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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello December!

Yay, it's December already! I guess Christmas Mood is already ON and those celebrating already started their Christmas tree decoration. December always full with celebration because lots of couple tend to held their sacred ceremony of 2 become 1 during this festive month. Err, maybe it's just me who feel that way (*wink2)

I feel guilty because I been neglecting this blog for almost 3 months since my last post. I thought I m going to post more story/update since I already installed Blogger On The Go but apparently I didn't. I am such a lazybone hey? 

Well, I am going to post a snippet of my short trip to Hatyai last November SOON but for now let us just rejoice that we are still breathing and able to feel the festive month of December once again hey.

kiddos and me on eve of December after Satay Kajang Feast :P
Pic from Hatyai Trip

That's all for 1st Of December and till next post ya!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Booting Breast Cancer Out!

I always wanted to join a campaign/charity event that related to pink ribbon community/causes and finally this year I got the chance, not only to spread the news of this event but also to join the event; Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer Charity Walk by Avon Malaysia which is held at Putrajaya, Precinct 3 on 23rd September 2012.

Arrived at 7.00am, it was such a  great feeling to see thousand people wearing pink outfits/preps from all over Malaysia gathering together to show their support in this Charity Walk that aims to raise awareness among Malaysia citizen the importance of Breast Self Examination for early detection of breast cancer.

I was more amazed to see numbers of breast cancer survivor attended this charity walk with their vibrant and energetic attitude despite of what they been through. They are truly an inspiration for us who keep grumbling and giving up when trivial problem arise. One of this breast cancer survivor is my fellow friend, Just which I been reading and following her journey in fighting & surviving breast cancer from the A to Z. 

Photo by DC
She's one of the survivors..Proud of you moy!
The eager crowd, the start & finish line

The walk started around 8-9am and throughout the journey of 5km walk with 5 station in total, we were entertained and cheered by eclectic mix of groups and not to forget all of those 'catching' placards!  
Just and me were together all the way from the start to the finish line of those 5km walk. We were among the last finisher so yeah, we  missed the pink ribbon formation, a sharing by breast cancer survivor and presentation of donation cheque amounting to RM50,000 from Avon to Breast Cancer Welfare Association and Pink Ribbon Wellness Foundation. We were taking our time chit-chatting, snapping pics here and there so it was no wonder we took an hour and half to get to the finish line! LOL.. By the way, I also managed to take pics with Soo Wincci & Intan Ladyana! Yay! Thanks Just for being my photographer..hehehe!
Soo Wincci & Intan Ladyana :D
Walking for good cause!
With one of the survivors pageant a.k.a my fellow friend :D

 Though we missed some of the events but we were there to witness the finale of this Charity Walk which is "Go Bald" Session with Micheal & Guys, where one of our fellow blogger friend, DC volunteered to undergo the shaving session. Bravo DC and all of those who volunteered!  This session purpose is to seek support from the public to understand how breast cancer feels when they lose their hair during the treatment.

He was too happy to get shave for good cause!

Just, DC and Me!
It was indeed a very successful events and everyone who participate the walk is now apart of the Malaysia Book of Records for the Largest Participation Breast Cancer Charity Walk in Malaysia. I really hope that our participation and involvement in spreading the breast cancer awareness going to be a continuously responsibility, not bound by this events only. From time to time, lets keep reminding each other about the importance of performing regular Breast Self Examination (BSE) for early detection.

Snapping pic together with Jess
I am taking this opportunity to give my special thanks to Just and Jess for informing and inviting me to this event.. So, women out there, don't forget to do your BSE regularly okay!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Another Random Posting!

Image credited to

Seriously, I don't really know what I am going to say or write because I have nothing interesting to share for now (*laughing).. Maybe this is what people said the famous blogging block .. Hmm betul kaitu?? (*scratching head).

Honestly, I don't have any interesting event or fact or personal stuff that I wanted to share so far. Hmmm, BUT, yeah I do have something I want to mention here but as always just a hint because I don't want people to accuse me of being show off. Furthermore, it's still in planning but will be execute after Raya (*finger crossed). 

