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Saturday, August 6, 2011

eBay The 'Lubuk Duit'

Bonjour everybody! How's your weekend? How is your fasting? Aiyo, banyak benor soalan ko ni.. I know..I know.. It's been a while kan since last time I posted an entry to this blog of mine.. Busy ba konon sekarang..

Image credited to Mr. Google
This gonna be a very short entry so lets the story begin... Okay, my hubby started to sell his product via eBay since mid-July and Alhamdullillah, so far the sell is great. No wonder people call eBay as a 'Lubuk Duit'. Thanks Just for suggesting us this method. Really grateful to all friend who advise us. Berkobar-kobar semangat hubby mo menjual di eBay.. No more feeling down as I told you in my entry about poem to cheer up my hubby.

Well, this is our 1st experience selling on eBay and at 1st we did face some problem especially regarding paypal account but now everything is settled. Hubby only checked our eBay account after work hour because he didn't want this part-time business disturb his performance in office and it's really excited to see the accumulated amount increased each day. The only thing that make us irritate with eBay is the "Joy-Bidder" who bid just for fun and never intended to pay for what they bid. Really frustrating when we encounter this people because the only action we can make is blacklisted them and in the end they still keep doing this hobby of them by creating another account.. Haiya, I hope eBay team can look into this matter and find the best solution in future.. Oh ya, I always remind my hubby to make sure that his product must meet his customer satisfaction. I mean, since customer only saw the pics of the product so we must make sure that what customer see is what they gonna get.. Honesty is the best quality that will ensure customer loyalty, betul tak...

So that's all for today. I guess it's just a short boring entry but I promise next time I will post something longer and informative kio.. Hey, how about YOU? Have you tried selling any product using eBay? Share2 experience la kawan..

Good night and sweet dream everyone..

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Disappointment Of Online Shop Product!

How many of you like online shopping? Normally, what kind of stuff do you purchased online? Do you satisfied with stuff you bought online?

I am one of those people who likes to do online shopping yet I only purchased stuff like books, bags & accessories. In fact, I purchased most of my books & reading material from online shop (MPH online ) since I hates to go to bookstores with my kids tagging me along. Susah mo pilih buku kalau my kids ikut because I will end up buying their stuff than mine.. I never purchased any clothing / attire stuff until recently and I am not happy with the product I received.

material macam Kain langsir ja..
2 weeks ago, for the 1st time I placed my order for a maxi dress with one of the online shop I stumbled upon in Facebook because the price is quite cheap than other online shop (with the same item ).. Well, there is always 1st time for everything right.. To tell the truth I was dreading up to receive the product because it was my 1st time buying clothes via online and I don't know whether the product is as good as it look in the pics I saw in their profile..

Jahitan pun tak kemas!
Guess what happened when I did received the product last Monday? The dress was not as good as I expected! The dress was made from the cheapest kind of material and it not even well tailored. Plus, the dress is too long for me.. I can buy 3 pieces of cotton tops from the Thai's shop nearby the Giant at Puchong with that money I paid those online shop!
Do you notice the difference? Cincai betul la!

Before this I don't understand why people don't trust online shop ( especially clothing & attire shop ) but now once I stand on the shoes of those who have experienced the malice of swindler online seller, I truly understand those peoples feeling. Oh ya, just to let you people know, I did ask those online shop owner about the material and she said the dress was made from chiffon yet to me, "kain langsir" is better than it.. I even asked the seller whether the dress can fit me well with my 153cm height and she said it will be fine on me.. tsk..tsk.. Now according to my hubby the dress will be better be my sleeping attire! Huarghh!!! I thought I can wear it casually..( T_T )

You see, this is the main problem with online shopping. There are always the possibility of fraud info because I can cannot see the real product with our own eye like we always did in real shopping. I have tried to establish online shop to promote my catalog product but in the end I terminated it due to lack of customer confidence.. Thanks (No thanks) to those online shop who tarnished the trust of online customer ( who face the same fate like mine ).. Note the sarcasms!

I am writing this entry to remind all the online shop owner to practice honesty in their business. As a customer, we expect you to serves us with a good product that worth the value of money we are paying.. Since we cannot see and inspect the product by ourselves, we are totally placing our trust in the hand of the online shop owner to give their honest services in our favor. I understand that some of the online shop only thinks of the profits but please remember that honest profit is better and will continuously than fraud-earn profits that might cause you to lost lots of customer from shopping with your online shop.. 

I am not saying that all online shop are dishonest because to my amazement so me of them really have a good service & product but maybe it's just my bad luck... Well, I cannot judged them based on 1 greedy online shop right.. Tapi biasa la kan, sebab nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga.. cewah, feel like Karam Singh la pula..LOL.. I am just sharing what I feels and what I thinks of online shop but ya in the end it's all up to you people to ponder about it.

As for me, I don't know whether I have the courage to buy attire / clothing via online after this incident.. I may or may not tries to purchase again in future but for the time being I will content with buying my clothing attire from shopping complex / shop lots etc. One more thing, I support all of online shop who sell product such as handcrafts, bags, books, toys & accessories! 


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