Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kotobian Tadau Tagayo Kaamatan!

Today is 31st May a particular significant day for us, Sabahan people because during this particular day, we celebrated Harvest Festival and I don't need to explain about it ba kan..Considered common knowledge sudah meti ni fact.. So, whoever doesn't know about it deserve a lumpakis (*LOL).. Just kidding kio!

Well, it's been years since last time I celebrated Harvest Festival in my hometown, not because I didn't want to but it because I couldn't afford the flight ticket back then.. How about now? Honestly, I still couldn't afford if the whole family want to go back during Harvest Festival because during this period of time the flight ticket (even AA) paling amahal ooo (@_@).. Ehemm, anybody want to sponsor my family flight ticket ka? In my dream mangkali ada la, hahahaha.. However, I do have this wish/hope that I am going to go back to my hometown during Harvest Festival and hopefully I am able to do so soon (*finger crossed).

To tell the truth, I really miss to celebrate this festival because during Harvest celebration we could hear magagong everywhere! believe me when I said that the last time I heard this art of music, I mean magagong was during my big brother wedding day on 2005. Once upon a time, me too knew how to play tagong tau (*wink2).. Now, I don't know because I never play it since 2001..

Opppss.. better I stop before I start to babble and write another long, long post.. So, I wanna wish all Sabahan wherever you are, all over the world :


Remember, safety 1st, don't drink & drive kio.. kalu mau drive juga, tapau tumpung/lihing/luping back to home & you can drink all you want without worry (*smile)...

Catch you again in my next post ya!

P/S:  Entry about PTPTN will release soon after special post for my 2nd son...

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Wedding & A Newborn!

10 days without a single post?? Not even WW entry? Gosh, that what's happened when laziness attack (*winking). It's not like I don't have anything to post about since I have quite a lot but maybe it just me don't have the mood to spit it out in words..

So what exactly happened during those 10 days of absence that I want to share (kunun la..) ?? To tell the truth, nothing extravaganza like you all been doing. Just normal stuff like kenduri kahwin (not me but my SIL tau) and makan2 (must do activities ba itu. Ketara godo'ot, pingsan @_@ ) that I attended. Should I tell you all in details?? Nah, I don't think so because you know exactly what going to happen if I start explaining event in details; it gonna be a very long-long post (LOL). So, let me tell you a thing or two in brief explanation. 1stly, I was the one who did the inai of the bride (*wink2) and 2ndly, I just love my SIL wedding theme which is GREEN! Yes, go green sister! 3rdly, I envied all of couples who held such grand wedding because I will never have one.. Opss, no more words, let the pictures below do their story-telling:-

Me performed the berinai to bride & groom.
The Groom
The Bride
The bride & Groom
Silat performance by close relatives

Snapping pics with the couple

Me with my 'job' as guest book caretaker =P

Hubby, me & SIL

Bro in law & me.. Peace!!

The Big Family!
Other than that, my pregnant SIL safely gave birth of a 3.8kg, baby boy yesterday after 6 days admitted to Hospital Serdang. Thank god everything went smoothly and really happy for their new addition in family. Lepas ni, Nabil dah ada kawan la, kan meksu.. Have not yet see the baby in person but just seeing the baby adorable feature really make me want another baby..Hahaha, nah, I was already pencen ba in that aspect.. Moreover, I am blessed with my 4 angels.. Love you all kiddos! 

I wanna rambles more but let leave you all to digest this 2 things that happened in my life in those 10 long days. My next post gonna be about my feeling and opinion about PTPTN loan, so catch up with me in my next post ya!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Eyas!

Today mark the 3rd years since I gave birth of my youngest son. Yup, he is 3 years old already! Watching him grew up right to my eyes bring such joy and happiness to me.

As always we never held big birthday celebration like other people. I think celebrating it with just 6 of us is meaningful enough. We bought pudding cake for him from our favorite cake house, RT Pastry House and let him blew his birthday candle last night.. Yep, it's a day earlier but hubby said it's okay since we will be too busy on working days and might have no time to buy him cake after all..

Birthday present? Well, just now we went to IOI Mall, so we let him choose his own present from the toys department and as I expected he choose trucks and cars from all. He is fan of cars, trucks and lorries (*winking).

As most mother, me too wishing all the best for him and praying that my son will grow up to be fine and successful person, that Allah will always bless and guide him..

