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Monday, September 2, 2013

A Bit Of Everything

Hello everyone!

It's 2nd September already and I am taking this free hours of mine to update what's going on in my life (as if you care kan..ahaha) for the past 7 weeks.. Hurmmm, honestly not much happened tho but more baking and yoga..haha!

Let me begin my cerita basi with my fasting experience this year. Honest to say, I skipped many days  because of my gastric problem and also because of my high blood pressure that caused me to feel dizzy when my body lacking of water. Meaning I need water and fasting means I can't drink and my body cannot tolerate it. However I am really proud of my sons for completing their fasting month without fuss and I also applause for my daughter for her effort to fast (*smile).

Every  year for Hari Raya, I will buy 'kuih raya' from the shops, friends or my in law family but this year, instead of buying it, I planned to make it myself and walla, I managed to make 6 types of Raya cookies for my kiddos and also for their friend.

As for yoga, I am still practicing the beginner pose and trying out few advance pose in between. Improvement? Yeah, I am improving little by little, day by day but importantly yoga make me feel good about my body with all of those intense stretching and it also clear up my mind and chase away the stress. Compared with my other blogger friends, I am still far behind them yet I am in no rush because I want to do it at my own pace.

For more story, let the picture tell you more.. Errr, ketara betul malas kan, wakaka! 

2013 Raya Theme

Makan2 at Just's Place

Meet Belle in person for the 1st time - Nice to meet you mandak!
Mini open house at my place (I made all of those cookies in the jar..hehehe)  - This gang of mommies anticipate March '14 ;P

Makan2 at Lin's place

Belated Birthday celebration for my daughter - she was born on 28th August :P
My daily routine consist this fave pose of mine
Yay! I dare enough to do this without wall support :P
That's a bit here and there of my life and it might ordinary but I am content with it. I m trying to live my life to the fullest without worrying about what people think or say (especially those who always talk bad about me). 

Until next post people!

 “The more pressure that is put upon me to Fail, The greater my internal desire burns for Success!”
― Alicia Kirkpatrick

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

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To my beloved families. friends and relatives back in Sabah and also to all people all around the world who celebrating Christmas, I wish you all the peace, joy and love during this season and let the spirit of love, charity and compassion fills up our heart. May this season celebration spread the message of peace and harmony all over the world. Merry Christmas!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Eid Ul-Adha!

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Happy Eid Ul-Adha to all my Muslims families, relatives, friends and also to all Muslims all over the the world!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri !

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 Hello Everyone! 
On this Eve of Syawal, My family and I would like wish all of you especially My beloved families, relatives, friends, blogger friends and all Muslim, all over the world,


 Wherever you are or wherever you plan to go, please remember to put safety 1st to prevent any unwanted event to happen okay!

P/S: scheduled post since I might be unable to go online during my Hari Raya Holiday (^^) v

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kotobian Tadau Tagayo Kaamatan!

Today is 31st May a particular significant day for us, Sabahan people because during this particular day, we celebrated Harvest Festival and I don't need to explain about it ba kan..Considered common knowledge sudah meti ni fact.. So, whoever doesn't know about it deserve a lumpakis (*LOL).. Just kidding kio!

Well, it's been years since last time I celebrated Harvest Festival in my hometown, not because I didn't want to but it because I couldn't afford the flight ticket back then.. How about now? Honestly, I still couldn't afford if the whole family want to go back during Harvest Festival because during this period of time the flight ticket (even AA) paling amahal ooo (@_@).. Ehemm, anybody want to sponsor my family flight ticket ka? In my dream mangkali ada la, hahahaha.. However, I do have this wish/hope that I am going to go back to my hometown during Harvest Festival and hopefully I am able to do so soon (*finger crossed).

To tell the truth, I really miss to celebrate this festival because during Harvest celebration we could hear magagong everywhere! believe me when I said that the last time I heard this art of music, I mean magagong was during my big brother wedding day on 2005. Once upon a time, me too knew how to play tagong tau (*wink2).. Now, I don't know because I never play it since 2001..

Opppss.. better I stop before I start to babble and write another long, long post.. So, I wanna wish all Sabahan wherever you are, all over the world :


Remember, safety 1st, don't drink & drive kio.. kalu mau drive juga, tapau tumpung/lihing/luping back to home & you can drink all you want without worry (*smile)...

Catch you again in my next post ya!

P/S:  Entry about PTPTN will release soon after special post for my 2nd son...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Anticipated Holiday!

Almost a week without single post from me..(*sigh).. Not that I am busy or anything but it just that I have nothing interesting to share about. CNY holiday? Well, honestly we did not go anywhere but lazing off at home since we have not plan anything because we need to save up for our brief return to my village this coming April. Yes, all of us; the kids and me will going back to my village!