I am planning to buy something for myself again, just to make my daily life easier without bothering other people. Yes, this thing is a bit costly and I need to make another 'buku hutang' for it since I could only afford the down payment. "Na'awi noh iso tutang, om megutang noh kawagu" said my mom.. If only I am wealthy person, I would just pay cash for it because I don't want to be burden by the long-term debt interest (* dream on Tunung!).. 'Hutang' is part of life said one of my relatives (*laughing)..That's all hint I can give for now and you can start guessing now, wakakaka!

Hari Raya Preparation?? Thanks God, I have done my Hari Raya shopping last week, yay!  As always we gonna have a simple celebration like the other years. Yes, I am celebrating it here in Malaya with my husband's family and relatives and MAYBE a short family vacation but it's still undecided. Yep, it's depend on our big ma'am (MIL).

So that's a bit here and there about what's going on and what's going to be in my life.. For those who is going through a long journey back to their village, be careful and wish you all a safe journey! Happy Holiday everyone!

P/S: I am writing this while working and taking care of my kids at office...Pingsan @@ v

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Lazy Me

Ya..Ya.. I have to admit that I am so damn lazy lately and I don't even know why though I noticed that daily life pressure is one of the reason. 

Everyone is updating their blog post everyday.. Everyone is posting their updated status via Facebook or Twitter.. Everyone is posting their new captured pic via Instagram.. Everyone is so rajin to share anything or everything but me..(@_@)

Well, it's not like I don't have time or story to share about but I am just too lazy and not in mood to do so.. BUT, I am still here, following all of your updates and stories, liking and commenting here and there.... Yay, sound like stalker la pula (*LOL)..

I think everyone have been through the same phase right? As for me, I was attacked by this so-called laziness too many times that I lost count on it (@_@).. Luckily it doesn't attack my ability to do my work as well..

Fasting?? Yes, I am fasting but honestly this laziness nothing to do with me fasting.. Alhamdulillah, I am able to fast with success so far... Lazy, lazy juga but I am still high-spirited in fasting in order to support my 2 boys effort to make it through the month.. Lagipun, puasa itu satu ibadah kan..(*Upin & Ipin tones)

So, I am taking this opportunity to wish all my Muslim family, relatives & friend and also to all Muslim all over the world, Happy Fasting Month! May all of us bestowed with blesses & goodness..
Until next post, Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Am Just Ordinary Woman, Who Do What Ordinary Woman Normally Do..

Ambik ko, the my longest entry's title..ko ada?? Ehemm, don't get mad kio, main2 ja.. Ba, smile first (*smiling)..

Hello everyone!!

This is the longest period I abandoned my blog since I actively re-instate my passion in blogging and to tell the truth I do have the urges to update something/anything in this blog of mine but being me, in the end of the day I always forgot that intent of writing due to my tiredness and also my laziness (^^) v..

Today I woke up a bit early than any other Saturday and 1st thing I do is poo-pooing la because last night I ate too much of Satay Kajang (LOL) then I turn on my lappy and here I am telling you people what's going on for the past 18 days.. Kada kama ko'odop, lumpakisan meti ku teligo, LOL, just kidding okay (*wink2)..

Honestly nothing extra-ordinary happened in my ordinary life for the past 18 days because I am just ordinary woman who do ordinary stuff like any other women. You know stuff like makan, minum, tidur, facebooking etc..etc..Ahaks, sound like loyar buruk statement right? But it's true, at least for me la..

Well, there were 1 or 2 good thing did happened, such as my 2nd meet up with my blogger friend (Just) last week where we have such a great time, shopping together and talking about our life while having lunch together at Berjaya Time Square. Believe me when I said that was also my 2nd visit to Berjaya time Square although I been here in Puchong for almost 11 years.. Kesian kan (LOL)..We have such a quality time together and we shared a lot of story with each other, kan moi?? What story?? Pssttt, itu secret ba (*wink2).. We have quite lots of similarity, not only with our life story but also our taste in fashion. We planned to sukat the KL area again soon since 5 hours tidak cukup ba kan.. 

