye, but now he is taller and bigger than me that I am the one who need to look up to meet his eyes..

I misses those times when he was still a baby, a toddler and a boy where I am his only world; to whom he report everything he did. Yeah, even the silliest and nonsense stuff, LOL! I noticed that ever since he started secondary school, those report become less and less. He still talked about stuffs to me but not as detail as before, hurmm..

Oh crap, I always feel a bit emotional on my kids birthday because it remind me that soon they no longer dependent on me, that they soon will stand they own ground. 

Dear my beloved eldest son, never once I regret my decision to keep you and gave birth of you. Having you taught me to be strong in any ordeal and to keep my head up when people looked down at me. Happy birthday dear son! Mama will always by your side and will always pray for your happiness here and hereafter.

My son :D
Family pic 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Youngest Son 1st Day At Primary School

Believe or not, it's last day of 2015 and my youngest son happened to have his orientation day on this day. He is excited but I am not because I feel like not wanting him to grow up so fast (*sobs). Moreover, I am worried because he seem too small and frail for his age although he is one active boy. He is a shy boy so I hope he will able to adapt with the new learning environment and expand his social skills. 

Year 2015 will be soon become a past and I will treasure every single memory especially those moments I spent with my kids. That's the end of my ramblings for year 2015. Until next year, Happy New Year 2016! 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ilyas Kindie Graduation Day

Finally, after 2 years my youngest son graduated from kindergarten. Relief? Yeah of course because no need to pay hundreds ringgit monthly fee anymore and can save the money for kiddos future education. Mahal oh yuran tadika sekarang, lebih kurang macam yuran pelajar universiti (*sigh).

Next year he will attending the same primary school as his other siblings and start 2 session of school; KAFA in the morning and primary school in the afternoon. Knowing his habit of hard to wake up early, I wonder how in the world I am going to handle him next year, LOL!

Anyway, congratulation dear son on completing your 1st stage of education level and all the best to the new chapter of education that you will encounter ahead you. I hope you will enjoy the journey of learning and may everything you learn will guide and enlighten you throughout your life journey.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Eldest 13th Birthday

Actually son birthday was on 19th July and nothing extra-ordinary or happening event occurred but still, I want to leave some memory on this blog of mine for my own record. Took me sometimes to write this tho. Sibuk beraya ba kunun, hehehe.

This year, eldest 13th birthday fell on 3rd day of Syawal, so went to Subang Parade's Secret Recipe to fulfill his wish of not having any special birthday cake but to treat his siblings and him dinner at his favorite food outlet and have a piece or 2 of those yummy cake from secret recipe and also his favorite meal; beef lasagna. Syukur Alhamdulillah, this shy boy of mine memang tidak banyak permintaan (*teary eyes).

I guess every parent might have the same feeling I have now.. You know those feeling of dreading the moment that their kids grow up so fast and won't need them anymore.. Honestly, it's a wonderful journey to watch him grow up and develop but it's also scary because negative vibes and aura is everywhere around us and it make me feel like I have no enough eyes to watch over my kids especially my teenage boy. 

People said parent shouldn't be too over protective over their kids, that we need to let them mingle and explore the world so that they will able to stand by themselves but still to me it's something I won't be able to fully commit, not because I don't trust my kids but mainly because of the threat from the environment and people around them. Banyak kes yang unexpected ba sekarang (*sighed).

Gosh, don't want to turn this writing into soppy one, so to my beloved 1st born; Mama will always pray for your happiness and success in life and hereafter. Mama also pray that you will grow up into kind and responsible gentleman. Happy belated 13th birthday son, love you to the moon and back!

My beloved 1st born :D

Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy 11th Birthday, Daniel!

Last Saturday my 2nd son, Daniel turned 11th years old. No mini family party for him because Mister step-sister a.k.a my SSIL invited us to her house and celebrated her son birthday together with Daniel. Hurmm, actually I was kind of reluctant to go because I prefer to do our usual mini family party tapi kena jemput kan..

I only brought along Daniel birthday cake that I ordered from RT Pastry via online to sister in law place. This time we ordered Yam flavor cake and I tell you, sedap gila tu kek tau! RM72 for 8" delicious cake worth the value. Thanks to sister in law, foods & drinks all prepared by her. It was just simple celebration attended by mister siblings but kids were having fun that day.

Unfortunetely, I didn't took many pic that day, haihhh! 

