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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monthly Budget Addition: Milk

Remember in my past post where I mentioned about my dislike of milk or anything that contained with milk?? Never mind, since me too don't remember which post (*scratching my head, LOL). Actually, starting from next month, I am gonna put milk for myself in my monthly budget and I am gonna force myself to drink it though I knew I will hate the taste and it's all for the sake of my own bones health.

Image Credited to Mr. Google
As long as I remember, the only time I have ever drink milk was during my pregnancy of my 4 kids but it also not consistently because sometimes I did skipped from taking it. Tidak tahan saya tu bau oo.. However, I do know the benefit and importance of milk to our health, so I have to bear with the smell. After all, it's all about mind set ba kan. So, I should to train my mind to think the smell and taste of milk is as tasty as ice cream maybe.. Buli ka itu?? (*LOL)

Okay, okay, enough with lawak yang tidak funny, and let me ask you people what is the best and affordable milk for adult?? The only brand I knew is Anlene which is reviewed as good and cheap. Ada brand lain lagi ka yang ok??

Hopefully I can stick to my plan of drinking milk daily.. Saya pandai tu mau kasi tunda2, but hopefully ni kali tidak la. Of course I have not yet feel any back pain for now but precaution is better than cure, isn't it?? So, next month I have to put aside some money for this purpose in my monthly budget. But, investing some money for our health is beneficial enough ba kan..

That's all for today. Gonna take few hour sleeps before waking up again at 2.45am to watch the semi-final match between Spain and Portugal (*winking).

Good night you all..

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Exercise For Good Health!

Have you ever been in situation where people questioned your motive of exercising??  Well, I have and their question really irritating me sometimes. I always received remark such as "awak kan dah kurus, tak payah la nak exercise lagi" or "badan kremping pun nak exercise lagi ke??" or "dah kurus nak kurus lagi ke??" etc. whenever they saw me doing my weekly run at the nearby park. Hello, ada undang2 ka yang halang orang kurus beriadah. Kalau jeles, cakap saja la jeles kan. Nda payah cakap berlapik2 (*pissed off) Normally I will just ignore those remark but if I am not in mood I will give them one of my 'laser' answer..

Image credited to
Never ever crossed in my mind to exercise solely for maintaining my slim figure! In fact, in whole my life I always try to gain weight, meaning I don't want to lose my fat cell but I want to stay in good health as well and exercising is one of the best way to maintain good health. I have tried not to exercise before this and the result was disastrous; I was always tired and pale although I ate good amount of foods and my blood pressure rises drastically that caused me to feel dizzy most of time. So, there is no way I am gonna repeat that stupid act in order to gain weight ever again. So, for those who have this negative perspective of slim/skinny people who do their exercise, please acknowledge that exercising is good for our health beside it help us to maintain our figure. 

Nah, kan explode suda gunung berapi! Such a relief for me to be able spit out my raging feeling toward those people who always said above stuff to me. Nowadays, I do my weekly run in the morning when most people are still sleeping and I feel more comfortable doing my aerobic/zumba at home with my daughter. Less irritating because I don't have to hear any negative remark and more freedom! 

It's almost 5pm, so gotta go now for my aerobic & zumba workout session! Have a blasting & blessed weekend everyone! Peace No War!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Best Rental Car Services - Cheap & Customer Friendly

I have some free time tonight so I think why not sharing about the car rental services we used during our recent holiday in my hometown. Moreover, it is really nice to share about good thing, isn't it??

As I told in my post about glimpse of our short holiday, we decided to rent a car instead of taking bus/taxi/Unser because we think it was better option for us since we were traveling with the kids that might need special attention. Anybody who have kids might understand what I mean right, so I don't need to explain further..

The only pic of the car we rented!
Okay, let us get back to the main point.. We found out about this car rental services from Great Teacher Onizuka where he posited about his experience with this lousy renting car services (mostly based on KKIA Terminal 1 and 2) and I read one comment from a guy named Brandon regarding his car rental services. I browsed to his website and found out that his offer is cheaper than others. We called him but no answer. Then we sms him and got replied. He said he only communicate via sms.. Yeah, sound weird and unbelievable at 1st but he is real okay and dealing with him was as easy as ABC.. We asked him whether he have any available car from 20th-23rd of April and he offered us new Myvi 1.3 LAGI BEST at special rates RM120/day. Means, we have to pay RM360 + RM100(deposit).. That was a good deal right? I know what you all thinking but nope.. No payment made online. Payment will only made when he send the car to us.. We also asked the charges for late return and Brandon explained to us that 1st 2 hour is free and after that they will charge us RM6/hour.. It is cheap, isn't it?

On the night of our arrival in KK, hubby sms Brandon regarding our booking and he asked us to contact his friend (En. Abu, person who sent the car to us) since he was out-stationed that week. We called En. Abu and asked him to send the car to us at 9.00am. Believe me when I said he sent the car to us at 9.00am sharp! Before I forgot, time counted only after they deliver the car to us. Meaning, he deliver the car at 9.00am, then one day is at 9.00am the next day.

We returned the car at 3.00pm on 23rd April at airport (terminal 2). So the total cost was RM360 (3days) + RM24(extra hour charges). Of course we got back our RM100 deposit since we returned the car in good condition. Orang punya harta mesti mo jaga baik2 ba kan (*winking).

We greatly satisfied with Brandon and En. Abu Rental Car Services and we definitely recommended their services to those who want to explore Sabah by driving because we could say that their rate is the cheapest, their services really customer friendly and dealing with them was super easy. Anyone who planning to go to Sabah soon and in need of renting a car, you can go to Brandon Facebook Page or his website at for further details.

