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Friday, March 15, 2013

Langkawi Trip Mission : Finale

As promised, I am gonna post the last part of Langkawi Trip.. Less words, more pictures, hopefully (*winking)..

The journey continued where I went to swim at the Tanjung Rhu Beach because less people there and really have a great time there. 

The sunny Tanjung Rhu Beach
Loves The sky!
Awkward SelCa..LOL
After that went to Kuah Town again and explore the Lang Square, Legend Park and  Jetty Point & the duty free shop again.
Mercu Tanda Langkawi
Peace! Snapped this pic from Jetty Point
Another awkward SelCa :P
More Awkward Selca
Taking this pic after swimming at Cenang Beach
Last sunset at Cenang
Also spent lots of time shop-hopping, searching & comparing price before buying souvenirs (T-shirts, perfume and chocolates) and walking at the beach at night time and listen to the sea breeze. On the last day at Langkawi, managed to trek all the way up to the Telaga Tujuh. I love jungle-trekking so much! Overall it was a very memorable trip I have ever had! I cherished every single minutes I spent here. 

Next post, I am going to share about the place I stayed during my trip to Langkawi. Not sure when but stay tuned... Have a nice day you all!

P/S : Want to upload more pics but lots picture I snapped using the digital camera turned blurry and I don't have idea why :((

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Langkawi Trip Mission : Part 2

Took me a while before I can update again hey :) It's just that I m bit busy  and occupied with other matter (*sigh). Let's continued from the last cliff-hanger of my trip to Langkawi last February...

On the 3rd day, managed to explore the west area of Langkawi; hiked up to Telaga Tujuh, walking around the Oriental Village while waiting for our turn to ride the famous Langkawi Cable Car Telaga. Can you believe that we have to wait for 2 hours before our turn (maybe because it was peak season huh? ) then queue up for approximately another 45min before we finally had our ride but the wait worth it because of the magnificent view from up there (*smile). I remembered how I grabbed the lady's thigh beside me when the cable car suddenly stopped and for quite sometime!! I bet I might looked as white as chalk (*LOL). Luckily it moved again after 5-10min hanging there..phewww! A bit disappointed because the Skybridge was closed for maintenance. I was out of luck..I know (*sigh again) Later in the evening, managed to catch the sunset view at Telaga Harbor Park & Kok Beach. At night, went to Kuah Town and did shop-hopping at the duty free shop there. 

Malu2 posing :P
The waterfall really nice

The Seven Well - There were 7 small well-looked alike
Boleh tahan la this place
The pass to ride the cable car & the cable car

Muka excited, before the cable stopped - poor lady on my left, became the victim of my hands (LOL)
Under Maintenance again..
Okay, mikirayou for a while because an handsome guy help snapped the pic for me :P
The Harbor, before and after sunset..
That's all for now.. Don't want to promise when can post the next part, the finale one but will try to finish selecting and editing the pics then upload it the soonest possible (*finger crossed). 

Good Night everyone!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Langkawi Trip Mission : Part 1

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the late update about this so-called solo trip of mine.. I know you all are so keen to hear about it right? (*silakan muntah...LOL).

I guess all of you already know where was my destination right? Yep, Langkawi! I choose this Island because I never been there and always wanted to go there but never got the chance.

I departed from LCCT at 1930hrs and reached Langkawi around 2010hrs and have to wait until 9.30pm for  my host - Kak Zue (hotel/room owner) to fetch me at the airport only to inform me that there was some mistake and I have to stay at her friend homestay for 1 night! Ok, I was shocked but at the same time grateful because she solved the problem and more thankful because I have a place to stay that night.. Cobaan on my 1st night in stranger place (*sigh)...

Free Map given by the car rental agency booth at the airport. It became my best friend during this trip :)
The next day, my original plan to go to Gunung Raya cancelled because I have to check out from Kak Zue's friend homestay and check in to my room at her place. So, I went to have a look at Pantai Cenang 1st and as what I read from reviews / blogs, this area was super-packed! The beach was fully occupied by foreigner who trying to get sun-tanned and also the locals. So was the hotel in this area!  All was fully booked until 15th Feb! There were not much I did on that 1st day but window shopping at the Cenang Area and later went to Kota Mahsuri and  the Monday Night Market to buy dinner..

