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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Time Heals?

10 years since my father passed away yet all the memories I had with him still blooming in my heart and mind. Those memories keep me strong in the midst of my longing heart of him.

I try to look strong yet sometimes I isolated myself in my room, crying my heart out when I couldn't stand the pain of missing him. The longing intensified when I have some matters that I can only confide in him because I don't know to whom I can turn to... In the end I confide to Allah, knowing that my father will listen to it too.

Time heals? Yeah, maybe but I knew my heart will never whole again because part of me died the day my father passed away. Like the past years, on this day I give in to my longing for you, crying out all those negative feeling so that tomorrow I will wake up to face the world with new determination.

Rest in peace my beloved bapa. I know you are always watching over me from up there..

Monday, September 8, 2014

All The Best Dear Son

Omo..Omo.. UPSR is tomorrow!! My eldest son is the one who gonna take it yet I am the one who is freaking out! Deii, dup dap dup dap jantung sia, nervous mcm sia yang mau pigi!

I been worrying about my eldest son academic achievement because he is not doing very well since he was in standard 4 (my fault for exposing him to online games) but I hope he is ready enough and I am praying that he will do all his best to get a good UPSR result.

However I noticed that he somehow inherited my 'trait' of doing last minute cramming (>_<) so I advised him not to over-do it because it might cause him to blank-out during examination. banyak-banyak trait, yang not so good juga si anak ikut (>_<). 

Apapun, good luck and all the best to all standard 6 pupils especially to my dear dear son :)
Ok, sekian luahan seorang ibu malam ini.. bisuk luahan seorang ibu gojes pula...hahaha!

Le son doing his last minute revision

Monday, October 29, 2012

It's Been A Month Already

Hello everyone!

Actually I was hesitant to post about it because I don't really like to show off but I think it's okay if I just want to share the feeling of owning something we want for a long long time (^_^). 

On this day a month ago, a significant event took place: I got my very 1st own car, yay! The feeling?? Well, imagine the excitement a girl can feel when she get her most wanted doll...That's exactly how I feel that day, plus the nervous feeling and also the alertness of adding another chapter of debt in my life.. There were lots of obstacle during the process especially when my suppose to be guarantor back off (during my 1st application with a 2nd hand car). I was devastated and almost gave up but at some point I do understand her situation and I am not mad at her at all. Then I tried my luck one more time and this time I applied loan for new car and thank God, it was approved!

My Car Key

Some people might think that owning a car is just a sign of luxury life but to me, it no longer a luxury but a need, especially when you are working in area where no public transportation available like me (T_T).

I been driving by myself for a month now except for the 1st week, where my husband became my guide, driving in front of me to show how to tackle the traffic along the way to my workplace which is pretty challenging to me. Thank god, I survived the 1st month, except for one minor incident where I 'bergesel' with other car (@_@). Hopefully my driving skill will improve with times and I can drive to other place than Puchong since for time being I only dare to drive around Puchong and the highway to Semenyih where my MIL lives..

Well, that's all for now... Happy Working and Happy Monday everyone!

 P/S: Sorry, I won't post the pic of my car because MIL said it's not a good idea.. Myth huh?

Monday, September 24, 2012

I Miss You Daddy

You never said “I’m leaving”
You never said “goodbye”
You were gone before I knew it,
And only God knew why.

There are no words to tell you
Just what I feel inside
The shock, the hurt, the anger
Might gradually subside

A million times I’ll need you
A million times I’ll cry
If Love alone could have saved you
You never would have died

In Life I loved you dearly
In death I love you still
In my heart you hold a place
That no one could ever fill

It broke my heart to lose you
But you didn’t go alone
For part of me went with you
The day God took you home

Things will never be the same
And although it hurts so bad
I will smile whenever I think of our memory
I will smile whenever I hear your name
And be proud you were my Dad.

This beautiful poem is dedicated to my beloved deceased father (30 Julai 1939 - 24 September 2006). Rest in peace bapa, you will always in my heart and prayer.