Got to stop now... Belum mandi la ba ini.. Happy Monday, Happy Working and Smile always..

P/S: Enjoy the amateur snaps below =P

Birthday Cake from Rt Pastry House

Eyas, excited with his birthday cake

Eyas, his big bros, his big sis and me!

Eyas with his birthday present choose by himself

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Best Rental Car Services - Cheap & Customer Friendly

I have some free time tonight so I think why not sharing about the car rental services we used during our recent holiday in my hometown. Moreover, it is really nice to share about good thing, isn't it??

As I told in my post about glimpse of our short holiday, we decided to rent a car instead of taking bus/taxi/Unser because we think it was better option for us since we were traveling with the kids that might need special attention. Anybody who have kids might understand what I mean right, so I don't need to explain further..

The only pic of the car we rented!
Okay, let us get back to the main point.. We found out about this car rental services from Great Teacher Onizuka where he posited about his experience with this lousy renting car services (mostly based on KKIA Terminal 1 and 2) and I read one comment from a guy named Brandon regarding his car rental services. I browsed to his website and found out that his offer is cheaper than others. We called him but no answer. Then we sms him and got replied. He said he only communicate via sms.. Yeah, sound weird and unbelievable at 1st but he is real okay and dealing with him was as easy as ABC.. We asked him whether he have any available car from 20th-23rd of April and he offered us new Myvi 1.3 LAGI BEST at special rates RM120/day. Means, we have to pay RM360 + RM100(deposit).. That was a good deal right? I know what you all thinking but nope.. No payment made online. Payment will only made when he send the car to us.. We also asked the charges for late return and Brandon explained to us that 1st 2 hour is free and after that they will charge us RM6/hour.. It is cheap, isn't it?

On the night of our arrival in KK, hubby sms Brandon regarding our booking and he asked us to contact his friend (En. Abu, person who sent the car to us) since he was out-stationed that week. We called En. Abu and asked him to send the car to us at 9.00am. Believe me when I said he sent the car to us at 9.00am sharp! Before I forgot, time counted only after they deliver the car to us. Meaning, he deliver the car at 9.00am, then one day is at 9.00am the next day.

We returned the car at 3.00pm on 23rd April at airport (terminal 2). So the total cost was RM360 (3days) + RM24(extra hour charges). Of course we got back our RM100 deposit since we returned the car in good condition. Orang punya harta mesti mo jaga baik2 ba kan (*winking).

We greatly satisfied with Brandon and En. Abu Rental Car Services and we definitely recommended their services to those who want to explore Sabah by driving because we could say that their rate is the cheapest, their services really customer friendly and dealing with them was super easy. Anyone who planning to go to Sabah soon and in need of renting a car, you can go to Brandon Facebook Page or his website at for further details.

This sharing is based on my real experience and everything I write is solely my opinion. I hope this sharing will be useful for those who planning to rent a car during their visit in Sabah. Until next post and be cheerful and jangan malas2 for tomorrow okay!

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Friday, May 4, 2012


Who doesn't know about recent controversial rally? Everybody know about it. Even my 8 years old son know about it. Before you all start making assumption, let me clarify that I am nobody side, that I merely want to write this entry to express my personal thought regarding this issue and importantly I am writing because I hate anything concerned with VIOLENCE..

Before this, I only watched this kind of incident happened in other country from TV that I found out it is really unbelievable that it is happening in my own country nowadays. Watching video from people who attended the controversial rally of police beating/kicking/punching harmless people on street for ignoring order and people (rally supporter) on streets throwing stones/things to police car really make me feel disappointed with their lack of sense and consideration over their action. Did both part achieved anything from this incident? I don't think anything was gained from it but damages, injuries, tarnished PDRM image and of course attention of world that our country is no longer as peaceful as before.

Watching all of those video of violence make me wonder whether there is no other way but violence to execute our intention/goal? Some people said that violence is needed as a last option when anything else doesn't work but to me it's BULLSHIT! Violence only lead us to worst outcome and should be never considered as an option at all. If only those rally organizer/support accepted the local authorities/government offer to held the rally at allowed place, maybe none of those violence happened..If only the police did not shoot the tear gas to the rally supporter, maybe none of those unwanted violence will happened.. If only both part were using their brain instead of their emotion, maybe none of those PROVOCATION that lead to violence will happen..

