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Monday, December 26, 2011

I Miss You Dad!

Yes, I miss my father very much! I miss to talk with him, to tell him about my heart content, my problem and what I am thinking (*sighing). Whenever new year approaching, I will think back how was my life so far? What I have achieve in my life? Whether I am happy with my life? Whether I am satisfied with what I am doing now? Whether I am making the rightthing for me, the kids and for everyone else? Yes, all of those question  might make you think that I am such paranoia but that is just me re-evaluating my life for better option.

You must wonder why talking stuff like that with my father when I have a husband. Honestly, I never talk this stuff with husband because I don't feel comfortable talking about this stuff with him and moreover he is not a good listener like my father. Yes, we might be husband and wife but there are certain thing I don't like to share with him and even if we are spouse but it doesn't mean we gonna share everything! That just my opinion though and it not apply to all people ok! (*winking)

Well, I seem happy with my life but honestly I am not that happy at all because I often miss my family back at Sabah and too much pressure from certain people here in KL. I miss to gather with my friends and nieces back at Sabah. I don't have any close friend here in KL... In fact I never go out with friends here in KL! Sometimes I feel bored because my life only  rebound around  my kids, husband and his family. Please don't mistaken that I don't like family life because I like it but I only want some time for myself where I free to spend it with my my friends. There is nothing wrong of wanting some time for ourselves, isn't it?

The only time I have for myself is when I am going to watch movie at cinema by myself. Gosh! How I miss the girl talk with my girls friend and the last time I have that was like 6 year ago with my best friend, Opong. I wish I could talk out my heart with my father because he will know how to console me and make me feel better with his wise and comforting words. Yes, Ia such a daddy's girl! 

Well, writing a post about it definitely help a bit because now I feel bit better! LOL! Thank you for reading and sorry because you have to read an emotional post from me. Wish you all have a very Good Day! 

P/S: Song below really pictured my feeling right now! I love this song even though it make me cry every time I listen to it! (^_^) v


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