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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cut Your Hair? Sayangnye...

Ya, I already cut my long hair last month on 15th July and in result, I got this remark from people who know me:-
  1. 'Kenapa potong rambut panjang? Sayangnye.' - from macik that live in same flat building.
  2. 'Kak Molly dah potong rambut ye.. Sayangnye..' - from SIL
  3. 'Sayang betul ko potong rambut..Ko sesuai rambut panjang' - from cuzzy and niece back at Sabah.
  4. 'I like your newest hair-do but I think you look better with long hair' -from hubby
And many more remark... I have heard this word of 'sayangnye' too many time since I cut my hair last month and now it start to make me feel uneasy..Hmm, do I really look hideous with this new hair-do?

last pic with my long hair
1st pic with new hair-style
It's not easy to take care of that long hair you know.. To maintain such hair really costly. Shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, hair mask, monthly treatment, etc - all need this $$$. If I am loaded,I won't mind but my earning is just average, so it's really a burden to me. Moreover, that long hair of mine make my head feel like tonne weight, plus it took time to dry it up  since i don't like using hair dryer (Tips: it's better to let your hair dry up naturally without using hair dryer because drying hair with hair dryer can damage hair structure)   

That's why I cut my hair beside want to try out different hair fashion but I never expect to get such remark from people especially my hubby..(*Sob2)...Regret? Never! I know how hard to take care of those long hair so I will never regret my decision of cutting my hair. Haiya, it will grow back.. I just feel bit uneasy with those remark and that's all..No regret at all.. 

Actually I cut my hair till underarm length, so I guess it's still consider long kan.. Now,my head      feel lighter and of course my hair dry up faster and my hair care cost reduced.. So, i definitely won't feel any regret despite of all those -ve remarks..(^_^) V

Wanna do my laundry now so see you all again in next entry..


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kiddo Tantrum & Mommy worries

Woahh.. It's almost 3 days since my last update huh? The truth is I have so many thing I want to type down but I have no free time to do so since I am  busy with my overload task at office and  tagging along my hubby delivering order around Puchong and KL for the past 3 day.

Firstly regarding the Oreo Daddy Dunk Event that I said gonna attend. Guess what? We didn't manage to reach OU on time and missed the event! I was so damn sad and upset with my hubby because it was his fault that I missed the event! It was Father's Day on that day, so it's really mean of me if I explode right? So I just calm myself down and think positively. Moreover, it's not like my hubby did it on purpose. Well, some thing cannot always happened according to our plan. But, yes there is BUT because the story continuous and you have to wait my entry tonight..(*wink2)

My main content for today is about my youngest son who is showing his new side of tantrum that make me so damn worried and irritated at the same time. Since he turned to 2 year old, he always shouting and throwing things to his sibling and even to my hubby and me. Last Monday, he threw my other hand-phone and caused a bump on my daughter head. Before that he threw my hubby hand-phone ( luckily it survived) and before that he threw his food that make my hubby smacked his hand. He even tried to threw his bicycle toward his sister once! 

I asked his nanny how was he doing in her care and she told me that he was a good kid and have no problem taking care of him. So I am totally clueless on why he acted like that at home! My hubby said it's normal changes for a toddler of 2 years. Maybe it's true because I have read an article that said at 2 years a toddler became aware of what other people/bigger people can do and they became upset and throwing tantrum when they unable to accomplish those tasks.

I have asked my mother  and in law advice and both of them told me to stay calm and don't start panic because they said my youngest son is in a stage of learning a lot of new things that sometime made him upset when he couldn't do it right. They said all I need to do is to observe him so that he will not do something harmful to himself. I even bring him to see a pediatrician and they too said the same things.Well, both advice sound as same as the article I have read. 

My daughter also have bad temper but it only show when she was almost 4 years old but my youngest son already show them though he is only 2 years old. Right now I am trying the best to calm down and using a soothing words whenever he is angry and upset (as my mom and in law advised) to avoid any other consequence. However, I miss my smiling prince..(*sigh)

Happy moment with my prince of smiling
 So, mummies out there, have you ever face the same situation as mine? How do you cope with it? Please comment and share with me ok.. Ya, sa memang muka tembok kalau bab2 minta nasihat, hihihi.. You know, as Malay proverb proclaimed, ' MALU BERTANYA SESAT JALAN' so I have to ask if i don't know and right now I am truly lost.

That's all for now. Wait for my entry about what exactly happened on last Sunday. Adios! 

P/S: -  I took my 45min morning break to update my entry and stuffing FOOD in my hungry tummy (^_^)V

Monday, June 13, 2011

Blister/Rashes Around My Lip - Advices/Tips Needed!!!

 I no longer can stand this anymore! Normally I rather suffer in silence but this time I don't care anymore because it's happening again and I don't think I can't stand the injection and medication anymore! I know I am whining like kids right now but have look on the picture (self-taken with HP Camera) below and you will understand why..

Redness around my lip - less obvious since I camouflage it with make-up
Yep, my upper and lower lip area is having this redness that feel so itchy and I couldn't scratch it since it will turn into watery blister. This never occurred to me, not until my sis in law asked me to tried this lip softener/moisturizer of Mary Kay product last February. Then it's happened and until now I regretted it. I already consulted a doctor and skin expert and they say that I must be allergic to this product and should avoid from using it. That's is the 1st and last time I will ever tried Mary Kay product but the problem  is once I stopped using the lotion (prescribed by doctor and only can get from hospital or clinic) this problem will occur again and that's really troublesome. I don't want to depend on this lotion for whole of my life! ARRGGGHHH!!! There goes my blogging mood..

If any of you out there have any advice or tips on how to solve or at least to reduce the redness and itchiness please do share with me. Seem like I have to stay indoor today and until this ugly redness subside ..(*sigh) 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Killing The Heat?

I have noticed that for the past week the whether is quite hot and the heat is start to cause me lots of 'trouble' especially at night. Maybe it's not a problem if my house have an air-condition but unfortunately we don't have one though sometime I was tempted to have one due to the heat! May be I can buy an air cooler as an option but according to my friends it's not really cool even we use air cooler, plus it at bit " leceh" because we have to put an Ice block/cube in it. Well, I will know the fact once i have one of mine IF I have to buy it..

Okay, I don't want to start rambling now since I well know my abilities to babbling about stuff especially with this killing heat, so lets go to my main intention; I wanna share few tips to stay  cool especially on hot whether where the heat is too intense in order to prevent you from getting sick due to the heat shock:-
  • Eat small meal & avoid foods that high in protein because it increases the metabolic heat
  • Run your wrist under a cool tap for 5 sec or more every couple of hour - the main vein passes through this area and its help cool the blood
  • Take a tepid bath or shower just below the body temperature especially before bedtime
  • Wear lightweight, light-colored cotton clothes - synthetics fibres trap heat while cotton absorbs perspiration that evaporated to cool down body temperature
  • Drawn your curtain to stop your house heating up like greenhouse

  • Replace your moisturizer to cooling aloe vera aftersun products to help lower your skin temperature
  • If you loves hot beverages, try chrysanthemum tea - chrysanthemum tea is cooling herbs
I hope this tips will help you especially those who live around KL or the city.. I understand how irritating this heat can be sometimes.. I wish it's gonna rain heavily soon.. Now I mention about rain, I remembered my 2nd son 'jokes" about finding a frog to sing for the rain.. Hahahaha, just thinking of his word make me LOL.. Semua pasal lagu 'Katak Oh Katak'... 

Image Source: Mr. Google


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