Poem credited to

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Confidential No More..

If any of you noticed, I been tweeting about looking into brighter side and forgiving others mistake for the past few days, through my twitter account. Frankly, I am going through a bad times in my workplace right now (*sighing)..

It's all about my loan with my company (which is already paid last year) that should be confidential but I found out that people from the other company also knew about it! It's really hurt me to know that my confidentiality was being leaked out by someone in my workplace that I trust and respect. I couldn't believe that someone who seem so kind have such mean heart (*sighing again).

I am not angry because I am ashamed about the loan. Yes, I did borrowed from my company and already paid back. I just feel sad, angry and unsecure because thing that should be confidential can leaked out just like that. Futhermore, it was leaked to persons that I deal with long since I 1st made the loan..

I feel like want to quit and just walk away because I can't work with people who look down at others confidentiality but after calming myself, I persuaded my heart to look into the brighter side and just be strong and forgive that person. Well, nobody perfect right? But in future, I will never trust him again..

Ok, gotta go and do my laundry. .This weekend gonna be busy for me because am going to do Hari Raya shopping for my kids, yay! While we are happy with our preparation, don't forget to those who less fortunate ok. Happy weekend everyone!

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Like It!

Believe me when I say I am not a fan of jeweleries / accessories especially necklace (except for earrings) but I got this necklace as a souvenir from a friend who went to Chiang Mai recently and hahahaha, I like it!! (*smile) I don't even know why I like this one particular necklace.. Maybe because it's free, wakakaka!

Ok, that's it! Yep, I am done showing off (muntah dulu!) and yeah, no long posting just a random ordinary show off!

Happy Thursday, Happy Working & Happy Fasting!

P/S: Yay, tomorrow is Friday!

Me gusta!! Yay! - kenyataan mikirayou @_@ (pingsan)
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reward For Myself

My New Baby..
You might wonder what is that hideous black thing (pic above) but I am not going to tell you what is it. All I can say; above 'hideous black thing' is my self-reward for my past few years hard work (*wink2)..

Before this I always put other people needs and desire before me that most time I have to put aside my own needs and desire to ensure they happily got theirs 1st (*sighing).. Well, my kids need is exception because they are my precious ok.. This time I went against the odds (cewahhh), put my desire on 1st row and bought above thing for me.. Hahaha, I can be selfish sometimes.. Maybe I am gonna put my own verdict/review about this new thing of mine soon (*wink2 again).

Yep, I am extremely happy with this new belonging of mine although I am suck with smartphone..Oppsss, now I give away something there (*smiling) but I think it's okay..(^^)v..I am aiming for my own DSLR after this but not in near future though.. taya'an oku  noh daa tambalut id haro DSLR nga ingaa noh usin pomoli baino bei.. Don't understand?? Go, google it up and tell me if you can find the meaning (*ROLF).. Thumbs up for  those who understand (*salute)..

Okay, I think I am done with showing off (*laughing evilly).. Catch you alls again later.. Happy Wednesday everyone!

P/S: this is my 1st post from my new baby.. (*hidung kembang-kempis mode)
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Eyas!

Today mark the 3rd years since I gave birth of my youngest son. Yup, he is 3 years old already! Watching him grew up right to my eyes bring such joy and happiness to me.

As always we never held big birthday celebration like other people. I think celebrating it with just 6 of us is meaningful enough. We bought pudding cake for him from our favorite cake house, RT Pastry House and let him blew his birthday candle last night.. Yep, it's a day earlier but hubby said it's okay since we will be too busy on working days and might have no time to buy him cake after all..

Birthday present? Well, just now we went to IOI Mall, so we let him choose his own present from the toys department and as I expected he choose trucks and cars from all. He is fan of cars, trucks and lorries (*winking).

As most mother, me too wishing all the best for him and praying that my son will grow up to be fine and successful person, that Allah will always bless and guide him..

Got to stop now... Belum mandi la ba ini.. Happy Monday, Happy Working and Smile always..