This is the only area that less crowded at Pantai Cenang

Monday Night Market

I look fat in this pic..I loike..Oh My English! :P
Next day, drove to Gunung Raya with intention to do some hiking or trekking but this plan also aborted because of the warning from local people about snake that going down the mountain during dry season plus the car was running out of fuel..HMPPPFFF! kecewa lagi! However,  managed to cover area such as Black Sand Beach, Telaga Air Hangat, Durian Perangin Waterfall and Wildlife Park on that day. So terubat juga la kekecewaan di hati :P 

View from midway of Gunung Raya

I snapped this cute hungry monkey on the way back to the main road (at least)

Posing on the black sand :D

Hahaha.. Childish hey!
Posing dulu before doing the easy trekking to the waterfall
Pics of the waterfall
At the wildlife Park.. Hmmm, the park was as boring as the worker expression ..LOL!
Soaking my feet in the lukewarm water.. Not really as lukewarm as Poring tho :P

It's past 10pm now, so that's all for now.. To be continue in part 2!.. Hopefully will post it by tomorrow night? (*wink2)..

Oh ya, before you all started kutuk2 my 'fugly' pics, please be inform that I am no professional photographer and all pics took by my phone camera and also borrowed Olympus digital camera ok.. Wait till I have usin will buy those expensive DSLR  (*wink2).

Good night everyone!

Monday, November 12, 2012

My 1st Brazilian Waxing Experience

Yes, I did my 1st Brazilian waxing on 20th October after years considering about it and on the dare of my friend and yes, this time I really did it unlike my last post about 'Date With Honeypot Wax Boutique' where I already set a date but in the end I backed off because I am too coward, plus too self-conscious to do it..

This time I got a voucher to do Brazilian Waxing at Bubble Gum Wax (The Waxing Expert). I don't need to explain what Brazilian waxing since everyone knew what is it about even guys know it because the process can be done to them and known as Boyzilian Waxing (*wink2).. Honestly, when I reached their place, I feel so damn scared and nervous because I heard that it's really painful for 1st timer (@_@). The girl who is waiting for her turn to be wax explain that it's like threading with a bit intense pain but depend with the thickness and width of our private area.. Hearing this, I was kind of erkkkk, pingsan.. since my hair down there is so thick (*blush) because I shaved it constantly.. I almost trying to find an excuses to back off but couldn't do so because it was my turn!!! 

With heart beat fast, I just went through it and an hour after that I walked out from Bubble Gum Wax premise, feel like a Goddess (*smiling).. Was it painful? Well, I am not going to lie because it was painful but the experienced & qualified therapist, it's bearable actually. Moreover the girl who did my waxing really are friendly and chatty that help to distract me from feeling the pain.. 

Unlike shaving, waxing did slow down the growth of my hair down there because it's been 10 days since I did my Brazilian Waxing yet the hair down there just show a bit and no itchiness at all! Am I going to do it again?? Of course I will and in fact I already set another appointment with Bubble Gum Wax (The Waxing Expert) next this month for another session of waxing..Yay!

So, gurls and guys, if you want to experience your 1st Brazilian waxing with less pain, I recommended Bubble Gum Wax because I been there and went through the waxing session and from now on, they will be my waxing parlor because I am satisfied with their services.. My shaving razors went to 'tong sampah' right after I did my waxing.. 

Here is some of pics I took during my visit to Bubble Gum Wax (The Waxing Expert).. Please ignore the poor quality because it was taken by 'noob' photographer with phone camera only (LOL)!

Front desk

I like the simplicity

The equipments for waxing - sorry, poor quality :P

Again, I like the simplicity

Snapped after I lay on it :PP

The ladies of da House.. :DD

My .... And Me.. :P

Find them at:-
Bubble Gum Wax-The Waxing Expert:
F-1-7, Block F, Plaza Damas,
No.60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 6211 5038

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday: 11am - 8pm
Saturdays: 11am - 6pm
Closed on Sundays

You may also visit and like their Facebook Page for new updates and promotion ----> HERE

That's all for now.. Until next sharing ya!!
Happy Monday you all!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stale Story: Threading Session!

Hello everyone!!

Yeah..yeah.. I know it's been a while I haven't rambling like mad-woman (*rolled eyes) in this blog of mine. I tried many times to write something in this blog but all stuck midway because I was not in good mood of blogging (*sighed). I am jealous with all of you out there who is consistent in  posting a new entry every day! How you guys do that???

