Wednesday, April 22, 2015

3R International Marathon 2015

Last sunday (19/04/2015), I ran my 3rd half marathon at Putrajaya during 3R International Marathon and managed to make it to the finish line within my targeted time (*huge smile).

I only have like 10min to warm up(warm up la sangat, hehehe) due to the long queue at the female toilet. It was no wonder because there only 3 toilet for like hundreds female participant and it was understandable when some of them (especially elders) used the OKU toilet. When I finished my 'business', masih panjang lagi tu barisan.  Hurmmm, very inconsiderate of the organizer!
They flag-off at 5.30am (very punctual huh) and this time I was in the middle of the crowd, jogging slowly (and turning on my runkeeper apps) while avoiding from getting bump/crush by the eager runner who were making their way to the front. For this event, I tried the method of running for 10-15min (in different pace) then brisk walking for 2-5min and keep that way till I reach the finish line. 

Regarding of the event itself, to be honest this is the worst unorganized running event I have ever joined so far. Worst than my 1st half marathon during PJ Half Marathon 2014. There were a lot of flaw during this events:-
  1. Wrong distance marker/signboard - such a  killjoy when the signboard said 4km to go and I was pacing a bit fast only to find out (thru runkeeper) that there are still approximately 7KM to go. Grrr!
  2. Lack of medical aid - I was lucky because I did not have any injuries, not even ITBS but I saw runner with bleeding shoes who ask for plaster/bandage from the volunteer only to get "don't have" as an answer!! Same answer given for those who having muscle cramp when they ask for freeze/cold spray..Pity those injured and have to tend it themselves (*sigh)
  3. Slow response (volunteer/ medical) - this is complaint from mister who joined 10km (his 1st) who told me of watching one guy collapsed at the finish line and help (from volunteer/medical) only arrived after 5-10min. Luckily other runners were there to help...
  4. No goodie bag - well, when paying an expensive fee, we are expecting to get something (sponsored goods) aren't we? I paid RM80 for 21km and got 2 bananas and a bottle of mineral water, plus running vest and pewter medal, oh nice! (note the sarcasm)
  5. Unsafe parking area - Mister and I parked our car the provided by the organizer (tapak pasar malam) that guarded by RELA and to our shock there were more than 5 cars got broken that day at the parking area where we parked our car. Hairan kan, ada RELA jaga tapi still incident like this happened. Make me worry since I have 2-3 running events in Putrajaya in near future.
Despite all the flaws, I still enjoy the run because of the beautiful morning scenery of Putrajaya (especially the bridge). Last time I ran here was during Makna Founder Night Run where I was focus on not stumble upon something on the road since I have a very poor night sight, hehehe..

Will I join this event next year or in future? Errr, I don't know yet but I might not. We will see that when the time come..Ngehehe! Okay, I am done ranting about this events and need to focus to my upcoming 4th half marathon (*winking).
Have a nice day ahead everyone!

compulsary pre-run pic :P
Post-run pic
21KM finisher medal
Runningman x jadi, LOL
Screenshot of the cert
Credited to Victor
Running is a road to self-awareness and reliance. You can push yourself to extremes and learn the harsh reality of your physical and mental limitation or coast quietly down a solitary path watching the earth spin beneath your feet - Doris Brown Heritage (1st woman to run sub 5-min indoor mile)

Monday, April 20, 2015

3D2N At Nipah Bay Vila, Pangkor Island

Finally, made it to Pangkor Island 2 weeks ago after a month of planning with my girlfriends a.k.a Just, Lin and Lia. Happy? Of course because managed to tick off one of my "Island must visit In Malaysia" list, Ngehehehe! But frankly, it was not worth at all and as my friend Just said, "Indah khabar dari rupa"..hurmmm.

We were supposed to ride with Lia but due to some unexpected issue, Just, Lin and me have to go by ourselves 1st (Lia will arrived the next day). So, we took a bus from KL to Lumut this journey took almost 4.5 hours then another 30min boat ride from Lumut Jetty to Pangkor Jetty. From Pangkor Jetty, we took a pink taxi/bus to our hotel; Nipah Bay Villa. Check-in was smooth; no deposit required but any other special request such as kettle or hair-dryer or iron needed RM50 deposit. However the hotel we booked was such a disappointment! The floor is sandy and sticky, no sound proof and it's a bit isolated! Tambah kecewa bila nampak banyak lagi hotel/chalet yang more decent yang sama harga or maybe cheaper with Nipah Bay Villa, GRRRRR! Hoop to Lin if you curious of the pink taxi or Just blog to see what our hotel interior/exterior look like since I didn't took any pic of it, hahaha!
3 of us at Lumut Jetty before depart to Pangkor and 5 of us before going back to KL
Wefie in front of our hotel
We spent our time food hunting, walking around the area and also have our share of experience feeding the hornbills.
berlakon seja tu macam kasi makan tu burung, hehe!
Woke up early and went to the beach nearby taking lots of pics (selfie and wefie especially). Tambah teruk juling air saya bila tengok balik tu gambar-gambar. Terlampau banyak!!! Lol! We also managed to get good bargain of Island hopping + Snorkelling. RM15 seja, murah kan... BUT not worth at all because we did not snorkel at all! The only thing I can see was 'gamat'. No fish or coral at all and the water is so dirty and gross!  Bukan niat mau hina tapi it's a fact. I thought of taking my kiddos here this June but not anymore la..After Lia arrived, we chartered a taxi/bus to take us around the Island and visit local attraction such as Dutch Fort, Foo Lin Kong Temple-The Mini Great Wall Of China and a new open gallery where they display interesting stuff/relic  to public.
Island hopping
Me at Dutch Fort and Galleria
Me again, hahaha!
Just and Me
Lin and me
3 of us
Wefie again, lol!
5 of us
Accompany Lia and her son to play at the beach before checking out from our hotel. This time we ride with Lia, so sempat singgah di Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan. Thought of jalan-jalan cari  makan at Teluk Intan but most of those recommended stall/restaurant was closed and we end up having late lunch at Mamak restaurant instead, hihihi. Arrived at KL around 8pm and I reached home around 10.30pm after having dinner with my family. 

Us, in front of the leaning Tower, Teluk Intan.
I heart this pic so much! Thank you Just for snapping this :D
The trip was a disappointment but still I cherished the times and moments I spent alone with my friends since I rarely hang out with them nowadays. Regarding Pangkor Island, I wish they can do something to restore the beauty it once had. I know that it was a beautiful island once that attracted lot of tourist but without preservation and conservation it become what it look like now (*sigh).

Alright, that's all about our trip to Pangkor Island. Have a good day and week ahead you all!


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