Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day Trip To Alive 3D Art Gallery, Port Dickson

A week after my 2nd running event, kiddos, mister and me went for a day trip to Alive 3D Art Gallery at Lukut, Port Dickson. Kiddos were ecstatic because beside having a look at this new opened 3D Art Gallery it also means that we are going to jalan-jalan cari makan.

We departed from home around 12.30pm and arrived at Port Dickson around 2pm and had our lunch at the local stall near the Teluk Kemang Beach area. Food there was okay but quite pricey, so told le mister that not going to dine there anymore in future. Nasi+ikan+sambal terung kena cas RM10 terus makan rasa macam telan batu, grrrr! Luckily those tasty pisang goreng chased away my awakening bad mood, LOL!

However, the bad mood was back after knowing the entrance fee of the Alive 3D Art Gallery has increased from RM15 to RM20 for adult and RM10 to RM15 for children. My youngest height is below 90cm but he too subject to RM15 entrance fee, grrrr! Since kiddos was excited, bayar juga la with hope whatever inside worth it, hmmm. We have to take off our footwear (except sock) before going in and no need to worry because they provided us a locker to keep our footwear.

Overall it's a good place for photo-shooting with lots of 3D paintings/arts. To me it's not really an exciting place for kids because kids that have less or zero interest with posing and taking pics will bored easily at this place. Luckily my kiddos was so 'sporting' and well-manner that day but unfortunately our photographer a.k.a le mister was a bit grumpy due to the heat from the crowd of people in the building. Oh yeah, it was really crowded that day that it feel so uncomfortable to take photos because all those eyes were on you the moment you step on the shooting area and shooting point. Sudahnya, banyak gambar tak jadi, Huarghhh! (Note:-If you planning to visit this place, make sure you are with people who likes taking pics or photographing baru cantik-cantik nanti gambar kamu :P)

Spent around 2 hours inside before we got out and be free from those crowd. The money paid was not worth at all but kiddos were happy and well-manner jadi biarlah..We can always find way to earn  money but our kid smile is priceless kan..

Sharing here is pics from our Day trip:-

We were here :D

Add caption
yaii, sempat lagi berpoga, lol!

That's all for now, have a good day people :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Malaysia Women Marathon 2015: 21Km Finisher

I participated in the Malaysian Women Marathon on 8th March 2015 and this time I went for the Half Marathon which is my 2nd Half Marathon. I hope to beat up my 1st half marathon times which was over 3 hours and surprisingly I managed to reach the finish line faster than my last half marathon, yay! ITBS occurred after 15km and onwards but not as severe as my 1st half marathon because I still able to slowly run and sprinted 200 meters to the finish line, hahaha! Happy? Yeah, I am indeed! Siapa pun mesti gembira kan kalau dapat capai target (*smile).

As always my only method of training is my 2-3 times, 30 minutes to 1 hour jogging before fetching my daughter from school or during weekend and I never really try LSD training. My longest distance while jogging is 6-8 Kilometers depending on my mood and tummy, LOL! Siapa juga buli lari kalau tu perut bergedang minta isi kan,hehehe. However, I do yoga on daily basis though I only practice easy and beginner  pose especially those that related to curing and strengthening the ITBS.

Okay, enough with my insignificant training method, errr it's not even a training actually kan. Kalau suka-suka seja ikut lari-lari mo kumpul medal memang teda hati mo buat proper training kali, eh kah it's just me, wakaka! Well, overall the event was a successful one ( to me) despite of few flaw here and there but nothing is perfect. I have a great and fun time during the run but I wish that my friends can join me next year (*finger crossed). Yeah, I will definitely run again in this event next year! 

Sharing here few shots of me from the day of the event and also the official result (mine) and pics taken at MWM photo booth at the race-kit collection venue:-
Before run posing :P
Happy face after completing my 2nd half Marathon :D
Holding my finisher medal or should I say finisher tag '_*
Awesome caricature
Tiny finisher medal that look like those soldier tag
Official result :D
Pic taken from Malaysian Women Marathon photo booth.
That's all for now and until next story, have a good day everyone!


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