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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Football Fever!

Kihaaaa!! It's Euro 2012 already and I am officially caught with football fever! Iya, makan bola, tidur bola, mandi bola, kerja bola, in fact everything is about bola right now.. Hahaha, Just kidding bah.. Bola, bola juga but kerja tetap kerja kan (*winking).

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I can't hardly wait to watch my favorite team match; Germany & Spain (*grinning like idiot). I been setting reminder for all of their match and I really hope both of them will make it to the final. I took longer nap this afternoon to make sure I am fully recharged to watch match of Germany vs Portugal at 2.45am.

That's all I wanna say in this very short update. To all football fan out there, let support our favorite team in good manner. We are civilized people, so please do not marred this football season with racial sentiment. Say no to racism !

Good night  everyone!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Uncivilized Action Of Malaysian Audience!

I am not really motoGP fans but I do keep on tab about this sport because well ya my hubby likes this sport though he never watch it live at all. I guess maybe all of us knew that one of the popular figure in motoGP, Marco Simoncelli deceased yesterday at our very own Sepang circuit after involved in disastrous crashed with 2 other rider. I only knew about the news after reading one of my FB friend updates who was there at the Sepang Circuit where the accident took place. 

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Actually this post not really about the deceased rider but I am writing this because I felt disappointed with our peoples who throwing rubbish on the circuit after the organizer cancelled the race. From what I read from articles and people updates, the audiences were angry because the race was cancelled without detailed info and the news of Simoncelli death only announced after some of the audiences left. 

When I read this, all I can think about is, whats wrong with all those people? They were there, watching the whole accident right to their eyes and they still need a detailed info? OMG! Are they blind? Didn't they see that accident  might cost that man life? Those audience who throw rubbish really act like child throwing tantrums when something make them angry.. Geez, such a shame! Their action gonna cost our country it good image for sure..

You might think that I have no right to say anything about this since I am not there. You might even think that I judges without knowing the whole story. Ya, I realize that but I don't need the whole story to give my opinion about the audience selfish behavior because the proof is there. The rubbish won't scattered on the circuit unless someone throw it there, isn't it? So, in my opinion the audience action really unacceptable! We live in era of civilized country so act like one.. Only caveman showing tantrum like a child and even a caveman can act better than those who involved in littering the Sepang circuit..  

Ya, I am bit emotional because I love my country and I don't want such incident tarnish our country image. It's not only showed that the audience ( Malaysian mostly ) acted like uncivilized but at the same time it showed that the audience have no respect to the  deceased rider and his family! They said that they were not informed with the Simoncelli death but being there watching the whole episode of the accident they should know better that the result was fatal and instead of throwing rubbish, they should pray or at least hope that the involved family will get through the loss.

I always emotional when it concern with someone life.. I may not know Simoncelli and his family very well like those fan of him but I can feel the hurt and sadness of his family especially  his father who watched his son catastrophic accident. In fact, I can't imagine at all how terribly sad his father over his son death.

To all the audience who involved in those 'throwing rubbish' incident at the SIC yesterday; please do not do that kind of action in future. Remember that we Malaysian, rich with moral value that patience and understanding are among those good quality in us.. Ya, you might think that your action speak for yourself but in the end people worldwide still related it to our country image..

R.I.P to Marco Simoncelli and to his family, may God give you the strength to get through the lost.. 

P/S: - Really hope that world won't condemn all Malaysian just because of those uncivilized action..
       - Anyone who read this and happened to watch the GP race yesterday, please do not mad at me because I merely expressing what I feel about the 'throwing rubbish' incident okay..Moreover, no point to get mad if you are not one of them right? PEACE NO WAR! (^_^) V

Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Larian Serentak 1Murid 1Sukan 1Malaysia"

Phewwww..Just come back from participating the "Larian serentak 1Murid 1Sukan 1Malaysia" at my kiddos school. It's not really challenging because the running distance is just about 2km but still I enjoy the events. I manage to finish it in just 9minutes..Hmmm, quite okay since I have not doing it for 5 years. Below is the summary of the program.

