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Saturday, December 31, 2016

School 2017 Preparation & Budget

Finally, kiddos 2017 school preparation completed despite of my tight financial budget, pheww, Alhamdulillah!  

My strategy for minimizing the expenses is surveying  and doing price comparison (1-2 weeks) before buying anything. I normally starting buying in the middle of December or earlier to avoid out of stock problem. 

Summarizing the expenses as below table ( For my own record and reference only)

Monday, December 19, 2016

Colorful Waterfront,Setia City Mall

1st time checking out Setia City Mall, Shah Alam. A nice and big Shopping Mall located at Shah Alam. I think it almost as big as IOI City Mall. Good spot for window shopping lover like me, LOL!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Ear Piercing For Her

After countless time delaying, finally daughter brave up her guts and made up her mind to go for ear piercing. Oh ya, it was her decision to have an ear piercing, not mine. Le daughter really have her own mind in everything.

It only cost RM14 for the piercing services (together with pair of silver earring). I thought she won't cry but I was wrong because she was wailing after the 1st shot on her right ear. Hubby have to console her for few minutes and let her bite into his arm so that the piercing guy can proceed with the other ear.

Well, i think the process was painless compared to my experience 29 years ago. Mine was done by my grandmother (mom's side) with special made bamboo thread and a pair of gold earring as a gift from my grandmother. It was one painful experience but it didn't deter me from getting more ear piercing as I grew up, LOL!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

From Zero Again

I been neglecting my workout (yoga/running etc) since Standard Chartered KL Marathon simply because I have plenty of internal problem that weighing down my enthusiasm of keeping myself fit. In simple word, problems make me lazy (*sigh).

Thankfully, those problem is slowly getting off my shoulders one by one and I can focus on myself once again. Never underestimate the power of patience and relying on Almighty will.

So I am starting over from zero again but I believe my fitness level will soon back to its glorious moments, cewah!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Time Heals?

10 years since my father passed away yet all the memories I had with him still blooming in my heart and mind. Those memories keep me strong in the midst of my longing heart of him.

I try to look strong yet sometimes I isolated myself in my room, crying my heart out when I couldn't stand the pain of missing him. The longing intensified when I have some matters that I can only confide in him because I don't know to whom I can turn to... In the end I confide to Allah, knowing that my father will listen to it too.

Time heals? Yeah, maybe but I knew my heart will never whole again because part of me died the day my father passed away. Like the past years, on this day I give in to my longing for you, crying out all those negative feeling so that tomorrow I will wake up to face the world with new determination.

Rest in peace my beloved bapa. I know you are always watching over me from up there..

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Another Year Wiser


Alhamdulillah, it's a blessing being alive on my 34th birthday and I am profoundly grateful that Allah bestow me good health to live and continue my journey to become a better being.

I honestly don't want much in life. Having a simple and moderate life together with my beloved family without worrying about financial problem is enough for me. But I think there nothing wrong to keep all of those childhood dreams of mine as a motivation to myself for a better life :p

Family potrait

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Eldest Son 14th Birthday


Alhamdulillah, my eldest son turned 14 today. Still unable to grasp the reality of how times flies. Not long ago, he have to look up to see my eyes or I have too squat down to meet his eye, but now he is taller and bigger than me that I am the one who need to look up to meet his eyes..

I misses those times when he was still a baby, a toddler and a boy where I am his only world; to whom he report everything he did. Yeah, even the silliest and nonsense stuff, LOL! I noticed that ever since he started secondary school, those report become less and less. He still talked about stuffs to me but not as detail as before, hurmm..

Oh crap, I always feel a bit emotional on my kids birthday because it remind me that soon they no longer dependent on me, that they soon will stand they own ground. 

Dear my beloved eldest son, never once I regret my decision to keep you and gave birth of you. Having you taught me to be strong in any ordeal and to keep my head up when people looked down at me. Happy birthday dear son! Mama will always by your side and will always pray for your happiness here and hereafter.