BERSIH 3.0 organizer intention might be merely to help the citizen voice out their dissatisfaction toward certain system and issues and never really want any violence or harshness but maybe verbal insult/aggressiveness from emotional supporters provoke PDRM to shoot them with tear gas that triggered the chaos. Those supporter might say that it's only word insult but it is one kind of provocation that will lead to violence and should be avoid. Why not doing it with manner? I mean, if you want to support the rally, just go and shout out your protest but no need to use harsh words or humiliation or insult.. Macam Ambiga cakap, "Duduk & Bantah" saja la.. No need to turn AGGRESSIVE.. I am not there, so I don't know what exactly triggered the supporter violence but still to me violence is unacceptable act no matter what the excuses..

PDRM might be just doing their job but I still don't understand why they have to shoot tear gas toward the supporter? Is it because of the rally supporter start to be aggressive and out of control??  Or is it because the supporter start to harm them? But I didn't see any of those happened in the video that I watched in youtube. If PDRM said they just to control the situation and wanted the crowd to disperse, they should know by now what outcome to be expected and should not repeat the same mistake yet they choose the same method all over again and in the end only worsen the already tarnished image of PDRM.. By the way, did they managed to control the raging crowd?? Not at all... They worsen the situation instead.. I am not judging PDRM action but it's really shock me to see their BRUTALITY against harmless people!

People might say that I don't have the right to give my opinion since I am not there, that my opinion merely based by the video I watched and blog/article I read about BERSIH 3.0 but to me as the citizen of Malaysia, I hate to see my peaceful country turn into battlefield of violence just because of matter that can be settle peacefully. I understand the rally organizer and supporter demand free and fair election because me too want the same thing and I do understand that PDRM just doing what been ordered by them but I don't understand why violence have to come along with it. You can say that I am just ignorance but that's what I really feel and think. What do you think happened when violence versus another violence? Settlement? agreement? NO, when you use violence against violence the result is catastrophic or worst WAR..

I am not trying to criticize because I am no expert but I am just another person who love PEACE and HARMONY that want to express her disappointment over what happened during BERSIH 3.0 which supposed to be a peaceful rally and there is no point to blame anyone. My point is, no matter how pure our intention if we executed it with violence, in the end it will be still look as an evil deed.

As I said before, this is just my two cents okay.. Until next post, Happy Friday and Happy Weekend you all.. Say NO to violence!!

P/S: The alphabet W of 'war' in the title above formed by combined alphabet V..

(Note: all images credited to

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Glimpse Of Our Short Holiday At My Hometown

It seem like I abandoned my blog for quite sometimes. Last post from me was like a week ago right before I went back to my hometown with hubby and my kiddos. Well, I do miss to write my thought in this blog of mine but seem like lots of ular melintang bilang si aki (*laughing).. So, here I am typing and editing pics while waiting for the live anticipated match between Manchester United and Manchester City (Glory..Glory..Man United) with hope that I can post about my short holiday before it's become stale..

Okay, enough with my lame excuses.. Lets get back to the main point of this post. Yep, I am not going to write in detail about my short holiday in my hometown but only a glimpse of it. Why only a glimpse? Haiya, I think my story won't interest you all since most of you must been to Ranau countless time than us ba kan.. So, sikit2 pun jadi la (*winking)..

Eyas & Shasa excited for their 1st flight experience
My nervous hubby
We departed from LCCT on 19th April and can you guess what happened all the way of our flight to KK? I think you all can imagined it aren't you? It was 1st flight experience for my hubby, my eldest son, my daughter and also my youngest son. Initially they were a bit scared especially when the plane boarded but they overcome the feeling in a nick of time.. I intentionally choose the back seat row nearby to the toilet and exit door. Easy for me to attend my kiddos.. Ehemm, faham2 saja la ok.. My hubby sat far away from the window because he was afraid that he will nauseated if he look out of the window but he couldn't help his curiosity when our eldest son describing to him the amazing view he saw from the window. So, he exchanged seat with my eldest son when we almost reached our destination, KK and started questioning me about everything he saw down there like a little kid (LOL)..

We were fetched by my brother, Bitot once we arrived at Terminal 2, KK and spent a night at my brother house before we went back to Ranau. Oh ya, I forgot to mention my brother has a huge dog called Ribbon who is friendly with his wife(Shima) cat. Even though Ribbon is a tame doggy but my brother chained him just in case or precisely because my hubby is afraid of dog. My brother also warned my mother to chain our dog..

