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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Answer to Share Buttons Not Showing/Disappearing for Custom Template Users

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Since I don't know how to create my own templates, I always downloaded the customized templates available for blogger and then edited the HTML codes according to my taste. The 1st problem I noticed when I downloaded the customized templates are the invisibility of the blogger shared button though I already check it in  blogger post configuration. I tried lots of tips and trick I manged to find throughout the net but most of it really hard for a IT novice like me until I stumble upon the best & easy tips ( for me la.. )

To bring your share buttons back no matter what your custom html settings are follow these instructions:

1: From your Blog, click on the link named "Design" at the top right of your page.

2: Click on "Edit HTML"

3: Check the box called "Expand Widget Templates"

4: Click in the box and press ctrl+f or use your browser's search function.

5: Search for "shareButtons"

6: Below this you will see three lines spaced about 5 lines apart each that read like this:
  < a class = 'shared-button sb-email
  < a class = 'shared-button sb-blog
  < a class = 'shared-button sb-twitter
  < a class = 'shared-button sb-facebook
  < a class = 'shared-button sb-buzz
After each of the first ' characters paste this code:
So that each line reads like this:
< a class = 'goog-inline-block shared-button sb-email...
< a class = 'goog-inline-block shared-button sb-blog..
This should fix everything. Remember to click on "Save Template" when you are done. :)

Hopefully, this tips / tricks will help all of the IT novice out there..=)

P/S : Frankly, I write this tutorial mainly for myself so that I don't need to do the searching all over again when I want to change my templates again =P


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