This is going to be 1st time for my hubby and 3 of my kids; Elan, Shasa and Eyas to visit my village after 10 years. Before this I couldn't afford the air ticket that why they never been to my village. As for Daniel, he been there before and he even live with my parent for a year during my final year in UKM. Normally I go back by myself but this time whole family going back together and that really excited all of us especially the kids. The husband kind of nervous because he is going to meet my siblings that he never meet before. I feel kind of funny to see his anxious expression whenever I mention about this trip because he is worried if my siblings gonna bully him during those period. Hehehe, I survived his family all this while so why can't he? Payback time (*winking and evilly smile).. Just kidding though! (^_^)v

I promised my kids that they going to have a good time in Ranau. I knew they will love my hometown as much as I love it! I am going to show my kids why I always miss my family and my hometown and at the same time hoping that they will fall in love with my hometown! I can hardly wait to see my mom and my village! No matter how beautiful the city of KL, it can never win my affection toward my village where I grew up!

pic of my home in Kg. Tudangan which I snapped last Sept.
All of us really hope that this time nothing will come between our plan to go back to my village. My mother also very excited to meet all of her grandchild and also her son-in-law. I hope everyone can accept my husband as one of our family. So that is what the anticipated holiday all about. I don't want to boast up about it since some people said it not good to 'broadcast' plan that still far from achieved but I am too excited and can't help myself from writing about it here! Please pray for me and my whole family that everything will goes smoothly and all of us will finally go back to my village okay!

I think it is not too late for me to wish all Malaysian especially my friends and families who celebrate Chinese New Year, "GONG XI FA CAI!" May all of us will have a PROSPEROUS year and may this year of Dragon will spread PEACE and HARMONY all over the world! Plus, Happy holiday everyone!

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  P/S: I am on 9 days paid leave! Thanks to my generous boss (^_^) V

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

This is scheduled post and right now I am here in Semenyih with my husband family celebrating New Year 2012. Well, it's not really a celebration because we are only gathering at MIL house and having BBQ on the count down of new year 2012.

Frankly, I am kind of blank when I typing this post and the only idea I am thinking of is what is my new year resolution. I am going to check back my 2011 resolution list in order to make a new one though (*laughing). I think some of my 2011 resolution have to bring forward again.... That's so very me! hahahahaha...

So, I am taking this opportunity to wish people all over the world, especially my families and friends a very Happy New Year 2012. May 365 new days ahead us will fill with happiness and bless and may this New Year will spread the power of LOVE and bring peace and harmony all over the world!

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

When I was younger, I always looking forward to this date because on this date my family always held a Christmas celebration where all of us gathered up. Honestly, we don't even have any gift exchanging or such thing but we were still happy because on this date we have the change to meet the rest of our family member. Well, yes I always participate in the church activity back then and one of my favorite activity is the gift exchanging where we wrapped something, put number on it and then random people going to get the gift. So many funny and hilarious thing happened because of this gift exchange because people can wrapped anything, yes anything and random people gonna get it without knowing who gave it! (*winking)  I still remember people who got a tin of soil and dirty underwear! YEP, I knew who were the villain though(*laughing).

Later, this activity was changed into program called as "Dariku, Untukmu" to prevent such thing from happen again and from what I know the church back in my village still continue this activity until now. I really miss the old time! (*sighing). I really miss the Christmas celebration with my family too.. My family suppose to have a family gathering this year but they cancelled it due to lack of funding. They should plan it earlier like 6 month or earlier than that because raising a fund for big event definitely take some times. I hope we gonna make it next year and I am going to keep in touch with my sibling about this because I want to participate this time. I don't want to miss another family gathering!

So, on this day of Christmas I want to wish all of Malaysian, especially my family & friends back in Sabah and people all over the world a very Happy Christmas Day!May the magic wand of Christmas bring warmth and joy in every family and bestow peace and harmony all over the world!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Moon Cake/Mid-Autumn Festival 2011!

Yep, I am gonna have lots of moon cake today and that's mean my mouth won't stop chewing, nope not until I have enough of them.. It's a delicacy that I won't miss every year because it's so yummy..There various type of moon cake but I love them all as long as it's free from pork or any forbidden ingredients..

I don't celebrate this festival but it doesn't mean I don't enjoying myself during this festival especially it's come with delicacy such as moon cake. I guess lots of people out there enjoying this festival too, right? Frankly and sincerely I am really proud that I was born as Malaysian and live in Malaysia who have a colorful culture and festival. Ya, we Malaysian don't have to travel far away to China just to feel and enjoy the Festival of Moon Cake since we too have all of that here in Malaysia, aren't we??

Image By
 It's seem like today gonna be a wonderful working day after all..(*wink2).. I just love makan2 time! Okay, time to resume eating.. Happy Monday, Happy working & Happy Moon Cake Festival!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Salam Lebaran..

Image Credited To Mr. Google
Yes, this is auto-publish entry because right now I am at my MIL house at Semenyih, celebrating hari Raya with my family. Plus, I might too busy to update my blog..Hahaha, faham2 je la kio...

Okay, not much to say since I know all of you especially Muslim blogger are excited celebrating this Aidilfitri with you own family and even the No-Muslim are excited too right? Who is not? Cuti Panjang and can relax2 plus jalan2 visiting your muslim friends and family right?

