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Monday, November 12, 2012

My 1st Brazilian Waxing Experience

Yes, I did my 1st Brazilian waxing on 20th October after years considering about it and on the dare of my friend and yes, this time I really did it unlike my last post about 'Date With Honeypot Wax Boutique' where I already set a date but in the end I backed off because I am too coward, plus too self-conscious to do it..

This time I got a voucher to do Brazilian Waxing at Bubble Gum Wax (The Waxing Expert). I don't need to explain what Brazilian waxing since everyone knew what is it about even guys know it because the process can be done to them and known as Boyzilian Waxing (*wink2).. Honestly, when I reached their place, I feel so damn scared and nervous because I heard that it's really painful for 1st timer (@_@). The girl who is waiting for her turn to be wax explain that it's like threading with a bit intense pain but depend with the thickness and width of our private area.. Hearing this, I was kind of erkkkk, pingsan.. since my hair down there is so thick (*blush) because I shaved it constantly.. I almost trying to find an excuses to back off but couldn't do so because it was my turn!!! 

With heart beat fast, I just went through it and an hour after that I walked out from Bubble Gum Wax premise, feel like a Goddess (*smiling).. Was it painful? Well, I am not going to lie because it was painful but the experienced & qualified therapist, it's bearable actually. Moreover the girl who did my waxing really are friendly and chatty that help to distract me from feeling the pain.. 

Unlike shaving, waxing did slow down the growth of my hair down there because it's been 10 days since I did my Brazilian Waxing yet the hair down there just show a bit and no itchiness at all! Am I going to do it again?? Of course I will and in fact I already set another appointment with Bubble Gum Wax (The Waxing Expert) next this month for another session of waxing..Yay!

So, gurls and guys, if you want to experience your 1st Brazilian waxing with less pain, I recommended Bubble Gum Wax because I been there and went through the waxing session and from now on, they will be my waxing parlor because I am satisfied with their services.. My shaving razors went to 'tong sampah' right after I did my waxing.. 

Here is some of pics I took during my visit to Bubble Gum Wax (The Waxing Expert).. Please ignore the poor quality because it was taken by 'noob' photographer with phone camera only (LOL)!

Front desk

I like the simplicity

The equipments for waxing - sorry, poor quality :P

Again, I like the simplicity

Snapped after I lay on it :PP

The ladies of da House.. :DD

My .... And Me.. :P

Find them at:-
Bubble Gum Wax-The Waxing Expert:
F-1-7, Block F, Plaza Damas,
No.60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 6211 5038

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday: 11am - 8pm
Saturdays: 11am - 6pm
Closed on Sundays

You may also visit and like their Facebook Page for new updates and promotion ----> HERE

That's all for now.. Until next sharing ya!!
Happy Monday you all!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cosmetics And Me!

" Kenapa tak make-up? Nampak pucat la.."
" Pakai la sikit make-up, baru nampak cantik sikit..." 

I am used to all of above sentences and anything that concerned with make-up/cosmetic stuff that I just shrugged at it all the time like nothing but honestly sometimes I do feel uncomfortable and irritates because it kind of killing my self-esteem. You see, I am one of those woman who rarely put on make-up because I don't fancy this make-up/cosmetic thing and I don't really know how to it on my face. Ya..Ya.. I am naive about cosmetics! 

The pale me..hmm, do I need make-up??
People said, woman and cosmetics are inseparable..Eh, ya ka? Bukan woman and diamond ka itu?? (*scratching head like moron). Ba, whatever la (*laughing like moron before back to serious mode).. My daily cosmetics only consist with oil-free moisturizer, oil-free face powder, mascara (kalu sa rajin la) and lipstick (nude/natural color) but I am okay with just applying moisturizer only. Don't ask me about eye-shadow, eye-liner, eyebrow pencil, foundation, blusher, concealer etc because I am really suck with this cosmetics stuff. Whenever I have make-up on my face, I feel like a sticky mask plastered on my face and I couldn't wait to wash it off my face. Weirdly, I really like to watch woman with make-up.. Sound like I am a stalker huh (*laughing). Don't worry, I am, not stalker. I just like to see their make-up variety.. (*winking)