P/S: Enjoy the amateur snaps below =P

Birthday Cake from Rt Pastry House

Eyas, excited with his birthday cake

Eyas, his big bros, his big sis and me!

Eyas with his birthday present choose by himself

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

"I Am Coming Home"

Image credited to Mr. Google
Listening to Skylar Grey "I am coming home" and singing along while doing my last minute packing (*winking)..Yeah, I am going back to my hometown with my hubby and kiddos! 

I can't describe how happy I am to see my mother again.. I miss her so much! The kiddos also ecstatic! But I can't say that about my hubby. He is so nervous not only because this is his 1st time to see my mother but also because he is an acrophobia! I don't think I need to elaborate more about acrophobia because you all knew about it already and you knew what does boarding on plane mean to a person with acrophobia (*smiling). But I think he will be fine as long as he is not looking out of the plane window (*chuckle)..

I didn't plan anything yet since my main purpose to go back this time is to introduce hubby and my kids to our relative and also to let them have a glimpse of my beloved village where I grow up. Not to forget  that I am going to help my mother mengomot! Hopefully I am still as skillful as before since last time I help my mother with the harvesting was 13 years ago (*laughing). After that maybe we could visit a few interesting place in Ranau later if the weather is good enough, Isyaallah..

Okay- dokey people, need to get back to my packing task! Goodnight, Good day and have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Smiling Ear To Ear!

Image credited to Mr. google
Yupp..No kidding but that's exactly what I am doing while writing this entry! Hahahaa! Any guess why?? Never mind, save your brain for other guessing because I am too happy, so let me just tell you people why.. After re-taking for the 3rd time, at last I pass the JPJ - track test! Maybe for some people it's nothing but to me who have to re-take it 3 time, you can't imagine how relief and heavenly happy I am right now..

2 weeks ago, I almost gave-up and even thought of not taking the test again but after few days of thinking and reconsidering with the help of advise from hubby and some blogger friends, I decided to try for the one last time. Thank God that I manage to pass the test with no hassle at all!To tell the truth, I am not really as nervous as the 1st and 2nd time and I guess that help me a lot. Thanks Tata, your tips of avoiding the nervousness really work but instead of bercerita-cerita, sia baca jokes sambil dengar lagu =P.. And all the while thinking that it just another class..

So, I am glad that I listen to my hubby and didn't give up. For those who are facing the same situation, never give-up and never lose faith in yourself.. People said, it's okay if we do mistake or fail, as long as we can get back to our feet and are willing to learn from the failure/mistake..

P/S: Also thanks to Just and Aki for their advise/tips and support!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Guess Who Is This?

Who is this girl?
I found this very old picture among my old stuff while I am trying to sort it out and throw away all of the unwanted, useless paper/trash. Actually there are few more of it but I just want to share this one particular pic because it remind me of the beautiful scenery my village once hold. I am not saying that my village is no longer as beautiful nowadays because to me it 's still beautiful but the scenery was no longer same as before. Too many house nowadays (*sighing)...

When I was a kid (like the girl in the pic), the scenery of our house backyard/front-yard was full with trees especially fruits tree and also wild flower. I remembered when I got back from primary school, my nephews, my nieces and me will climbed  up the citrus tree with our homemade sambal (mixed of salt-belacan-cili padi/lado seroi) and having a great time eating limau/mangga on the tree until my father came, scolding us and spoiled our leisure time (*laughing). He was not mad because we were eating the fruits but he was mad because we're bringing along our sambal on the tree. Bapa cakap nanti itu pokok minkorikata..

I think I just want to talk about the old pic but as always once I talk about my childhood stuff/memory, I couldn't help myself from writing about it with twinkle in my eyes because it happened to be the most happiest period of my life (*smiling). Well, regarding the pic above, who do you think was the girl on the pic?? Hahaha, this is not a contest or what so ever but only giving you glimpse of myself okay! 

Happy Sunday & Happy working Monday in advance everyone!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Not Once But Twice...

