Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #14

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What Happened To you?

That was a bonus question from my SIL the other day when hubby, the kids and I visited my MIL when she saw my face with lots of breakdown..Yep, since last fasting month I faced the worst pimples breakout in my life. Even worst than the one I endured during my teenage year! 

Hubby keep teasing me of catching this problem because I don't eat Petai and my HUGE appetite over chocolate and greasy foods.. Such a ridiculous myth since as far as I knew though our diet might play role on acne problem but it cannot causes the sudden acne breakout.. I might believe if people said it occurred due to hormone imbalance but never on diet habit..LOL
I don't really know what triggered this problem and I don't really care actually but I do want to get rid of it since it really turn down my self-esteem..Well, you know I don't wear make-up and the redness of my acne really show off and that cause me to feel a bit embarrassed to be in public.. Right now I am using the Natural Tea Tree Oil which recommended by my friend few years ago. So far this is the best product that I knew can fight pimples with no scar but I do like to try other product which is cheaper and effective too..Any suggestion?? 

You must think that I am such a whiner, aren't you?? The previous entry I whined about my flabby tummy and now this! Actually my point is don't feel embarrassed to ask for people suggestion/tips because who know their idea might help and here I am asking for tips of fighting acne breakout from all of you (*with puppy eyes)..

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eating Habit & Flabby Tummy

It's been 3 days in a row I started doing this intensive tummy/abs workout... Hubby is LOL as i writing this entry.. (*sighing).. Why need to do intensive tummy/abs workout? Well, I have a thin body BUT my abs or better I say tummy have this excessive fat cell which look so ugly and unbalance for my thin frame and I think I need to get rid of it...Who say thin people don't have flabby tummy? I have and that's why I need this intensive workout for my tummy since I do jog & exercise regularly.. I blamed my so abnormal eating habits though.. (*sighing again)

Diet?? No way! I love foods so much and I won't stop from eating my favorite foods just to get a flat tummy. I rather do intensive workout/exercise than starving myself.. But I already stopped my habit of taking heavy foods 1 hour before bedtime and change it to fruits instead. Yeah, I am a person who eat every 2 or 3 hours because I always feel hungry and I love to eat heavy foods and junk foods.. I am a petite woman with a huge appetite.(noted the HUGE word) I always hope that those fat rich foods I consumed can make my butt bigger or my leg & thigh more muscle but seem like it turn my tummy into flabby one..Silly me..LOL.. 

Changing my eating habits is seem impossible because I am always hungry! I can't  sleep when my stomach is empty and singing for food.. That's why I always make sure junk foods is available in my home so that I won't trouble hubby to wake up 3am in the morning just to buy foods for me though sometime I did wake him up especially when I crave McDonald Big Mac burger..(^_^) V.. Now, serve me right for having a flabby tummy...(mentally slapping my forehead)..

Eating habits is very important aspect that you must keep on tabs.. Lots of article stated that not only it is one of aspect that we must control if we want to have an excellent health and also a nice figure.. No matter how hard you exercising if you ignore this one very simple fact than you will not gain any improvement.. Well, I should keep that one in my mind.. For foods lover like me, this fact seem like a hindrance..

I am not figure obsessive because it's never a problem for me before since fat cells seem hate me very much but now seem like those fat cells love my tummy very much and started to make my tummy as their favorite pit-stop..LOL.. Imagine this; thin hands, arms, legs, thighs & flat butt but a very flabby stomach...Fugly & imbalance isn't it? That's why I need to workout my abs a little bit..Cheer -up for me okay!..(*winking)

My tummy is singing for another fill up though I just have my lunch like 2 hours ago! Wish you all a very Happy Sunday & Happy Maal Hijrah! Ciao.... 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Twilight : Breaking Dawn (Part 1)

Last night I watched Twilight: Breaking Dawn (part1) and guess what I am gonna say about this movie??! It's awesome! Best adaptation of the book itself so far.. 

When I watched the 1st adaptation of the Twilight saga  which aired on 2008, I was kinda upset because the storyline was entirely changed from the original story but still I anticipate the next movie and I don't really know why though..LOL.. Maybe because I have all the book in my collection..(*winking)

I like the intro scene where Jacob got upset after getting the wedding invitation.. Heck, what I am kidding?! I like the whole movie! I wish they didn't cut some of the scene especially the scene where Edward extracted their baby from Bella womb! At one moment I saw Bella spine twisted and blood vessel and then Edward with bloody on his mouth, hands and shirts.. If only I haven't read the book like thousand time, I might have no idea of what really happened in this movie... Such bugger! Killjoy! I wish I could watch the uncut version of this movie..