This sharing is based on my real experience and everything I write is solely my opinion. I hope this sharing will be useful for those who planning to rent a car during their visit in Sabah. Until next post and be cheerful and jangan malas2 for tomorrow okay!

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Dad?? Bad Dad??

I am reading through one of blogger post about  her father and how much she love him because of the sacrifice her father have done for her and her siblings and couldn't help myself from snorting and making an ugly expression because I know her and this man she call 'father'. Maybe not that well but long enough to know their family character and frankly I really don't like their character and behavior.

image credited to
I am not writing this to judge or to humiliate them but the feeling I have keep for so long about them is clawing from deep inside me to be acknowledge especially after reading her praise and adoration over her father. Well, who is not praising a good, wonderful and responsible father whom willing to sacrifice everything for his children happiness right? But, this girl's father only being good towards his children with his new wife. Yep, this 'father' have kids with his 1st wife/ex-wife that being treated badly by him and his new family. Thinking of his bad treatment towards his other children make want to puke when I read this blogger praise over him. I guess she is just want to be a good daughter who talk only good thing about her father and turn blind to the bad side of her father... If her father really that good, he will find them, support them and guide them to the right path instead of giving up and let the children strayed away.. If he is really such an amazing father, he will never disowned his other children for no matter what the situation is.. (*with emo aura)

I never stop wondering how can a father acted indifferently towards his children when his blood is running in them though they are from different mother? When I was a kid, I only watched this kind of scenario from TV and it really hard for me to believe that this kind of father exist in reality since I lived with my mother, my stepmother, my siblings and my step-siblings and my father love all of us equally. For that I am really grateful..But when I was older and  seen one 'father' with this bad traits, I have to accept that this is not a fiction but a fact..(*defeated expression)

As I said, this is not my judgement but just my hidden feeling that been lurking in my heart for quite some time now and I feel such a relief to blurt it out here.. I am really sorry if you may find that this post offense you in some way because as I mentioned earlier it just my thought and feeling.. Well, some people said it's better to pour out our hard feeling before it turn into poison and here I am doing exactly that to avoid my heart from being poisonous.. Padahal alasan mo kasi lepas geram ja..(*winking)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ungrateful People

When you help someone or doing a favor for someone, what do expect from them? Why you do it for them? Is it because you want to help them sincerely or is it because you have to help them or is it because you want them to return the favor? I guess everyone must have their own reason on doing so right? Well, today posting is not about other people but myself because I feel like someone is using me and took my soft side for granted.

Image By Mr. Google
Whenever I am doing favor for other people or helping other people, I always remind myself to do it sincerely so that I won't feel any hard feeling or offense once the deed done. But I am just human being that sometimes I will feel angry to those people I helped because of their tendency of forgetting my help/favor and treating me like a tramp! 

How do you feel when people you help was so sweet to you when they need help and once they got it and solved their problem, they will treated you indifferently? Honestly, I will feel pretty mad and angry that I won't care even if I mention my favor to them, that I seem like not sincerely in helping them at all. That's me because I don't really like ungrateful people! To me they are like a parasite, who will only use us and then kill us in the end..

I always remind myself to never ever forget people who help me no matter during my good or bad  time. I always remind myself not to become one of those ungrateful people because I know how it feel to be treated like a trash by those you help and I don't people who help me feel that. It's not like I am judging those people because I am just expressing what I feel due to this kind of people manners. Maybe they have their own reason for behaving like that but still to me it's really heartless to treat people who once help you like a trash no matter whatever the reason..

An ungrateful man is like a hog under a tree eating acorns, but never looking up to see where they come from. ~ Timothy Dexter

It is another fault if he be ungrateful, but it is mine if I do not give. To find one thankful man, I will oblige a great many that are not so. ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca

When we are grateful for the good we already have, we attract more good into our life. On the other hand, when we are ungrateful, we tend to shut ourselves off from the good we might otherwise experience. ~Margaret Stortz

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dilemma Of Married Woman

While everyone busy giving their opinion about Anuar not guilty verdict which announced earlier today, here I am feel obligated to voice out about my dilemma as a married woman who want to catch up what I missed during my youth year. Sound like I am going to whine again huh..(*Laughing)

Last year, I mean few days before New Year, I called my mother back in my village and I talked to her about my future plan. Most of it about my intention to travel alone around Malaysia and guess what my mom said to me??? "Minog poh boh mingansau kopio dot nokosawo om kitanak Unung." English translation; "As you are married and have kids, you shouldn't think of being active/out-going anymore." Well, I don't really agreed with my mother this time because to me that kind of thinking is really ridiculous and selfish. Yes, I am married with kids but that shouldn't prevent me to enjoy my life & try to fulfill my dream. 

Image credited to Mr. Google
I don't understand when people have such thought that married woman should be content staying at home only and taking care of her kids and husband. Maybe some women might feel content but an active women like me will feel like trapped and unable to breathe. I already know that I am not going to be a full time housewife who stay at home taking care of her family only since I was young because I was and still an active person. But don't get me wrong because as other people some time I can be the most lazy-bone person you ever know when I am not in mood..

My main point here is about this thought/opinion of people especially the elder people that married woman should only think about her family and don't have right to go anywhere or don't have right to have fun! Every living soul have right to enjoy and live their life to the fullest and we married woman also want to have fun in our life. Please don't deprived us of our happiness and enjoyment just because of married status! 