Image credited to
As much as I want it to be the other way but it's fact that I failed my JPJ test again. Now I failed not once but twice in JPJ test part II (slope,side parking and 3 pointer). Crying? Of course I cried because I need to pay to re-take the test and it's not cheap tau.. I swear I can see wings sprout from my money as soon as the JPJ officer blew her whistle, signalling me to stop and get out from the car. "duh, there gone my money again." (*sob2)

I feel like giving up because I was so confident that I can pass it, but unfortunately I did not pass and I can't describe the despair feeling I have right now. I don't know whether want to re-take the test in near future or not because I think I might need some time to get over this failure. I guess I need to take few more hour class concentrating on the 3 pointer part only..(*sighing)

Hubby said not to think too much about it but honestly this failure of mine is the only thing consuming my mind since I got back from the JPJ track this morning. So here I am pouring out my sadness and annoyance over my failure. Do bear with me okay! (*puppy eyes) 

I don't want to tint your wonderful day with my pathetic story more than I already have. So, better I stop this sad ranting but one last request from me; siapa2 yang ada tips macamana mo kasi hilang nervous, please share with me kio! Sound like no big thing but for me it's always got on my way...

P/S: Over-nervous sampai kaki uncontrollably shaking.. (-_-)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cosmetics And Me!

" Kenapa tak make-up? Nampak pucat la.."
" Pakai la sikit make-up, baru nampak cantik sikit..." 

I am used to all of above sentences and anything that concerned with make-up/cosmetic stuff that I just shrugged at it all the time like nothing but honestly sometimes I do feel uncomfortable and irritates because it kind of killing my self-esteem. You see, I am one of those woman who rarely put on make-up because I don't fancy this make-up/cosmetic thing and I don't really know how to it on my face. Ya..Ya.. I am naive about cosmetics! 

The pale me..hmm, do I need make-up??
People said, woman and cosmetics are inseparable..Eh, ya ka? Bukan woman and diamond ka itu?? (*scratching head like moron). Ba, whatever la (*laughing like moron before back to serious mode).. My daily cosmetics only consist with oil-free moisturizer, oil-free face powder, mascara (kalu sa rajin la) and lipstick (nude/natural color) but I am okay with just applying moisturizer only. Don't ask me about eye-shadow, eye-liner, eyebrow pencil, foundation, blusher, concealer etc because I am really suck with this cosmetics stuff. Whenever I have make-up on my face, I feel like a sticky mask plastered on my face and I couldn't wait to wash it off my face. Weirdly, I really like to watch woman with make-up.. Sound like I am a stalker huh (*laughing). Don't worry, I am, not stalker. I just like to see their make-up variety.. (*winking)

Haiya! What I am ranting about here?? Like you want to know my incapability in cosmetics stuff kan.. Actually, I am kind of nervous I am going to re-take my JPJ test tomorrow and that's why I feel like want to rants like crazy woman. God help me, I must pass it because I couldn't afford to re-take it again okay! Sorry for posting another boring and crazy stuff and wish all the best for me tomorrow ya!

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Dad?? Bad Dad??

I am reading through one of blogger post about  her father and how much she love him because of the sacrifice her father have done for her and her siblings and couldn't help myself from snorting and making an ugly expression because I know her and this man she call 'father'. Maybe not that well but long enough to know their family character and frankly I really don't like their character and behavior.

image credited to
I am not writing this to judge or to humiliate them but the feeling I have keep for so long about them is clawing from deep inside me to be acknowledge especially after reading her praise and adoration over her father. Well, who is not praising a good, wonderful and responsible father whom willing to sacrifice everything for his children happiness right? But, this girl's father only being good towards his children with his new wife. Yep, this 'father' have kids with his 1st wife/ex-wife that being treated badly by him and his new family. Thinking of his bad treatment towards his other children make want to puke when I read this blogger praise over him. I guess she is just want to be a good daughter who talk only good thing about her father and turn blind to the bad side of her father... If her father really that good, he will find them, support them and guide them to the right path instead of giving up and let the children strayed away.. If he is really such an amazing father, he will never disowned his other children for no matter what the situation is.. (*with emo aura)