Just & Me
Another good things is I just received the English-Kadazandusun flash cards for my kiddos from yesterday. What so good with it?? Well, for a mother like me who have problem teaching her kiddos speaking in her mother tongue which is Bahasa Dusun/Kadazandusun, this simple flash cards are good  tools because it's help me to introduce more words in Kadazandusun to my kiddos. Teaching my kiddos who often mixed and communicated with peninsular kids who speak in Semenanjung Malay slang not a simple task you  know... God help me, in fact it's really a hard one for me since I am not with them 24/7. I almost think of sending them back to my hometown to live with my mother but I just can't bear the thought of being separated from them.. I just hope that at least they understand my mother tongue and speak a bit because to me it's better than nothing. So, Dusun mother out there who have problem with teaching your kids our mother tongue, you can get this cute and simple flash cards from because only them supply English-Kadazandusun flash cards in Malaysia and world maybe. Hope they can produce other batch of English-Kadazandusun with more words in future. 2 Thumbs up for them!

English - Kadazandusun Flash Cards
Okay That's all for now. I hope everyone will have a wonderful weekend. Happy Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meet Up With Blogger Friend: Just

At last I met up with Just at Armcorp Mall last Sunday! Yes, it might be just a moment but I am glad because I get to know her a little bit. I got to know her from blogging world and now we meet up for real kan Just... Honestly, I am pretty awed by her radiance since I know she is fighting for breast cancer.. She doesn't show her illness at all! Most woman who undergo this illness will stay at home resting but she still doing her BO business at Armcorp Mall!! Salute to you my dear friend.. 

Just & Me (^_^)V
I am really looking forward to meet up with her again and hopefully next meeting will be between us only since we have lots to talk about kan moy..(*winking).. I also hope I can meet up more Sabahan blogger in future! Anyone who live in KL or who gonna visit KL don't feel shy to roger2 me kio. 

Strangers are just friends waiting to happen. 
~ Rod McKuen, Looking for a Friend  (Thank you, Carolyn.)

P/S: The pic is the only pic of Just and Me that snapped by my husband..

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Monday, December 19, 2011

14 Days Of Absence!

Wow, how could I do that?! I abandoned my blog for 14 freaking days without any post, not even a pics?! That's really bad of me yet I did not did it on purpose though..(*sigh)

I want to post something but I am too occupied with my new interest in learning Spanish and I spent most of my free time learning it online. Nope it's not online program though (*winking). Actually I have this online friend from Costa Rica and he is trying helping me by speaking with me on Skype and it's freaking hard for person like me who have pronunciation weakness! Even my English pronunciation also suck!

Hubby only shakes his head whenever I sit in front of our computer for hours talking with this friend of mine. Thank you hubby! He know me well and my interest in making online friends. Who say that we cannot gain something good and useful from our online friendship? I have to thank my online friends because I learned to speak English confidently through them. Well, as I always said it depend on us on how gonna benefit from all of this technology. If we use it wisely, we can get lots of good thing and vice verse. But It gonna take me sometimes to really understand and speak Spanish because as I said I am slow learner when it come to languages.

I need to read this! @_@ V
Beside that, I was busy searching for good and affordable driving school to get my 1st license. Yes, you read it correct! My 1st driving license..LOL..and yup, I already found one and attended the 5 hours KPP yesterday at Perfect Driving School ! Boring? Yep, it is a boring class but wondrously I did not fall asleep at all! Not even a blink because the instructor/teacher know how to make the student animated with the class by playing video/clip which is funny or scary from time of time! I don't know when I am going to do the computerized examination to get the 'L' license but I intended to did it before end of this year and next year going to focus on getting my 'P' license (LOL). Seem like I am going to busy again with reading the text book and memorize it! Hope I am not that blunt yet so that I can memorize it easily (*laughing)

I was busy shopping for my kids school uniforms and shoes and also books for the new term of school that will start in about 2 more weeks. Yes, I like early preparation when it concerned with kids education. Hahaha, but only in that thing I am such a pushy!

