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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


In few more minutes as the clock will strike 12 midnight, we are going to say goodbye to year 2014 and I am taking this moment to reflect and be thankful for every single moment; sweet, bitter, bad or good, I have been thru in the past 365 days. 

One of many thing that I feel thankful the most is my yoga practice that exposed me to lots of yogis and yoginis all around the globe from Instagram community. Their words and real-life experience taught me lots of life lesson especially the true meaning of love that is forgiving, selfless and humble. 

All those tragedy that happened in my country i.e missing flight MH370, flight MH17, West Malaysia worst flood and latest is crashed flight QZ8501 have thought me to appreciate every single second we have with doing all good deeds and habits. 

Every moments in year 2014 will always in my heart and I am gonna say goodbye to year 2014 with smile, knowing that the memories made throughout the year will be cherish and the lessons gained will be appreciated.

Goodbye Year 2014!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Never Say Never

Amaran! Kalau kamu jenis yang cepat muntah, bagus kasi sedia plastik kio..hehehe

I know it's late and I should be off to bed now since I need to wake up early yet I couldn't stop myself from updating about this small achievement. Errr, macam minta puji ja kan LOL!

Yep, I am still 'in love' with yoga and honestly it's part of my daily routine nowadays. No matter how lazy I am, I will still doing my 5-10 reps sun salutation daily. I normally practice the basic poses yet sometimes I do try those intermediate pose.

One of pose that I tried and failed countless time is the one-legged king pigeon pose due to my stiff shoulder. I thought it's impossible and I will never able to rotate my hands but I was wrong because by practising now I am able to grab my toes and rotate my hand, yay!! Sikit ja progress tapi itu perasaan gembira sampai tahap super suda.

One-legged King Pigeon Pose (Right Hand)
One-Legged King Pigeon Pose (Left Hand)
Still a long long journey for me but I am going to appreciate and enjoy every single moments because I find my healing & calming mantra through yoga. Oh ya, prayers to the Almighty God is number 1 tho :)

Learning yoga through vids posted online is fun and money saver but I really hope in near future I will able to attend classes and learn more about yoga  (*finger crossed)

Ok itu seja cerita mikirayou tengah malam buta. Sekian!

Happy Monday & Happy Working

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Bit Of Everything

Hello everyone!

It's 2nd September already and I am taking this free hours of mine to update what's going on in my life (as if you care kan..ahaha) for the past 7 weeks.. Hurmmm, honestly not much happened tho but more baking and yoga..haha!

Let me begin my cerita basi with my fasting experience this year. Honest to say, I skipped many days  because of my gastric problem and also because of my high blood pressure that caused me to feel dizzy when my body lacking of water. Meaning I need water and fasting means I can't drink and my body cannot tolerate it. However I am really proud of my sons for completing their fasting month without fuss and I also applause for my daughter for her effort to fast (*smile).

Every  year for Hari Raya, I will buy 'kuih raya' from the shops, friends or my in law family but this year, instead of buying it, I planned to make it myself and walla, I managed to make 6 types of Raya cookies for my kiddos and also for their friend.

As for yoga, I am still practicing the beginner pose and trying out few advance pose in between. Improvement? Yeah, I am improving little by little, day by day but importantly yoga make me feel good about my body with all of those intense stretching and it also clear up my mind and chase away the stress. Compared with my other blogger friends, I am still far behind them yet I am in no rush because I want to do it at my own pace.

For more story, let the picture tell you more.. Errr, ketara betul malas kan, wakaka! 

2013 Raya Theme

Makan2 at Just's Place

Meet Belle in person for the 1st time - Nice to meet you mandak!
Mini open house at my place (I made all of those cookies in the jar..hehehe)  - This gang of mommies anticipate March '14 ;P

Makan2 at Lin's place

Belated Birthday celebration for my daughter - she was born on 28th August :P
My daily routine consist this fave pose of mine
Yay! I dare enough to do this without wall support :P
That's a bit here and there of my life and it might ordinary but I am content with it. I m trying to live my life to the fullest without worrying about what people think or say (especially those who always talk bad about me). 

Until next post people!

 “The more pressure that is put upon me to Fail, The greater my internal desire burns for Success!”
― Alicia Kirkpatrick


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