I never stop wondering how can a father acted indifferently towards his children when his blood is running in them though they are from different mother? When I was a kid, I only watched this kind of scenario from TV and it really hard for me to believe that this kind of father exist in reality since I lived with my mother, my stepmother, my siblings and my step-siblings and my father love all of us equally. For that I am really grateful..But when I was older and  seen one 'father' with this bad traits, I have to accept that this is not a fiction but a fact..(*defeated expression)

As I said, this is not my judgement but just my hidden feeling that been lurking in my heart for quite some time now and I feel such a relief to blurt it out here.. I am really sorry if you may find that this post offense you in some way because as I mentioned earlier it just my thought and feeling.. Well, some people said it's better to pour out our hard feeling before it turn into poison and here I am doing exactly that to avoid my heart from being poisonous.. Padahal alasan mo kasi lepas geram ja..(*winking)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Back To Memory Lane: My 1st Crush

All of sudden I think of one name; my 1st crush and I couldn't reign myself from writing about it. It happened 15 years ago but the memory is still crystal clear.

Image credited to
I guess everyone have their own experience with their 1st crush. Well, I was once a teenager and being a normal teenager, me too have that 1st crush experience. Thinking about it make me want to rolling on the floor and laugh till my lung burst because it was so hilarious and funny but embarrassing at the same time.

I was in form 3 when this crush of mine attending my school with his younger sister. He was a very skinny and pale Chinese boy. He was not really that good looking but his shyness and silence that  attracted me to him. Many times I tried to talk to him but my reputation as a fierce and stuck-up girl make him ran every time I tried to approach him. Daring gila masa dulu2 (*laughing). Since I cannot get closed to him, I tried to be-friend with his younger sister with the help of my cousin which was in the same class with her. If I want to write it in detail, it will take pages but let just shorten the story to the climax of my 1st crush confession. I asked his younger sister to pass my letter to him! Well, it was not really a letter but my bio-data on it with a message "Boleh kita berkenalan?" Did I get any replies? Nope, he never replied and few weeks after that he moved out and I never heard any of him until now. 

That was the story of my 1st crush. Of course I have another crush after that but as people said 1st time always stuck in our mind (*winking). How about you people? Don't tell me that you never experience any crush at all because that excuses won't buy me. Just kidding okay! Feel free to share your own story of your 1st crush and do let me know so that I will stop by to read about it, okay!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

TNB oh TNB...

Oh yeah, TNB give us another problem again and this one is the worst one.. Let me do the telling then you can have you say okay!

red letter received on 20/01/2012
Last night when we arrived at our flat, we were welcomed with another red letter from TNB which surprised us since we have just paid TNB red letter last week. We got this red letter on Friday before CNY holiday and the amount is RM142.24 and no 'pemotongan' stamped on it, while this latest red letter amount is RM273.98 with 'tanggal jangka W/O 41' stamped on it. Hubby then check on the meter board and guess what? TNB did not took away the fuse as they always do but this time TNB remove our residence electric meter entirely! What the heck??!!

"surprise" for us from TNB!
At our flat area, our electricity/water bill always lost because of the naughty kids doing. So we have to wait for the 'surat peringatan' or red letter from TNB to know the amount we have to make payment. Well, it's not a good habit though but I don't like to pay something without a bill/invoices a reference. So yeah, maybe it's our fault for waiting the red letter from TNB but what puzzled my husband and me is why TNB remove our residence electricity meter entirely??? I mean, normally they will only take away the fuse right?? Moreover, why didn't they updated our payment even though it already 4 working days since we paid the previous red letter?? We paid cash not with cheque that have to wait 3 days to clear! (*fuming)

hutang RM131.74, TNB tanggal meter!
My husband called TNB helpline, asking for explanation why this happened and also seeking for help but guess what they say? "Dalam sistem tidak dinyatakan apa sebab meter rumah anda ditanggalkan". Come on, there must be reason for everything right. As for the help, at first they said will send the technician to put back the meter but then later when it almost midnight, they said have to wait until today and we have to go to the TNB Subang Jaya branch! Aiyo, cakap belit2.. Why don't just say that they cannot do anything! So in the end, we were in heat with candles as our light for whole night. You know how hot it can be during night time in city... I cannot imagined how did our ancestor managed to live and survived without electricity...

