Thursday, November 27, 2014


Oh yeah, I did my 1st 15KM few weeks ago during MAKNA FOUNDER'S NIGHT RUN 2014 and thank God managed to make it to finish line with timing around 2 and half hours (approximately). Yep, not a good PR but I still proud of myself because I keep on running/walking even when ITBS on my left leg started bugging me during 8km onwards. Actually I already knew that I am going to be as slow as tortoise during this run because the ITBS still not fully recover from my previous run (Larian SJ Hijau 2014), LOL!

2 of my friend Just and Lin also participated in 10KM of this run. We planned to meet up at there before the run start but we only managed to meet up at the finish line because they were not arrive yet when the 15KM flag off. I planned to run and catch up with them but I didn't stumbled upon them even after 10KM so I assumed they must be ahead of me. That was when I started to feel giving up and almost called for the mister and kiddos to fetch me but then I thought of the kids who waiting for me at the finish line and decided to keep going because I want them to proud of me. Kesian juga dorang penat-penat tunggu kalau tidak dapat tu medal, hehehe.

Later I found out that Just and Lin were only 1KM behind me through whatsapp. Ya, sempat lagi berwhatsapp kihkihkih! I was so happy to see the finish line and importantly the face of my waiting kiddos at the finish line. Cepat ma, cepat! Penat Eyas tunggu! Cheered my youngest soon after he spotted me reaching the finish line LOL! Here are few pics took on that night with my phone and also mister's phone. Only snapped few pics because mister and I need to feed our tired and hungry kids.

Pre-run picture :D
Adik Wadah who encouraging me to keep going when I almost gave up 
At last, ada juga pic gigit medal. Sorou poh!

Taking pic at one of the photo booth
Running is really fun but the pain alongside my left leg really is a killjoy. Am I going to stop? Nope, I don't think I am able to stop because just like I fall in love with yoga, I fall in love with running all over again. Though I may not born to be a long long distance runner but I still want to try running in half marathon (21KM) and also full marathon(42KM) once in my life..Ngehehehe!

Alright, that's all about my 1st 15KM run. Thanks for reading and have a great day people!


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