Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Harvest Festival 2011 !

eCards Sabah Harvest Festival
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First of all, "Kotobian Tadau Tagayo Do Kaamatan" to all Sabahan people, especially to my beloved families, relatives and friends. Everyone must be having a great time during this anticipated event except for those who stuck here in Penisular Malaysia just like me. I am pretty jealous with my blogger friends who live in Sabah because they can attend any event held in conjunction of this big event.. (*sigh)  

However, I am having these dreadful feeling toward this upcoming June since lots of rumors/news were spreading that the price of RON95 and milk powder will be increase. Though it  not yet official but still I already make a new monthly budget to ensure we will not run out of cash and apparently I have to make lots of cut down and adjustment to our monthly expenses if those two stuff really does increase. If this two stuff increase, there will be no wonder price of other stuff increase and that mean another wave of inflation!Just thinking of the word of inflation will give me a terrible headache. I just hope that it will not cause more problem to arise.. God willing, Amin!

Well, I don't want to spoil your mood of Kaamatan celebration. I just want to remind us the reality that awaiting us ahead in June yet like most people, I keep praying the miracle to happen, that government will find a way to help Malaysian citizen ease down our burden. There is no wrong in praying for miracle right?  OPPPSSS, I think I should stop now before I start grumbling like a granny =P

Last but not the least, to all Sabahan, Don't drink & drive, remember your love one, safety 1st! Cheers! Kiiihaaa!!!Aramaitei!!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Libresse & Me

Female reader won't have any problem to guess what is it but male reader might clueless, so just to clarify it, this entry is about sanitary pad called "Libresse". Yep, it woman stuff but male reader are welcome to read and comment. Who know you might suggest it to your wife, girlfriend or even friend who have trouble with their recent choice of pads.. Just think of it as common knowledge, okay! (*Wink)

Actually I want to about this since last March but I am being diverted by other issue and I was kind of already forgot about it. However, while I am thinking of what topic I want to rant about today, coincidentally  my eyes wandered to the corner where I keep my pads a.k.a treasure box and remind me of my delayed intention to share about my opinion of Libresse. It's better now or never. Moreover I am really flush out of idea right now.

I was loyal user of Laurie brand before I switched to Libresse and I been used it from  the 1st time I got my period (when I was 15 years old ) until December last year. Such a long time huh? I have tried many other brand such as Kotex, Whisper, carefree etc., but only for short period of time and in the end I will go back to Laurier because I feel comfortable with it though it did have flaws that always irritated me.

Last January, I tried Libresse for the 1st time and just like that I fall in love with it. In fact, I should say I love it from the very 1st piece I used! It's no really wonder for me  because I feel an extreme comfort & confidence with Libresse, something I never feel during those years with Laurier. The unique designed of "split rear" at the back that close fit to my butt really work for me. Seriously, I always worry about my pads being "senget" even with Laurier yet I never once think about it after I used Libresse. Before I used Libresse I always avoid wearing a tight pant/trouser during my menstrual cycle but now it not a problem anymore because Libresse make me confident to wear anything fit even white in color..

One more feature I love about Libresse is the easiness to wash/clean it because unlike Laurier it do not have polyacrylate gels. I know not all woman do this because I do have a girl friend who think of washing the bloody pads is a gross task to do but I was taught by my mother to always wash/clean my used pad before dispose it. My mother told it is necessary to avoid the ghost of "balan-balan" from smelling it. However I know now that it is merely a scare tactic though "balan-balan" did exist. From what I learned, it is compulsory for muslim woman to clean up their pad  before disposing it for hygiene purpose. 
Jeng3x.. The content of my treasure box..Ahaks!

I used Libresse Maxi Night Wing at night and Libresse Maxi Non-wing during daytime. I am satisfied with both of it and the price is quite cheap than other brand. Well, you can  read more about each type from Libresse Malaysia .

Nope, this is not a paid review. This is merely my personal opinion about this product. You know, I merely want to express my satisfaction with this product. I am not even want to influence anyone but I just think that it's a good thing to share about something as good as this product. It's what we called as " sharing is caring"! No matter what it's up to you to decide the best for you, am I right? 

P/S: If people ask me to choose Pads or Tampons? My answer is "I am pads lady".

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Oprah Show & Me

I have watched this show since I was 9 years old though not live on TV but I have to rent the VCR (video Cassette Record). Ya, you know we don't have ASTRO during that period of time and The Oprah show only broadcast once a week via TV1 or TV2 ( can't recall which channel ) so the only option is renting the VCR. Nowadays, thanks to ASTRO we can watch it live on tv but unfortunately after 25 years being the most watched show, The Oprah Show officially bade it farewell on 25/05/2011.. 