Haiya! What I am ranting about here?? Like you want to know my incapability in cosmetics stuff kan.. Actually, I am kind of nervous I am going to re-take my JPJ test tomorrow and that's why I feel like want to rants like crazy woman. God help me, I must pass it because I couldn't afford to re-take it again okay! Sorry for posting another boring and crazy stuff and wish all the best for me tomorrow ya!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dilemma Of Married Woman

While everyone busy giving their opinion about Anuar not guilty verdict which announced earlier today, here I am feel obligated to voice out about my dilemma as a married woman who want to catch up what I missed during my youth year. Sound like I am going to whine again huh..(*Laughing)

Last year, I mean few days before New Year, I called my mother back in my village and I talked to her about my future plan. Most of it about my intention to travel alone around Malaysia and guess what my mom said to me??? "Minog poh boh mingansau kopio dot nokosawo om kitanak Unung." English translation; "As you are married and have kids, you shouldn't think of being active/out-going anymore." Well, I don't really agreed with my mother this time because to me that kind of thinking is really ridiculous and selfish. Yes, I am married with kids but that shouldn't prevent me to enjoy my life & try to fulfill my dream. 

Image credited to Mr. Google
I don't understand when people have such thought that married woman should be content staying at home only and taking care of her kids and husband. Maybe some women might feel content but an active women like me will feel like trapped and unable to breathe. I already know that I am not going to be a full time housewife who stay at home taking care of her family only since I was young because I was and still an active person. But don't get me wrong because as other people some time I can be the most lazy-bone person you ever know when I am not in mood..

My main point here is about this thought/opinion of people especially the elder people that married woman should only think about her family and don't have right to go anywhere or don't have right to have fun! Every living soul have right to enjoy and live their life to the fullest and we married woman also want to have fun in our life. Please don't deprived us of our happiness and enjoyment just because of married status! 

I am done with my 2 cents(*rolling on floor laughing) and going straight to bed...Married woman out there, what do you think? Please share your opinion/comment because I would love to hear what other think of this topic. Until next whining okay!

Good Night & Happy Tuesday in advance!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Should I Try Or Shouldn't I Try?

You must wonder what's  the question above all about? Let me do the telling before you all jump into the wrong conclusion kio.. 

Image credited to Mr. Google
Last week hubby, the kid and me went to my Mom In Law (MIL) to buka puasa together. After that, out of nowhere we start to talk about this particular food supplement drinks called Cocoa Collagen which is pretty hot among woman nowadays. MIL said that this product really are good and she suggested me to try this one out.Well, I also aware of this product because some of my FB friend also recommended it to me. 

I guess all woman must know what is collagen and I don't think I need to define it to you. Even my mother knew what it is! hahahaha, really funny when I remembered my mother told me to eat lots of citrus fruit and broccoli to delay aging due to lack of collagen. Jangan main2, orang kampung lagi advance oo sekarang.. I do know that lots of woman out there really concern with this collagen stuff because it's something related to our outer beauty. Jangan nak kata tak kisah pasal collagen ye.. 

I never tried this kind of product before because I don't like any kind milk-based beverage..YUCK!  So, it's a bit hard for me to give this product a try but being a woman, me too have those urge to try product that can enhance my inside and outside health. So far, I only took vitamin C tablet as a health supplement because according to what I read through medical and scientific research article, it's the most important mineral that can help our body to maintain our health and also maintain the collagen level in our body.