To my beloved Daniel, Happy Birthday Anak. May you grow up to be a kind-heart, responsible & successful gentleman. Mama will always pray for your happiness and success in this world and hereafter. Love you to the moon and back!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Eyas Kindie Sport Day 2015

Just want to share important moment of my youngest son life  So, Am considering this year Kindie Sport Day among one since it's his last year year in kindie before entering primary school next year. 

The event ended earlier than scheduled due to the hot weather that caused the kids to start showing their tantrum. Unlike last year, lots of activities for the kids and parents cancelled. It's understandable tho. Terlampau panas, sampai some of the pupils cry, unable to bear the hot weather.

Eyas got sunburnt! Hmmm, next time must tell kiddos to apply sunscreen if they have outdoor activities. Some pics during and after the Sport Day:-
activities he participated. Can you guess what's its name?
His was placed 2nd
His last year and last Kindie Sport day
Aftermath pic of us :P

Friday, May 8, 2015

Youngest Son 6th Birthday

Alhamdullillah, yesterday my youngest son turned 6 years old. I can't believe my over manja, too attached finger sucking baby is going to primary school next year. Terasa diri makin tua, hahaha!
As always, we only have small family birthday party at our home. No fancy cake or foods. We bought blackforrest cake from our favorite cake/pastry house, RT Pastry House and take away foods from KFC since the birthday boy teringin makan KFC,lol! 

I don't really like to appease my kids demand/request over toys but he has been nagging me for years to have his own remote control car, so we decided to grant his wish and bought value deal remote control car for his birthday present. Heart those moment when he got his present with ear to ear smile.. 

Dearest Ilyas maliq, happy 6th birthday son! May you grow up to be a good, responsible and kind-heart gentleman and May Allah guide and blesses you along your life journey. Mama will always pray for you happiness and success. Love you son!
Family portrait
candid :P
He said, "mine"

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I am just writing this for my record so that I can always remember by reading it on my blog. Who knows one day my son might stumble upon it (*smile).

Yes, I am very proud of my son over his recent UPSR result. It kind of surprised me since his result was over my expectation (sob..sob..) Well, how can I not surprised when he is one of those kid who 'addicted' to games ever since that fateful day. However I am grateful because despite of his interest over games, he still doing fine with study and among the top 10 in his class.

He is my helper at home; washing the dishes, cooking rice, sweeping the floor, folding clothes and taking care of his youngest brother. Yeah, I am one of those mother who taught their kids to do house chores from young age. My mother in law called it 'bully' but to me it's teaching them sense of responsibility and independent..Opsss, macam lari tajuk sudah saya ni..

Ok, to my dear son; congrats for the good UPSR result. Mama love you always. May God bless you with wisdom for the journey of adolescent and adulthood ahead you..

He was bit sad over his Science result.
Tada!! :D

Monday, September 8, 2014

All The Best Dear Son

Omo..Omo.. UPSR is tomorrow!! My eldest son is the one who gonna take it yet I am the one who is freaking out! Deii, dup dap dup dap jantung sia, nervous mcm sia yang mau pigi!

I been worrying about my eldest son academic achievement because he is not doing very well since he was in standard 4 (my fault for exposing him to online games) but I hope he is ready enough and I am praying that he will do all his best to get a good UPSR result.

However I noticed that he somehow inherited my 'trait' of doing last minute cramming (>_<) so I advised him not to over-do it because it might cause him to blank-out during examination. banyak-banyak trait, yang not so good juga si anak ikut (>_<). 

Apapun, good luck and all the best to all standard 6 pupils especially to my dear dear son :)
Ok, sekian luahan seorang ibu malam ini.. bisuk luahan seorang ibu gojes pula...hahaha!

Le son doing his last minute revision

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Elan!

Today is my eldest son 10th birthday (*smiling) and as always we only  held a small family celebration. Yeah, it's just hubby, the kids and me at our residence in Puchong..I planned to invited his friend to celebrate his birthday but since I have no time to plan it properly, at last I opted to make our usual family celebration instead. God willing, maybe in future will give him big bash party celebration (*finger crossed).. Toun kawagu la kio Elan..

Nope, we did not cook this year and just ordered the food from Pizza Hut (*wink2) and the cake was from our favorite cake and pastry house RT Pastry House.. I want to write it in words but, you know, being me it will turn out into a story-book, so better you people check out some of the pics below:-

Elan and his simple Birthday cake


Pizzaa & Meatball Bolognaise..Yummy
The climax of this family celebration is handing out Elan birthday present. Can you imagine his surprised and awed expression?? It's priceless.. For a ordinary mother with limited income, the feeling of being able granted his son wish is blissful.. Elan have always wanted to have a bicycle of his own.. The present is my way of showing him how much I appreciated his help with all the house task and also for looking after his siblings especially my youngest son (Eyas).. 

