Wednesday, December 31, 2014


In few more minutes as the clock will strike 12 midnight, we are going to say goodbye to year 2014 and I am taking this moment to reflect and be thankful for every single moment; sweet, bitter, bad or good, I have been thru in the past 365 days. 

One of many thing that I feel thankful the most is my yoga practice that exposed me to lots of yogis and yoginis all around the globe from Instagram community. Their words and real-life experience taught me lots of life lesson especially the true meaning of love that is forgiving, selfless and humble. 

All those tragedy that happened in my country i.e missing flight MH370, flight MH17, West Malaysia worst flood and latest is crashed flight QZ8501 have thought me to appreciate every single second we have with doing all good deeds and habits. 

Every moments in year 2014 will always in my heart and I am gonna say goodbye to year 2014 with smile, knowing that the memories made throughout the year will be cherish and the lessons gained will be appreciated.

Goodbye Year 2014!


Monday, December 29, 2014


I did my 1st half marathon 3 weeks ago on 7th December during PJ Half Marathon 2014. I never expect that I could finish it within 3 and half hours since I was still curing my ITBS from the last run. Yes, I honestly feel proud of myself for able to reach the finish line without any proper training and saddled up with ITBS problem. My knees was killing me and stairs became my enemy for few days afterward but it didn't marred the happy feeling for ticking one of my things to do list this year.

Though I was all alone by myself but the run was really enjoyable (minus the knees pain)  because I encountered lots of wonderful and encouraging runners all the way to finish line. I was also fascinated by few runner who able to run while pushing a baby stroller for 21KM and also those who able to run non-stop wearing fancy outfit. Jakunnya saya kan..Hahaha!

Regarding the event itself, I think it was a success except for few flaw that the organizer should take note especially water supply - not enough water for the runner at the last station. Water supply at the last 2 station was limited/not enough when I reached them yet there were like 50 or more runners behind me. Beside that I feel deceived by the organizer because I didn't received any goodies bag as stated in the registration form. I wouldn't mind if the run was organized for charity but it was not for charity so saya rasa tidak berbaloi bayar mahal-mahal..Grrrrr! Well, it's okay then. Next year I will think twice, nope 10th time before joining PJ Half Marathon..Hahaha!
Pre-run pic
Peace from Tunung at 16KM point
Yay! I made it!!
The result...hehehe

This event is my last running event for 2014 and I hope I can join in more running event in year 2015 (*finger crossed). That all for now and till next post ya!

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I am just writing this for my record so that I can always remember by reading it on my blog. Who knows one day my son might stumble upon it (*smile).

Yes, I am very proud of my son over his recent UPSR result. It kind of surprised me since his result was over my expectation (sob..sob..) Well, how can I not surprised when he is one of those kid who 'addicted' to games ever since that fateful day. However I am grateful because despite of his interest over games, he still doing fine with study and among the top 10 in his class.

He is my helper at home; washing the dishes, cooking rice, sweeping the floor, folding clothes and taking care of his youngest brother. Yeah, I am one of those mother who taught their kids to do house chores from young age. My mother in law called it 'bully' but to me it's teaching them sense of responsibility and independent..Opsss, macam lari tajuk sudah saya ni..

Ok, to my dear son; congrats for the good UPSR result. Mama love you always. May God bless you with wisdom for the journey of adolescent and adulthood ahead you..

He was bit sad over his Science result.
Tada!! :D


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