Friday, September 26, 2014

Express From Zalora

Yeay! Zalora Express just made my day (^_^)v ...I put my order yesterday (around 11.45am ) and received it this morning at 11.15am. That's considered super fast hey because my previous order normally took 2 days to reach my place.

I been doing quite a lot of purchase from Zalora lately (*thanks to my boss for giving me all those vouchers) and thankfully with no fuss at all except for misunderstanding here and there that Zalora team resolved in a short time.

I am a bit down this week because of some heart matter *err, tiada kaitan dengan jiwang-jiwang punya hal kio! To kill that feeling I do what most typical women love to do; shopping !!

Jadi kurang la stress sia?? Yep, kurang sikit la...It does help distracted me from thinking too much hehehe.. 

Ehhh, macam lari tajuk sudah ni!! So better I stop now or lagi berbatu-batu menyimpang dari tajuk kihkihkih!

                               Thanks Zalora for the super fast delivery and Happy Friday everyone!
Express delivery - 2 thumbs up!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Never Say Never

Amaran! Kalau kamu jenis yang cepat muntah, bagus kasi sedia plastik kio..hehehe

I know it's late and I should be off to bed now since I need to wake up early yet I couldn't stop myself from updating about this small achievement. Errr, macam minta puji ja kan LOL!

Yep, I am still 'in love' with yoga and honestly it's part of my daily routine nowadays. No matter how lazy I am, I will still doing my 5-10 reps sun salutation daily. I normally practice the basic poses yet sometimes I do try those intermediate pose.

One of pose that I tried and failed countless time is the one-legged king pigeon pose due to my stiff shoulder. I thought it's impossible and I will never able to rotate my hands but I was wrong because by practising now I am able to grab my toes and rotate my hand, yay!! Sikit ja progress tapi itu perasaan gembira sampai tahap super suda.

One-legged King Pigeon Pose (Right Hand)
One-Legged King Pigeon Pose (Left Hand)
Still a long long journey for me but I am going to appreciate and enjoy every single moments because I find my healing & calming mantra through yoga. Oh ya, prayers to the Almighty God is number 1 tho :)

Learning yoga through vids posted online is fun and money saver but I really hope in near future I will able to attend classes and learn more about yoga  (*finger crossed)

Ok itu seja cerita mikirayou tengah malam buta. Sekian!

Happy Monday & Happy Working

Monday, September 8, 2014

All The Best Dear Son

Omo..Omo.. UPSR is tomorrow!! My eldest son is the one who gonna take it yet I am the one who is freaking out! Deii, dup dap dup dap jantung sia, nervous mcm sia yang mau pigi!

I been worrying about my eldest son academic achievement because he is not doing very well since he was in standard 4 (my fault for exposing him to online games) but I hope he is ready enough and I am praying that he will do all his best to get a good UPSR result.

However I noticed that he somehow inherited my 'trait' of doing last minute cramming (>_<) so I advised him not to over-do it because it might cause him to blank-out during examination. banyak-banyak trait, yang not so good juga si anak ikut (>_<). 

Apapun, good luck and all the best to all standard 6 pupils especially to my dear dear son :)
Ok, sekian luahan seorang ibu malam ini.. bisuk luahan seorang ibu gojes pula...hahaha!

Le son doing his last minute revision

Friday, September 5, 2014

Belated Birthday Of Mine

My God!!! I m another year older!!! Gentuo oku noh..LOL!

Thanks God for I am still alive up to this moment and blessed me with a good health so that I can look after my kids. 

I am grateful for everything I have; especially my 4 angels. Having them make my life more meaningful and colorful.

I appreciate everything ever happened because all of those have taught me to be wiser, stronger and shaped me to who I am now.

Being able to watch my kids grow up in happy environment and being able to do things I love to do is the best birthday present I ever want. Being with my kids and people who love me, that enough for me :)

Oh wow..macam karangan sandi2 suda, hahaha! Ok, sukup suda sia mimbobok sia rasa..
Good night and Happy Sunday!

Peace from Tunung's Clan :P


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