However, since I notice the difference of my skin nowadays and 10 year back, I start to consider on taking supplement that focus on enhancing or at least maintaining collagen level on my body though I still believe in natural source. I don't want to look like 40 years old woman when I am just 29.. I sure don't to wear make-up 24/7 to cover that! And sadistically, I don't even know how to put on make-up! Masalah..Masalah.. @_@

Yes, nobody can stop aging because it's part of life span and everyone will undergo the process and I am thinking to try out this kind of product not to stop the aging process but only to prevent aging before the time. Who want to look like 40 when she/he is just 30, right? I will never put myself at the same level of those celebrities who are suppose 50 years old that have a stretched-plastic face. You know what I mean.. Haiya, just look at our 1st lady la..Tegang bangat!!

Opsss, did I rants too much? Okay, better back to the main Q:- So should I give it a try? Or shouldn't I give it a try? Or maybe you gals can suggest me another type of product with same purpose? Share2 la you all punya beauty secret kio..

I really want to rant some more since I haven't rants in this blog for some time but I got to go now because I need to settle 1 pending paperwork which my boss need for this afternoon meeting with customer. 


Monday, June 6, 2011

Whore In Bed?

Image by Mr. Google
Good day readers! Just now I browsed through the net and after reading few article about this VERY HOT TOPIC about a group of Malaysian women launching this "obedient wife club" who urges its member to be "whore in bed" and obey their husband to prevent social ills such as divorce and domestic violence, I can feel this fingers of mine itching to tap on the keyboard and type down my own opinion about this topic. I don't have to provide you the link of this hot topic since you can just copy paste it to your browser & puff, you will see lots of search result over this topic. It's caused an uproar and havoc amongst women! ( I am one of those who feel angry over this deprived suggestion)

Okay, 1st of all, my personal impression; those women should examine their head for thinking such ridiculous solution and they should feel ashamed for degrading a women status, wife especially as low as a "whore". If anybody called me by those horrible word, they will definitely have my hands mark on their cheek, even if those people is my hubby. 

When I think about this club suggestion, I feel like I want to strangle the leader of this club for ever voice out this shameful idea. Yep, according to Islamic law, wife's number 1 priority is her husband (though I put my kids as my priority) but as a wife, we have a right and pride  that a husband should respect. What kind of respect does it reflected when a husband ask his wife to "perform" like a WHORE? Come on, obedience have nothing to do with the way you "treat" husband in bedroom. Moreover, there are no guarantee that a woman can keep her husband from straying away by acting as submissive as a whore and women are more likely being take for granted for doing so. 

Maybe they are just using the word as a metaphor but still the word in humiliating and inappropriate. Maybe what they really mean is as a wife, we should treat our husband "nicely & skillfully" in bedroom.  If they used the term of  "LOVER" rather then "WHORE" maybe people especially a wife like me feel less disgusted with the suggestion. Hmm, Dr.Rohaya, next time please mind your word okay!

However, we are no longer live in a caveman days where the man just pulls the women hair, take her to the caves and have his way because back then woman only regarded as sex toys and breeding media but this is 21 century where women contributes lots more than just being a toy sex and breeding media so there were no word such submission. 

What I think of this club? I am too shy and too "wise" to join this kind of club and there is NO WAY I am ever gonna join this club since I am too self-conscious to mark myself "Obedient wife" when I always have this cold shoulder war with my hubby especially when it's concerned with our leisure time; his-aquarium while mine-books & movies! Well you know, like Tom & Jerry relationship.

My god, I think I rambled out of topic already! Well, my main point is:-
  1. Never ever referred wife as a WHORE even if  you don't meant it and how kind is your intention because there are vast difference between a wife and a whore. A wife is a respectful title but a whore is title of tramp!
  2. Don't just saddle the burden of marriage onto one shoulder.It takes two to make a marriage work. Both the husband and wife should be good to each other. That is how thing wok well.  

