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Friday, December 21, 2012

When 'Chickenpox" Attacking

I guess everyone are busy talking/writing about the so-called 'end of world' which apparently not going to happen today (21.12.2012) but not me because I never give heed about this matter since I know that no human could ever know when is the end of world except God. It's not that I am arrogant about this matter but it's beyond my power/knowledge, so there is no use for me to predict/speculate about it but be thankful that I am still alive each morning I wake up. Well, enough with my two cents about this and back to the point of this update (*lol).

Image credited to
So it's true then.. When 'chickenpox' attacking your kid, your routine gonna change 180 degree! Yep..that happened to me recently when the my youngest boy (Eyas) and his sister (Shasa) got chickenpox and hopefully my other kids immune of it already (*finger crossed)..

I brought  Eyas and Shasa to my office for almost 3 weeks and it did effected my work because taking care 2 sick kids while doing your job is that easy but I prefer that way instead of worrying all the time about them. I am so grateful because I have a very considerate employer who doesn't mind me bringing the kids at my office. May god bless you and prosper your business, boss!

Luckily it's school holiday or else my routine gonna change 360 degree! lol.. Actually, Eyas and Shasa already recover from the chickenpox now and my routine back to normal now (*thank God).

Christmas is around the corner and as it approaching, I couldn't help myself from missing my family and the Christmas celebration back in my hometown. It's been a while I never back at my hometown during Christmas (*sigh).. I am thinking of putting up a Christmas tree in my house here in Puchong but have to cancelled it because "some people" might get the wrong impression.. I miss to be in Sabah where people are more open-minded and not too skeptical about everything...

Darn.. I am out of topic already! LOL.. Anyway, that's all for now and until next entry people.. Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monthly Budget Addition: Milk

Remember in my past post where I mentioned about my dislike of milk or anything that contained with milk?? Never mind, since me too don't remember which post (*scratching my head, LOL). Actually, starting from next month, I am gonna put milk for myself in my monthly budget and I am gonna force myself to drink it though I knew I will hate the taste and it's all for the sake of my own bones health.

Image Credited to Mr. Google
As long as I remember, the only time I have ever drink milk was during my pregnancy of my 4 kids but it also not consistently because sometimes I did skipped from taking it. Tidak tahan saya tu bau oo.. However, I do know the benefit and importance of milk to our health, so I have to bear with the smell. After all, it's all about mind set ba kan. So, I should to train my mind to think the smell and taste of milk is as tasty as ice cream maybe.. Buli ka itu?? (*LOL)

Okay, okay, enough with lawak yang tidak funny, and let me ask you people what is the best and affordable milk for adult?? The only brand I knew is Anlene which is reviewed as good and cheap. Ada brand lain lagi ka yang ok??

Hopefully I can stick to my plan of drinking milk daily.. Saya pandai tu mau kasi tunda2, but hopefully ni kali tidak la. Of course I have not yet feel any back pain for now but precaution is better than cure, isn't it?? So, next month I have to put aside some money for this purpose in my monthly budget. But, investing some money for our health is beneficial enough ba kan..

That's all for today. Gonna take few hour sleeps before waking up again at 2.45am to watch the semi-final match between Spain and Portugal (*winking).

Good night you all..

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Exercise For Good Health!

Have you ever been in situation where people questioned your motive of exercising??  Well, I have and their question really irritating me sometimes. I always received remark such as "awak kan dah kurus, tak payah la nak exercise lagi" or "badan kremping pun nak exercise lagi ke??" or "dah kurus nak kurus lagi ke??" etc. whenever they saw me doing my weekly run at the nearby park. Hello, ada undang2 ka yang halang orang kurus beriadah. Kalau jeles, cakap saja la jeles kan. Nda payah cakap berlapik2 (*pissed off) Normally I will just ignore those remark but if I am not in mood I will give them one of my 'laser' answer..

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Never ever crossed in my mind to exercise solely for maintaining my slim figure! In fact, in whole my life I always try to gain weight, meaning I don't want to lose my fat cell but I want to stay in good health as well and exercising is one of the best way to maintain good health. I have tried not to exercise before this and the result was disastrous; I was always tired and pale although I ate good amount of foods and my blood pressure rises drastically that caused me to feel dizzy most of time. So, there is no way I am gonna repeat that stupid act in order to gain weight ever again. So, for those who have this negative perspective of slim/skinny people who do their exercise, please acknowledge that exercising is good for our health beside it help us to maintain our figure. 

Nah, kan explode suda gunung berapi! Such a relief for me to be able spit out my raging feeling toward those people who always said above stuff to me. Nowadays, I do my weekly run in the morning when most people are still sleeping and I feel more comfortable doing my aerobic/zumba at home with my daughter. Less irritating because I don't have to hear any negative remark and more freedom! 

It's almost 5pm, so gotta go now for my aerobic & zumba workout session! Have a blasting & blessed weekend everyone! Peace No War!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Should I Try Or Shouldn't I Try?

You must wonder what's  the question above all about? Let me do the telling before you all jump into the wrong conclusion kio.. 