I am done with my 2 cents(*rolling on floor laughing) and going straight to bed...Married woman out there, what do you think? Please share your opinion/comment because I would love to hear what other think of this topic. Until next whining okay!

Good Night & Happy Tuesday in advance!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


School session gonna start soon enough and as always on every year end I am having this terrible headache because I am dealing with multiple preparation task.. Yep, 1st kiddos school preparation and 2ndly accounting reports/document preparation (*sighing)...I am going to sit my computerized examination (KPP) next Saturday on 31st December and that too need preparation. I have not finish reading and doing the test examples yet! Haiya.. Headache.. Headache..

However, in between my headache I manage to re-bond my hair using the discounted voucher which I purchased via (*winking) and now I have a super-straight hair for new year! So much for having a headache huh (*laughing). The saloon is a new outlet in Bandar Puteri Puchong and their saloon seem not yet well organized but I am kind of satisfied with their service though. The only problem is the hairstylist/hairdresser cannot speak/understand English and the only person who know speaking English is the receptionist. I was kind of nervous when I knew the fact that they only speak Mandarin/Chinese, that they might not understand what I want them to do with my hair but thank God, they managed to understand me and do a great job with my hair despite the communication problem between us! We used sign language most of the time, imagined that! Oh ya, the saloon name is Lisa Hair Saloon which located nearby Giant Puchong and I used GPS to find the place because it's not that easy to find! I also have 2 more voucher to spend and I am going to have a pampering facial and spa soon (*laughing devilishly)

Peek a boo during my hairdo session!
Actually I am used to this headache and in fact it became some kind of yearly fever for me. So I am not really in that bad condition because I already prepared my 'boxing fist' to kill this headache (*winking) I know what I mean right???

Last but not the least, do you people have any tips/advice on how to pass the KPP computerized examination for driving license? Please let me know okay because I am kind of nervous actually to take this examination. I want to pass because I don't want to waste money to re-take it again.. Please do share your tips okay!

Happy Tuesday You All!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Kids Of 90's

I rarely post any direct update on my Facebook account nowadays but still I check on people especially my families and friends update regularly.. Yesterday I stumble upon an updates from a friend which remind me of the old time and I re-shared it on my FB. It's an interesting update, just read below which I copied & pasted it here in my blog :-
I grew up in the 90s. :D

We are the last generation who learned to play in the street, we are the first one who've played video games, and we're the last ones to record songs off the radio on cassettes and we are the pioneers of Walkman and chat-

We learned how to program the VCR before anyone else, play with Atari, Super Nintendo, & Genesis. We also believed that the internet would be a free world.

We are the generation of the POKEMON, Digimon, Thunder Cats, Power Rangers, Dragon Ballz, Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and Doogie Howser MD. Traveled in cars without seat belts or airbags, lived without mobile phones.

We didn't have +99 television stations, flat screens, surround sound, mp3, iPods, Facebook or Twitter but nevertheless we had a GREAT TIME! :)

(Re-post if you're one of us!)
Image by Mr. Google
Well, I definitely didn't played on the street when I was a kid. The jungle and the paddy field was my playground! I climbed tree like a monkey back then and still have those 'expertness' even now with 4 kids (*laughing). Yes, I did have a walk-man when I was in form one which is given by my older brother and I involved with chatting world (MIRC) when I was around 16teen. I never played Atari or Super Nintendo or Genesis because I can't afford to have those luxury. The only games I know is Super Mario Brother (*smile). We, the village kids rather stayed outside playing with dirt than being in home playing those games..LOL! Of course cartoons show such is Power Rangers, Thunder Cats, Dragon Balls, Ninja Turtles, Maskman, Gaban, Rugrats, the smurfs, Tom & Jerry etc were part of my life though I don't remember Digimon or Pokemon during those times (*scratching head). Before my father bought our own VCR, I went to my big step-sister to watch rented video taped movies. In fact, we the village kids gathered to watch it and it was really a memorable moment especially when we watched horror movie (*smiling). Frankly, we all have a great and fun times even without today technologies luxury!
Kids nowadays are too pampered with this modern technologies! I don't know about other parents opinion but to me I will never let my kids to have anything like FB or any social network account, mobile phone, laptop etc, not until they are old enough to handle this stuff wisely. Old enough means they have to wait until they are past 17 years old. Hubby said that I am being unreasonable that all of those stuff normal for kids nowadays but I have my own reason and I will stick to my point until they give me good reason to think the other way. Well, kids if you excel in your study, maybe mama will change her mind? (*winking)
No matter how happening world nowadays, I still prefer my childhood and teenage years because I have such a great and fun time during those years. What can I say..It was irreplaceable! What say you?
Happy Friday & Happy Weekend You All!

Monday, November 21, 2011

What If...

What a lovely Monday to start with (My wish..LOL) when the truth is I feel like want to bring along my blanket and pillow and snuggle comfortably here in my office if I don't mind to receive LOVE LETTER from my boss...(*wink2). Well, the weather is cloudy and just nice today but I wish the sun will shine soon because I want my laundry to dry off so that I can wash the other 2 basket full with dirty clothes! Laundry services? Nope, not my taste...LOL.. What a gross introduction! Yet I can help myself from mentioning it since it bugged me for days now.. (@@)

Now back to the main point... What's up with my entry title today? Well, for the past 2 days, I have not update anything  because I am busy, nope too engrossed reading other blogger entries. Some of them make me laugh, some of them make me slapped my forehead, some of them make me sigh, some of them make me cry and some of them make me wonder.. But as always story that make me wonder will always occupied my mind.. 

