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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Movie Time With Kiddos: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollow Part II

Today I went to watch Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollow Part II with my kids (Elan, Daniel & Shasa) at GSC IOI Mall, Puchong. To tell the truth I was pretty tired since I have to settle quite a lot of pending task and I am not fully recover from my flu but I still go because I already promised to my eldest son. Well, tomorrow is his birthday and instead of having a party like his younger brothers, he asked me to give him movie treat. However, I still planned to have family party to celebrate his birthday and his good achievement in his 1st term examination.

the ticket..
Kiddos with their popcorn..

Daughter (Shasa) and me.. Haiya, did you notice the tired eyes..=)
Everybody must already knew that this is the final parts of Harry Potter. I am one from million fans of this novel/movie and I have watched all the movie from the 1st movie; Harry Potter and the sorcerer stone to the  very last one Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollow Part II, which I watched this evening with my kiddos. My eldest son also a fan of this movie and like me, he too has been watching the movie (DVD) over and over again.

This final part of harry Potter concluded everything from the 1st movie to the last one. In this final part, every single question that still clouded my mind (such as why does Snape helped Potter right before he killed Dumledore and etc..) answered and I am quite happy with the ending of this story. I have to admit that I have not yet read all the novel but after this not only I am going to read it, I am going to buy and collect it as well!

"Is that really the end of it mama?" my eldest son asked me before we leave our seat at the cinema. He was  kind of dazed because he couldn't believe that that was the end of Harry Potter. I nodded and almost laugh to see his mixture expression of relief because Harry Potter beat Lord Voldermort and sad because no more sequel to this favorite movie of him.

Different people, different view/opinion but to me, I think this movie does have it own attraction and I really love the strength of  friendship between Potter, Hermione & Ron. From the very beginning they stick together and always help each other in goods and bad times too. It is one of quality that rarely exist among friends nowadays and If you have one than you really are lucky.

Gosh! Pardon me but I am truly are sleepy and  I my eyes hardly open right now..(*yawning)
Good night and sweet dream everybody!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Through The Eyes Of Love - Ice castle (2010)

Inspiring teenage movies such as "Raise Your Voice", "Homeless To Havard" & the most recent one I have watched "Ice Castle" never disappointed me and as always all of this awesome movies come along with wonderful and inspiring song / soundtrack too..
Last night, I was watching the Ice Castles ( 2010) and as always when I watched a good movie that carried me away, I shed my tears in the end of this movie..( It's actually re-make of the 1978 original movie by the same director ) I don't want to tell what this movie about because I am not reviewing this movie. I just wanna let you know that the soundtrack / song of this movie which is originally sang by Mellisa Manchester ( for the Ice Castle 1978 movie ) but then sang by Brit Nicole for the Ice Castle (2010) is really a nice song..

To tell the truth, I preferred the new version by Britt Nicole because it simply awesome than the original version ( Sorry Mellisa Manchester, but I think Britt Nicole gave this song a better recognition and life ). I am gonna asks my hubby to download this song for me tonight and put it in my play-list..

For the time being, please listen & enjoy yourself with the clip from youtube below:-


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