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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy World Health Day Everyone!

World Health Day is celebrated annually to acknowledge the establishment of WHO ( World Health Organization ) on April 7, 1948.The main goal of WHO this year is to combat antimicrobial resistance. The motto of these campaign is : " No Action Today, No Cure Tomorrow ". Click here to read more about the campaign!

I am going to support this campaign because I am one of those who refuse to depend on medication/drug usage to cure any kind of disease. 
One of place I hate the most is Hospital because of the smell of medication and sick people. Seriously, I hate pills/medication! 
Reading the article from WHO website and some other website about the fact of using medication/drugs instead of letting our own body immunization to fight disease like flu or fever really make me determine to stop pampering my kids with those pills /  syrups because it only make our body more depending on those drug.

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Maybe it's excusable for people with serious / critical illness such as cancers to frequently use drugs but for people in good condition I think they better reconsider to quit from too depending on drugs usage. If you have an headache, why not you take a rest rather than hurried up to find painkiller like Panadol  or Ponstant.
I always scold my husband because whenever he have a headache or fever the 1st place he will go is the pharmacy to buy medication. Such a waste when the pain will go away if only he listen to me to rest well and have a enough sleep. Don't he realizes that those sickness will happened again although he keep consuming those medication.

I am talking from my own experiences. Well, I did take medication to control my blood pressure ( I am suffering with blood pressure ) and I even have to go to hospital to get supplies but I took it only when I have to as prescribe by my doctor. 

The first rule of antibiotics is try not to use them, and the second rule is try not to use too many of them.” (Dr Paul Marino, a critical care practitioner and author of the Intensive Care Unit Book used by many medical students and residents on ICU rotation.)

More highlight about the campaign:-
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Water your body!

Like plants, we too need to water our body everyday! Our body contained from 55% to 78% with water, depending on our body size. To function properly, our body requires between 1 to 7 liters of water per day to avoid dehydration. Drinking water is essential to human and all kind of lifeforms!

Some of you might wonder how is it affect your confidence? Well, no matter how expensive or how up-to-date your make-up or beauty product, it won't cast away your dull and dry skin problem due to lack of moisture within your body system. All of those product only conceal those problem and I don't think all of us wanna to put on make-up 24/7 aren't we?

What I mean by water is not include with coffee, tea, carbonate drinks or etc but it is a clean, white water okay! In fact, you need to cut out taking all of those flavored drinks especially those with caffeine!

I am not bluffing about this because I've seen the result of drinking enough water with my own eyes! I don't know if the result is same for all people  or maybe it depend on our body system but one of my friend did have a translucent and flawless skin by drinking 8 glass and more water per day! Believe me when I said it boost-up her confidence !

For those who ignore this simple fact before this and then suffer with the consequence, it's never too late to start watering your body. Even hopeless plants can bloom beautifully after consistently being watered !! Try it and you have nothing to lose!


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