This "what if" issue, not an issue actually but more about our mind plot which considered as negative thinking by some people but to me it is not at all. Guess what, though I never regret anything happened in my life except few things that I wish I never done, I still reflect to the past and ask myself  what might happen if I choose the other option.. What if I stand on myself and refused to further my study in UKM? What if I follow my parents suggestion to let them to adopt my baby? What if I never agree to get marry? It's countless actually and though this kind of question sometime knock me hard with the possibility of what might happened but at the same times it give strength to pull myself together to accept my choice and make the best of it.. 

When I read peoples entry about how they feel sorry for ever thinking this what if matter, automatically my mind think of this, "why feel sorry? There are no law or regulation that prohibited us from thinking of the other possibilities. We are human after all and such thinking is normal for human like us, or at least for me.." It's not a problem at all but if you tended to mourn on it than that's a problem.. But overall, at always it depend on our perception.. 

I am not ashamed for ever looking back and thinking of the possibility of what if I choose the other option because I gain such strength from it to make my choice of life better than the other option. Thinking of it doesn't make us ungrateful person but in other way it make us appreciate our choice to it best.. So, don't ever feel guilty if those question of what if ever crossed your mind because that mean you are just a normal human being...(^_^) V

Happy Monday and Happy Working!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Uncivilized Action Of Malaysian Audience!

I am not really motoGP fans but I do keep on tab about this sport because well ya my hubby likes this sport though he never watch it live at all. I guess maybe all of us knew that one of the popular figure in motoGP, Marco Simoncelli deceased yesterday at our very own Sepang circuit after involved in disastrous crashed with 2 other rider. I only knew about the news after reading one of my FB friend updates who was there at the Sepang Circuit where the accident took place. 

Image credited to
Actually this post not really about the deceased rider but I am writing this because I felt disappointed with our peoples who throwing rubbish on the circuit after the organizer cancelled the race. From what I read from articles and people updates, the audiences were angry because the race was cancelled without detailed info and the news of Simoncelli death only announced after some of the audiences left. 

When I read this, all I can think about is, whats wrong with all those people? They were there, watching the whole accident right to their eyes and they still need a detailed info? OMG! Are they blind? Didn't they see that accident  might cost that man life? Those audience who throw rubbish really act like child throwing tantrums when something make them angry.. Geez, such a shame! Their action gonna cost our country it good image for sure..

You might think that I have no right to say anything about this since I am not there. You might even think that I judges without knowing the whole story. Ya, I realize that but I don't need the whole story to give my opinion about the audience selfish behavior because the proof is there. The rubbish won't scattered on the circuit unless someone throw it there, isn't it? So, in my opinion the audience action really unacceptable! We live in era of civilized country so act like one.. Only caveman showing tantrum like a child and even a caveman can act better than those who involved in littering the Sepang circuit..  

Ya, I am bit emotional because I love my country and I don't want such incident tarnish our country image. It's not only showed that the audience ( Malaysian mostly ) acted like uncivilized but at the same time it showed that the audience have no respect to the  deceased rider and his family! They said that they were not informed with the Simoncelli death but being there watching the whole episode of the accident they should know better that the result was fatal and instead of throwing rubbish, they should pray or at least hope that the involved family will get through the loss.

I always emotional when it concern with someone life.. I may not know Simoncelli and his family very well like those fan of him but I can feel the hurt and sadness of his family especially  his father who watched his son catastrophic accident. In fact, I can't imagine at all how terribly sad his father over his son death.

To all the audience who involved in those 'throwing rubbish' incident at the SIC yesterday; please do not do that kind of action in future. Remember that we Malaysian, rich with moral value that patience and understanding are among those good quality in us.. Ya, you might think that your action speak for yourself but in the end people worldwide still related it to our country image..

R.I.P to Marco Simoncelli and to his family, may God give you the strength to get through the lost.. 

P/S: - Really hope that world won't condemn all Malaysian just because of those uncivilized action..
       - Anyone who read this and happened to watch the GP race yesterday, please do not mad at me because I merely expressing what I feel about the 'throwing rubbish' incident okay..Moreover, no point to get mad if you are not one of them right? PEACE NO WAR! (^_^) V

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Losing The Passion Of Blogging?!

Considering the way I updating my blog nowadays, seem like I am losing the passion of blogging but the truth is I will never stop from blogging/writing because it is my way of expressing myself and my point of view of everything that crossed my mind. So the answer is NO WAY and NEVER WILL I. Yes, I rarely update my blog but it not because I am losing the passion in it but it just because I don't have free time to post a new story/opinion plus I don't have an idea of what I am going to blog about..
Image credited to
Some people like to share what they do in their daily life, some like to re-share the latest news, some like to blog about places, some like to post about food and in fact everyone have their own idea to blog about. But I don't have a specific idea because I like to blog about everything! Ya, I am blogging for fun but at the same time I take seriously the content of my post because I want people who read my blog to know where I stand on certain issue/matter and then ponder with the pro and con of those issue though sometime I become too emotional in my post..(LOL)

Image from
I am not one of those who can write a new entry right away in front of their computer! No, I am not that good because normally I need to draft my idea before I can write it right away. Okay, okay, I know you might laughing right now but seriously, I really do that.. Recently I can't draft my idea because I fall asleep after I  am done with house core on week days and that prevented me from posting new entry! Weekends? Hubby and the kids monopolized our computer, playing ANGRY BIRD! Yep, all of them including my youngest son. 1 against 5? I am hopeless right? (*sobbing)..