Elan and his Birthday present
To my dear son, as always, mama pray all the best in your life. May you grow up to be a kind and useful gentleman. Please keep in your heart despite of my strictness and harshness in teaching and guiding you, mama love you so much. You and your siblings are the source of mama's strength to face any ordeal.. Happy Birthday My Dear Son..Sorry, a bit emotional with my special speech to my son (*sob2).. 

Okay, I am done with my showing off.. Catch up with you all again in next post...
Good Night and Happy Friday in advance.. (^^) v

Friday, October 28, 2011

Kindergarten Hunting Mood!

November is welcoming us in 3 more days and then another 30 days, December say hello again, signalling the upcoming new year.. See, how fast time passed by and as always since my kiddos start attending school, November and December gonna be month with careful expenditure for me because during this 2 month I am gonna use lots of $$$ for their uniform, book, fee etc. 

Image from
Next year my daughter is attending kindergarten and here in big city, early education is not as cheap as you think unless you send them to KEMAS or pre-school. Hubby and I prefer sending our kids to private kindergarten for their early education because private kindergarten offer better option of early education which is really important to prepare them to face the much tougher subject and surrounding in primary school. We knew this  because we saw the difference of kids performance that attending private kindergarten and government kindergarten. How come? My eldest son attended private kindergarten and he can read both Malay and English books at 6 years old but our 2nd son which attended KEMAS (during our hard time) still can't read very well even after he graduated from those KEMAS! Luckily he is a brilliant kid and now he can read though not as good as his big brother.I am not saying those kindergarten is not good because some kids who attended it still excelled very well but maybe it was just my little boy who didn't pay attention at class...

Hubby and I will start our hunt for a good and affordable kindergarten for our beloved princess next week. So, not yet hunting but will be and hopefully can find one before December.. Oppps! Today is Friday and I am not suppose to spoil your Friday mood with this worries of mine.. I have lot of them recently... 

Okay, gotta go and find something to turn on the happy mood...Happy Working, Happy Friday & Happy Weekend!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fever attack On Her Birthday!

I supposed to post this entry yesterday but  I spend most of my time doing my last minute Raya shopping then went straight to my MIL house at Semenyih to celebrate my daughter and MIL birthday and only manage to come back home at 1.00 am. It's just a small celebration actually and Yeah, my daughter (Shasa) got fever on her birthday! But thanks God that it just a normal fever.. Orang cakap demam nak besar.=P

My daughter born on 28th August 2007 while my MIL born on 29th August, so we decide to celebrate it together. The day before my daughter birthday, she already demand that she will choose her own birthday cake and she want my hubby to buy her make-up set for her birthday present.(Hubby said she couldn't decide which one cake she want because there are lots of selection at the cake house)  Hahahaha, she asked my hubby because she know that her papa will grant her everything if he can. Princess kesayangan hubby la dikatakan.. But of course hubby didn't buy the real one. She was sulking when she know hubby bought make-up mainan but being a kid, she is fine right after hubby treated her with GULA-GULA.. Candy definitely is the best bribe for my daughter because she just loves it! Well, she did said this to me, " nanti mama beli make-up yang betul2 bila shasa besar ye.."
To my daughter, may you grow up into fine lady and may you achieve every single dream you have.     You are my perfect daughter and mama love you very much. Mama will always pray the best in you life. Happy 4th year my darling daughter...

Right from the first time we held you in our arms,
You made us fall in love with you, with your irresistible charm.
You were the most beautiful thing that we had ever seen,
Dearest baby you made us happier than we had ever been.
Today on your birthday, looking at you grow up so fine,
Makes us love every tiny bit of this time.
Happy Birthday to our angelic daughter.
- poem by
And to my MIL:- They may say a thing or two about Mother-In-Laws
They may make some nasty jokes
But these are definitely not about you
Cause you’re not like most
You’re so much fun to be with
I enjoy our time with you
Happy Birthday Mother-In-Law
May all your dreams come true! 

Okay, don't have much time left since hubby and I need to go to pasar to buy chicken for tomorrow and some other stuff.  So enjoy the pics on my daughter & MIL birthday celebration..