Today, my husband go to TNB office at Subang Jaya and ask the officer for explanation. My husband said nobody can give any. They keep saying that there is still balance due of RM131.74 need to be settle. Well, if so TNB can take away the fuse as they normally do right? Why TNB remove the entire meter as if we owe TNB thousand ringgit?? My husband then told me that TNB said it happened because of the system fault.. Excuses..excuses.. My husband also said that TNB said will install back the meter by today but just now he told me that he called TNB customer service to keep on tabs about this problem status and guess what they said? "Untuk kes pemasangan kembali jangka, biasanya ambil masa 3-5 hari berkerja." What the heck???!! It's TNB system fault that put us in this hard situation and now they giving excuses to fix back what they done wrong even though we already settled the balance due of RM131.74! This is what I hate the most.. We gave you, your money, so can you PLEASE fulfill your part A.S.A.P.. (*please note the sarcasm)

This incident really give me lesson not to wait for the red letter anymore because when it concern with money, even a small amount as RM131.74, TNB can be heartless! You too don't forget to pay your electric bill every month or else TNB will remove your meter..(*please note the sarcasm again)

I am done for now! Happy Thursday everyone! (^_^) V

P/S: Marah2 but still smiling tau because smiling can keep you from aging! ..(^_^) V

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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Image credited to Mr. google
That exactly what I feel right now! I am frustrated with myself for being unable to execute going down slope successfully even though I been learning it for 2 hour today! As I told in my past post, I am going to get my driving license this year and FYI I already took the computer test on 31st Dec last year and managed to pass through it and now already started the 16 hours driving class after I got my 'L' license. Honestly, the last time I learn how to drive was like 12 year ago and I never drive again since. In fact you can say that I don't know how to drive any longer!

So far I can say that I am okay with the side parking and even the 3 point turn (which I managed to learn a bit today) but I am really such a failure with the slope test! Actually not the whole slope test since I think I can execute the going up slope quite well but really suck to execute the going down slope! I did it over and over again for 2 hour today but only managed to execute it successfully few time only and failed most of my attempt! I feel so damn bad because everyone else can do it smoothly while I am still struggling! Ironically, most people said going up the slope is the hardest while here I am whining of my struggle to going down the slope without either the engine died or reverse down the slope.(*sighing).. After trying for more than an hour and half and still unable to descending the slope smoothly, I can feel my knees shaking and I am losing my focus..(-_-)

Luckily my instructor noticed my depression and try to cool me down and diverted me with another lesson which is the 3 point turn that I can say I managed to do although I only learn it for 30min or less. However I need to practice it more to master it. However, I am not yet quite over with my depression with my failure to execute the going down slope because I am still thinking about it. I keep chanting to myself that if other can do it why not me, that I can do it better tomorrow. Yep, tomorrow I have another 2 hours driving class and I really hope I beat my failure! Keep up the positive attitude Tunung..

Now I know how hard it is to drive a car! No wonder my husband have those angry expression every time I complained/grumbled about his driving attitude because I thought it was easy! Now I learn my lesson that it is not easy as we see it.. (*sighing again).. 

That's all I can write for now. Really sorry because nothing important but just my whining on this post but now you do know a thing about me; that I don't know how to drive (*smile).. As always, don't feel shy to offer me anything; tips/encouragement/comment okay!

Ciao and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Super Silent !!!!

