Thursday, March 31, 2011

World Book Day / Month

Next month ( or maybe should I say tomorrow ) gonna be my favorite month because there will be lots of Book Fair in conjunction with World Book Day which held on 23rd April every year.

MPH, one of my favorite bookstore is conducting lots of interesting activities such as  quiz, competition etc. to support the world book day which will held for whole month of April.

Well, I am aiming to buy lots of books for my collection & also story books & activity books for my kids.

I already listed some must have books that I must or at least try to buy with 'good' price. Among it is the book from our former prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Yeah, I haven't yet buy the book because I am so damn busy..
Frankly, I can finished up to 5 books ( 100 - 300 pages ) per day if nobody disturbed me! And NO, I don't skipped any pages! Wanna know the secret? READ HERE !

So I guess I need to restore my energy to the max condition before I started my month of reading! My hubby gonna be mad.. April, here I come!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reality Show In Malaysia

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 Mentor 5 by tv3 is still on air and recently AF9 by Astro announced their 12 finalist.. There are lots of post about this two reality show in Malaysia, so I decided to voice out my own point of view about this show..

First of all, I am not fan of this show and I don't even watch this show.. In fact I don't like this show at all..
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  • Too much gimmick
  • Too much dramas

  • Winner decided by SMS votes
As simple as that. We all know that every movement ( except for private stuff ) of the participant recorded all along during this show and  the participant even realized about this. So, how we gonna know whether their attitude or behavior is not an act / gimmick to gain votes from the audiences? We never know! People can manage to act cool and nice whenever they are aware that someone is observing them!

I know that audience nowadays are wiser and knowledgeable about music and entertainment industries but do they really know what is it about? Try asking them what exactly the meaning of ' pitch ' in the term of music. Maybe some of them might give the right answer but do they really understand it? I don't think so...

Moreover, how can you be sure that the winner really is the one with the highest SMS votes win when there are no apparatus that can show you the result? Some people said they can even manipulated the SMS result to gain more money because there is no way we can ever  know how exactly this system operate.. In my mind, I imagined a big screen with  a hit counter that keep increasing whenever the audience vote  for each of the participant. You  know like the stat counter in our blog, where we can observe how many people visited our blog.. But so far, I never see they show us those screen to confirm that they are not manipulating the result..

How many artist that born from this reality show survived after the show then? From my own observance; very few of them. Doesn't it mean something? 

American Idol also used the same judgment method yet I likes this show more than Mentor 3 and AF.. The truth is I like international reality show such as Got To Dance (UK) & X factor because I likes the quality of the participant. Remember Akai , now 12year old, winner of the Got To Dance (UK) 2009? He is really a talented kid.. His performance really stunned me! There also Leona Lewis from the X Factor, who is popular with the song 'Bleeding Love'.. Don't forget about Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and many more AI finalist who rise and shine to be a world class star!

Maybe it's not fair to compare our reality show finalist with them since our industry market is not as big as them. But, my main point here is whether all of those reality show in our country really produced a batch of good and quality artist or vice versa..

P/S - I don't watch but I support Sabahan Participant ( If any )

My Way to Tackle Depression!

Do you know what is emotional/nerve breakdown ? Some people said that it's a state where we lost our sanity and act without logic consideration. Some even defined it as a state of madness. To me it's the most logical definition is temporary collapsed or disintegration of personality that involved an inability to function, depression, lost of contact with reality, manic episodes, anxiety & panic attack that resulted from unpleasant emotional explosion.People who like to hide their unpleasant emotion and experiences are most likely to face emotional breakdown because they unable to channel or voice out their negative thinking / emotion right away.
I am one of those who rather suffer in silence that voicing  out my complaint or protest especially when it's involved my family, relatives or close friends. Here in KL, among my husband family & relatives, I always encounter a situation where I have to listen to people bragging about their wealth, their achievement and even their lies and deceit but have to keep my mouth shut to prevent any confrontation though I am totally hurt by the situation. It's really frustrating you know to hear them boasting up themselves and looking down at me just because I am just an average woman with average wages. It even hurt to know that people talked bad about you behind your back like a double standard! It's really depressing to live among materialistic people who measure your worth with the sign $$$.

I am grateful because so far I still can prevent myself from facing emotional breakdown and guess how I did it? Can you guess it?? Hahaha, big thanks to my dear friend, my beloved diary book for being the shoulder for me to laid on my emotional burden.. Whenever I am hurt, upset or mad, my diary will always there to listen to my complaint.. My diary is my secret keeper..

I just love writing down my feeling in my diary.. Pssstttt, guess what i write in it?? Hohoho, I won't tell because it's secret!                                                       


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