The right cake is my daughter's cake, choose by herself & the other one is for MIL

Nenek & Cucu potong cake..

Make-up mainan & set masak2 after few hours given to my daughter.. hahaha!
 P/S: Not  much pics taken by me because I was busy controlling my youngest son from attacking the cakes..hahaha & will going to auto-publish my entry start from tomorrow till Thursday..

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Party : Elan's Birthday Celebration !

Yep, today is my eldest son birthday. As I said in my previous entry, hubby and I still held small party exclusively attend by the six of us at our flat. Everything is cooked by hubby and me except for the cakes and some other food and beverage.. It's not even qualify to be called "party" at all..Moreover it is not even planned properly since we prepare everything after we come back  from office.. Haiya, it doesn't matter whether the celebration is grand or not as long as we have a great time together ba kan..

He might be just 9 years old but believe me if I say that he is mature than his age. Most people might say 9 years old kid is too young to understand the adult difficulties but not my eldest son. I still remember how hard he tried including fasting to save his pocket money during our hard time 2 years ago just to make sure that he will not burden hubby and me. Those memory really wretched my heart nowadays.. That's why I feel like I owe him big time..

He is very shy and skinny just like me. He likes science yet he hates math.. Geez, remember my entry on helping him to excel in math during his exam week? I was truly a dictator but in the end Elan said he is grateful because my effort help him to get 3rd place in in his class.. He love playing football and futsal and computer games too.. He is the one who help me to wash the dishes, sweeping his room and washing daniel and his uniform. Gosh, I can write about him for hundred pages if you want me but I don't want to bore you with my boast-up about my son okay... So, feast yourself with pics taken during his birthday celebration.( komen2 dan  kutukan dialu-alukan..=P )

Where we buy the cake? It's a Japanese Cake House, introduced by hubby's boss

The cake's box fascinated me...

Tada!!! Small cake for small celebration but don't judge the cake by it's size because the taste really delicious! Walla!!

The birthday Boy..Ayoyo, where's your shirt Elan?

The super eager cake fan..They can't wait to have their way with the cake..

Birthday boy with siblings and mama dear..

Last but not the least, pic with papa dear..
To my dear son, mama and papa wish and pray all the best for you. May you grow up into a fine gentleman and remember no matter how many birthday come and go, you will always be mommy little precious boy. Love you Elan..

P/S: Wanna to save/spare some money to grant Elan's birthday wish; a bicycle!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Exam Week, The Rise Of Dictator Mommy!

Since last week, during the period of blogger 'collapsed" till now, I rarely updating my entry because I am kind of busy to monitor my kids revising their subject, plus my hubby is using our PC most of time.. He is using the PC to uploading pics of collectible stuff to Yep, he is kind of obsessed with this site since he manage to sell some collectable stuff via this site. Moreover, he rarely use our PC before this so, kasi can la kan.. =P 

Image by Mr. Google
I guess everyone who have kids in primary school well aware that this week (KAFA start 1st) and next week is 1st term examination weeks, am I right? Hehehe, if you are a teacher than it's not not even a news to you because you might know it long before we, the parent know about it kan.. I am not sure whether secondary students is ongoing the same situation with primary school since I don't have 'spy' in secondary school.. My kids belum ada yang pi secondary school ba gia ni..hehehe. 

Image by Mr. Google
Since my eldest son started going to primary school 3 years ago, examination weeks always become the week of dictate for me. My son said, I acted like a dictator during this period of week because they have to do exactly what I said and there are no compromising. My son always whine during this period saying, "apa pun tak boleh!" which I replied, "you will thanks me when you get a good result. Now go to sleep! No TV during exam weeks!".. Kalah Hitler oo kan..

My hubby sometimes admonished me for being too strict with them and I do feel like I am too strict sometimes but I acted like this during exam weeks only.. Other days I am turn back to the considerate & lovable mommy..Ceh, perasan betul! However, I did allowed them to watch TV for a while after dinner, before they start revising. Haiya, sometimes I feel like me too in exam mod..(*sigh)

Okay, I have to stop my rants since my hubby wanna use this PC. Apa boleh buat kan, he is the boss of this house. I think I am going to buy a laptop sooner than I planned.. Maybe I can ask my hubby to buy me one kan..(*wink wink ) 

To all mom who have kids that will seat for their 1st term exam this week and next week, I wish you good luck and all the best in your effort to ensure your kid get a good result okay!


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