Okay, that's all happened in the past 2 weeks! It's not much but for a small woman with 4 energetic kids like me, it's really took my time! I also want to announce that from now on there will slight change of the way I am going to post because I want to post more about my thought in future. Hopefully all of you won't feel bored with my rants about thing/people/issue in near future!

That's all for now! Keep the smile on your face, Happy Monday & Happy Working everyone!

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Saturday, December 3, 2011


One of my reader informed me about this yesterday and of course I am worried because I really don't what caused that problem since I do have internet security installed in my computer (home & office) so I am kinda confident that I am protected from any malware, spyware, virus or anything concerned with net world. But now I feel insecure after being informed about this problem and that make me thinking, "No wonder the number of visitor to my blog is lesser than before."

I am not a computer genius and I don't know how to fix stuff like this because I thought that those expensive antivirus that I purchased will do such thing for me. So, here I am  asking for help from any of you who know how to fix problem like this. I will appreciate anything, tips or link that will help me figure out how to fix this (*puppy eyes)

That all I can write for now because this problem kinda filling my mind since last night and I need to let it out! Really hope to get any tips from you all soon.. Happy Saturday everyone!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Losing The Passion Of Blogging?!

Considering the way I updating my blog nowadays, seem like I am losing the passion of blogging but the truth is I will never stop from blogging/writing because it is my way of expressing myself and my point of view of everything that crossed my mind. So the answer is NO WAY and NEVER WILL I. Yes, I rarely update my blog but it not because I am losing the passion in it but it just because I don't have free time to post a new story/opinion plus I don't have an idea of what I am going to blog about..
Image credited to
Some people like to share what they do in their daily life, some like to re-share the latest news, some like to blog about places, some like to post about food and in fact everyone have their own idea to blog about. But I don't have a specific idea because I like to blog about everything! Ya, I am blogging for fun but at the same time I take seriously the content of my post because I want people who read my blog to know where I stand on certain issue/matter and then ponder with the pro and con of those issue though sometime I become too emotional in my post..(LOL)

Image from
I am not one of those who can write a new entry right away in front of their computer! No, I am not that good because normally I need to draft my idea before I can write it right away. Okay, okay, I know you might laughing right now but seriously, I really do that.. Recently I can't draft my idea because I fall asleep after I  am done with house core on week days and that prevented me from posting new entry! Weekends? Hubby and the kids monopolized our computer, playing ANGRY BIRD! Yep, all of them including my youngest son. 1 against 5? I am hopeless right? (*sobbing)..

I wish my hubby never started playing those addictive game! But at the same time I enjoy looking at them because during those time I can see how close my hubby with my kids.. That's why I gave up to them.. It's not like they play it everyday but only weekend right?

You see, I thought this gonna be a very short entry but its more than 3 paragraph already! Got to stop here because hubby and the kids are waiting.. 

Happy Sunday everyone!

P/S: Please check out my WW entry next week okay.. (muka x malu ba ni..hihihi)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guest Blogger : 'Meeting Up'

Click here To Join

This topic caught my attention right after I login to my blog.. At 1st I thought it was another blogger meet up and can't help myself from being jealous.. Then I find that it is a virtual meeting and can't help myself envied the Cath-J for thinking such brilliant segment. Brillante! Count me in too okay... If You all want to know the details of this segment, do visit Cath-J site---> HERE

Well, the task of this segment is quite simple and I enjoy myself venturing the polyvore site because there are lots of attire from various type of brand and style! I thought I it will only take few minutes for me to create entry for this segment but it stretched to few hours because I just can't decided which attire I want to wear for this virtual meet-up! Okay, before I continue with my babbling, check out the segment theme/storyboard 1st:-

It’s a ladies outing.. assume that we are good friends (Something like the girls on Sex And The City movie) and we want to meet up at 1 of the nice fancy bar and restaurant on the evening.. But before that we are going to shop at some nice boutique 1st.

I have such a fun time mix-matching my outfit for Cath-J Blogger Guest Segment: 'Meeting Up'. I like most of the outfit and I just can make up my mind on which one because all of it really look nice and pretty.. Hubby keep asking "lama lagi ke??!!" and keep checking on me while me keep asking him, "This one sesuai tak Ling?" 

