Monday, March 21, 2016

Still Long Way To Go


Nothing interesting to share, just a bit of my disappointment over people who cannot be humble in their way of approaching and admonishing others.

Yeah, I know I am 'jahil' about Islam because I am lacking in so many way; not wearing hijab, unable to recite the holy Al-Quran , I have limited knowledge of Islam and the list goes on. But why must people dispute me when I performed my sholat? They said," kamu solat tapi kamu tidak pakai tudung. Sia-sia solat kamu,"

Those sentences really hit my soft spot and make me feel that every effort I did to approach my religion is useless and futile, hmmfff!

I wonder whether wearing hijab is the ultimate factor that secure our place in heaven? Baiklah, thank you so much for advice. Instead of mocking and looking down on my effort to perform my sholat, please pray that in near future hidayah will come upon me to wear hijab, InShaAllah..Amin YRA.


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