- Anybody who feel like a goody shoes obedient wife, please do not hesitate to join this club with shallow mind leader ( please note the sarcasms tone) ..hihihi, PEACE NO WAR (^_^) V

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Libresse & Me

Female reader won't have any problem to guess what is it but male reader might clueless, so just to clarify it, this entry is about sanitary pad called "Libresse". Yep, it woman stuff but male reader are welcome to read and comment. Who know you might suggest it to your wife, girlfriend or even friend who have trouble with their recent choice of pads.. Just think of it as common knowledge, okay! (*Wink)

Actually I want to about this since last March but I am being diverted by other issue and I was kind of already forgot about it. However, while I am thinking of what topic I want to rant about today, coincidentally  my eyes wandered to the corner where I keep my pads a.k.a treasure box and remind me of my delayed intention to share about my opinion of Libresse. It's better now or never. Moreover I am really flush out of idea right now.

I was loyal user of Laurie brand before I switched to Libresse and I been used it from  the 1st time I got my period (when I was 15 years old ) until December last year. Such a long time huh? I have tried many other brand such as Kotex, Whisper, carefree etc., but only for short period of time and in the end I will go back to Laurier because I feel comfortable with it though it did have flaws that always irritated me.

Last January, I tried Libresse for the 1st time and just like that I fall in love with it. In fact, I should say I love it from the very 1st piece I used! It's no really wonder for me  because I feel an extreme comfort & confidence with Libresse, something I never feel during those years with Laurier. The unique designed of "split rear" at the back that close fit to my butt really work for me. Seriously, I always worry about my pads being "senget" even with Laurier yet I never once think about it after I used Libresse. Before I used Libresse I always avoid wearing a tight pant/trouser during my menstrual cycle but now it not a problem anymore because Libresse make me confident to wear anything fit even white in color..

One more feature I love about Libresse is the easiness to wash/clean it because unlike Laurier it do not have polyacrylate gels. I know not all woman do this because I do have a girl friend who think of washing the bloody pads is a gross task to do but I was taught by my mother to always wash/clean my used pad before dispose it. My mother told it is necessary to avoid the ghost of "balan-balan" from smelling it. However I know now that it is merely a scare tactic though "balan-balan" did exist. From what I learned, it is compulsory for muslim woman to clean up their pad  before disposing it for hygiene purpose. 
Jeng3x.. The content of my treasure box..Ahaks!

I used Libresse Maxi Night Wing at night and Libresse Maxi Non-wing during daytime. I am satisfied with both of it and the price is quite cheap than other brand. Well, you can  read more about each type from Libresse Malaysia .

Nope, this is not a paid review. This is merely my personal opinion about this product. You know, I merely want to express my satisfaction with this product. I am not even want to influence anyone but I just think that it's a good thing to share about something as good as this product. It's what we called as " sharing is caring"! No matter what it's up to you to decide the best for you, am I right? 

P/S: If people ask me to choose Pads or Tampons? My answer is "I am pads lady".

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Date With Honeypot Wax Boutique


Yes, I am gonna have a intimate date with "Honeypot Wax Boutique". Don't start guessing! Keep reading this entry and you will understand what is it all about.. (*wink)

honeypot wax boutique
Actually, "Honeypot Wax Boutique" is the place where I am gonna have my Brazilian wax by the experts. No, not today..Not even next week but my appointment a.k.a date with them is gonna be next month ( date not yet fixed ). 

I know all of you especially gals/women know what is Brazilian wax and I am not going to explain it here, but yeah you can always google about it right? I just want to share why it's really important to me to have this appointment.

For  your information, I used to wax my legs, arms, upper-lip and underarms by myself without an experts help. I have done it for years and I dare to call myself an expert too.. Hehehe,  only when it come to wax myself since there is no way I dare to wax any living things but myself. However, this time I am gonna need an expert help since I intended to wax my private part due to hygiene purpose.