Wokies..Enough with the my babbling, now check out my picked outfit fot this meet-up... TADAAAA!!!Virtual Meet-up Outfit

Striped top
$13 -
Dorothy Perkins cotton pants
£30 -
Miu miu heels
$585 -
Gucci shoulder handbag
$2,190 -
Fine diamond jewelry
$27,300 -
Bony Levy 18 karat gold ring
$2,835 -
Juicy Couture bow jewelry
$48 -
Star jewelry
£18 -
Burberry Sheer Luminous Compact Founda

  I am ready with my outfit,so see you all there !!!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

I Am Still Here!

Yeah, I am still here in blogging world though for the past few weeks my appearance is like Chipsmore.. You know, "now you see, now you don't!"..LOL.. 

Although I don't have enough time to post my miles long entry, I still have time blog-hopping to read your entry and keep up to date about the my blogger friend.. 

1st of all, CONGRATS to Stella for her new addition in family and welcome to club of motherhood! Her baby is so cute that I feel like I want another baby..Ngehehehe!

I really adore newborn babies! Just looking at their innocent face  make my heart, mind & soul calm.. Sometimes I wonder why people who doesn't like babies exist. Well, you know people who dump their baby and people who hurt their baby...

2ndly, I want to inform you all about my intention to write about my past. If you all noticed, I always mention that I have done mistakes in the past. Mistake that change my life 360 degree. I am doing this not to re-live my past, not even to attract people attention, but I am doing this as a responsibility toward our future generation so that they will not repeat the same mistakes I have done. As Malay proverb " Yang Baik Jadikan Tauladan, Yang Jahat Jadikan Sempadan". 

Some people might said it's like "membuka pekung di dada" but to me it's just me sharing the truth about my past mistake. No use to hide the truth when we know that sooner or later people will found out eventually.

I guess, that's all I want to let you all know for now.. So, one thing for sure is I am always be here in blogging world, either as a loyal reader or blogger, so don't forget my existence..Hahahahaha!

Happy Working & Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Lazy Me On Monday & Technorati Try-Out

Good day everyone!
How is your 1st day of fasting? Me? Well, I am doing fine but to tell the truth I feel a bit 'malas' to do my work today.. My mind keep thinking of my pillow and blanket and I yawns all the time..Hahaha, luckily my boss is not around...(*yawning again)

Actually, I am not suppose to post anything this morning since I plan to do it later tonight but I am kind of bore and just now I surfed the net and decided to sign up with technorati.. Yeah, I know most blogger already done this so it's might sound 'basi'..hihihi..kesian kan..

I don't really know the function of Technorati but from the information I read via net, it's have something to do to attract more visitor right? I am not really keen about stuff like this since I am blogging just for fun but I guess it won't do me harm if I try out kan... Trying for fun, just to see whether it does really increase the visitor to my blog..

So, the conclusion is, this entry is just for Technorati verification only (YF3A8W8RFY25) and sorry for wasting your time with such boring entry..
Happy Monday & Happy Fasting..
(Both Image By Mr. Google)

P/S: Thinking of what to buy at the bazaar Ramadhan today? Hopefully will not 'rambang mata'...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Blog, My Pleasure!

I joined blogging world not because of following the trend but because I like to blog about my life and things happened around me. Blogging help me to express myself through my writing since I am not really a talkative one in person. Yep, in reality, in person I am truly a shy and quiet woman. I talk only when I need to and most of time I just listen to people talking out their opinion. But don't take my shyness and quietness for grant because if people challenged me to the limit, I will surely explode and like a volcano with it deadly lava, you may expect "deadly" words came out from me..

Why all of sudden, I write about this? Well, you see few days ago a person named 'melayu' leave a "message" on my shout-box that criticized my writing in English ( refer to image or you may find it yourself at my shout-box).. At 1st I think "Never Mind" but then after sometime I have this thought " What the heck! this is my blog, so it's up to me to write in English or in any language I want to."