Image By
I am gonna miss this show very much because via this show I have get to know lots of amazing people who with amazing life experience, especially those who managed to rise from their downfall and outshine people around them. The host, Oprah herself is one of the amazing woman and I really adore her for her contribution and effort in lots of humanity works especially her effort to bring awareness about children abuse.

There are lots of unforgettable moments in this show and one of my favorite episode is the one titled "Is War The Only Answer?" which aired from November 2002 until March 2003. It was well known as Oprah's Anti-War Series and during this period of episode, Oprah discussed the pro and contra of America declaring war as a payback to the destruction of 9/11 and in the end of the episode, she concluded that declaring war will only cause more destruction than it already did. I hate war to violence. To me, war & violence could never solve anything but only spread hatred and cause more violence to surface. 

I believe million, or maybe even billion fan will gonna miss this show and its incredible host. I visited this show Official Website and read lots of love & farewell messages posted by fans all over the world to Oprah and me too did posted my farewell message to this show..Hehehe, I am not going to share what I wrote and if you want to know, you have to find it by yourself.

I couldn't claimed myself as The Oprah Show Baby as Dakota Fanning claimed but I did grow up watching & inspired by this show and Oprah herself. I even keep her word and quotes as my own "talisman" to keep my head up during the years of turbulence in my life and here are some of my favorites quotes from the show:-
Where there is no struggle, there is no strength
Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough
Turn your wounds into wisdom

This Show ended but it doesn't mean that Oprah will disappeared from the screen because she will running her own network, OWN.. Great, isn't it ? It's mean she can continue her mission to inspire others life and battle her very much concerned problem of child sexual abuse. I don't know whether OWN is available in our area and I am gonna find out later, but we still can watch it via OWN official website. My hubby said, you can always watch it via youtube..

Okay, time to get back to my pending task on my table.. Such a relief to share this hollow feeling over the finale of The Oprah Show... Walahei, ketara betul emo kan, pasal talk show pun buli sedih..tsk..tsk.. 

P/S: Is "The Late Show With David Letterman" still on air? Maybe I can switch to this talk show for the time being.. It was my father favorite talk show..

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Date With Honeypot Wax Boutique


Yes, I am gonna have a intimate date with "Honeypot Wax Boutique". Don't start guessing! Keep reading this entry and you will understand what is it all about.. (*wink)

honeypot wax boutique
Actually, "Honeypot Wax Boutique" is the place where I am gonna have my Brazilian wax by the experts. No, not today..Not even next week but my appointment a.k.a date with them is gonna be next month ( date not yet fixed ). 

I know all of you especially gals/women know what is Brazilian wax and I am not going to explain it here, but yeah you can always google about it right? I just want to share why it's really important to me to have this appointment.

For  your information, I used to wax my legs, arms, upper-lip and underarms by myself without an experts help. I have done it for years and I dare to call myself an expert too.. Hehehe,  only when it come to wax myself since there is no way I dare to wax any living things but myself. However, this time I am gonna need an expert help since I intended to wax my private part due to hygiene purpose.

Image By Mr. Google
During my teenage year, I don't have to really worry about it since I was not really that hairy back then but after gave birth of my eldest son, I started to either trimming it with scissor or shaved it off because it started to a bit bushy down there. I was content with this two ways of "maintaining" the look of my private part until I started to have this itchiness every time I shaved it off especially a day after shaving it off and it really make me feel uncomfortable. So I tried not to shave it anymore but only trimmed it with scissor yet the same problem still occurred  and the hair down there is getting rougher.. tajam macam wayar suda rasa dia,ehhh.. So, now straight to the point, the real reason why I want to do it because  according to my friends who have done Brazilian waxing down there said, that the hair will eventually gets softer and thinner every time it grows back.

Frankly, I really wanted to try this Brazilian waxing for quite some time but I always find excuses not to do it due to my embarrassment.. Hish, malu  ba kan kalau orang tengok.. Yea, it's might be painful but I think I can  bear the pain but I don't think I can bear the embarrassment! Weird since I already have 4 kids and 3 or more people ( nurses and doctors, excluding my hubby ) already seen me down there! Geeezzzz! However, this time I will really go for it.. One of my friends said, I should get one before I turn 30 yet here I am almost turn to 29 and still never done it! Nah, tunggu la next month they can't longer tease me about it any longer..

I realized that in Islam, it's prohibited to allow other people than ourselves or our spouse to see our private part ( doctors/nurses excluding since they are doing it for medical purpose) but pardon me because I am just a woman who wanna look beautiful (including down there ya), plus my  hubby already granted me a permission and the experts also a female..

