Saturday, June 27, 2015

Reach Out Run 2015

I joined Reach Out Run 2015 organized by IM4U 2 weeks ago and collected another finisher medal for 10KM. It was a last minute decision since I wanted to do one long slow distance before fasting month. Saya berhibernasi from any running/jogging activities during Ramadhan because I knew that my body won't tolerate fasting and doing physical activities. 

It was raining all the way from starting point to the finish line but I managed to improve my 10KM PB and I was over the moon for that. Maybe it was because I am enjoying the rain as much as the run, ngehehe!  Siuk ba main hujan sekali-sekala. Rindu terus sama kampung tercinta!

This is another running event that I would give 2 thumbs up for their smooth and fun event execution despite of the cloudy and rainy day that day. They provide portable toilet, good number of  water station, effective medical team and supportive cheering team and volunteers. I personally love the running tee and have no remorse for paying RM48 since it will goes to charity. However, the finisher medal design is too common ( to me) and can be more creative.

Oh ya, they invited artists too! I recognized  Zizan Raja Lawak, Joe Flizzow, SonaOne and Aizat doing the 100meter race. Joe Flizzow was right to my eyes that day and  I wanted to take pic with him but I was too shy!! Akibatnya melepas, grrrr! 

Sharing few pics from the day of the event:-

Post-run pic & the finisher medal close-up
Selife in front of Wall of fame where the organizer enlisted all those participate
Lepas berasak-asak, dapat juga snap 1 pic at the Wall Of Fame. Can you spot my name?
Other pics
Screen shot of the certificate - My PB, yay!
Running & Yoga are 2 things that keep me fit, healthy and stress free nowadays so it will be become part of my lifestyle. I might slow down but I will never stop because I just like how this activity blend in with my life.

Until next post, have great day ahead!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Picnic At Sungai Congkak

During the recent school mid-term break, I didn't plan any trip or holiday for our family because the budget is quite tight nowadays plus I am saving for approaching Ramadhan and Aidilfitri. 

However, knowing that the kids need a fresh air and their dose of nature, we visited our favorite camping/picnic spot at Sungai Congkak. Kiddos love this place because it remind them of the stream nearby my home at village. They miss our kampung so much! Hopefully can secure our flight ticket end of this year or next year (*finger crossed)

Visiting Sungai Congkak cost me nothing except for the parking fee (and foods of course) but nobody collecting those fee when we went there during the mid-term break. Normally there will be local people collecting RM5 per car. It was really a nice small river/stream with clean and clear water. We didn't bring any foods with us because there are lots of stall selling various kind of foods along the road and the riverside..

We let the kiddos play to their heart content before we went to their grandma place. Mister drove a little bit further and we realized that there are trekking area too. Will explore this area in future with kiddos. Oh yeah, I really loves nature but I am phobia of earth worm! Pathetic, I know right...

On the way to kiddos grandma place, we passed by the Semenyih Dam. The view is so beautiful and majestic. No wonder it is popular as a photoshoot background. We parked for a while and let the kids fed the monkeys (from inside our car) that loitering around waiting for visitors to give them foods. Well ya, sempat juga saya practice picture snapping skill yang saya belajar dari online sama kawan i.e si Just, ngehehe! Scolded mister few times sebab kasi fokus tu kamera on me instead of the view. Siou kio darling, LOL!

Overall, kiddos having fun and I got to spend quality time with them. Yeah, I know their trip was not as luxury as their friends but I rather bring them to the place where they can learn to appreciate the nature than to the place where they can only learn to spend and show off.

Snapped few pics just enough to capture the moments we spend together:-


kiddos and me kesiukan berendam. jernih kan tu air...
Hasil latihan, ngehehe!
Saya dan rakyat jelata :D
P/S:- I think most people know about but just for those not aware, resort and chalets are available for those who want to spend a night there and get the feel on living among the nature. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Salam Ramadhan 2015

Despite of the sadness that happening around me lately, I still excited of the fasting month and don't ask me why because I simply like this one particular month for no reason at all. This year it will be fresh start for me, to learn more about Islam because honestly even after 13teen years I still feel like a lost lamb, stranded between past and future and unsure of the path I have choose. After the heart to heart talking with my mom, I been thinking of what she said to me about acceptance and  learning to embrace the fact that I am a Muslim now. I talked to her about situation I have thru while learning about Islam; that it terrified me and confuse me more. Honestly I still remember up to now how sad I was when this one person told me that my prayer is not going to accept by Allah because I didn't recite it in Arab. I still remember how unsatisfied and hurt I was when my question about originality of our current Qur'an, being ignored and misunderstood as blasphemy (when it was just out of my curiosity) that I stopped from learning at all. That was years ago and I have met lots of other kind and humble Muslim who approach me in gentler way since then but the disappointment over the past experience prevent me from moving forward. But it's going to change fo now on because I have decide to follow my mom advice. It will be one hard and long journey for me, so don't expect me to change overnight but In Sha Allah one day I will be there.