Too many draft became stale already but I decided to finish this one and publish it because it was a very happy day for me.. So, bear with me okay.. Basi pun basi la....LOL!

Last month, Just and me went out once again..Yeah, it's our 2nd outing together and this time our goal was to do the threading thing (^_^). I been heard about this process but never done it before and I was excited to try it (LOL). We did not go straight to the place because we 'meyukat' the BB Plaza and Sungei Wang Plaza 1st before heading to our goal destination..

Just & Me before threading session

I was watching the girl doing her task..hehehe!
Kupi2 time before back home

So, was it painful? Nope, not at all! I think being pinched is more painful than threading.. I did upper lips and eyebrow threading and it cost me RM25..You can check the saloon price here, if you wanna try to do threading..

I am done with this post.. Till next staled entry! LOL!

Happy Saturday everyone!

P/S : Picture all snapped by my fellow blogger friend, Just... Thanks ya moy, next time let's do it again! LOL!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reward For Myself

My New Baby..
You might wonder what is that hideous black thing (pic above) but I am not going to tell you what is it. All I can say; above 'hideous black thing' is my self-reward for my past few years hard work (*wink2)..

Before this I always put other people needs and desire before me that most time I have to put aside my own needs and desire to ensure they happily got theirs 1st (*sighing).. Well, my kids need is exception because they are my precious ok.. This time I went against the odds (cewahhh), put my desire on 1st row and bought above thing for me.. Hahaha, I can be selfish sometimes.. Maybe I am gonna put my own verdict/review about this new thing of mine soon (*wink2 again).

Yep, I am extremely happy with this new belonging of mine although I am suck with smartphone..Oppsss, now I give away something there (*smiling) but I think it's okay..(^^)v..I am aiming for my own DSLR after this but not in near future though.. taya'an oku  noh daa tambalut id haro DSLR nga ingaa noh usin pomoli baino bei.. Don't understand?? Go, google it up and tell me if you can find the meaning (*ROLF).. Thumbs up for  those who understand (*salute)..

Okay, I think I am done with showing off (*laughing evilly).. Catch you alls again later.. Happy Wednesday everyone!

P/S: this is my 1st post from my new baby.. (*hidung kembang-kempis mode)
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monthly Budget Addition: Milk

Remember in my past post where I mentioned about my dislike of milk or anything that contained with milk?? Never mind, since me too don't remember which post (*scratching my head, LOL). Actually, starting from next month, I am gonna put milk for myself in my monthly budget and I am gonna force myself to drink it though I knew I will hate the taste and it's all for the sake of my own bones health.

Image Credited to Mr. Google
As long as I remember, the only time I have ever drink milk was during my pregnancy of my 4 kids but it also not consistently because sometimes I did skipped from taking it. Tidak tahan saya tu bau oo.. However, I do know the benefit and importance of milk to our health, so I have to bear with the smell. After all, it's all about mind set ba kan. So, I should to train my mind to think the smell and taste of milk is as tasty as ice cream maybe.. Buli ka itu?? (*LOL)

Okay, okay, enough with lawak yang tidak funny, and let me ask you people what is the best and affordable milk for adult?? The only brand I knew is Anlene which is reviewed as good and cheap. Ada brand lain lagi ka yang ok??

Hopefully I can stick to my plan of drinking milk daily.. Saya pandai tu mau kasi tunda2, but hopefully ni kali tidak la. Of course I have not yet feel any back pain for now but precaution is better than cure, isn't it?? So, next month I have to put aside some money for this purpose in my monthly budget. But, investing some money for our health is beneficial enough ba kan..

That's all for today. Gonna take few hour sleeps before waking up again at 2.45am to watch the semi-final match between Spain and Portugal (*winking).

Good night you all..

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Football Fever!

Kihaaaa!! It's Euro 2012 already and I am officially caught with football fever! Iya, makan bola, tidur bola, mandi bola, kerja bola, in fact everything is about bola right now.. Hahaha, Just kidding bah.. Bola, bola juga but kerja tetap kerja kan (*winking).

Image credited to
I can't hardly wait to watch my favorite team match; Germany & Spain (*grinning like idiot). I been setting reminder for all of their match and I really hope both of them will make it to the final. I took longer nap this afternoon to make sure I am fully recharged to watch match of Germany vs Portugal at 2.45am.

