Monday, December 31, 2012

Summin' Up 2012 - Happy New Year 2013

In less than 4 hours, year 2012 will be ended and New Year 2013 begin and as I 'stealing' time to write this down, I re-play & reflected all the happy, sad, sweet and bitter memories along year 2012 in my mind with a smile and grateful heart because against odds, I managed to fulfill some of my goal that I been set - getting my driving license, settling few debts, bringing all my kids to my village, rewarding myself with smartphone & driving here and there by myself.. Yay!

I even managed to have my own car which I planned to buy next year (*smile ear to ear..LO).. Yes, many other things happened unexpectedly but still I am thankful because all of those things taught me to be stronger and wiser woman..

As a conclusion, year 2012 had been good and fruitful for me despite of the few unhappy things. Well, life isn't a life without bit of obstacles here and there to color and spice it up, right?? 

Yeah, as many years before, since I was in secondary school, I will set up another resolutions/goals for me, hoping that the next 365 days will be nice to me and I will able to achieve 1 or two of my goal (*God willing)..

So, I wish all my families, relatives, friends and to all people all over the world a very Happy New Year 2013. May the New Year 2013 will bring us happiness, joy, prosperity and peacefulness all over the world.

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That all for this last entry in year 2012... Until next entry in New Year 2013, Happy New Year everyone! Wherever you people going to celebrate this New Year, remember to drive safely, Don't drink & drive..

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

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To my beloved families. friends and relatives back in Sabah and also to all people all around the world who celebrating Christmas, I wish you all the peace, joy and love during this season and let the spirit of love, charity and compassion fills up our heart. May this season celebration spread the message of peace and harmony all over the world. Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

When 'Chickenpox" Attacking

I guess everyone are busy talking/writing about the so-called 'end of world' which apparently not going to happen today (21.12.2012) but not me because I never give heed about this matter since I know that no human could ever know when is the end of world except God. It's not that I am arrogant about this matter but it's beyond my power/knowledge, so there is no use for me to predict/speculate about it but be thankful that I am still alive each morning I wake up. Well, enough with my two cents about this and back to the point of this update (*lol).

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So it's true then.. When 'chickenpox' attacking your kid, your routine gonna change 180 degree! Yep..that happened to me recently when the my youngest boy (Eyas) and his sister (Shasa) got chickenpox and hopefully my other kids immune of it already (*finger crossed)..

I brought  Eyas and Shasa to my office for almost 3 weeks and it did effected my work because taking care 2 sick kids while doing your job is that easy but I prefer that way instead of worrying all the time about them. I am so grateful because I have a very considerate employer who doesn't mind me bringing the kids at my office. May god bless you and prosper your business, boss!

Luckily it's school holiday or else my routine gonna change 360 degree! lol.. Actually, Eyas and Shasa already recover from the chickenpox now and my routine back to normal now (*thank God).

Christmas is around the corner and as it approaching, I couldn't help myself from missing my family and the Christmas celebration back in my hometown. It's been a while I never back at my hometown during Christmas (*sigh).. I am thinking of putting up a Christmas tree in my house here in Puchong but have to cancelled it because "some people" might get the wrong impression.. I miss to be in Sabah where people are more open-minded and not too skeptical about everything...

Darn.. I am out of topic already! LOL.. Anyway, that's all for now and until next entry people.. Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hit & Run & Welcoming December

Yay! It's December people! 21 days before Christmas and 28 days before new year hey! I guess those who celebrating Christmas must be busy setting up their Christmas tree right?

Actually, I just want to share another stale story regarding my car a.k.a my new baby..what a boring entry to welcome December huh (*LOL). 10 days ago, my car was hit and run while it was parked neatly at the parking area. Somebody hit my car while she/he tried to park beside it.. Yeah, it happened during night time or early in morning while everyone sleeping or busy to start the day. We didn't know for sure who did it but we kind of suspecting the owner of the orange Gen2 because his front bumper was badly scratched but we can't say anything since no witness and our suspicion only based on the pint of orange paint on the damage.

Yeah, it was a sad incident and in fact, i was mad because though I am just a noob driver but I always make sure I won't hit other people car while trying to park my car. However, I am grateful because it was just a small dent not a big damage. Well, I already repaired it and it cost me RM150...! There go my budget for books hunting this coming Saturday (*sigh).. Apparently, I need to put aside some budget for my car just in case emergency things like this happened (*touch wood)..

Ok, I am done with this pathetic stale story..Until next entry, Happy Monday & Happy Working everyone!   


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