I wish my hubby never started playing those addictive game! But at the same time I enjoy looking at them because during those time I can see how close my hubby with my kids.. That's why I gave up to them.. It's not like they play it everyday but only weekend right?

You see, I thought this gonna be a very short entry but its more than 3 paragraph already! Got to stop here because hubby and the kids are waiting.. 

Happy Sunday everyone!

P/S: Please check out my WW entry next week okay.. (muka x malu ba ni..hihihi)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Story Of My Past

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim...

As I promised, though it took me sometime to publish and here is my story of my past.. It's not detailed but it I hope it enough to give you all a glimpse of my past that not as good as your..

Pic By
I don't really know where should I begin but I think it's better if I give you all a glimpse of myself; attitude/ behavior/ personality when I was younger. I am the youngest in my big family and the closest one to my father that some people said I was over-pampered by him. I excelled in my study since I was in primary school and finished my secondary school with good result during SPM 1999, though not as I targeted. I was a stubborn, tomboyish girl who never give a damn about stuff that normal teenager might involved and often bragging about not getting married especially not with Malay guy..Ironically, I end up with a Malay guy..Life is so unpredictable..

I never parted from my family especially my parent and pursuing my study at Matriculation college in KK was my very 1st experience being separated from them though every weekend I went back to Ranau. That was also my 1st experience to mix with new circle of friends that more worldly and exposed to the outside world than my friends back in Ranau. I was amazed at their level of knowledge about world/stuff that I fast became their friend. In fact the the name "Molly" was given to me by one of them. I was too close with my new friend that I almost forgot my childhood best friend, Falinah (Ellow) and at one time we quarreled over trivial matter that make us enemy for quite sometime  (I am sorry again for that stupid quarrel, Ellow) though we are good now. You see, I was so naive about lots of stuff and being a teenager I was too curious that I want to know more and want to learn more about stuff, positively or negatively. At that time I was already addicted to the MIRC and befriended lots of  people from virtual world..(Some of them still in contact with me until now)

My parent especially my father trusted me completely because I never did anything reckless in my life before. I finished my matriculation in just a year then got an offer from UKM to pursue my study in Chemical Technology. I was devastated actually because UKM was my last choice which I filled up in my UPU form (1st until 4th option was UMS). I didn't want to go that far when UMS is just 2 hours from my hometown but my father and family seem happy to let me go. Mad and devastated with them, I got drunk with my ex-schoolmate and make a scene at my village on that particular night to show my protest . Luckily, nothing serious/ bad happened to me because my ex-schoolmate took really good care of me and send me back home in good condition..(Thanks again Giwin) I can't imagine what would happened to me if only he took advantage of me..(palis2)  That was my 1st time being reckless and foolish yet my family still trusted me because they understood how scared I was to separated with them.

I was not ready to face the new world of Peninsular Malaysia yet I went there, mentally unprepared of the new people and lifestyle over there. I was given the key of my freedom and stupidly I vowed to use it with vengeance..Really stupid of me.. 2 month later I got to know my hubby via chat-world channel in MIRC. He was using 'Burger King' as his username and I remembered that I was the one who hit on him 1st for using those username. We quarreled online but then after sometime we became friend, exchange number until one day we decided to meet up at my hostel area at Kolej Rahim Kajai, UKM. After that we became closer though we never meet again until July 2001. He called me everyday, asking about me and I guessed that was why I melted into him. I was so engrossed and blinded by my new founded feeling that I forgot about my family and my promise with my father. 
Pic By Mr. Google

Ashamedly, I admitted that I lost everything to my hubby because my mind defeated by my own lust and curiosity. Yep, I was one of those stupid young woman who gave up everything she got because of thing so-called LOVE but in my case it never really about that. It was just me being stupid, naive and blind over sweet word and promise when the truth were I never really know what love is and my hubby background that well. he introduced me to his family and I get along very well with my MIL who told me and warned me about his past, that he might not serious about me at all. She said my hubby might just want to get revenge for being dumped by his former girlfriend from Philippines. I was so scared after I knew about his past and at the same time I found out that I was pregnant. I was torn apart.. It felt like tons of brick fall upon me..

I don't have anyone to confide with.. I couldn't tell my family because I know they will surely hate me and condemn me. I was too ashamed to tell my friends because I know they will call me fool or worse they might labeled me as slut. It crossed my mind to do abortion just to hide my sin but I couldn't because I don't want to commit bigger sin than I already did. I don't want to be amongst those heartless people who aborted and dumped their baby. I want to I keep the baby because I love him already. I keep my distance from my family and friends because I was afraid of what they gonna do and think of my pregnancy. At last I told my hubby about it and I was bit relief because he promised to take responsibility and I stay with his sibling during my semester break(1st year) but my big brother came looking for me at my MIL home (Kajang) and took me back to my hometown. 

Back there my family insisted me to do medical check-up and I told my mother about my condition and manage to cover my condition with lies. I persuaded her to kept it secret until I return to KL and she did so. She only told my father about it when I already in KL and my father call me right away, asked me to come back, that nobody will hate me no matter what happened but I was already smitten/committed by my hubby promises that I turned my back against my father and hurt him terribly. I converted into Islam and got married without my father consent. I betrayed my father trust and tarnished my family good reputation. It really such a shock for my father since I was the center of the family and he love me the most amongst his children. I thought that I was no longer have place in my family heart. I am the black sheep in the family. I am the thorn that sting them.