I better stop before I rant out of topic.. No matter what, the date with Honeypot Wax Boutique stand and no way I am gonna back off this time.. Any comment is welcomed ! (^_^) V

P/S : I didn't notice that I am blushing red while typing this entry, not until my boss asked, " something wrong? You face is tomato red!"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Little Notebook With Thousand Memory

My little notebook..
This morning I was rummaged through the kitchen cabinet when I found something belonged to me that missing few years ago wrapped with newspaper & hidden among the dishes & glassware. It used to be my handy notebook where I pour out my sadness, my disappointment, my tears  & my wishes but I lost it and never able to trace it until this morning. (Actually, it was an autograph book that I turned into notebook)

I stopped my activities, go the living hall and started reading whatever I've wrote down in the note book and then the tears started to pour unconsciously. Every single words written in this book reminded me of my hard time during the early years of my marriage. Every pages was written with a poem that pictured my feeling during those year and the content was really personal to me. I lost track of time while reading it and I don't even notice that I cried out loud until my hubby asked me, " What happened? Why are you crying?'
"Nothing important. It's just that this note of mine make me cry." I explain to him.
"What note? It's must really touching if it make you cry." Hubby teases me.
"This note," I showed it to him. 
"How did you find it?," he asked me with guilty look on his face.. Nah, kedapatan suda siapa yang kasi tapuk..
"I found it in our kitchen cabinet, wrapped with newspaper & hidden very well among the glassware," I said to him before adding, "it's okay. I don't mad at all but this note is really personal. I am just glad I found it again." 

Years ago, I was too shy and ashamed to share my problem especially something concerned with my marriage with other people including my family that caused me to undergo a very critical emotion breakdown. Then a friend of mine advised me not to bottle up my feeling/emotion to myself. She said if I can't talk about it, I can write it down in a book or maybe a piece of paper to ease down the pressure in my heart and mind. This kind of therapy really worked for me and this note is one of the media where I channel my worries and problem..

Unlike most people who preferred to burn this kind of books/note/diaries, I keep all of mine not because I can't let it go but more about the sentimental value to me. This little notebook really hold thousand of memory that I will cherish. Though most of it about the bitter time I've encountered but still it's precious because I learn a lots of lesson during those bitter day of mine..

What will you do if you found something that remind you about your misery? Will you burn it or maybe bury it or will you keep it as a reminder that you are a survivor? 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Newspaper From Year of 1953

My sight is no longer blurry since I got my supplies of contact lenses yesterday after work-hour. I stock up to 6 pairs of contact lenses to avoid any trouble and I also ordered a new pair of spectacles just in case something like yesterday incident happened. 
For today I just wanna shared about this old newspaper that my mother in law got from one of her relatives/friend which is in fact look like a relic to me. I don't know exactly which news company owned it because the front page is totally damaged but from my research via online, I think it was special edition which is for the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II, the mother of Prince Charles on year 1953.

My mother in law said she had the newspaper for quite sometimes but she forgot about it and only remember about it when she found it among her loads of antique stuff in the storeroom while cleaning up the storeroom. She have to throw away some of her collection to make room for her new entry of collection. Can you imagine how many collection she have? I wish that my camera have not out of battery that particular moment so that I can snap a pic of the storeroom and share with you all, so that you will not call me bluffing.

Though the newspaper is 58 years old (based on the year of published), it's still in good condition. Besides the damaged front page, the other pages is remarkably good. However, you have to be very careful in handling it because it can easily torn apart. My hubby did tear apart a page or two due to rough handling that caused my mother in law cried out saying, "Ehhh..Pelan-pelan selak, nanti koyak!"

Some of the advertisement in this old newspaper caught my attention especially about the sewing machine from SINGER because back at my hometown, my grandparent did  have one just like one in the advertisement! Gosh, I never thought that sewing machine was that old. I wonder whether they still keep that sewing machine..

There are lots of fascinating articles in that old newspaper and several pages also mentioned about the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II at the Westminster Abbey.. I took sometimes to read that newspaper because I feel intrigued by its content.

Okay, here is some of the pic my hubby snap few days after the discovery of the old newspaper.
This page is about the scenery inside the Westminster Abbey On the Coronation day
I hit the google search button with above title
This page is about the Royal Consort

Dunlop is that old indeed?

Can you guess what is the "thing" above? hehehe..

The sewing machine 3rd from the left is same as my grandparent sewing machine back at Ranau

The list of England Kings & Queens

Article about the Crown Jewel & Regalia

Guess who was that little boy in above stamp? That's was Prince Charles!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blurry Day For Me!

Nope, it not hazy out here.. In fact the sky is pretty blue & clear here in Puchong today.. But still everything is blurry for me today, until after I got my sight back this afternoon. Do you have any idea what I talk about? Can you guess it?

Okay, I better cut the riddles and go straight to the point before I bore up you with this kiddo riddles. Everything is blurry fro me because my contact lenses ( left eyes ) was torn this morning! That's my last pair, Huarghhh!! My fault for not cutting my sharply nails. I am so damn mad with myself and my hubby remarks "koto, siapa suruh tidak ketip tu kuku" make me even mad. I thought me might console me, ini tidak, he make fun of me instead. In future I am gonna make sure I cut my nail short & re-stocking my contact lenses supply before it's out of stock.

