Sunday, July 26, 2015

Eldest 13th Birthday

Actually son birthday was on 19th July and nothing extra-ordinary or happening event occurred but still, I want to leave some memory on this blog of mine for my own record. Took me sometimes to write this tho. Sibuk beraya ba kunun, hehehe.

This year, eldest 13th birthday fell on 3rd day of Syawal, so went to Subang Parade's Secret Recipe to fulfill his wish of not having any special birthday cake but to treat his siblings and him dinner at his favorite food outlet and have a piece or 2 of those yummy cake from secret recipe and also his favorite meal; beef lasagna. Syukur Alhamdulillah, this shy boy of mine memang tidak banyak permintaan (*teary eyes).

I guess every parent might have the same feeling I have now.. You know those feeling of dreading the moment that their kids grow up so fast and won't need them anymore.. Honestly, it's a wonderful journey to watch him grow up and develop but it's also scary because negative vibes and aura is everywhere around us and it make me feel like I have no enough eyes to watch over my kids especially my teenage boy. 

People said parent shouldn't be too over protective over their kids, that we need to let them mingle and explore the world so that they will able to stand by themselves but still to me it's something I won't be able to fully commit, not because I don't trust my kids but mainly because of the threat from the environment and people around them. Banyak kes yang unexpected ba sekarang (*sighed).

Gosh, don't want to turn this writing into soppy one, so to my beloved 1st born; Mama will always pray for your happiness and success in life and hereafter. Mama also pray that you will grow up into kind and responsible gentleman. Happy belated 13th birthday son, love you to the moon and back!

My beloved 1st born :D

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Salam Aidilfitri 2015

Oh my, how time flies...It's already day 6th of Syawal, can you believe that?! Am supposed to post this on 1st of Syawal but you know banyak betul aral yang melintang and glad that today (although it just a boring story of my ordinary Syawal celebration) I have free time to finally publish this.

Based on last minute voting (macam pilihanraya la pula, hehehe) this year my small family choose blue as our theme for baju kurung & baju melayu despite of my sulking face because I don't really fancy the color especially it's seem so striking to me. This year teda tempah baju kurung because I have this RM50 Zalora discount voucher from digi, so decided to use the voucher to buy my baju kurung from Zalora. Mo jimat ba,tehehe! Bought Mister and sons baju melayu from our the apparel shop nearby and noticed that there is major price increase of the baju melayu (same design & material, different color). Terasa juga la the difference sebab puluh ringgit juga (-_-). Darn GST, grrrr! Le daughter baju kurung is the cheapest, so the total price of our baju kurung/baju melayu still within budget. Ayat bikin sejuk hati, Lol!

On the eve of Syawal, as always I go to my MIL house in Semenyih to help her with syawal preparation since as always everyone will gather at her house on 1st Syawal before berkonvoi visiting families, relatives and friends around Selangor. On 1st of Syawal, we went to kiddos Atok Li (FIL) house 1st then only we went to gather at kiddos grandma (MIL). This been a yearly routine of mine for the past 13 years (*smile).

One thing I really anticipated on Syawal is asking forgiveness from everyone of our wrong doing that can give me some kind of relief and feel the burden of guilty and remorse lift from my heart (*sighed). Of course the for food lover like me, variety of food juga amat ditunggu-tunggu, hahaha! 

So I am taking this opportunity to wish all my muslim families,relatives & friends a blessed and meaningful Syawal. Let us learn to forgive and forget, be kind and generous to each other and count everything as a blessing. Salam Aidilfitri!

Blue theme :)
Family pic at FIL house
SILs and me
Somewhere in Meru, Klang


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