Image By Mr. Google
During my teenage year, I don't have to really worry about it since I was not really that hairy back then but after gave birth of my eldest son, I started to either trimming it with scissor or shaved it off because it started to a bit bushy down there. I was content with this two ways of "maintaining" the look of my private part until I started to have this itchiness every time I shaved it off especially a day after shaving it off and it really make me feel uncomfortable. So I tried not to shave it anymore but only trimmed it with scissor yet the same problem still occurred  and the hair down there is getting rougher.. tajam macam wayar suda rasa dia,ehhh.. So, now straight to the point, the real reason why I want to do it because  according to my friends who have done Brazilian waxing down there said, that the hair will eventually gets softer and thinner every time it grows back.

Frankly, I really wanted to try this Brazilian waxing for quite some time but I always find excuses not to do it due to my embarrassment.. Hish, malu  ba kan kalau orang tengok.. Yea, it's might be painful but I think I can  bear the pain but I don't think I can bear the embarrassment! Weird since I already have 4 kids and 3 or more people ( nurses and doctors, excluding my hubby ) already seen me down there! Geeezzzz! However, this time I will really go for it.. One of my friends said, I should get one before I turn 30 yet here I am almost turn to 29 and still never done it! Nah, tunggu la next month they can't longer tease me about it any longer..

I realized that in Islam, it's prohibited to allow other people than ourselves or our spouse to see our private part ( doctors/nurses excluding since they are doing it for medical purpose) but pardon me because I am just a woman who wanna look beautiful (including down there ya), plus my  hubby already granted me a permission and the experts also a female..

I better stop before I rant out of topic.. No matter what, the date with Honeypot Wax Boutique stand and no way I am gonna back off this time.. Any comment is welcomed ! (^_^) V

P/S : I didn't notice that I am blushing red while typing this entry, not until my boss asked, " something wrong? You face is tomato red!"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I loves sharing story that touch my heart because I think it might touch and enlighten others heart as well. This is an inspirational story I extracted from
Okay, the story begin like this :-
One fateful morning, a little boy saw his mother crying.
"Mom, why are you crying?" he asked his mom.

"Because I'm a woman" she told him.

"I don't understand," he said.

His mom just hugged him and said, "and you never will." Later the little boy asked his father, "Why does mother seem to cry for no reason?"

"All women cry for no reason" was all his dad could say.

The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women cry.

Finally he put in a call to GOD. When GOD got on the phone the man said, "GOD, why do women cry so easily?"

GOD said:

"When I made women she had to be special. I made her shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world; yet, gentle enough to give comfort.

I gave her an inner strength to endure childbirth and the rejection that many times comes from her children.

I gave her a hardness that allows her to keep going when everyone else gives up and take care of her family through sickness and fatigue without complaining.

I gave her the sensitivity to love her children under any and all circumstances, even when her child has hurt her very badly. This same sensitivity helps her to make a child's boo-boo feel better and shares in her teenagers anxieties and fears.

I gave her strength to carry her husband through his faults and fashioned her from his rib to protect his heart.

I gave her wisdom to know that a good husband never hurts his wife, but sometimes tests her strengths and her resolve to stand beside him unfaltering.

I gave her a tear to shed, it's hers exclusively to use whenever it is needed. It's her only weakness; it's a tear for mankind." 

Most people probably think that tears are definitely woman weakness. Men even considers tears as woman weapon in certain circumstance yet to me it depend on the situation.
I can't denied that some woman using their tears as a weapon to gain their desire/ goal since it did happened around us everyday. 

As a woman, I did appreciate that God give me tears because via tears i can express lots kind of feeling.. Whenever a woman shed tears it can be the tears of  joy or tears of sadness or maybe tears of happiness or even maybe tears of silliness.. no one can tell unless that particular woman explain the reason of her tears though it might be even without reason at all.. 

Actually my point is woman are a very sensitive being that can easily touch by simple thing.. We shed tears even it have nothing to do with us because we care about mankind.. So I guess maybe that's what God mean by the remark of " tears for mankind". That's what I understand by the story above though. ( Allahu Alam )

What do you think? I will be delightful to know what you think so please feel free to leave your comment kay!...

P/S: Hubby always tease me for shedding tears over a tragic drama on TV..


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