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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

When I was younger, I always looking forward to this date because on this date my family always held a Christmas celebration where all of us gathered up. Honestly, we don't even have any gift exchanging or such thing but we were still happy because on this date we have the change to meet the rest of our family member. Well, yes I always participate in the church activity back then and one of my favorite activity is the gift exchanging where we wrapped something, put number on it and then random people going to get the gift. So many funny and hilarious thing happened because of this gift exchange because people can wrapped anything, yes anything and random people gonna get it without knowing who gave it! (*winking)  I still remember people who got a tin of soil and dirty underwear! YEP, I knew who were the villain though(*laughing).

Later, this activity was changed into program called as "Dariku, Untukmu" to prevent such thing from happen again and from what I know the church back in my village still continue this activity until now. I really miss the old time! (*sighing). I really miss the Christmas celebration with my family too.. My family suppose to have a family gathering this year but they cancelled it due to lack of funding. They should plan it earlier like 6 month or earlier than that because raising a fund for big event definitely take some times. I hope we gonna make it next year and I am going to keep in touch with my sibling about this because I want to participate this time. I don't want to miss another family gathering!

So, on this day of Christmas I want to wish all of Malaysian, especially my family & friends back in Sabah and people all over the world a very Happy Christmas Day!May the magic wand of Christmas bring warmth and joy in every family and bestow peace and harmony all over the world!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Salam Lebaran..

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Yes, this is auto-publish entry because right now I am at my MIL house at Semenyih, celebrating hari Raya with my family. Plus, I might too busy to update my blog..Hahaha, faham2 je la kio...

Okay, not much to say since I know all of you especially Muslim blogger are excited celebrating this Aidilfitri with you own family and even the No-Muslim are excited too right? Who is not? Cuti Panjang and can relax2 plus jalan2 visiting your muslim friends and family right?

As always, I don't prepare much for Hari Raya Aidilfitri but Kuih Raya and Kerepek (all bought since I don't know how to make them =P) must on stock since our friend might visit us at our flat (Puchong). I never really held any grand open house but only welcome any friend who want to give us a visit and chit-chat with us.. So, if you are reading this and live around KL or Puchong or PJ or you are pass by my area, you are welcome to my flat okay.. But remember only after 3rd Raya day we will be home so don't come and knock on our flat door before that..

So to all Muslim In Malaysia and all over the world, my family and me would like to wish you all a  very meaningful and Happy Hari Raya Celebration. To all my blogger friend and whoever read my entry all this time, please forgive me if I ever hurt your feeling with my entry or my words. We are 0-0 okay! SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI & MAAF ZAHIR  & BATIN..

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding!

Maybe I am this entry is a bit late but still I want to voice out my POV about this most anticipate wedding of the year, The Royal Wedding Between Prince William & Kate Middleton!

Well, I just wanna say that the wedding is as what I imagined ; full and bind with protocol! Every single step was bound by protocol and there were no wonder since every Royal Wedding will be bound by the Palace protocol!

Even the 1st public kiss William & Kate shared was seem like bound by protocol! Muahahaha!

One more thing, I don't like kate's wedding dress at all! The gown was too "kembang" that it's prevent William to stand close to kate. Prince William have to stand  half meter from Kate just to make sure he will not step on her dress! What a jokes! They are married but cannot stand side to side closely due to that fact.. Shame on the designer of that dress to ignore such small fact.

However, thanks to Kate's flawless beauty that mesmerized me during the whole event that I missed that dress flaw until one of the host mention about William consideration of not stepping on Kate's dress. She was stunning! Prince William too amazingly handsome even with his almost bald head..=P

Well, no matter what I said I do hope they will happily ever after..

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Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool Alert!

As always my hubby send me to my office. All of sudden he slapped his head and said, " Lupa la pula bagi tau awak.."

Puzzled, I asked," What's a matter? something happened? "

" Do you know that Datuk K was accident last night? " he told me with serious face.
" Parah pula tu.. " he added again.

" Datuk K, Siti's hubby? Betul ke? How do you know?" I asked him.
" Keluar berita la semalam. kat FaceBook pun dah heboh," he replied.
" Poor thing.. Last night, ada baca pasal siti dah pregnant. She must be devastated kan.." I said to him..
Then, I started talking about posting this stuff to my blog, FB etc.. My hubby smiled and said, " gotcha! "

I looked at him and said, " what? "
He laughed, " April Fool!" Then everything dawned to me. He pranked me! hahahaha

This is just an example of April Fool kind because there are lots of other prank that people can put you through on 1st April. I am lucky because my hubby never tried something extreme like giving a box of worm to as gift ( I will definitely faint if this ever happen! ) or put glue to my clothes and I can't imagine how hilarious things can be to some people who become the victim of sadistic / mean prank!

So be careful because you never know what people will tries to do to you on this April Fool!

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