My son :D
Family pic 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

To Allah I confide


The title of this post define what I feel at the moment. Before my father passed away, he is my personal 'confession box' to whom I confide and confess everything beside the Almighty God. He is indeed the best human listener who never spit out a words to anyone. He keep his promise to the grave and that's why part of life gone with him. After he passed away, I turned to few persons but still have this doubt lingering in my mind. After all, we are just human being who easily stray and give in to our weakness, hmmm.

Nowadays, I preferred to confess and confide only to Allah because I am 100% sure that Allah will never betray me. Allah won't talk behind me. Allah will listen to me with no prejudice. Praying and confiding to Allah give me sense of peace and serenity.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Humble Ramadhan


Alhamdulillah, it's day 25th of Ramadhan. 5 more days before Syawal, In Sha Allah..

I have nothing interesting to write about but I am just gonna jot down how I feel for the past 25 days (minus few 'off' days) preparing and cooking for my family. It's a moot point for others but huge achievement for me who not so keen with cooking, hahaha!

I am really proud of myself because our daily 'buka puasa' for Ramadhan this year was prepared and cooked by me, yay! I have to agree that cooking our meal is more savy and healthy for family than buying it or dining out. Before this we spent at least RM50/day for buka puasa food at the bazaar but now we only spent around RM120 for ingredients for 5-7 days supplies. Jimat banyak kan?!! Regretted all of those wasted money but it's better now or never, am I right?

Yes, I have to admit that it's a bit tiresome but it's gone the moment I saw my kids eating well with gratitude. I can only cooked simple dishes but Alhamdulillah, kiddos and hubby like it so far. No more 'makanan kucing', LOL! Now I regained my 'wrecked' confidence and hey I found out that cooking is fun after all!!

I am grateful for all of those recipe and tips shared on FB and blogs. Without them, I might at lost, hehehe!

What about the chef in da house? Nope, he is still our chef during weekends because weekend is my off days..

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Mini Sewing Machine


Finally, after pondering for quite some times, I made up my mind to buy a mini sewing machine eventhough I have zero knowledge about it, hahaha! I read lots of positive review about this sewing machine before purchasing this sewing machine and at RM153 price (after using Lazada voucher), I considered its cheap and good bargain for stuff that I may used occasionally :)

I bought it merely for simple sewing project like mending and altering my kids clothes and maybe (*finger crossed) to sew curtains and pillow case as well. Who knows, maybe I can learn to sew baju kurung and baju melayu for my family kan, kihkihkih! In Sha Allah...

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Youngest Son 7th Birthday


Today is my youngest son (Ilyas) 7th birthday. Like past year, we only have a mini family celebration for him. This year,  Ilyas asked me to have pizzas party and granted, since it was within my budget. Cake was bought from our favorite Japanese cake house, RT pastry. We never get bored with their super yummy cakes!

Among my kids, Ilyas is a bit too attached to me and to his papa as well. He annoyed me most of time with his mischief and naughtiness but I couldn't bring myself to get mad at him because in the end, all of those mischief and naughtiness make us laugh. Biasa la budak-budak kan, hehe!

Dear Ilyas, 
Happy 7th birthday baby! May you grow up to become a soleh son here and hereafter. May Allah will always guide and bless you with happiness. I love you to the moon and back!

My Kiddos!
Family pic on Ilyas 7th Birthday

Monday, March 21, 2016

Still Long Way To Go


Nothing interesting to share, just a bit of my disappointment over people who cannot be humble in their way of approaching and admonishing others.

Yeah, I know I am 'jahil' about Islam because I am lacking in so many way; not wearing hijab, unable to recite the holy Al-Quran , I have limited knowledge of Islam and the list goes on. But why must people dispute me when I performed my sholat? They said," kamu solat tapi kamu tidak pakai tudung. Sia-sia solat kamu,"

Those sentences really hit my soft spot and make me feel that every effort I did to approach my religion is useless and futile, hmmfff!