As I thought I made the right choice, that my life will be better but I thought wrong because I never felt true happiness. I always shadowed by my guilt toward my family. I cannot live in peace because day after day I was haunted by my mistaken over turning my back against my family and hurting them. I didn't ask fro their forgiveness and worse I didn't contact them because I thought they hate me and they were angry at me. Everyday I thought of them and cried. At last, when I  no longer stand it, I make myself strong and called my parents, asking for their forgiveness and blessing. I told them everything and guess what? My family especially my father still love me even after all I have done. They forgave me despite of the hurt and humiliation I put them through. YES, I am blessed for having such a wonderful family..My father said, no  matter what happened I am still their beloved daughter..

When I 1st learned of my pregnancy, I thought that the end of my study, my life. I was so afraid of what kind of future would I have if I don't finished my degree. I want to prove that I might strayed but I can excelled in my study..Most young woman might quit studying if they were in my condition but I ignored peoples sneer and negative stare and continue my study after I gave birth of my son. I know there were nothing I can do to mend the damage I caused in my family but I wanted to redeem myself by showing them that I will get my degree and indeed I got it.. 

You see, this story is kind of story you've heard and familiar with but to me who experience and been there, it something that I treasure because the experience had taught me lots about life and it meaning. Yes, it was not something I am proud about because it show how weak I was to temptation but still I am proud with myself because I survived and able to raise again from my fall though my achievement is not as great as other.
Actually the story still far from ended but I only have permission to reveal this far.. The rest of it concerned with my marriage and it is private..

To all young woman out there who did the same mistake as I did, please don't make bigger sin than you already commit.. Allah is merciful and forgiving.  

Happy Monday and Happy working!

P/S: To me, it is okay to glance back to our past once in while, just to remind us about the significant lesson we learn from it..=)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Being Simple And Humble

I am doing my early blog-reading when I saw this entry:- Maria Elena: Knowledge should humble you

I read it and said to myself, "yeah, go girl! you are right bout that!" 
Image credited to
Nowadays lots of people tend to preach using humiliation rather than using persuasions an approach to raise people awareness of religion law. Preaching and debating is two very different way to capture human awareness. Preaching means, you are persuading people to follow the law/rules/regulation/nature/etc with humility and kind words without being arrogant and boasting up how knowledgeable you are. Debating in other way means, you are comparing the pro and con of certain issue/thing/stuff/etc and by doing so you are humiliating/exposing people weakness that may raise people awareness of that issue by exploiting their feeling of shame. To me, I will choose to listen to people who is humble in their way of approaching me because I don't want to change 'my way' just because I feel ashamed of myself.

I always remind myself to lead a simple and humble life. When I did mistake, I admitted it and try not to repeat the same mistake. I am grateful because I don't have much to brag about since my life is average, nothing extravaganza. I am noob in religion and I am noob in life so there is no way I am gonna preach or debate about it to other people though I might like to share my POV/thought/idea/opinion ( it's SHARING k)... I am still learning and there are so much I want to learn it might takes forever before i can consider myself knowledgeable...But my kids is exception since they are my priceless treasure and I love to brag about them (this one can waive ba kan??)....hahahaha, macam aku sorang ada anak (^^)V

What do you think? Which way of above you prefer the most? Relax, we are not debating la...I just want to know your opinion..(*wink2)

Happy Monday, Happy Working & Happy Fasting..
P/S: I like to read Maria Elena entry.. It's original and refreshing!

Monday, August 8, 2011

"Tu Lah, Beranak Lagi Ramai"

I am used to phrases such above. Lots of people  said that to me every time I said something like "Adui, pening betul la dengan korang ni" , "Kenapa suka gaduh2 ni?", "duduk diam jap boleh tak?" and etc.. You know words you might blurt out when you can't stand your kids mischief and manner any longer. I guess mommies always blurt this kind of word but we never really mean it, aren't we mommies?

I have to admit that the feeling of ashamed did crossed my mind once and even complained to my mother only to be scolded by her. She said, "You should be proud and grateful because you are healthy enough to give birth as many as you can. Do you know there are people out there working and praying hard just to have a baby of their own?" Yeah, she got a point there and I couldn't argue the truthfulness of her word. 

Then I thought of those who have 6 or 7 or 8 or even 14teen kids and that killed all of those nonsense feeling of ashamed or what so ever. So now whenever people say the phrases above to me, I just smile to them and said, "Ramai anak, Banyak berkat, Murah rezeki

Sometimes they might be good but often they might be naughty
Sometimes they make me mad but often enough they me laugh
Their laugh, their smile, their tear are essence of my life
Their existence give a new meaning to my life

I have POV, what say you? Ahahahaha.. A very short entry but what to do since my messy work desk really need my attention right now..
Happy 8th Fasting day, happy Monday & Have A Good Day!

Friday, July 29, 2011

You Are Such A Show Off!

Yay!! It's Friday again!! 1st thing 1st:- title above is nothing to do with me but keep reading then you will catch the whole situation..(*wink2)

I am super happy but at the same time I am not in mood because I feel irritates with this particular person for her attitude of boasting about her fortune on her FB wall.. I feel like want to puke every time I saw/stumble upon her update because she just love to tell the whole wide world about her fortune! Haiya, other people are wealthier than her but I never saw them updating/announcing every single stuff they have in possession..

Jealous? Please la.. If she boast up about her life achievement I might feel jealous but everything she boast up about are material stuff. Before this, dengan RIAKnya, she announce that she was going to move to her second house. Than she upload pics of every single stuff she bought for her new house, including how she re-arrange it. Yesterday, she upload pics of the renovation of her house verandah telling that it almost done.. 

