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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I am not a good mother :(

I have to admit that i am not a good mother. I love my kids though i m not very good in showing my feeling to them. My eldest sons once complained to me that i am very strict and mean to them and his complain make me feel utterly horrible with myself.. 

Since that day i am trying my best to change my attitude toward them especially with my eldest son, Ilhan Rafiq.. He is almost 8 years old and i know that during this stage of ages he is emotionally changing and i don't want my attitude affect his development in a bad way..

However my eldest son already show some sign of bad character in him such as laziness and stubbornness and i feel responsible to change this character in him. I read a lot in finding a way to change this bad character that seem become his habit and practicing it but so far nothing work..

I feel hopeless and always think that i am not a good mother.. But i won't give up..I will try my best to change him so that no one will blame for not trying in future..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ParenThots - Parents Corner ( Good Articles )

ParenThots - Parents Corner

I am agreed with the author of  this article because me too had practiced the method of using flash card and reading book to my eldest son and the result really impress me because he can read very well when he just 5 years old..

However i am very disappointed with myself because I didn't continued the method to my other children.. Reading the article remind me of my lack of effort to give the best for my children.. Right now, I made a promise to spare some times to use the method towards my other kids and hopefully it's can help them read in early age.


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