I wonder whether wearing hijab is the ultimate factor that secure our place in heaven? Baiklah, thank you so much for advice. Instead of mocking and looking down on my effort to perform my sholat, please pray that in near future hidayah will come upon me to wear hijab, InShaAllah..Amin YRA.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Worst CNY Holiday Ever

Post title is enough to describe how I feel about this year CNY holiday. That is why I don't like last minute decision because it never turn out well in the end, grrrrr! 

Past is the past yet I couldn't stop myself from blaming us, yep hubby and me for following and trusting those people (don't want to mention any name) that they will prepared a good CNY escapade plan. If only I knew that they won't follow the plan, I will not cancelled the hotel booking I have made earlier, grrrr! 

To be honest I was really pissed off that I feel like wanna say out loud what I feel inside but I managed to reign myself because I don't want to start a feud with them. It's not good for the kids and for hubby too. Thanks hubby for the patience of those people and me. I knew he was in dilemma yet he still choose our family over them. I feel sorry for him because he is trying his best to make everyone happy yet he suffer in the end because those people easily tossed him aside for not having much like them. 
Mata sepet due to the blazing sun
Alhamdullillah, despite all of those bitter feeling, we still managed to have our family happy moment at Genting at midnight, 1st day of CNY. Kids were enjoying the cold 16 degree temperature, walking around the 1st world resort, LOL! 

Hubby and kids
Kids and me
Midnight walk in misty road at Genting Highland
Oh well, there go my post of the worst CNY holiday ever. Going to bed soon since tomorrow will resume working. Happy Monday and Happy working people!

Monday, February 1, 2016

February 2016


Pejam celik, it's already February. As always, times flies. 

The past 31 days has been hectic and stressful to me and still ongoing(*sigh). Seem like year 2016 started off a bit down (work related) for me so far yet I am hoping and praying that everything will be fine with time, In Sha Allah..

Also feel like I have been too focus with my commitment of spending more time with my growing up kids that I FORGOT to pamper myself with 'me' time. Even mister said I need to hang out with my fellow KL friends sooner. Green light, green light, mana suda geng2 sukat KL ni? Just, Lin, mari atur cepat! 

Oh ya, Chinese New Year Holiday is coming soon and am excited to spend it with my small family. Nope, no luxury holiday but maybe like last year gonna spend it somewhere nearby (*wink2).

Until next post, have a good day everyone!

Anticipating coming soon Island escapade :P

Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year, New Resolutions, New Hair


13th days of year 2016 and 2 weeks since school  re-open for new session of which the busiest weeks for me. Now that my children school matters has been settled, I can focus on my monthly plan and yearly plan with hope that everything will go smoothly. I have few goals that I really want to achieve this year (In Sha Allah) and adding up 1 new resolution for year 2016 i.e; SPEAK LESS, LISTEN MORE dengan harapan boleh kawal tu mulut/lidah dari membebel, hehehe! 

Oh ya, cut my long hair in order to persuade my daughter to cut her messy long hair, hahaha! Ringan terus kepala! My daughter is one of those girl who likes to keep her hair long but doesn't like to take care of it and believe me, I have to drag her to the bathroom to wash her hair several times before because she didn't wash it for 2 weeks! Hopefully I she will learn to keep her head and hair clean and tidy sooner.

There go my 1st post of year 2016 and more to come, In Sha Allah..

Before and After

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Youngest Son 1st Day At Primary School

Believe or not, it's last day of 2015 and my youngest son happened to have his orientation day on this day. He is excited but I am not because I feel like not wanting him to grow up so fast (*sobs). Moreover, I am worried because he seem too small and frail for his age although he is one active boy. He is a shy boy so I hope he will able to adapt with the new learning environment and expand his social skills. 

Year 2015 will be soon become a past and I will treasure every single memory especially those moments I spent with my kids. That's the end of my ramblings for year 2015. Until next year, Happy New Year 2016! 