What make me feel uneasy the most is when she chat with me asking this, "Molly, nampak x pic? Cantik x?" Where I have to lie, saying "hmm.. Cantik" then try my best to change the topic before I blurt out my true opinion.. Well, she is a 'relative' of my hubby so kena jaga hati la kan.. But today I told her sarcastically, "ini pun nak upload juga ke..pede la..hahaha
Image By Mr. Google

If I am not mistaken, there is 'SPECIAL' word that used to label people with this kind of traits which we called as NARCISSISTIC.. What is it? Google ja ba..

Do you ever encounter with kind of person? You know, a person who loves to brag and exaggerating his/her achievement over and over again. What do you feel about this kind of person? Ada rasa mo muntah atas muka tu orang ka? Hahaha, just kidding..(^_^) V

Okay, I don't want to talk more bad thing about this person..Bikin tambah dosa ja.. So, to whom it may concern, if you happen to read this entry and feel like it's is YOU I talk about in this entry, be open minded and accept it as a positive critic. I am sorry if you feel offended but since I am such a coward to say it right to your face, I choose this way to express my true feeling where I can choose and use "pedas" but kind words to tell you about my discomfort with all of your bragging.. Buang Yang Keruh, Ambil Yang Jernih, together we make ourselves a better person..


Monday, June 6, 2011

Whore In Bed?

Image by Mr. Google
Good day readers! Just now I browsed through the net and after reading few article about this VERY HOT TOPIC about a group of Malaysian women launching this "obedient wife club" who urges its member to be "whore in bed" and obey their husband to prevent social ills such as divorce and domestic violence, I can feel this fingers of mine itching to tap on the keyboard and type down my own opinion about this topic. I don't have to provide you the link of this hot topic since you can just copy paste it to your browser & puff, you will see lots of search result over this topic. It's caused an uproar and havoc amongst women! ( I am one of those who feel angry over this deprived suggestion)

Okay, 1st of all, my personal impression; those women should examine their head for thinking such ridiculous solution and they should feel ashamed for degrading a women status, wife especially as low as a "whore". If anybody called me by those horrible word, they will definitely have my hands mark on their cheek, even if those people is my hubby. 

When I think about this club suggestion, I feel like I want to strangle the leader of this club for ever voice out this shameful idea. Yep, according to Islamic law, wife's number 1 priority is her husband (though I put my kids as my priority) but as a wife, we have a right and pride  that a husband should respect. What kind of respect does it reflected when a husband ask his wife to "perform" like a WHORE? Come on, obedience have nothing to do with the way you "treat" husband in bedroom. Moreover, there are no guarantee that a woman can keep her husband from straying away by acting as submissive as a whore and women are more likely being take for granted for doing so. 

Maybe they are just using the word as a metaphor but still the word in humiliating and inappropriate. Maybe what they really mean is as a wife, we should treat our husband "nicely & skillfully" in bedroom.  If they used the term of  "LOVER" rather then "WHORE" maybe people especially a wife like me feel less disgusted with the suggestion. Hmm, Dr.Rohaya, next time please mind your word okay!

However, we are no longer live in a caveman days where the man just pulls the women hair, take her to the caves and have his way because back then woman only regarded as sex toys and breeding media but this is 21 century where women contributes lots more than just being a toy sex and breeding media so there were no word such submission. 

What I think of this club? I am too shy and too "wise" to join this kind of club and there is NO WAY I am ever gonna join this club since I am too self-conscious to mark myself "Obedient wife" when I always have this cold shoulder war with my hubby especially when it's concerned with our leisure time; his-aquarium while mine-books & movies! Well you know, like Tom & Jerry relationship.

My god, I think I rambled out of topic already! Well, my main point is:-
  1. Never ever referred wife as a WHORE even if  you don't meant it and how kind is your intention because there are vast difference between a wife and a whore. A wife is a respectful title but a whore is title of tramp!
  2. Don't just saddle the burden of marriage onto one shoulder.It takes two to make a marriage work. Both the husband and wife should be good to each other. That is how thing wok well.  

- Anybody who feel like a goody shoes obedient wife, please do not hesitate to join this club with shallow mind leader ( please note the sarcasms tone) ..hihihi, PEACE NO WAR (^_^) V

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Libresse & Me

Female reader won't have any problem to guess what is it but male reader might clueless, so just to clarify it, this entry is about sanitary pad called "Libresse". Yep, it woman stuff but male reader are welcome to read and comment. Who know you might suggest it to your wife, girlfriend or even friend who have trouble with their recent choice of pads.. Just think of it as common knowledge, okay! (*Wink)

Actually I want to about this since last March but I am being diverted by other issue and I was kind of already forgot about it. However, while I am thinking of what topic I want to rant about today, coincidentally  my eyes wandered to the corner where I keep my pads a.k.a treasure box and remind me of my delayed intention to share about my opinion of Libresse. It's better now or never. Moreover I am really flush out of idea right now.

I was loyal user of Laurie brand before I switched to Libresse and I been used it from  the 1st time I got my period (when I was 15 years old ) until December last year. Such a long time huh? I have tried many other brand such as Kotex, Whisper, carefree etc., but only for short period of time and in the end I will go back to Laurier because I feel comfortable with it though it did have flaws that always irritated me.

Last January, I tried Libresse for the 1st time and just like that I fall in love with it. In fact, I should say I love it from the very 1st piece I used! It's no really wonder for me  because I feel an extreme comfort & confidence with Libresse, something I never feel during those years with Laurier. The unique designed of "split rear" at the back that close fit to my butt really work for me. Seriously, I always worry about my pads being "senget" even with Laurier yet I never once think about it after I used Libresse. Before I used Libresse I always avoid wearing a tight pant/trouser during my menstrual cycle but now it not a problem anymore because Libresse make me confident to wear anything fit even white in color..