7.45am - warming up, singing the theme song of "1Murid 1Sukan 1Malaysia.. I just listen since I don't   know the song
8.00am - watching the opening speech by our PM, live from Padang Esplanade, Taiping, Perak.. The last bit of the speech actually..You know the part where he said "dengan ini saya melancarkan Larian serentak 1Murid 1Sukan 1malaysia
8.15am - briefing about the running route
8.20am - What else acara lari la..hihihi

Woittt..Macam laporan sukan la pula..hihihi.. Well, the events finished around 9.00 am because lots of parent who participate reach the finish line took up to 40minutes  since most of them just walking instead of jogging/running. But it's okay..At least they show their support by participating though they might only walking all the way off.

Activities/events like this should be conduct often because it can encourage students to exercise/sport more plus this kind of events can strengthen the relationship between parents and teachers/school staff.
I always told my kiddo the be active in school co-curriculum because not only it can revitalize their body but at the same time it can expose them into environment where they can learn to socialize in positive way. To me co-curriculum and curriculum/academic should b e balance because both of it have the same importance  in our life. I don't want my kids to be a "kaki bangku" only. I want them to excel in both academic and sport. Woahhh.. Such a big expectation!
So, what about you? Do you think being excel in academic alone is good enough for your kid? Don't shy-shy to share your opinion kio.. Just voice it out! As expected from "muka tembok China" like me kan.. 

Wokeyyy.. I smell unpleasant odor and that's my red signal, so I have to stop now to take my morning shower and get rid of those smelly odor before preparing food for the family..Oh, ya..Have a look at few pics taken in this events:-

Elan with his friend
Daniel with his roti..Gezz, I only manage to capture his pic after the event because I couldn't find him anywhere before the event..
Elan, daniel & me after the events..   
 So, until next time.. Good day and enjoy your weekend! (^_^)V

P/S: I still remember the wailing kid (standard one). When I asked him why he cry, he said his mom only send him to school and then went back home. He said he is sad because he envy those kid whom parent attending the event..Poor kiddo..

Welcoming July & Resurrect Old Passion

Today is 1st July and 2nd July already welcoming us in just another hour. Gosh! seriously? It's already half year of 2011! It's feel just like yesterday I watch the sky fill with fireworks celebrating new year of 2011 and listed out my year 2011 resolution. Have I achieve any of it? Geezzzz, don't really want to write about it now, so can I just keep the answer till end of this year?..

Tada!! The new shoes..
Since I am done with welcoming July, now I am going to continue my story about finding the cheap but nice running shoes and my history in participating in marathon 5 years ago . Yep, I already bought one this afternoon. It's purple and black in color and only cost me RM42++ . Why black? It's obviously because I hate to wash my running shoes regularly, hahahahaha... 

I bought this shoes because I decide to start joining marathon again after 5 years break. When I was still studying at UKM, I was an athlete and marathon was one of my favorite activities. I still remember participating in "Larian Samsung" in UKM when I already pregnant with my eldest son and still managed to win the 4th place among thousand of participant.. Hehehe, guess what? Nobody know that I was pregnant, even me didn't aware that I was pregnant. I have join lots of marathon back then but after I graduate from UKM in 2006 and got my 1st job, I rarely have free time anymore.

Image from Mr Google
Recently, I feel like I miss to do this activities after I look at my friends picture and update in Facebook about joining marathon. I am looking forward to join any marathon that held around Selangor in near future but not now since I have to train my stamina back. For a start, I am joining the "Larian Serentak 1Murid, 1Sukan, 1Malaysia" that will be held at my sons school (Sekolah kebangsaan Puchong Indah) tomorrow at 7.00am. 

Well, if I am not mistaken, this event will be held in all school in Malaysia tomorrow and the launching ceremony is held at Padang Dataran Perbandaran (Padang Esplanade), Taiping, Perak Darul Ridzuan.

I don't know how far is it but hopefully I will manage to make it to finish line. Is my hubby gonna join it? Hahahaha, just listen to the word 'running or jogging' terrify my hubby! So the answer is nope..He is going to be a nanny for a day tomorrow instead..

Woahh!!! It's already 12.20am! Mean it's already 2nd July. In other word, my pillow and blanket is calling me to join them so I better stop this rants now. Moreover I need my energy tomorrow..(*wink2)
To all parents who will joining this events, Chaiyo..Chaiyo! (^_^) v

P/S: For the past 3 days, I boiled and drank ginger soup/water for "tahan nafas" purpose in order to avoid "pancit" during long distance running..


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