Blessed Ramadhan to all Muslims all over the world especially to my families & friends. May this sacred month remind us to be generous and moderate in our daily life and may our good deeds and Ibadah will be accepted by Allah.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Malaysia Team Fan Run 2015 (15KM Finisher)

On 31st May 2015 I joined another running event; Malaysia Team Fan Run 2015 organized by TM at Dataran Putrajaya and this time mister also participating. I registered myself for 15KM and mister joined 10KM (his 2nd). I considered it as my Kaamatan run, hehehe!

15KM gun off at 7.00am and as always I was late and behind the crowd @_@ Berangan mo kasi finish within 1 hours and 40min but I am happy finishing it below 2 hours, ngehehe! 

I considered it as one of very well-organized event among running event I've participated. Lots of portable toilet at the finish/start points, accurate distance marker, good number of water stations, ambulances & medical team and vibrant cheering team, breakfast pack, free flows of milk and 100plus and also entertainments. I also love the medal design! Gonna join again next year kalau umur panjang, In Sha Allah...

Sharing pics from the day of events:-
Pre-run pic :D
Post-run pic with medal close-up
Other mikirayou pics
US :)
Muka pancit mo kasi abis larian, hehe- photo credited to Victor & Elaine
Screenshot of the certificate. X sangka ranking below 50 :P

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mourning Heart

It's been 4 days since the shocking 6.0magnitude earthquakes hitting my beloved hometown, Ranau and our symbolic Mount Kinabalu yet I am still unable to give full concentration over work for what happened there. I may not there but my thought, heart and soul always wander back to my hometown.

Being a pure Dusun, who speak fluent Dusun and I grew up with customs and rules (it's in my blood) even after I have my own faith(religion), it really hurt me to read and listen to people mocking and making fun of my ancestors belief over recent earthquake that altered Mount Kinabalu forever. No matter how ridiculous their belief might sound, it's really wrong and unethical for us to ridicule their belief. Who we are to judge their faith and belief ?

Blaming others is not my nature because I believe everything happened for reason that only the Almighty God know. I feel so sad to the families of those who lost their lives on the Mount Kinabalu. I can only offer my prayer to them so that they will be given the strength and will-power to face the grieves of losing their loved one. I believe all of us, Sabahan wherever we are, mourning and crying in silence over the life lost and effected over the earthquake that hit Mount Kinabalu on that fateful day.
Call me paranoia but I am still worried for my family and friends back in Ranau because natural disaster is unpredictable but I am hoping and praying that everyone will be safe. Mom said the spirit of the sacred mountain is showing its anger over the recent disrespectful act by several tourist during their hiking trip. Menurut cerita orang-orang tua, Ranau akan ditimpa musibah besar kalau Gunung Kinabalu runtuh.. Wallahu a'lam..

Yesterday yet I am still mourning over the loses..

Life goes on but they will never be forgotten..

Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy 11th Birthday, Daniel!

Last Saturday my 2nd son, Daniel turned 11th years old. No mini family party for him because Mister step-sister a.k.a my SSIL invited us to her house and celebrated her son birthday together with Daniel. Hurmm, actually I was kind of reluctant to go because I prefer to do our usual mini family party tapi kena jemput kan..

I only brought along Daniel birthday cake that I ordered from RT Pastry via online to sister in law place. This time we ordered Yam flavor cake and I tell you, sedap gila tu kek tau! RM72 for 8" delicious cake worth the value. Thanks to sister in law, foods & drinks all prepared by her. It was just simple celebration attended by mister siblings but kids were having fun that day.

Unfortunetely, I didn't took many pic that day, haihhh! 

To my beloved Daniel, Happy Birthday Anak. May you grow up to be a kind-heart, responsible & successful gentleman. Mama will always pray for your happiness and success in this world and hereafter. Love you to the moon and back!


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