Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Broom Challenge


Since yesterday broom challenge has been trending worldwide. Everyone is sharing their video or picture of doing the challenge. Some failed but mostly succeed with their attempt. 

Well honestly it's easy-peasy because it's all about gravity. Old broom, new broom can do the trick. The concept is like a tripod.

I am not really person who are into the trend or hype stuff but once a while I join because it's fun. 


done #broomchallenge

The video:-

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Stainless Pins by Duck


Yup, just bought an accessories from Duck brand. RM10 for 100pcs stainless pin; a must have accessories for hijab wearer. Oh well, it's expensive than other pins from elsewhere but I think the quality worth the price. How do I know? I been working in engineering materials & parts for 10 years now and I can assure you that this pins are good quality of stainless steel that won't easily get rusty. Those who are looking for good quality, you may purchase it at

I don't know how to use it yet but will try to learn it slowly though it will be hard since I am scared of anything sharp to be near my head (> <) Ngilu weiii.. 

Alhamdulillah....It's been 11 days since I donned hijab.. May Allah keep my heart steadfast, InshaAllah.. 

(Disclaimer: this is not a paid / sponsored review. It's just my personal opinion)

Monday, September 2, 2019

My Hijrah


Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah..
Yesterday I started to don hijab, though not perfectly but hopefully for good. It's my own decision without being influenced by anyone, not even my husband nor my kids. 

I have been in deep thought for quite sometimes, to be exact for few years about donning a hijab. I wanted to wear it but at the same times my heart was not ready yet.

Ashamed but I have to admit that my journey just begin recently, although I reverted to Islam 17 years ago. After years of doubt and denial, Alhamdulillah finally I found my faith and hidayah. 

I am still in phase of learning and I really hope nobody will expect me to fully committed to it in a blink of eyes. I want to walk forward slowly at my own pace ya... 

Please pray for me so that my heart will be steadfast in my journey to be a better person and better muslimah. Inshaallah.. 

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Hair Loss & Dandruff Treatment : Seborin Hair Tonic


My hair loss and dandruff problem are getting out of hand for the past few months.

Yep, I am getting bald and my scalp is producing 'snow-flakes'. I tried several brand of shampoo & conditioner for dandruff & hair fall control yet none give me satisfactory result.

Few days ago, I read reviews about Schwazkopf Seborin anti-dandruff Hair Tonic and Schwazkopf Seborin Active Hair Tonic. Some are goods and some weren't that good but I after pondering between its pro and con, I decided to give it a try. 

I bought mine from Shins Online Shop which cost me RM36 (400ml) and RM 32.40 (300ml) each. Hurm, a bit costly but still cheap compare to other well-known brand. Hopefully it will solve my hair loss and dandruff/scalp problem, InShaAllah..

My baldy head :(

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2019


Alhamdulillah, managed to complete Ramadan (minus 5 days of aunt flo), hoping that I was able to gain 'pahala' and sincerity of all our good deeds will get the attention from Allah S.W.T..InShaAllah..

It's already 4th Syawal.. This year, MIL and SIL (Kak Ngah) celebrated Aidilfitri with us because their siblings has to celebrate it with their in-law. We only have our signature dish; rendang ayam with nasi impit but to be honest, I think my MIL is happier because she can spend more time to rest. Me too glad that we decided to celebrate Aidilfitri at our humble home this year and not at MIL's house because I want my MIL to rest and just enjoy her off day from taking care of my SIL's kids. 

It's almost 18 years I been spending Aidilfitri with my MIL and FIL. No agruement from my side since most of my family back in Sabah don't celebrate Aidilfitri.. Pendek kata, kami tidak pernah masam muka pasal giliran tempat beraya (*smiling). 

Wishing all of my Muslim families, friends, relatives and all Muslims all over the world a very blessed Syawals. Lets spread spread love and peace! 

Sunday, May 12, 2019

It's More Than Words


Today my social feeds are all about Mother's Day; wishes, greeting, pictures etc which enlighten my day but make me envious as well. Yep, reading those feeds give me such joy but at the same times it make feel like I am a bad daughter. 

In my almost 37 years of life, never once I celebrate Mother's Day with my mother. I never bought or give anything special to her on Mother's Day. It sound like I am such a ungrateful daughter isn't it? Well, I did feel like one before but not anymore because I know how much I love my mother, that no words not even a special day can best describe the depth of my love towards my mother.

Living my life happily is the best gift I can ever present to my mother because my father once said this to me "the best thing a children can give to their parent is to happily live their life to the fullest ; doing good deeds while achieving their life goal". 

Dear mak, my love for you is more than words can describe because it's endless, infinity. I can't never repay everything you have ever done for me.

Happy Mother's Day and Thank You For Everything Mak! 

My Mom and Me :P

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Every Second Count

Today is my youngest 10th birthday. I should be happy since he is growing up well but at the same times I am a little bit sad because I feel I haven't play with him enough. think I didn't spend much time with him and I think I missed so much in his life.
I am jealous with those mom who stay at home or working from home just because they can spend more time with their kids whilst I have to send my kids to day care center and spend 8 hours, 5 days a week of my life at office.. How pathetic is that.. Hurmm... 
However, looking from the bright side, I learn to appreciate every single second I spend with my kids and try my best to fill it with colorful memories, hoping that my children won't feel neglected or less love.
Dear Ilyas, 
Happy 10th birthday 'busuk'! May Allah bestow you the best of everything in life and hereafter.. InShaAllah.. (Aaamiin).
Youngest with his choice of cake: Chocolate Brownies Cake

Monday, May 6, 2019

Ramadan Mubarak


Alhamdulillah, really grateful that this year, Allah give me a chance to fast during this holy month. I also grateful that Allah never give up on me, awaken me from my spiritual slumber and showing the beauty of Islam.

I hope Ramadan this year will mark another significant improvement in my journey to be a better person and better Muslim. My journey is as slow as a snail and the road is bumpy but I will move forward. InShaAllah, one day I will be there..

Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslims all over the world.

Picture credit to google

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Are We Promoting Violence


My FB feeds these few days are mostly about the incident of a motor rider harrasing a car driver for not giving signal at the T junction.

Everyone were giving their piece of mind, some critizing the motorcyclist but mostly applausing and praising him for giving the car driver a lesson of her life, which make me a little sad of what our society becoming nowadays. It feel like they are suggesting that violence is okay in certain situation (*sigh).

Yes, the woman (car driver) might be wrong for not giving signal, which might cause tragic accident but resorting to violence is a terrible way of giving a life lesson to others. Scolding, critizing, admonishing etc., even cursing can be use but please don't ever use violence.

I am sorry but I can't tolerate with either people who resort to violence or people who backing/supporting act of violence. I will forever against violence. As simple that. Call me stupid, bias or anything but nothing can change my stand.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Never Too Late


It is such a long hiatus from my blogging activities.

To be honest, I was engrossed with my life ups and downs.

Even when I already in front of my lappy and my finger started typing the words but after few sentences I just couldn't find the right words to put up my thoughts and it always end up as a draft. I really miss my writing enthusiasm.. *sigh

One of my resolution this year is to write at least once a month yet only now I manage to pull myself to write this post..

Writer's block? Hurmm, nope, not this time. I guess I just lost my enthusiasm in writing.. Can I blamed all of those Kdrama and Cdrama? Just kidding, it's my fault actually for being Kdrama and Cdrama addict.. Hehehe

Oh well, it's never too late to start over again, isn't it? Moreover, it's new era of speech and writing freedom. I may take this opportunity to writing about anything to my heart content..InShaAllah..

I will keep writing..ommm :P


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