Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Langkawi Trip Mission : Part 2

Took me a while before I can update again hey :) It's just that I m bit busy  and occupied with other matter (*sigh). Let's continued from the last cliff-hanger of my trip to Langkawi last February...

On the 3rd day, managed to explore the west area of Langkawi; hiked up to Telaga Tujuh, walking around the Oriental Village while waiting for our turn to ride the famous Langkawi Cable Car Telaga. Can you believe that we have to wait for 2 hours before our turn (maybe because it was peak season huh? ) then queue up for approximately another 45min before we finally had our ride but the wait worth it because of the magnificent view from up there (*smile). I remembered how I grabbed the lady's thigh beside me when the cable car suddenly stopped and for quite sometime!! I bet I might looked as white as chalk (*LOL). Luckily it moved again after 5-10min hanging there..phewww! A bit disappointed because the Skybridge was closed for maintenance. I was out of luck..I know (*sigh again) Later in the evening, managed to catch the sunset view at Telaga Harbor Park & Kok Beach. At night, went to Kuah Town and did shop-hopping at the duty free shop there. 

Malu2 posing :P
The waterfall really nice

The Seven Well - There were 7 small well-looked alike
Boleh tahan la this place
The pass to ride the cable car & the cable car

Muka excited, before the cable stopped - poor lady on my left, became the victim of my hands (LOL)
Under Maintenance again..
Okay, mikirayou for a while because an handsome guy help snapped the pic for me :P
The Harbor, before and after sunset..
That's all for now.. Don't want to promise when can post the next part, the finale one but will try to finish selecting and editing the pics then upload it the soonest possible (*finger crossed). 

Good Night everyone!


  1. wahhh..siok oh aunty..hihi :)

  2. mcm foreign tourist sia rasa ko moy!! Bali kita aa moy.. :D

  3. waa...Yang free duty shop tu busy...mesti murah kan barang dia..heheh

  4. Ya bah kan, macam c Just ckp, ko macam foreign tourist!! hehe..

  5. Bujie: Mari pi cuti2 Malaysia sama anty..haha!

    Just & Wyne: Orang ingat sia Filipino..huhuhu! Trus sia bilang bukan la, Sabahan :)

    Jue: Murah sikit dari yg di kedai biasa la.. rambang mata tapi tight budget ba..haha!


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