Friday, February 27, 2015


This year, I spent whole Chinese New Year holiday with kiddos and mister; swimming at pool, visiting National Museum and Butterflies Park and also food hunting around KL - Shah Alam - Subang. Yep, just a common and typical super cheap a.k.a budget family holiday but it doesn't matter because for us it was our family bonding-time. Moreover we have so much fun, especially kiddos.

Kiddos really like swimming but unfortunately the swimming pool at our apartment has been closed due to unknown reason, grrrr! Since I knew that nearby beaches such as Port Dickson, Morib etc must be crowded, mister and I booked standard suite at Peninsula Residence Suite Hotel for a night so that kiddos can swim to their heart content and trust me when I said that they really mandi sampai lebam, bwahahaha! Thinking of extending our stay but cancelled that intention because the price has been hike up 150%!

We checked out, continued our journey to venturing around KL attraction and managed to visit 2 places; National Museum and Butterfly Park in the midst of the scorching sun, hahaha! Kiddos having good time inside National Museum but their non-stop question really got my nerves, hah! They were fascinated by the historical stuff that displayed there (*smile). The eldest balik-balik kasi related stuff he saw with 'The Picker' and 'Pawn Star' show. Haihhh, anak..

At the Butterfly Park KL, once again kiddos show their enthusiasm with the surrounding especially the butterflies. It was such a pure delight to watch them connecting to the nature and I am really glad that I decided to spend more time with them. By the way, my youngest is really the sissy one yet adorable, hahaha!

Okay, enough rambling now sharing some of moment captured during our cuti-cuti KL 11:-

Mi Familia (^^)
Kiddos fun time at the pool - mandi sampai lebam katanya, hahaha!
from Tunung Family with love :P
1st time bringing all the kids to the National Museum
Posing with the antique car in front of the museum
kiddos wish they could take away that Japanese bicycle..hahahaha!
Butterflies Map
The Queen & Princess in our small kingdom :P
Pride & Joy
I heart this pic & moment (^^)V
Selfie is a must (^^)
Pic of butterflies that I managed to snap with my phone camera
 That's all for now, keep smiling everyone!
In the end, kids won't remember that fancy toys or games you bought for them, they will remember the time you spent with them - Kevin Heath

Monday, February 23, 2015


RHB HALF MARATHON 2015 that held at Bukit Jalil Stadium on 8th February was my 1st running event in 2015 and it was my 2nd 10KM. I decided to do 10Km because I am not confident enough to do half marathon to start off my running activities in 2015. Moreover I did not train at all after my 1st half last year..Ngehehe!

As always I was a lone runner, running all by myself and enjoying the morning view along the running track/route at the Bukit Jalil area. But no worries, I am making a lot of new friend all along (*wink). The route was really challenging; steep hilly slope all along but miraculously my ITBS didn't flare up at all until I reached the finish line. I am still the slow pacer and my times still over 1 hour yet I was happy because I ran without any injures or pain despite of my lack of training.

Regarding the event itself, I think it was a very smooth event and punctual as scheduled. The organizer did a very good job and the volunteers really supportive.
It's 5am in the morning and a forced smile :P
Posing like running man before the run :P

Running to the finish line :D
Yay! I made it without ITBS :))
Screenshot of the official result; Yayyy!! I am ranked 71th :D

No matter what people think of me, I will keep looking for opportunity to join more running event in future because I just love how it make me sweat out all my tension from my system and the satisfaction I feel when I reach the finish line.

Alright, that all for now. Keep smiling people! Peace!


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