I never and will never force people to read my blog! If you like my writing and my sharing, you are most welcome to come and visit, but if you don't like or maybe you don't like my English entry, feel free to skip my blog and go to thousand other blog that might write in language you prefer. FYI, this is my blog and everything I write here is exclusively for my own pleasure and for those who enjoy reading it! If my entry does not suit you, then shoo..shoo.shoo.. 

You people have your right to say anything about my blog but please do it in a ethically way. Remember that your word can hurt other if you don't watch the way you say it. Or at least, it might cause unwanted humiliation though you might not intend it to be that way. People will respect you more if you use a proper/polite words instead of rude one. For examples, instead of saying the above, maybe you can say it like this " Boleh tak buat entri dalam bahasa melayu pula. Jangan la asyik bahasa English je." Isn't it sound better and persuading??

To "melayu":-
Since when did writing in English considered as "berlagak"? Aiyo!! Sempit betul fikiran ko ni.. What century do you live?? If you dislike my entry so much then why you keep clicking my link? Well, I don't want to waste my time and peace of mind with narrow-minded like you, so THANK YOU very much for you 'positive' critic! From now on, main jauh2 dari blog saya ye..

For you my beloved reader/follower, MILLION THANK YOU for reading my boring entries in this blog  and leaving comment as well.. And ya, what do you feel if this happened to you? C'mon, don't shy2..share2 ba kita..

Okay, enough pouring out my hearth-ache.. Time to continue my filing task..GOOD DAY and PEACE NO WAR (^_^) V. I feel better..(*wink2)

P/S: Yesterday, for the whole day I keep thinking why on heaven people would leave such message, But now I don't  care anymore.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Oreo Daddy Dunk Event - I Am In!

Good day everyone!!! Last night I am bit whiny and glumly because of my "slimmer" purse but today I am back to the vibrant mother and wife again, with grin from ear to ear because my purse is refilled by hubby. Thanks to his rayban sunglasses (Gred AAA+) online business. Ahaks, menyelam sambil minum, blogging sambil promoting ba kan..(*wink2) 

Firstly, I am gonna post-phone again my intention to do the Brazilian Waxing to other date (unknown yet). My appointment with the wax boutique is on this coming Sunday but due to my "RED FLAG" condition, I have to cancel it.. Ehemm, paham2 saja la kio.. I am sad but what can I do to stop this nature of woman kan. I don't know when will I set another date since my work and home schedule is full until before Hari Raya Puasa, so for the time being I have to bear with Mr.Scissors and Mr.Shaver to do the tasks.=P

Secondly, I am gonna attend the Oreo Daddy Dunk event this coming Sunday!!!!!!! Since I cannot make it for the waxing appointment, so I decided to spend it with my hubby and kiddos instead. by attending Oreo daddy Dunk Event. Moreover this coming Sunday is Father's Day isn't it? Haiya, talking about Father's Day, I have not buy anything for my hubby yet. 
Last week I asked him,"ling, what do you want for this coming Father's Day?"

"Tak payah susah2.. It's enough to see you and the kiddos happy," he replied. That's what I love the most about my unromantic hubby. He put the kids and mine happiness above all. OPPSSS, I will save this for my Father's Day entry, so let's go back to the earlier point; OREO DADDY DUNK 2011 EVENT!


The even will take place at:- ONE UTAMA (OU) NEW WING, GROUND FLOOR MAIN ENTRANCE on: JUNE 19TH 2011 (SUNDAY) from 10AM -8PM. Yeppi, I might stumble upon some of the OTAI2 blogger there. (Excited tahap Gaban suda ni) Hopefully, hubby manage to get back the digital camera for better pics snapping but if not I will still satisfied with my Sony Erickson phone camera.. I better start to memorize those OTAI blogger face start from now..

Ba, boss's son is asking me to prepare the invoice  for customer so have to put full stop here.. 


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Am One Of The Winner!

