Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ambitious Dream

Staring at the night view from my house make me think how time flies, too fast that a day passed in blink of eyes. Just hours ago I am laying on the bed staring at the fans going round and round while thinking of my plan of the day.

I been lacking of motivation to work for people lately that I feel burden to work hard only for other people to reap the fruits of success. I have this ambitious thinking to quit working for others and be my own boss so that I will feel satisfied to pour our every sweat and blood on it. 

I know it just a mere dream for now since financially, I am not stable yet and there are many other aspect that I need to consider but In Sha Allah, I will try to make it into something real.

For now I just need to kick in my enthusiasm of working hard and sincere for my company and gain all the knowledge and experiences needed so that I can used it to make my ambitious dream come true. I have no complaint over my company especially my boss since he is the kindest person I have ever met in my life and I think him as my own father. 

The end of rambling on the last day of October 2015, LOL!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Zero Run Medal: BSNPNM 2015

Another event cancelled again due to worst haze condition. Frustrated? Once is okay but twice in a row?? I am totally pissed off because I am anticipated this night run since it's going to be my night run of year 2015, grrrr!

BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon should be my 7th HM but it cancelled so it doesn't count anymore (*sob). Hurmmmm, I feel reluctant to join any future running event since nowadays haze problem from Indonesia is unpredictable and getting out of control. 

Collected the finisher medal and all post-race entitlement with kiddos on the night the event should be on at Place of Justice Putrajaya. It was crowded there and some were doing  5km running before collecting their medal despite of the unhealthy haze. Took some pics then hurriedly went back home. 

I was hibernating and haven't doing any LSD or jogging since the haze attacked last month and honestly I miss my evening jogs while waiting my daughter. Thankfully those nasty haze can't prevent me from doing yoga and simple cardio-workout at home to stay fit and healthy.

Okay, enough ramblings! Have a great days ahead everyone!

Zero-run medal!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lets Iflix!

I guess everyone already know that iflix is another newest internet tv in Malaysia market. Been stumbled upon their ads on Facebook and others site numerous time since its launched. At first I give no heed at all because I can watch movies, dramas, tv series etc from putlockers,, dramafever and many others free sites. Who want to pay when we can watch it for free kan.. 

But 2 days ago, out of curiousity and for fun I ended up signing up for iflix 30 days free trial and installed their apps on my smartphone. Benda free wajib dicuba kalau tidak memudaratkan hokey! Within 30 days, watch as much as I can then before its due just terminate my membership before the service charging me, kihkihkih (evil laugh)

So far, I am enjoying myself watching movies/dramas/tv series via iflix for free.  Movies/dramas/tv series need lots of addition and updates because most ongoing series such as 'Arrow', 'Fargo', NCIS etc is behind the latest season. Movies/dramas and tv series are still limited in iflix but I am happy to watch all of those nostalgic movies AND please be inform that we definitely can't use it anywhere, anytime, everywhere because we need a good internet connection in order for this service to run smoothly. 

At the moment, trying to finish all korean drama available though it means re-watching some of it. Hopefully I won't turned into living 'zombie' for lack of sleep by Monday!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Won Without Running: SCKLM 2015

Standard Chartered KL Marathon is cancelled due to the bad and unhealthy haze problem, thank you Indonesia (*please note the sarcasm there).

To be honest, I was a little bit upset and feel awkward to get the finisher medal without running.. tapi dalam hati gembira sebab tidak payah susah-susah lari, hehehe! Actually I was upset because I thought the organizer will only postpone the event instead of cancelling it. But I understand their decision is the best for all since it involved many critical aspect.

Hopefully next year SCKLM will be held again without no issue such as haze again and hopefully I will be able to run in SCKLM next year, InShaAllah...

Although the event cancelled, gambar kenangan itu wajib hokey!! Sharing some of photo from race kit collection day & finisher medal collection day.
Pic taken during race kit collection
Pic with bib and finisher medal, wearing the running vest
Holding the finisher medal instead of wearing it
Peace and see you next year SCKLM!


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