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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Farewell April, Hello May!

It's end month already you all! It's means we have to say farewell to month of April and hello to month of May once again. Times fly too fast that I can't believe it's almost half of year 2013 already! 

April 2013 will always in my memory because it marked the beginning of my new life pathway. I am still dazed of my recent situation but with time I know I'll overcome the feeling soon. I am thankful that everything happened without hassle, grudge and humiliation. The past should be left where it should be and I better focus on future ahead me than dwelling on the past.. 

May gonna be a busy and full with activities for me. There are 2 trip that I am gonna join; one is local trip (where I am gonna attend a blogger gathering with my partner of 'crime' - ehemm, I think you all know her) and another one is my 1st oversea trip, yay! 3 trips actually if included my trip to go back for GE13... Ya, ticket is sponsored so muli oku mongoi pengundi meti tih toun, hahaha! No no no! Don't ask whom I am gonna vote because my vote is my right and my secret (*wink2).

That's all for now..Need to resume working.. Happy Tuesday, Happy Working & Happy Labor Day in advance people!

Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotion nor conflicts - Sigmund Freud

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Too Can be The Lovey-Dovey Couple

Who say my hubby and I cannot be the lovey-dovey couple? Yeah, we are like Tom and Jerry but it doesn't mean we always on way. Plus I am ANTI-WAR, remember..

My hubby and I rarely show our affection in front of people and for that people always misunderstood us. Once my hubby relatives said to me, "korang ni nama je dah kahwin tapi lagak macam berkawan." My replies,"tak biasa la manja-manja kat depan orang cik." That's the truth. Most couple unashamedly show  their affection publicly but for my hubby and me, that kind of affection is exclusively ours and we don't need to show or even to boast up about it in public. 

Not only we feel awkward to show our affection in public, we have the same feeling even during taking pictures together. "Peluk la suami ko tu!!","Alahai, kaku nyer!", "Rapat la sikit!" I am used to all of this kind order because it's always shouted to us when my hubby and I taking picture together. I just can't show the affection in front of other people because doing it just like baring out my secret to public. Gosh, it's feel so embarrassing! 

However, my hubby and I had solved the awkward feeling when taking pics together since now we have our very own personal photographer.. Can you guess who is he? Hahaha, who else but my eldest son. We don't have to feel shy in front of him because he is our son! Now we too can pose as the lovey-dovey couple like pics below taken by my son last Sunday:-

My eldest son name this pic as "Mama & Papa with 2 monkey" so I said to  him,"If they are monkey then you are monkey big bro"

Do we qualify to be the lovey-dovey couple now?? 
See, we too can pose as the lovey-dovey couple.. Okay, it's 12.20 am already. So, got to stop ranting now but before that I wanna say thank you for all those who give me an advise/tips about my sensitive/allergis problem. Garzie mille kio!

P/S:-Nice shot for a 9 years old kiddo right? 


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