One more feature I love about Libresse is the easiness to wash/clean it because unlike Laurier it do not have polyacrylate gels. I know not all woman do this because I do have a girl friend who think of washing the bloody pads is a gross task to do but I was taught by my mother to always wash/clean my used pad before dispose it. My mother told it is necessary to avoid the ghost of "balan-balan" from smelling it. However I know now that it is merely a scare tactic though "balan-balan" did exist. From what I learned, it is compulsory for muslim woman to clean up their pad  before disposing it for hygiene purpose. 
Jeng3x.. The content of my treasure box..Ahaks!

I used Libresse Maxi Night Wing at night and Libresse Maxi Non-wing during daytime. I am satisfied with both of it and the price is quite cheap than other brand. Well, you can  read more about each type from Libresse Malaysia .

Nope, this is not a paid review. This is merely my personal opinion about this product. You know, I merely want to express my satisfaction with this product. I am not even want to influence anyone but I just think that it's a good thing to share about something as good as this product. It's what we called as " sharing is caring"! No matter what it's up to you to decide the best for you, am I right? 

P/S: If people ask me to choose Pads or Tampons? My answer is "I am pads lady".

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Thought You Hate Malay Guy!?

The title might sound racist but please let me explain before make your own conclusion okay! Few days ago I found my ex-schoolmate during my secondary year at SMK Lohan, Ranau (SEMELOR) via Facebook. Despite of all the negative criticism, I still think that Facebook did a good jobs in connecting people so that families, friends and relatives can keep in touch from all over the world. I lost contact with this friend of mine for almost 13teen years and he found me on Facebook through of of his friend of friend. We are not close friend but he was good friend of mine since he did know lots of stuff about me especially stuff that concerned with the opposite sex..

He PM me on Facebook, bombarded me with endless question which I answered honestly.. Then he asked me this particular question " Hubby ko nampak macam orang melayu. Melayu ka dia? " that make me remembered my confession to him years ago. Gosh, he still remembered though that confession was made 15 years ago. When I answered him " Yes, he is Malay " then he teases me, saying "I thought You Hate Malay Guy?! How come you end up with ones?" leaving me speechless for a while. ( serve you right for making such racist remark back then, I mentally slapped myself. ) But I corrected him by saying "I don't hate them, I just dislike them and still have those dislike feeling over certain type of Malay guy"

Mr. Google
Yes, I admits that at 15teen years old I dislike Malay guy for one particular reason, they can have 4 wives (Polygamy)! Such a naive thought but still the main reason I dislike them nowadays although I can listed down several other reason why I dislike them present day. My 1st condition before I marry my hubby was NO POLYGAMY! I don't like the idea of sharing him and nothing can change my decision. I believes in fact that NO woman in this world like the idea of sharing their husband. Only great woman with great kindness such as Prophet Muhammad S.A.W 1st wife can do such sacrifices. (I am no great woman and can never be like Prophet Muhammad's wife)

However back then woman might don't mind sharing their husband because most men during the years of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. have more than 1 wife for honorable reason, to protect the woman. Nowadays, man especially Malays guy take this for granted since they were having more than 1 wife not because of protecting the woman but for the sole reason to satisfy their lust and greed. From what I learned via talk show and religious books, polygamy is supposed for those who financially stable and capable to treat his wives fairly but from my own observation most Malay guys still took another wife though they barely capable to support his 1st wife and in most cases the husband tended to forget his responsibility to his 1st wife once they got a new wife! Such a cliche!  I dare to bet that most Malay guys who practiced polygamy did it without their 1st wife permission..

Another traits in some Malay guys that I found repulsed me is their capability to act pious though in reality they were just as obscene as the western guys. In my earlier entry last year about Tagged I mentioned about the behavior of the guy friend I got from this social web but one thing I did not mention in that entry is all of those sly guys were Malay who approached me with nice conversation in the beginning but reveal their true nature/intention once they got comfortable with them. They are really gross when comes to sex stuff and even worst than all of those westerner. At least those westerner are blunt and direct to the point with what they want and expect from us unlike the Malay guys who using they pious side to get closer to us before they "ambush" us with their true self. I have one Australian guy friend which I got to know from Tagged that have a particular intention but once I explained to him that I am married and have no intention to betray my hubby trust, we end up being a very good online friend. I deleted all of the Malay guys from my friend list in tagged because they keep on harassing me with their demand. See, some Malay guys just don't understand  the word "NO"!

I know it's sound weird to dislike  Malay guys when your own hubby is Malay but that's me and even my hubby know and understand my dislike toward Malay guy. As long as he is not one of them, he said! Just to clarify, I don't dislike all of Malay guys since there are numbers of them do have a very good qualities indeed but my dislikes goes to those Malay guys who have above particular traits especially when the one concerned with POLYGAMY! I am woman and as a woman I know woman worst fear..

If you happened to be a Malay guys and read this entry please don't feel offend okay! Just think this as a opinion from a woman about you guy. (I guess this entry won't harm you if you are good Malay guy right? hehehehe) I know this entry is kind of blunt and maybe a bit meanie too though I loves peace and I don't like to cause uproar. I just expressing my opinion in words of mine, so pardon me if you guy feel offended.. You are welcomed to comment but please don't shoot me with harsh comment okay and remember PEACE NO WAR! (^_^) V


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