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Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Kaamatan Day 2013

Hello peoples!

At the moment I m on vacation with my kids. They are super-excited with this vacation because it's been a while since they go for cuti2 Malaysia. Where?? Hehe, wait for my updates hokey (*smile).

Actually I just wanna wish 'Happy Kaamatan Day' to all Sabahan especially my families and friends and 'Happy Gawai Day' to all Sarawakians. Friendly reminder from me; Safety first, please don't drink and drive. Kalau mau minum sampai kalapik pun, minumlah tapi biarlah kalapik di rumah, jangan kalapik di tempat yang tidak diingini kio...

Until next post, good day and peace no war(^^) v

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kotobian Tadau Tagayo Kaamatan!

Today is 31st May a particular significant day for us, Sabahan people because during this particular day, we celebrated Harvest Festival and I don't need to explain about it ba kan..Considered common knowledge sudah meti ni fact.. So, whoever doesn't know about it deserve a lumpakis (*LOL).. Just kidding kio!

Well, it's been years since last time I celebrated Harvest Festival in my hometown, not because I didn't want to but it because I couldn't afford the flight ticket back then.. How about now? Honestly, I still couldn't afford if the whole family want to go back during Harvest Festival because during this period of time the flight ticket (even AA) paling amahal ooo (@_@).. Ehemm, anybody want to sponsor my family flight ticket ka? In my dream mangkali ada la, hahahaha.. However, I do have this wish/hope that I am going to go back to my hometown during Harvest Festival and hopefully I am able to do so soon (*finger crossed).

To tell the truth, I really miss to celebrate this festival because during Harvest celebration we could hear magagong everywhere! believe me when I said that the last time I heard this art of music, I mean magagong was during my big brother wedding day on 2005. Once upon a time, me too knew how to play tagong tau (*wink2).. Now, I don't know because I never play it since 2001..

Opppss.. better I stop before I start to babble and write another long, long post.. So, I wanna wish all Sabahan wherever you are, all over the world :


Remember, safety 1st, don't drink & drive kio.. kalu mau drive juga, tapau tumpung/lihing/luping back to home & you can drink all you want without worry (*smile)...

Catch you again in my next post ya!

P/S:  Entry about PTPTN will release soon after special post for my 2nd son...


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