I can't put on my right side contact lenses because I will have this terrible headache due to the power difference, so I am in the state of para-blinded right now. You might wonder why just don't I wear my spectacle? I try to wear it but the power is out to date because lat time I change my spectacles was 2 years ago. So, the power cannot accommodates my sight any longer. Nah, another things to remember; to buy new pair of spectacle to avoid circumstance like today!

I have to go to my office because everyone else out-stationed and I am the only one who left to handle everything during their absence..(*sigh) Luckily not much work left for today since I already done most of it yesterday, so I can delay today task until tomorrow or until I get my new sets of contact lenses from my hubby. FYI, my hubby send & fetch me to & from office everyday since our workplace is close to each other, so no worry at all about driving with my poor sight condition now.. Jimat ba kan..

For the being, I am gonna stay at office to avoid me any further problem; bumping to something, step on dog shit etc while browsing through net about blurry vision. Below is one of cartoon that make me LOL!

Cartoon sourced by Mr.Google



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Am One Of The Winner!

Remember my entry for My Memory With Little Finger - April Draw ?Yep, I am one of the winner!!!!!
First of all thanks to my dear blogger friend, Just for informing me about my winning.. Hehehe, mandak I thought all the name in this entry/list is the winner ba..(Click here to view the winner list) Misunderstood pula gia.. Hope you won't get mad because I congratulated you out of reason but still I think your memory with your little one is a good inspiration for mommies who tend to neglect their kids due to physical appearance and you deserve to get my salute & congratulation ba just! 

Okay, now let start showing how happy I am for winning this.. OMG! I WIN!! For the 1st time I did win! (*jumping like my daughter) Pardon me if you think that I am out of my mind but I am tooooo excited right now for winning! Well, I know it's not even the grand prize but I still one of the winner, am I??? Feel like wanna do the break dance right now but oppps no I can't since I am in my office - will save it until I reach home after work hours, ayayai!

Seriously, this is 1st time ever I won any contest, giveaway or lucky draw via blogging. Actually, my participation is limited (so far I've entered 3-4 contest/giveaway/lucky draw) but as same as others who joined it, me too hoping I can win and now I WIN! Mau rajin-rajin la pula join contest la lepas ni..(^_^) V

To the generous organizer, eB thanks so much for selecting me as one of the winner.. I am glad and grateful for joining this contest of you because via this contest I read lots of mommies memory and some of it really touch me and inspired me to be a better mommy to my kids.. To all the participant, win or not, you all are SUPER-MOMMY!

Last but not the least, here is the pic of my winning item from the generous organizer! I love it before even I got it! THANKS!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Exam Week, The Rise Of Dictator Mommy!

Since last week, during the period of blogger 'collapsed" till now, I rarely updating my entry because I am kind of busy to monitor my kids revising their subject, plus my hubby is using our PC most of time.. He is using the PC to uploading pics of collectible stuff to Yep, he is kind of obsessed with this site since he manage to sell some collectable stuff via this site. Moreover, he rarely use our PC before this so, kasi can la kan.. =P 

Image by Mr. Google
I guess everyone who have kids in primary school well aware that this week (KAFA start 1st) and next week is 1st term examination weeks, am I right? Hehehe, if you are a teacher than it's not not even a news to you because you might know it long before we, the parent know about it kan.. I am not sure whether secondary students is ongoing the same situation with primary school since I don't have 'spy' in secondary school.. My kids belum ada yang pi secondary school ba gia ni..hehehe. 

Image by Mr. Google
Since my eldest son started going to primary school 3 years ago, examination weeks always become the week of dictate for me. My son said, I acted like a dictator during this period of week because they have to do exactly what I said and there are no compromising. My son always whine during this period saying, "apa pun tak boleh!" which I replied, "you will thanks me when you get a good result. Now go to sleep! No TV during exam weeks!".. Kalah Hitler oo kan..

My hubby sometimes admonished me for being too strict with them and I do feel like I am too strict sometimes but I acted like this during exam weeks only.. Other days I am turn back to the considerate & lovable mommy..Ceh, perasan betul! However, I did allowed them to watch TV for a while after dinner, before they start revising. Haiya, sometimes I feel like me too in exam mod..(*sigh)

Okay, I have to stop my rants since my hubby wanna use this PC. Apa boleh buat kan, he is the boss of this house. I think I am going to buy a laptop sooner than I planned.. Maybe I can ask my hubby to buy me one kan..(*wink wink ) 

To all mom who have kids that will seat for their 1st term exam this week and next week, I wish you good luck and all the best in your effort to ensure your kid get a good result okay!


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