Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #8

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guest Blogger : 'Meeting Up'

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This topic caught my attention right after I login to my blog.. At 1st I thought it was another blogger meet up and can't help myself from being jealous.. Then I find that it is a virtual meeting and can't help myself envied the Cath-J for thinking such brilliant segment. Brillante! Count me in too okay... If You all want to know the details of this segment, do visit Cath-J site---> HERE

Well, the task of this segment is quite simple and I enjoy myself venturing the polyvore site because there are lots of attire from various type of brand and style! I thought I it will only take few minutes for me to create entry for this segment but it stretched to few hours because I just can't decided which attire I want to wear for this virtual meet-up! Okay, before I continue with my babbling, check out the segment theme/storyboard 1st:-

It’s a ladies outing.. assume that we are good friends (Something like the girls on Sex And The City movie) and we want to meet up at 1 of the nice fancy bar and restaurant on the evening.. But before that we are going to shop at some nice boutique 1st.

I have such a fun time mix-matching my outfit for Cath-J Blogger Guest Segment: 'Meeting Up'. I like most of the outfit and I just can make up my mind on which one because all of it really look nice and pretty.. Hubby keep asking "lama lagi ke??!!" and keep checking on me while me keep asking him, "This one sesuai tak Ling?" 

Wokies..Enough with the my babbling, now check out my picked outfit fot this meet-up... TADAAAA!!!Virtual Meet-up Outfit

Striped top
$13 -
Dorothy Perkins cotton pants
£30 -
Miu miu heels
$585 -
Gucci shoulder handbag
$2,190 -
Fine diamond jewelry
$27,300 -
Bony Levy 18 karat gold ring
$2,835 -
Juicy Couture bow jewelry
$48 -
Star jewelry
£18 -
Burberry Sheer Luminous Compact Founda

  I am ready with my outfit,so see you all there !!!!!!

Letting Go

I suppose to post this during my return to my beloved village on 17th until 20th September but due to the poor Digi broadband/3G/Internet connection at my village I have to hold it until I return to KL. I thought I want to post it yesterday but I don't have those 'FREE' times because well you know, load of work at home and office waiting for me. So I only manage to post this after I sort out all of those tasks which is today.. I do realize that this month I rarely update my blog, missed to post entry for WW and I missed my blog-hopping since last week.. Haiya, I have not finish the story of my past yet!! However, I will try to finish it before end of this month and for now let hear out why I did not go back to my village for such a long time...

Image credited to
Yep, I went back to my village on 17th until 20th Sept, alone because I need to do it by myself.. I can't describe the feeling of happiness and relief because after almost 5 years delaying and finding excuses, I find the strength to face and accept the fact of my father death. For years I dwell in my grief and refuse to go back home because I know going back there will definitely remind me of my father 'absence' though I miss my mom very much. I keep in my mind that my dad is still there in my village waiting for me and if I dont go back he will be always there waiting  for me..

Yes, that was me running away from the reality and living in the world of my own creation. For years my mom persuaded me to come home but I am too scared of the truth that will crash down my world of creation. I always make excuses from going back when the truth is I was just can't accept the fact.

Last year my big bro said this to me,  "Nung, how long you gonna run from the fact? Our dad is gone but our mom is still there waiting for you! Do you think dad can rest in peace if he know his beloved daughter live in denial of his death and cannot let him go? Do you think he can rest in peace if he know you ignore our mom plea because you refuse to accept the fact? Mom is getting older and always sick. She miss you so much.. You don't want the history to repeat right?"
My big bro advice hit my wall of defense and rock my world to its core.. I dont want the history repeat itself and I want my father soul rest in peace. Though it was very hard for me but after being counseled and advice by certain people, I decided to go back ..When I arrived at KKIA (terminal 2) I have the same feeling that I have 5 years ago on 25th Sept 2006, messy but this time I don't have those anticipation that the news of my father death was lie and he will be there to greet, hug and talk to me because I know he is no longer there..  

I have thru many obstacle but my father death really make me lost my way.. I blame myself for his death. He suffered a lot because of my mistake. I knew I hurt him.. I was the last person informed by my family about my father death and that was one of reason I feel so damn angry and  hurt.. I was the last person among my sibling who arrived at my village and I only manage to see his face for like few minutes before they buried him. I couldn't touch him and all I can see was his face through the glass pane on his coffin.. At that time I set my mind that he was just sleeping, that he not yet dead.. When I returned to KL, I started to create my own world that effected my health, my work and almost lost my sanity.. Only after I gave birth of my daughter that I rebuild my career yet I still running from the fact of my father death.. Lot of people thought that I was okay because I am very good at hiding my sadness and misery.. Whenever people talked about my father, I turned deaf to them and I ignored any statement that will brought up my father absence..Then I will cried in darkness every time I thought of him.. Might sound really silly for some people but I really did that because I was unable to grasp my father sudden death.. For years I live like that until those words of my big bro hit me and make me realize of my stupidity..

After those advice of my big bro, I talked with certain people and they said I must letting go and forgive myself and the best way is to go back to where the reality awaiting to be acknowledge by me and this time I am ready to letting go..I feel better after I go back to my hometown, talked to my mother and let go every single reason that caused me refusing to accept my father death starting with forgiving myself.. I am not saying that I will let go everything about him because I am holding our memory close to my heart as a reminder of him.. I knew my father will always watching over me.. 

Really sorry if I bored you all with this sad story of mine but I want to share about how important to let go of something that bugged and sadden our life because life is so short to dwell in such grief and everyone will die and everything will come to end sooner or later.. I really hope you can learn something from this story of mine.. Until next post, Good day Everyone!..

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Moon Cake/Mid-Autumn Festival 2011!