That's all I wanna say in this very short update. To all football fan out there, let support our favorite team in good manner. We are civilized people, so please do not marred this football season with racial sentiment. Say no to racism !

Good night  everyone!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kotobian Tadau Tagayo Kaamatan!

Today is 31st May a particular significant day for us, Sabahan people because during this particular day, we celebrated Harvest Festival and I don't need to explain about it ba kan..Considered common knowledge sudah meti ni fact.. So, whoever doesn't know about it deserve a lumpakis (*LOL).. Just kidding kio!

Well, it's been years since last time I celebrated Harvest Festival in my hometown, not because I didn't want to but it because I couldn't afford the flight ticket back then.. How about now? Honestly, I still couldn't afford if the whole family want to go back during Harvest Festival because during this period of time the flight ticket (even AA) paling amahal ooo (@_@).. Ehemm, anybody want to sponsor my family flight ticket ka? In my dream mangkali ada la, hahahaha.. However, I do have this wish/hope that I am going to go back to my hometown during Harvest Festival and hopefully I am able to do so soon (*finger crossed).

To tell the truth, I really miss to celebrate this festival because during Harvest celebration we could hear magagong everywhere! believe me when I said that the last time I heard this art of music, I mean magagong was during my big brother wedding day on 2005. Once upon a time, me too knew how to play tagong tau (*wink2).. Now, I don't know because I never play it since 2001..

Opppss.. better I stop before I start to babble and write another long, long post.. So, I wanna wish all Sabahan wherever you are, all over the world :


Remember, safety 1st, don't drink & drive kio.. kalu mau drive juga, tapau tumpung/lihing/luping back to home & you can drink all you want without worry (*smile)...

Catch you again in my next post ya!

P/S:  Entry about PTPTN will release soon after special post for my 2nd son...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


School session gonna start soon enough and as always on every year end I am having this terrible headache because I am dealing with multiple preparation task.. Yep, 1st kiddos school preparation and 2ndly accounting reports/document preparation (*sighing)...I am going to sit my computerized examination (KPP) next Saturday on 31st December and that too need preparation. I have not finish reading and doing the test examples yet! Haiya.. Headache.. Headache..

However, in between my headache I manage to re-bond my hair using the discounted voucher which I purchased via (*winking) and now I have a super-straight hair for new year! So much for having a headache huh (*laughing). The saloon is a new outlet in Bandar Puteri Puchong and their saloon seem not yet well organized but I am kind of satisfied with their service though. The only problem is the hairstylist/hairdresser cannot speak/understand English and the only person who know speaking English is the receptionist. I was kind of nervous when I knew the fact that they only speak Mandarin/Chinese, that they might not understand what I want them to do with my hair but thank God, they managed to understand me and do a great job with my hair despite the communication problem between us! We used sign language most of the time, imagined that! Oh ya, the saloon name is Lisa Hair Saloon which located nearby Giant Puchong and I used GPS to find the place because it's not that easy to find! I also have 2 more voucher to spend and I am going to have a pampering facial and spa soon (*laughing devilishly)

Peek a boo during my hairdo session!
Actually I am used to this headache and in fact it became some kind of yearly fever for me. So I am not really in that bad condition because I already prepared my 'boxing fist' to kill this headache (*winking) I know what I mean right???

Last but not the least, do you people have any tips/advice on how to pass the KPP computerized examination for driving license? Please let me know okay because I am kind of nervous actually to take this examination. I want to pass because I don't want to waste money to re-take it again.. Please do share your tips okay!

Happy Tuesday You All!

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Monday, December 19, 2011

14 Days Of Absence!

Wow, how could I do that?! I abandoned my blog for 14 freaking days without any post, not even a pics?! That's really bad of me yet I did not did it on purpose though..(*sigh)

I want to post something but I am too occupied with my new interest in learning Spanish and I spent most of my free time learning it online. Nope it's not online program though (*winking). Actually I have this online friend from Costa Rica and he is trying helping me by speaking with me on Skype and it's freaking hard for person like me who have pronunciation weakness! Even my English pronunciation also suck!