My heroes who keep our home alive with NOISE!
I woke up at 9am, yes 9am with a weird feeling today. I am wondering why can't I hear any television noise or any voices at the living hall.. It's kinda creepy because my house really are quiet! Than I remember that 2 of my hero was staying with their grandma at Semenyih (*slapping my forehead)

I always scold them for making lots of noise especially during weekend morning because I want to sleep a bit longer on that day but now I kinda miss their noise already =(.. The truth is I miss them already (*sniffing). To make it worst, my daughter is asking for her older brother right after she woke up! Even the my youngest son ask for his big brothers (*sobbing). Sorry for being such an emo today. It just that I rarely being apart from my kids...

My kids are close with each other though sometimes they fight like cat and dog. It's really funny to watch them picking with each other (*smiling). Last night my daughter refuse to go back home and she cried till she exhausted because she didn't want her brother to stay at their grandma house. Hubby have to trick her saying that her brother will ride with their grandma later to our home at Puchong. Guess what she said when she woke up this morning??? "LIAR" Yes, serve us right for tricking her (*sighing). I don't know whether I can stand the silence of my house for a week but hopefully I can because I promised to my heroes that they can stay there for a week, unless they miss us and want to come back earlier (*winking). 

OMG, this entry is so boring that I swear I can see you all yawning and said BORING (*Laughing) Okay, I hope all you had a enjoyable weekend and don't forget tomorrow is Monday, so Happy Sunday and Happy Monday in advance!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Kids Of 90's

I rarely post any direct update on my Facebook account nowadays but still I check on people especially my families and friends update regularly.. Yesterday I stumble upon an updates from a friend which remind me of the old time and I re-shared it on my FB. It's an interesting update, just read below which I copied & pasted it here in my blog :-
I grew up in the 90s. :D

We are the last generation who learned to play in the street, we are the first one who've played video games, and we're the last ones to record songs off the radio on cassettes and we are the pioneers of Walkman and chat-

We learned how to program the VCR before anyone else, play with Atari, Super Nintendo, & Genesis. We also believed that the internet would be a free world.

We are the generation of the POKEMON, Digimon, Thunder Cats, Power Rangers, Dragon Ballz, Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and Doogie Howser MD. Traveled in cars without seat belts or airbags, lived without mobile phones.

We didn't have +99 television stations, flat screens, surround sound, mp3, iPods, Facebook or Twitter but nevertheless we had a GREAT TIME! :)

(Re-post if you're one of us!)
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Well, I definitely didn't played on the street when I was a kid. The jungle and the paddy field was my playground! I climbed tree like a monkey back then and still have those 'expertness' even now with 4 kids (*laughing). Yes, I did have a walk-man when I was in form one which is given by my older brother and I involved with chatting world (MIRC) when I was around 16teen. I never played Atari or Super Nintendo or Genesis because I can't afford to have those luxury. The only games I know is Super Mario Brother (*smile). We, the village kids rather stayed outside playing with dirt than being in home playing those games..LOL! Of course cartoons show such is Power Rangers, Thunder Cats, Dragon Balls, Ninja Turtles, Maskman, Gaban, Rugrats, the smurfs, Tom & Jerry etc were part of my life though I don't remember Digimon or Pokemon during those times (*scratching head). Before my father bought our own VCR, I went to my big step-sister to watch rented video taped movies. In fact, we the village kids gathered to watch it and it was really a memorable moment especially when we watched horror movie (*smiling). Frankly, we all have a great and fun times even without today technologies luxury!
Kids nowadays are too pampered with this modern technologies! I don't know about other parents opinion but to me I will never let my kids to have anything like FB or any social network account, mobile phone, laptop etc, not until they are old enough to handle this stuff wisely. Old enough means they have to wait until they are past 17 years old. Hubby said that I am being unreasonable that all of those stuff normal for kids nowadays but I have my own reason and I will stick to my point until they give me good reason to think the other way. Well, kids if you excel in your study, maybe mama will change her mind? (*winking)
No matter how happening world nowadays, I still prefer my childhood and teenage years because I have such a great and fun time during those years. What can I say..It was irreplaceable! What say you?
Happy Friday & Happy Weekend You All!


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