Yep, I am gonna have lots of moon cake today and that's mean my mouth won't stop chewing, nope not until I have enough of them.. It's a delicacy that I won't miss every year because it's so yummy..There various type of moon cake but I love them all as long as it's free from pork or any forbidden ingredients..

I don't celebrate this festival but it doesn't mean I don't enjoying myself during this festival especially it's come with delicacy such as moon cake. I guess lots of people out there enjoying this festival too, right? Frankly and sincerely I am really proud that I was born as Malaysian and live in Malaysia who have a colorful culture and festival. Ya, we Malaysian don't have to travel far away to China just to feel and enjoy the Festival of Moon Cake since we too have all of that here in Malaysia, aren't we??

Image By
 It's seem like today gonna be a wonderful working day after all..(*wink2).. I just love makan2 time! Okay, time to resume eating.. Happy Monday, Happy working & Happy Moon Cake Festival!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy & Sad Sunday

Yeah, as always I am tremendously happy but at the same time I am sad as well. I am happy because it's Sunday and it mean I can wake a bit late and 'lugai2' at home with my family but I am sad because it's mean weekend will be over soon and tomorrow is Monday already..(*sigh)
I like working, of course but still I love spending time with family as well..
Just some update about the story of my past; I still working on it's draft and I do hope that I can post it very soon. Since it also have something to do with my hubby, I asked his permission before I start with my draft of it. He too think that sharing our past is kind of responsiblity so that youngster can learn something from it. To tell the truth I am nervous because people may hate me after reading it. So, I really hope that people can see to the brighter side of the story..
Okay, need to go back to my notepad and continue with my drafting. Wish you all a very happy Sunday!
P/S : have to prepare simple dish for my kids friend before get back to my notepad.. Kids never stop beraya right...
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Friday, September 9, 2011

I Am Still Here!

Yeah, I am still here in blogging world though for the past few weeks my appearance is like Chipsmore.. You know, "now you see, now you don't!"..LOL.. 

Although I don't have enough time to post my miles long entry, I still have time blog-hopping to read your entry and keep up to date about the my blogger friend.. 

1st of all, CONGRATS to Stella for her new addition in family and welcome to club of motherhood! Her baby is so cute that I feel like I want another baby..Ngehehehe!

I really adore newborn babies! Just looking at their innocent face  make my heart, mind & soul calm.. Sometimes I wonder why people who doesn't like babies exist. Well, you know people who dump their baby and people who hurt their baby...

2ndly, I want to inform you all about my intention to write about my past. If you all noticed, I always mention that I have done mistakes in the past. Mistake that change my life 360 degree. I am doing this not to re-live my past, not even to attract people attention, but I am doing this as a responsibility toward our future generation so that they will not repeat the same mistakes I have done. As Malay proverb " Yang Baik Jadikan Tauladan, Yang Jahat Jadikan Sempadan". 

Some people might said it's like "membuka pekung di dada" but to me it's just me sharing the truth about my past mistake. No use to hide the truth when we know that sooner or later people will found out eventually.

I guess, that's all I want to let you all know for now.. So, one thing for sure is I am always be here in blogging world, either as a loyal reader or blogger, so don't forget my existence..Hahahahaha!

Happy Working & Happy Friday everyone!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Forgotten Birthday

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim,

Yep, I totally forgot about my own birthday.. Not only I forgot my own birthday but I forgot to update my blog as well..huhuhuhuhu... T_T

Frankly, I am totally busy with my last minute Raya preparation and Hari Raya celebration as well that I totally forgot about my blog though I did feel like something missing.. I thought I might post my entry this morning but my brother and his family want to come at my place, so I am pretty busy helping my hubby to prepare lunch since big bro said want to have lunch at our place. Only now I have this free time so I am taking this 20min to bluff about what happen for the past 5 day.. Opss, not in detail only a bit here and there okay..

As always I celebrate my Hari Raya with MIL. 1st Raya till 3rd Raya we are go around KL, Klang, Kajang & Semenyih visiting friends and families. 4th Raya (on Friday), we go back to Puchong because I have to work. Then yesterday we went to Rawang to attend my SIL house warming as well as Hari Raya celebration. Fuhhh.. That all happened for the past 4 days.

As for today, as I promised I will reveal my early bird Birthday Present from hubby.. Well, it's not as expensive as YOUR gold necklace or diamond ring but I really appreciate it. It's not even as advanced as others but since I am not really a fan of gadgets, to me it's still advanced enough. okay.. okay.. enough with the riddle and let me show you what is my present from my hubby.. 

It's Samsung Galaxy Mini

Hahahaha.. It's really funny because until now I still feel awkward using this touch screen type of phone.. Haiya, I m used to keypad type of hand-phone so it does feel weird when I change to this kind of phone. Well, so far I found that this phone is okay despite of my clumsiness of the touch screen thing.. Hmm, I guess that all I have for this entry..What?Celebration? No..No.. No celebration, No flower and No cakes. I spend quite a lot during Hari Raya celebration recently that I have no budget for my own birthday celebration.. As long as my love one remember me in their prayer is good enough for me.
Wishes? I hope that as I grew older I will become a wiser and better mother/wife/daughter/sister/friend/person..Amin..(pray for me ya) 

I am grateful to Allah S.W.T for giving me a chance to live up to this point and watch my kids grow up and may Allah S.W.T give me long live to see more.. I am thankful to Allah S.W.T for giving me strength to overcome any obstacle with His blessing and keep my head up.. I am thankful for having such a good Family and Friends who always there supporting me through my good and bad time too.. In fact I am really thankful and grateful for everything I have in my life..

I gotta go.. My sink full with dirty plates and cups need attention.. For those who is planning to have a late journey back to home, drive safely and for those who heading to KL, get ready for a very heavy jam.. Hahahaha.. 

Au revoir..


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