Hubby only shakes his head whenever I sit in front of our computer for hours talking with this friend of mine. Thank you hubby! He know me well and my interest in making online friends. Who say that we cannot gain something good and useful from our online friendship? I have to thank my online friends because I learned to speak English confidently through them. Well, as I always said it depend on us on how gonna benefit from all of this technology. If we use it wisely, we can get lots of good thing and vice verse. But It gonna take me sometimes to really understand and speak Spanish because as I said I am slow learner when it come to languages.

I need to read this! @_@ V
Beside that, I was busy searching for good and affordable driving school to get my 1st license. Yes, you read it correct! My 1st driving license..LOL..and yup, I already found one and attended the 5 hours KPP yesterday at Perfect Driving School ! Boring? Yep, it is a boring class but wondrously I did not fall asleep at all! Not even a blink because the instructor/teacher know how to make the student animated with the class by playing video/clip which is funny or scary from time of time! I don't know when I am going to do the computerized examination to get the 'L' license but I intended to did it before end of this year and next year going to focus on getting my 'P' license (LOL). Seem like I am going to busy again with reading the text book and memorize it! Hope I am not that blunt yet so that I can memorize it easily (*laughing)

I was busy shopping for my kids school uniforms and shoes and also books for the new term of school that will start in about 2 more weeks. Yes, I like early preparation when it concerned with kids education. Hahaha, but only in that thing I am such a pushy!

Okay, that's all happened in the past 2 weeks! It's not much but for a small woman with 4 energetic kids like me, it's really took my time! I also want to announce that from now on there will slight change of the way I am going to post because I want to post more about my thought in future. Hopefully all of you won't feel bored with my rants about thing/people/issue in near future!

That's all for now! Keep the smile on your face, Happy Monday & Happy Working everyone!

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Super Silent !!!!

My heroes who keep our home alive with NOISE!
I woke up at 9am, yes 9am with a weird feeling today. I am wondering why can't I hear any television noise or any voices at the living hall.. It's kinda creepy because my house really are quiet! Than I remember that 2 of my hero was staying with their grandma at Semenyih (*slapping my forehead)

I always scold them for making lots of noise especially during weekend morning because I want to sleep a bit longer on that day but now I kinda miss their noise already =(.. The truth is I miss them already (*sniffing). To make it worst, my daughter is asking for her older brother right after she woke up! Even the my youngest son ask for his big brothers (*sobbing). Sorry for being such an emo today. It just that I rarely being apart from my kids...

My kids are close with each other though sometimes they fight like cat and dog. It's really funny to watch them picking with each other (*smiling). Last night my daughter refuse to go back home and she cried till she exhausted because she didn't want her brother to stay at their grandma house. Hubby have to trick her saying that her brother will ride with their grandma later to our home at Puchong. Guess what she said when she woke up this morning??? "LIAR" Yes, serve us right for tricking her (*sighing). I don't know whether I can stand the silence of my house for a week but hopefully I can because I promised to my heroes that they can stay there for a week, unless they miss us and want to come back earlier (*winking). 

OMG, this entry is so boring that I swear I can see you all yawning and said BORING (*Laughing) Okay, I hope all you had a enjoyable weekend and don't forget tomorrow is Monday, so Happy Sunday and Happy Monday in advance!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Salam Lebaran..

Image Credited To Mr. Google
Yes, this is auto-publish entry because right now I am at my MIL house at Semenyih, celebrating hari Raya with my family. Plus, I might too busy to update my blog..Hahaha, faham2 je la kio...

Okay, not much to say since I know all of you especially Muslim blogger are excited celebrating this Aidilfitri with you own family and even the No-Muslim are excited too right? Who is not? Cuti Panjang and can relax2 plus jalan2 visiting your muslim friends and family right?

As always, I don't prepare much for Hari Raya Aidilfitri but Kuih Raya and Kerepek (all bought since I don't know how to make them =P) must on stock since our friend might visit us at our flat (Puchong). I never really held any grand open house but only welcome any friend who want to give us a visit and chit-chat with us.. So, if you are reading this and live around KL or Puchong or PJ or you are pass by my area, you are welcome to my flat okay.. But remember only after 3rd Raya day we will be home so don't come and knock on our flat door before that..

So to all Muslim In Malaysia and all over the world, my family and me would like to wish you all a  very meaningful and Happy Hari Raya Celebration. To all my blogger friend and whoever read my entry all this time, please forgive me if I ever hurt your feeling with my entry or my words. We are 0-0 okay! SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI & MAAF ZAHIR  & BATIN..


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