The movie also pictured the very pregnant and sick Bella amazingly.. I can't imagine how horrible Bella condition until I watched this movie. 5 THUMBS UP, for the make-up artist! Did I give the praise to the right person/crew?? Better I say, congrats to all of the crew instead huh..(*laughing).. I also happened to love Bella wedding dress because it's simple yet sexy & elegant! I think Bella wedding dress is better than Kate Middleton wedding dress.. Kate's die hard fan, please don't hate me okay...(^_^)V

Talking about this gonna take me forever if you allow me..LOL.. But, I want you all to figure it out yourself since I don't want to give detail to those who have not watch it yet that means cheating..LOL...Moreover, my opinion is just a tiny dot from countless opinion about this movie...Go to the nearby cinema and watch it and then do share out your opinion.. To all of you who watched it already, come on and share your thought with us.. Right now I already looking forward to watch the next part of this movie..Okay, one more thing, I love the soundtrack of this movie which sang by Bruno Mars..

Happy Friday & Happy Weekend in advance!

P/S: Gonna ask my oversea friend whether they can get the uncut copy of this movie.. (^_^) V and please enjoy the song...


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Monday, November 21, 2011

What If...

What a lovely Monday to start with (My wish..LOL) when the truth is I feel like want to bring along my blanket and pillow and snuggle comfortably here in my office if I don't mind to receive LOVE LETTER from my boss...(*wink2). Well, the weather is cloudy and just nice today but I wish the sun will shine soon because I want my laundry to dry off so that I can wash the other 2 basket full with dirty clothes! Laundry services? Nope, not my taste...LOL.. What a gross introduction! Yet I can help myself from mentioning it since it bugged me for days now.. (@@)

Now back to the main point... What's up with my entry title today? Well, for the past 2 days, I have not update anything  because I am busy, nope too engrossed reading other blogger entries. Some of them make me laugh, some of them make me slapped my forehead, some of them make me sigh, some of them make me cry and some of them make me wonder.. But as always story that make me wonder will always occupied my mind.. 

This "what if" issue, not an issue actually but more about our mind plot which considered as negative thinking by some people but to me it is not at all. Guess what, though I never regret anything happened in my life except few things that I wish I never done, I still reflect to the past and ask myself  what might happen if I choose the other option.. What if I stand on myself and refused to further my study in UKM? What if I follow my parents suggestion to let them to adopt my baby? What if I never agree to get marry? It's countless actually and though this kind of question sometime knock me hard with the possibility of what might happened but at the same times it give strength to pull myself together to accept my choice and make the best of it.. 

When I read peoples entry about how they feel sorry for ever thinking this what if matter, automatically my mind think of this, "why feel sorry? There are no law or regulation that prohibited us from thinking of the other possibilities. We are human after all and such thinking is normal for human like us, or at least for me.." It's not a problem at all but if you tended to mourn on it than that's a problem.. But overall, at always it depend on our perception.. 

I am not ashamed for ever looking back and thinking of the possibility of what if I choose the other option because I gain such strength from it to make my choice of life better than the other option. Thinking of it doesn't make us ungrateful person but in other way it make us appreciate our choice to it best.. So, don't ever feel guilty if those question of what if ever crossed your mind because that mean you are just a normal human being...(^_^) V

Happy Monday and Happy Working!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Forgetful Me!

Hi everyone! How's your day so far?

After a busy morning, now only I have a time to say hello to this blog of mine...Like it cares huh..(*Laughing)..
Image Credited To Mr. Google
Okay, don't want to make lame jokes again because I really have no talent in doing so..(*sigh)...Where should I begin this boring stuff of mine...(*thinking)...Okay, last night after I went back home, I was writing an entry for this blog from my mobile because I was thinking on posting double entry to my blog. Well, you know yesterday was suppose to be filled with words.. But, I was fall asleep before I managed to save it up in drafts and when I woke up, it all gone and I couldn't retrieve it again!!..(*sobbing).. Such a waste since I wrote it heart-fully..(*sigh again)..That's what happened when you typing from mobile and laying down at the same time with a full stomach..(LOL).

What did I wrote about last night? Nothing important really.... and I am not going write about it here because I don't have enough time...and I don't want to make any promise about re-writing it in case I might forgot again.. Lately, I become forgetful that I tend to forget even the simple thing and cause lots of trouble to me..(*sighing again)..What?! Facebook?! That one thing I can't forget...(LOL)..