Ribbon & Me..
The next day we went back to Ranau after we got our rented Myvi. Ya, we rented a car instead of taking bus or taxi or Unser because we think renting a car was more suitable and comfortable for us since we were traveling with kids. Well, it's easy to stop anywhere if we need to attend our kids. I will tell more about this renting car service which we think the best and cheapest than other car renting services in KK.

Along our journey from KK to Ranau, we stopped like more than 10 times since my hubby is amazed and fascinated with the view and the freshness of the air.. We arrived at Pekan Ranau at 2pm.. It took us almost 4 hour from KK to Ranau, the longest driving I been experienced (LOL). Kalau naik bas/teksi/Unser konpem x sampai 2 jam sampai Ranau.. But that was expected since hubby only driving at 40 - 50 km/hour. I went to buy mineral water supplies before continuing our journey to Kg. Tudangan which only took 15min from Pekan Ranau.

Home Sweet Home..
We were greeted by my mother and I just can't described my feeling for at last managed to come back home with my whole family.. Mixed emotion flooded my heart at that moment...Yep, this is my home, my real home, my playground, a place where I grew up, a place where thousand precious memory created, a place that I want my kiddos and hubby to love and appreciate because I want to built my own house and spend my time with them here after I retire.. A place where I want to bury... Oppss, sorry.. I am carried away by my emotion (*smiling)..

My kids were of course fascinated by their surrounding.. Paddy field, small river, trees, human made ponds etc.. My hubby said he feel awkward at first but quickly recovered when he realized that nobody is angry with him.. Everyone is welcoming him.. I told you so hubby.. We, Sabahan people are friendly..

Our Paddy Field
I wanted to help my mother mengomot but the rainy day prevented me from doing so.. I was frustrated since I anticipated this but sometimes thing won't work as we planned, isn't it.. So, i didn't want to dwell in my frustration and we went to the pasar petang where I satisfied my cravenness of sayap ayam versi Ranau.. I should say that I kind of pajak the sayap ayam (LOL) and that night we were having dinner with rice + sayap ayam as our dishes.. Pssst, my hubby said our sayap ayam is finger licking good.. Hahaha, kan saya suda cakap, satu kali rasa mesti mau lagi (*wink2)..

On Saturday, we went to Kinabalu National Park, Dreamworld Resort (only to take pics with awesome view), Desa Cattle, and Poring Hot Spring with my nephew, Ellysia (Ogou) who acted like our tourist guide. Of course we also want to visit the Luanti Fish Massage, Sabah Tea, Sg. Biru etc but the weather was not good enough for us to continue our journey plus we don't have enough time. Well, we can save those places for our next holiday right.. My hubby said Ranau gonna be our fave rest pit since he is in love with my hometown.. Even now he said he miss my hometown already.. Should I do the break dance since my mission is accomplished??

Eyas attached to his Odu already
Going back to KL feel so hard because my kids really like being there in my village.. No wonder since back there they have a large space of playground where they can play with no worries but I did not allow them to play nearby the river because it's raining season and the water level might rises all of sudden. To tell the truth, my kids look like a Jakun because lots of thing look different to them. Can you believe my kids called those hens and roosters 'Birds'! (LOL). The kids also love the cool weather especially at night. Even now, they are complaining about the heat here in Puchong and wishing that they are in my hometown instead..We returned to KL on 23th April with lots of happy memory and hoping to go back to my village soon. Hopefully we can make it again next year.. Insyallah..

That's a glimpse of my family holiday in my beloved hometown, Kg. Tudangan, Ranau. So sorry because this entry is not in good order (*puppy eyes).. You know, I just write down what come across my mind but hopefully you can get what I am trying to share.. Kalau x faham, buat2 faham saja la kio..

Alamak, the match started already so I must stop now but before that let see some of pics taken during those few days in  my hometown...Until next post, good night and Happy Labor Day  Everyone!

view that fascinated my hubby

another view that caused my hubby to stop and snap a pic

Kinabalu  Park

At Dream World Resort

At Desa Cattle

At Hot Spring yet the kids more excited berendam dalam air sejuk

It was raining while this pic snapped

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