Remember my entry for My Memory With Little Finger - April Draw ?Yep, I am one of the winner!!!!!
First of all thanks to my dear blogger friend, Just for informing me about my winning.. Hehehe, mandak I thought all the name in this entry/list is the winner ba..(Click here to view the winner list) Misunderstood pula gia.. Hope you won't get mad because I congratulated you out of reason but still I think your memory with your little one is a good inspiration for mommies who tend to neglect their kids due to physical appearance and you deserve to get my salute & congratulation ba just! 

Okay, now let start showing how happy I am for winning this.. OMG! I WIN!! For the 1st time I did win! (*jumping like my daughter) Pardon me if you think that I am out of my mind but I am tooooo excited right now for winning! Well, I know it's not even the grand prize but I still one of the winner, am I??? Feel like wanna do the break dance right now but oppps no I can't since I am in my office - will save it until I reach home after work hours, ayayai!

Seriously, this is 1st time ever I won any contest, giveaway or lucky draw via blogging. Actually, my participation is limited (so far I've entered 3-4 contest/giveaway/lucky draw) but as same as others who joined it, me too hoping I can win and now I WIN! Mau rajin-rajin la pula join contest la lepas ni..(^_^) V

To the generous organizer, eB thanks so much for selecting me as one of the winner.. I am glad and grateful for joining this contest of you because via this contest I read lots of mommies memory and some of it really touch me and inspired me to be a better mommy to my kids.. To all the participant, win or not, you all are SUPER-MOMMY!

Last but not the least, here is the pic of my winning item from the generous organizer! I love it before even I got it! THANKS!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Unique bag & I Contest


Tada! This goodie bag of mine is limited edition by TNT courier services. Nope, you won't have it unless you are loyal customer of TNT!

Monday, March 28, 2011

I loves Blogging!

I am blogger since 2003 but back then I am blogging using & I opted it to be private, meaning it's solely for me only. By mean, I did personal / private blogging where as my post was not for sharing..
source: Google
Actually it's more like my medium to pour out all of my anger, my sadness, my pain & even my complain to somebody or to everybody..Hmm, it's full with cursing & blasphemy too.. But, when I read it back before I decided to terminate a.k.a deleted it for good before I started this blog, I found out that it's not really that bad yet it reflected how immature I was. It's quite funny but I still have to terminate it because too personal & lots of peoples' name mentioned in it. 

Let see the difference between my habits / styles in blogging now & then..
My blogging habit back then :-
  1. Back then, I don't even bother to customize my blog because nobody gonna  able to read it.. I called it as my "black-book" because of the dark black background with only the text in white.. Imagine that, scary huh..
  2. Back Then, I was blogging for fun to fill up my 'leisure' time. Never ever crossed in my mind that I can earn money from it.. Pathetic isn't it.. 
  3. No pics / illustration / graphic / anything but TEXT in my post.. Hahaha, can you imagine what kind of blogger I was?
  4. I don't give a damn whether my post can attract reader or not
  5. I don't follow anybody
My blogging Habit present time :-
  1. I customizes my blog template - My blog will be always undergo template changing
  2. I join lots of site that enable me to earn money online via blogging.. My favorites is to write a review / post about something ( product / services / events ) since I can practice my writing skill..
  3. I uses lots of pics / graphics / illustration etc to enhance my post attraction
  4. I learn about SEO to drive traffic to my blog
  5. I followed people that share good info / tips / etc
I am happy because I change my blogging habits into something much more meaningful.. With new habits I connected to lots of friend with interesting passion and talent. It's really fun & refreshing to read about their life and opinion and even inspired me to be a better person.. Sharing is definitely a way of showing that we care about people around us.

So, lets keep blogging, lets keep sharing... Blogging Rock!

We're quite happy to cut it into many small useful pieces

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mata Cantik GiveAway

Tagged by ANNE & sebab don't want to missed another GA, I make this entry in hurry.. Although it's just 4 hour before the deadline, I want want to tag this 3 awesome people :- Lenn , Eryati & Jujie ( hope you gal manage to submit your entry before  the due time ). I wish everyone who joined this GA GOOD LUCK!



Here Is My Storyboard :-




  • Pics snapped by Sony Erickson phone camera
  • Editing done at


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