Image credited to Mr. Google
Last week hubby, the kid and me went to my Mom In Law (MIL) to buka puasa together. After that, out of nowhere we start to talk about this particular food supplement drinks called Cocoa Collagen which is pretty hot among woman nowadays. MIL said that this product really are good and she suggested me to try this one out.Well, I also aware of this product because some of my FB friend also recommended it to me. 

I guess all woman must know what is collagen and I don't think I need to define it to you. Even my mother knew what it is! hahahaha, really funny when I remembered my mother told me to eat lots of citrus fruit and broccoli to delay aging due to lack of collagen. Jangan main2, orang kampung lagi advance oo sekarang.. I do know that lots of woman out there really concern with this collagen stuff because it's something related to our outer beauty. Jangan nak kata tak kisah pasal collagen ye.. 

I never tried this kind of product before because I don't like any kind milk-based beverage..YUCK!  So, it's a bit hard for me to give this product a try but being a woman, me too have those urge to try product that can enhance my inside and outside health. So far, I only took vitamin C tablet as a health supplement because according to what I read through medical and scientific research article, it's the most important mineral that can help our body to maintain our health and also maintain the collagen level in our body.

However, since I notice the difference of my skin nowadays and 10 year back, I start to consider on taking supplement that focus on enhancing or at least maintaining collagen level on my body though I still believe in natural source. I don't want to look like 40 years old woman when I am just 29.. I sure don't to wear make-up 24/7 to cover that! And sadistically, I don't even know how to put on make-up! Masalah..Masalah.. @_@

Yes, nobody can stop aging because it's part of life span and everyone will undergo the process and I am thinking to try out this kind of product not to stop the aging process but only to prevent aging before the time. Who want to look like 40 when she/he is just 30, right? I will never put myself at the same level of those celebrities who are suppose 50 years old that have a stretched-plastic face. You know what I mean.. Haiya, just look at our 1st lady la..Tegang bangat!!

Opsss, did I rants too much? Okay, better back to the main Q:- So should I give it a try? Or shouldn't I give it a try? Or maybe you gals can suggest me another type of product with same purpose? Share2 la you all punya beauty secret kio..

I really want to rant some more since I haven't rants in this blog for some time but I got to go now because I need to settle 1 pending paperwork which my boss need for this afternoon meeting with customer. 


Monday, June 13, 2011

Blister/Rashes Around My Lip - Advices/Tips Needed!!!

 I no longer can stand this anymore! Normally I rather suffer in silence but this time I don't care anymore because it's happening again and I don't think I can't stand the injection and medication anymore! I know I am whining like kids right now but have look on the picture (self-taken with HP Camera) below and you will understand why..

Redness around my lip - less obvious since I camouflage it with make-up
Yep, my upper and lower lip area is having this redness that feel so itchy and I couldn't scratch it since it will turn into watery blister. This never occurred to me, not until my sis in law asked me to tried this lip softener/moisturizer of Mary Kay product last February. Then it's happened and until now I regretted it. I already consulted a doctor and skin expert and they say that I must be allergic to this product and should avoid from using it. That's is the 1st and last time I will ever tried Mary Kay product but the problem  is once I stopped using the lotion (prescribed by doctor and only can get from hospital or clinic) this problem will occur again and that's really troublesome. I don't want to depend on this lotion for whole of my life! ARRGGGHHH!!! There goes my blogging mood..

If any of you out there have any advice or tips on how to solve or at least to reduce the redness and itchiness please do share with me. Seem like I have to stay indoor today and until this ugly redness subside ..(*sigh) 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Health Or Career? Which One Is Your Choice?

Want to find out if you’re living a healthy lifestyle? Take a profile test to a journey of self-discovery and improvement. #NestleProfiler

What is your answer if people ask you which one yo choose, your career or your health?
Mesti teragak-agak mo jawab kan.. Well, though I might be workaholic but to me I rather live with healthy lifestyle than having a awesome career but in poor health condition.

But to think in logically, health should come first right? If you have a healthy body, healthy lifestyle and healthy environment than only can you pursue an awesome career with awesome figure kan..
People always neglect about their health once they in the line of awesome career because of their obsession to maintain that level of achievement. When they face a bigger problem due to their ignorance of health then only they start to take note of their health.. Bila sakit baru la start pi jogging, pi senaman etc..

Actually, I am one of those people who less care about my health.. hehehe, shameless betul la sia ni kan.. But it's not because of I don't want to tapi sebab malu pasal orang selalu tanya soalan cepu emas whenever I go to jog or exercise.. Want to know what the golden Q is?

" Ai, suda kurus pun mo jogging lagi ka? "
That's it! Terus hilang semangat mo jogging.. Nowadays, I never go to public park to jogging anymore because I only do my own aerobic at home with my kids..It's better because I can spend happy time with my kids who is eager to be my aerobic partner and do some exercises at the same time..

What about you all pals? Health or career? How about the WHO Campaign? Have You support it? Please share your piece of mind with me okay!


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