Gosh..I can feel that my writing is starting to stray away from it purpose which is just to express my disappointment over my lack of focus lately.. So, now you know it, I better say "Ciao"...Cliff-hanger...(LOL)

Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Words-Filled Wednesday

Hello everyone..

Today is suppose is a Wordless Wednesday entry but since I haven't write a words since last week and I miss writing my mind out here, so NO entry for WW this week unless I change my mind later..(*winking)

So, what was up for the past 7 days in my life? Honestly, nothing interesting..(LOL).. Everything is same as usual except that I have so much in my mind! Normal though because I am just a normal woman..(*laughing)..But, yep there is always but.. We did managed to find suitable, reliable and affordable kindergarten for our princess. We decided to send her to her eldest brother former kindergarten (Tadika Alam Indah) because the we know the headmistress (Mrs.Chin) and the teacher (Ms. Kumala) well and we know that their teaching/learning methods work very well. Plus, the registration fee is cheaper from other kindergarten and we can pay it twice. Such a convenience for a average earning parent like us. How much? well, the registration fee is RM500 and the monthly fee is RM95.. The other kindergarten registration fee and monthly fee make me feel like choking, that's why we choose Mrs.Chin's Kindergarten and I am not going to regret it because I know this kindergarten can give my daughter a proper early education.. If you wonder whether it is one of the smart reader kids franchise than the answer is NOPE but it a good kindergarten for sure.

See, I have a lots to say though.. Wanna say more but I will save it for later because I know you all started to yawn already with this boring story...(*laughing).. Before I go, to all parents who have kids age 7 - 11 years old, don't forget to collect your RM100 per kid at their school okay!(LOL).. 

Okay, see you all in next entry..HAPPY WEDNESDAY & HAPPY WORKING!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Free Vacation

Hello everyone!

Yep,  we are on free vacation at Kemang Indah Condo, Port Dickson with MIL. Its not a grand hotel, not even a popular pit stop because this condominium area located in village area but for me the its okay. Of course I am okay with it because its free... LOL

This is 1st time the kids come to Port Dickson and they are excited especially my boys (Elan & Daniel) and Shasa. Shasa love staying at hotel because she love sleeping in air-conded room and she will refused to go back home when its time to leave... We have to persuade her and tell her that we will install air-cond in our small flat.. LOL, like that gonna happen.

I dont know whether we gonna go eye-sighting around Port Dickson or just lazing out in the condominium.. Ya, maybe thats good idea and I can  read books. .(*winking).. Hubby planned to go ti the beach later and also the night market but its all depend on the weather.. So, hopefully its going to be a good day today. . Insyaallah..

I have not manage to snap some good pics, so I cant tell you any thing about this free vacation yet.. Maybe I will write it later or maybe not since I dont really keen telling people about my vacation. Its not like I am stingy to share about my vacations but since most of it just simple one and not much to tell than I prefered to keep it and just mention it here and there occasionally.. But I have this intention to give my review about budget hotel/inn/homestay/apt & condo because we stayed on those place on most of our vacation.. Dream on Tunung..Hahaha!

Opppsss.. I can feel this entry is gonna bored you, so better stop here. I hope all of you a very happy Saturday, happy weekend and Happy Aidiladha in advance!

P/S: The pics taken today at the swimming pool here in Kemang Indah Condominium..

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Delayed Dream: Travelling Alone

Here I am attacked by the insomnia.. I want to read but I better not or else I will end up stay awake till morning.. So I think maybe writing a random post will kill it. . Talking about random post make think of sharing my dream of travelling alone..

I always dream to travel alone without any company but my books.  I have this dream since I was a kid and I really do hope that I will have the guts to do so. It doesn't have to be travelling to oversea because here in Malaysia we have lots of beautiful and interesting place though travelling alone to oversea seem more adventurous.. As if I dare... LOL

I have told my hubby about this dream of mine and he said why not if I dare enough. Yep, thats the main problem; I am not that brave to travel all by myself especially nowadays where lots of missing people reported.. Just thinking of that make my knees buckled out. Moreover, I don't think I can leave my kids without thinking of them and end up missing them..q

See, I think this dream of mine will be on hold until I have the courage and gut. Let say like 10 or more years in future?! Well, I don't know for sure since life is so unpredictable...

Yay, as I told earlier, writing this post really did kill my insomnia.. So what do you think of travelling alone?  Leave you all with quest and now I am off to lala land..(*yawning)

Good Night and Good Morning everyone...

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