Thursday, December 10, 2015


After hesitating for quite sometimes, I heed to kiddos and hubby constant nagging and demand of watching Polis Evo; acclaimed local action movie last night although it's kind of stale movie. Biarlah cerita basi yang penting rakyat jelata puas hati
Though we can watch it online since it's already available but our home computer desktop is too small for 6 of us and we don't have longer HDMI cable to connect it to our TV, so I decided to  purchase Polis Evo movie on Astro First HD channel. The movie will be watchable for 48 hours non-stop, so sila tengok sampai muntah ok rakyat jelata sekalian, hahaha! Oh well, since I still have some points available,  I am eyeing those minion movie pack or maybe the vouchers for Dinoscovery entry fee package or.. Tamaha mode activated suda, haihhh!

I am not really sure but I think all Astro active account holder should have astro circle point accumulated so if you have one make sure you check your point thru Astro website because  there are numbers of interesting stuffs you can get for as low as 200 points. 

Regarding the movie, to be honest, I am really out-dated when it comes to Malay movies because I am NOT too keen with the plot and genre that our local movie maker tried to highlight but for Polis Evo, The plot is kind of typical,not so interesting drug case but I considered it as okay. The characters are interesting and entertaining. It's kind of our very own 'Rush Hour' movie la. I give it 7/10. I wonder if others noticed those few sec editing flaw in the movie tho. It;s too obvious, hehehe!

Okay, enough with this not so interesting thought of mine. Have a nice day ahead & happy long weekend for those working at Selangor!


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Get Well Soon Dear Mom

Mom admitted to hospital again. This time due to dengue fever. News that I received from my brother few hours ago. Already called my mom to ask how she is and she said she ia getting better yet my heart still in pain because I cannot rush back home to take care of her (*teary eyes). 

During a moment like this, I tend to hate everything that separate me from my mom; I hate the distance, I hate the expensive flight ticket, I hate my job, I hate my life and mostly I hate myself for unable to be by her side when she is not well. Kalau setakat hours driving, I will definitely drive back at this wee hour just to be with her(*sighed). All I can do for now is praying for her fast recovery.

Get well soon ama. I am really sorry for not being there with you. By hook or by crook, I will definitely visit you soon.

credited to Mr Google

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ambitious Dream

Staring at the night view from my house make me think how time flies, too fast that a day passed in blink of eyes. Just hours ago I am laying on the bed staring at the fans going round and round while thinking of my plan of the day.

I been lacking of motivation to work for people lately that I feel burden to work hard only for other people to reap the fruits of success. I have this ambitious thinking to quit working for others and be my own boss so that I will feel satisfied to pour our every sweat and blood on it. 

I know it just a mere dream for now since financially, I am not stable yet and there are many other aspect that I need to consider but In Sha Allah, I will try to make it into something real.

For now I just need to kick in my enthusiasm of working hard and sincere for my company and gain all the knowledge and experiences needed so that I can used it to make my ambitious dream come true. I have no complaint over my company especially my boss since he is the kindest person I have ever met in my life and I think him as my own father. 

The end of rambling on the last day of October 2015, LOL!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lets Iflix!

I guess everyone already know that iflix is another newest internet tv in Malaysia market. Been stumbled upon their ads on Facebook and others site numerous time since its launched. At first I give no heed at all because I can watch movies, dramas, tv series etc from putlockers,, dramafever and many others free sites. Who want to pay when we can watch it for free kan.. 

But 2 days ago, out of curiousity and for fun I ended up signing up for iflix 30 days free trial and installed their apps on my smartphone. Benda free wajib dicuba kalau tidak memudaratkan hokey! Within 30 days, watch as much as I can then before its due just terminate my membership before the service charging me, kihkihkih (evil laugh)

So far, I am enjoying myself watching movies/dramas/tv series via iflix for free.  Movies/dramas/tv series need lots of addition and updates because most ongoing series such as 'Arrow', 'Fargo', NCIS etc is behind the latest season. Movies/dramas and tv series are still limited in iflix but I am happy to watch all of those nostalgic movies AND please be inform that we definitely can't use it anywhere, anytime, everywhere because we need a good internet connection in order for this service to run smoothly. 

At the moment, trying to finish all korean drama available though it means re-watching some of it. Hopefully I won't turned into living 'zombie' for lack of sleep by Monday!

Happy Weekend everyone!


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