Thursday, June 30, 2016

Humble Ramadhan


Alhamdulillah, it's day 25th of Ramadhan. 5 more days before Syawal, In Sha Allah..

I have nothing interesting to write about but I am just gonna jot down how I feel for the past 25 days (minus few 'off' days) preparing and cooking for my family. It's a moot point for others but huge achievement for me who not so keen with cooking, hahaha!

I am really proud of myself because our daily 'buka puasa' for Ramadhan this year was prepared and cooked by me, yay! I have to agree that cooking our meal is more savy and healthy for family than buying it or dining out. Before this we spent at least RM50/day for buka puasa food at the bazaar but now we only spent around RM120 for ingredients for 5-7 days supplies. Jimat banyak kan?!! Regretted all of those wasted money but it's better now or never, am I right?

Yes, I have to admit that it's a bit tiresome but it's gone the moment I saw my kids eating well with gratitude. I can only cooked simple dishes but Alhamdulillah, kiddos and hubby like it so far. No more 'makanan kucing', LOL! Now I regained my 'wrecked' confidence and hey I found out that cooking is fun after all!!

I am grateful for all of those recipe and tips shared on FB and blogs. Without them, I might at lost, hehehe!

What about the chef in da house? Nope, he is still our chef during weekends because weekend is my off days..

Monday, June 13, 2016

1st Family Run: Milo Breakfast Run 2016


2 weeks ago, on 29th May, we (kiddos, hubby and me) participated the Milo Breakfast Run 2016 at Putrajaya. It was our 1st family run and hoping for more in future because it's fun to run with your love ones.

My daughter and my youngest son never participated in any long distance running/jogging before, so we 'trained' them to jogging/walking for 30 min, 2 week prior to this event. Their brothers already experienced long distance running during their school 'merentas desa' activity, so I was confident that they are good to go.

When we arrived at the event location, it was super-crowded with people in green shirts! It was such a sight! Kiddos were nervous, hubby was nervous and I was nervous because the kids might lost among those sea of human, hah! 

3KM family run was gun off at 7.30am and we managed to reach the finish line after 45min of running and walking. We might able to finish it earlier but hubby, my eldest son and I have to take turn carrying my youngest son after he got this bleeding blister for not wearing his socks. Lesson learned; please wear socks if your shoe is brand new, ngehehe!

Regarding the event itself, I think it was a smooth, successful and merry event. The organizer should get an applause for organizing such family-friendly event where we can exercising and bonded with our family at the the same times. The volunteer/support team were superb and helpful, enough water station for all categories (including 3KM family run), generous goodies bag, free-flow of milo (bevearge), fun after run games and cute finisher medal for all. RM70 fee per family (6pax) definitely worth it! 

This event is going to be in my list next year! Family yearly event it!

Post-run & medal pic
Harta saya, dunia & akhirat :)
Trying our luck with goal kick games
The only pic at the pic booth taken by hubby
Interesting fact of the event; 'ask me' person, signboard & goodies bag!


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