Monday, January 12, 2015


It's a hectic day yet I decided to write up my 1st entry for year 2015 just to ensure that my blog will be update at least twice a month . Yep, I set that goal because I want the passion of sharing my random thought over life and things around me flare up again. Kam langadon tomod dot mimbobok ih inan tih..bwahahaha! After saying goodbye to year 2014 few weeks back and still  got caught of new year mood, I am welcoming New Year 2015 with arms wide spread, ready to embrace all the successes(*finger crossed)  and failures(*touched wood), hoping that it will better than the past year.

In the past year, I've learned that we can find happiness in everything we do, so this year I want to spend more times with my family especially my kids because I realized that their smile and laugh is my source of strength and happiness. I also want to keep practicing yoga (though my pose progress ain't getting better) and keep running (though my pace as slow as a snail) because this 2 activities make me feel happy :) In between I will try to spend time with friends because they are important part in my life too. The hang out time will be less frequent than before since I will spend more quality time with my kiddos, but I will  try to hang out once a while to catch up with everything okay ging..Ngehehehe!

Last year I jotted down 3 goal I want to achieve that I managed to tick off 2 of them and for this year I add another 3 goal beside the 1 thing I haven't yet manage to achieve. I also planted a reminder to myself that I want to be a better version of me than 'me' from the past years since I knew I could never be perfect :)

That's all for now. Have a wonderful 365 days (minus 12 days) ahead everyone!

It's never too late to wish Happy New Year!
1st pic of year 2015 :)


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