As always, I don't prepare much for Hari Raya Aidilfitri but Kuih Raya and Kerepek (all bought since I don't know how to make them =P) must on stock since our friend might visit us at our flat (Puchong). I never really held any grand open house but only welcome any friend who want to give us a visit and chit-chat with us.. So, if you are reading this and live around KL or Puchong or PJ or you are pass by my area, you are welcome to my flat okay.. But remember only after 3rd Raya day we will be home so don't come and knock on our flat door before that..

So to all Muslim In Malaysia and all over the world, my family and me would like to wish you all a  very meaningful and Happy Hari Raya Celebration. To all my blogger friend and whoever read my entry all this time, please forgive me if I ever hurt your feeling with my entry or my words. We are 0-0 okay! SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI & MAAF ZAHIR  & BATIN..

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Harvest Festival 2011 !

eCards Sabah Harvest Festival
Grab this eCards from

First of all, "Kotobian Tadau Tagayo Do Kaamatan" to all Sabahan people, especially to my beloved families, relatives and friends. Everyone must be having a great time during this anticipated event except for those who stuck here in Penisular Malaysia just like me. I am pretty jealous with my blogger friends who live in Sabah because they can attend any event held in conjunction of this big event.. (*sigh)  

However, I am having these dreadful feeling toward this upcoming June since lots of rumors/news were spreading that the price of RON95 and milk powder will be increase. Though it  not yet official but still I already make a new monthly budget to ensure we will not run out of cash and apparently I have to make lots of cut down and adjustment to our monthly expenses if those two stuff really does increase. If this two stuff increase, there will be no wonder price of other stuff increase and that mean another wave of inflation!Just thinking of the word of inflation will give me a terrible headache. I just hope that it will not cause more problem to arise.. God willing, Amin!

Well, I don't want to spoil your mood of Kaamatan celebration. I just want to remind us the reality that awaiting us ahead in June yet like most people, I keep praying the miracle to happen, that government will find a way to help Malaysian citizen ease down our burden. There is no wrong in praying for miracle right?  OPPPSSS, I think I should stop now before I start grumbling like a granny =P

Last but not the least, to all Sabahan, Don't drink & drive, remember your love one, safety 1st! Cheers! Kiiihaaa!!!Aramaitei!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011!!

I am not Chinese but this celebration is one of my most awaiting time because I got "Cuti Panjang" during this celebration.

Back at my childhood age, I used to tag along with  my father to "Pekan Ranau" to visit his Chinese friends where I have the chance to watch the lion dance being performed by local people and get ang pow from my father friends.. For a 9 years old girl, I felt it was like watching a Disney Roadshow and win a lucky draw. However, after I reached my puberty ages (I guess when I was around 14 yrs or 15 yrs) I preferred to watch it with my friend than tagged along with my father and got ang pow.. malu konon la

I also loves to hear the sound of  firecracker! prompompompommmmmmm!! It was like music to me yet now this sound really annoy me especially in the middle of night.. See, so many thing changed in me but I still love CNY!

So, I am taking this opportunity to wish all Malaysian who celebrate it a very Happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!!

For my Chinese Friend:-

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Last time I celebrated this event is 10 years ago before I converted to Islam. Frankly, I misses to celebrate Christmas very much but please do not misunderstand because I just miss the celebration not my former religion. I misses the Christmas present giving, I  misses the decoration, I misses the family gathering on this event and I misses the foods!

I still celebrate Christmas but not as happening as before since here in Peninsular, people will eyes us suspiciously especially about this that concerned with religion. I have once asked a friend who asked an expert on thing like this whether it is wrong to me to celebrate Christmas with my family and I am glad upon his explanation that it is okay as long as I know the boundaries. He said that what matter the most is our faith in Allah and our intention on celebrating.

So, I would like to shout to the world especially to my beloved mother and families back at Sabah a very Happy Christmas! May Happiness and Grace bestow upon us all and peace and harmony spread worldwide!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Deepavali!

I think this is funny since i don't have any close Indian friend yet I wanna wish Happy Deepavali to anyone concerned out there.. I do have Indian neighbors but I am not really friendly to them because of certain circumstance but I still want to wish it to them... 

I might not celebrating Deepavali yet here I am utterly happy because I am gonna have a long weekend with my family though most of it will be indoor since we rarely go out..

Frankly, I never really visit friend during Deepavali Festival because I don't have any close Indian friend in whole my life though one or two of my sister in law were Indian.. I wonder whether they celebrated it any longer since married to my brother..

Yet I think most people are happy and delight to celebrate this Festival as merry as Hari Raya Puasa , Chinese New Year  and Christmas festival because it's holiday time babe!!! Time to chill-ax and have a rest wherever you wanna be..

So have a happy Deepavali (to whom celebrating it), relax, enjoy and have a nice weekend to all of you..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I learn to fast for the 1st time on year 2002. Its really hard for me since i love to eat very much and training myself to stop thinking about delicious food is really hilarious experience. But Alhamdulillah, I managed to go through the whole month except for few exceptional days for woman.
Though i must confess that I am not a good Muslim because i am lack of knowledge about Islam in many aspect and still in process of learning but I know quite a lot about Ramadhan, thanks to my my mom-in-law and sis-in-law and also my husband..
This year is the 8th Ramadhan in my life and I am really excited about it..
Hopefully i will learn and redeem my self during this sacred month..


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